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Found 15 results

  1. My partner has been informed he will receive an eviction notice soon not sure when but to get you to grips with stuff we went to court in November 2018 and got a suspended possession order for 350 a month that's 284 for the mortgage contract and 66 for the extra towards arrears which total to 1455 unfortunately due to errors with the bank and me having to go on maternity leave to due having our second son 3 months ago I've been on less income I've paid what I've been able to £100 last month and £200 on the 2nd may and I'm going to be paying
  2. Ive just got the eviction date. Its 31 may Im worried now! What should i do? I know i need to get the N244 in but is there any way i can get it suspended? Cn i say the account is in dispute as i think most if not all of the arrears are charges etc? Their solicitors have said that they will take £1600 to stop the action but where the hell will i get that kind of money?!! I can pay cmp plus £75 extra. Total is around £415pm The problem is that ive had a suspended possession order with the mortgage since june 2011 which has slipped, due to a lot of serious family il
  3. I have a small claim - the hearing is in less than two weeks. it is against a global company who have made no effort to settle. It is 10 months since I started my complaint with them and ultimately started court action. They even refused to take part in the free mediation. Now, less than two weeks before the hearing date they have handed the case over to solicitors by the name of SCS Law ( I thought SCS sold settees LOL) Trying to do research on this company it appears they bully people over parking tickets - so not sure how good they are. Anyway, this morning I get a
  4. Name of the Claimant - H Cohen Solicitors, Hoist 2 Ltd. Original creditor MKDP LLp (Ex HSBC). Date of issue: 12th September Acknowledgement submitted. What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? This claim is for the sum of £1089 in respect of monies owed pertinent to an overdraft facility under bank account number x. The debt was legally assigned by MKDP (Ex HSBC) to the claimant and notice has been served. The defendant has failed to repay overdraft sums owing under the terms and conditions of the bank account. The Claimant claim: 1. The sum of £
  5. Good evening CAG team I would be grateful if you could help & advise? I received the following POC and I have taken action as follows: Issue Date 9th April 2014, from Northampton CCBU Claimant Marlin Europe II POC Monies due under current account overdraft. The Claimant claims is for the balance outstanding under a Bank account facility Lloyds xxB (“xxxB”) agreed to maintain for Defendant. It was a term of the Bank account would be repayable by full on demand. Despite demand being made, the Defendant has failed to repay the amounts due. The Debt was assigned to the cl
  6. Could anyone please help: I need an URGENT Stay of Execution of a Writ as HCEO’s are about to attend my home and I believe this to be in error. It is unclear on which form we apply for this, N244 or N245? And therefore it is also unclear as to the cost of this application. A Consent Order was granted to a Claimant as we were trying to do the right thing and also to not go to court. We got caught out as our limited company was dissolve by CH without our knowledge. So for a few weeks we traded as non-limited (but didn't know) so as soon as we found out the business ended.
  7. Hi, I've been reading the very informative posts on Vanquis and wondered if someone can clarify something for me (I'll carry on reading after post this so I might discover the answer myself). I've seen reference that people, after SARing and requesting proof of the debt, have been able to have penalty charges (and interest?) removed, leaving the then reduced balance to be cleared. For what reasons was this possible? I ask because I too have a Vanquis card, and an Aqua one, which due to present circumstances are now unaffordable. Actually they were probably unaffordable fro
  8. Hi I have posted before a few years ago when I received gret advice and i obtained a SPO from HSBC back in 2008. The situation now is that I now have an Eviction date of 27 August. I have arrears now of 57000 and a property worth 350000. I have completed an income/ expenditure and N244 as per the forms/ advice here. The affordability to pay 500 per month extra would clear the arrears in 114 momths with a remaining term of 144 months as my lender tells me, however they have now said point blank that they want full arrears or eviction. The arrears increased over the years partly due to b
  9. Hello I'm at the end of my tether and desperately need advice if possible. Basically I'm on my 8th eviction in the past 9 years. Ridiculous I know but lots of things have gone pretty badly for us. Right my eviction is set for 25th June. We had a suspended order on 10th sept 2013 to pay cmi of 638 plus arrears of 400 per month. Our current arrears are a hefty 16000. My lender has refused 3 offers in the last few months 2 of 1040 per month and one of 900. I've been an idiot and stopped returning their calls and just wrote and emailed instead stupid I know but I couldn't face talking to
  10. Have just received a letter through the post today from BW Legal stating that they have tried to call at the house on 2 occasions (both times I was here and no-one knocked at the door) and that they will call again on 4th December to issue a Statutory Demand and will post it if we don't keep the appointment. Firstly, I have never heard from this Company before and other than there reference number, it doesn't tell me who the debt is for? There is a telephone number, should I call it to find out? Can I try to agree a repayment plan? I'm scared w
  11. ive been informed by the HA that they are going for possession of my house.. oh joy.. at least it will be a day out.. i owe £110 and pence after this weeks HB is taken off.. they want the lot within 7 days or they go to court. sure ill magic it outta my arse. it will be around £70 owed when i pay 2 weeks rent/Bedroom tax this week ( i get my esa every 2 weeks) Ive had no notice of possession and they say they are applying to the court in the next 7 days if i dont pay up which i cant. My current rent is 18.18 a week including water rates now im no mathematician but im sure im under
  12. Hi everyone. I was found fit to work by atos in 2009, due to bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia, both diagnosed and letters provided by the appropriate specialists I won my tribunal 15 months later and was re-instated on IB, the DWP said they had been advised to leave me on it for 3yrs but I would have to fill a form in after 2yrs due to the ending of IB and the new ESA being brought in by 2014. I am expecting this form within the next month or so, and an atos assessment and of course to be found fit for work, regardless of my health issues. I don't think I have the strength to go thro
  13. Hi All, Here's a quick explanantion of my enquiry: Rented a house under contract for £2,300 a month. Wife asks me to leave her and kids and moves in new boyfriend. I write to landlord give two months notice to leave and move out lasy 30th April. I pay rent until end June. Landlord confirms receipt. Estranged wife stays in house and hasnt paid rent since. I was in court yesterday she didnt turn up they served a summons on both of us but not to my new address they wont acknowledge i am not there. Judge says I am 50% responsible for the costs and the rent arr
  14. Hi I wonder if someone can help. We have today received a letter from Marstons regarding an outstanding debt. I am not disputing the debt and more than happy to come to an arrangement to pay it. The problem is we have moved 3 times in the last 18 months and the debt (for £500) was at the first address. This letter is the first I have heard about it having gone to court and them having obtained a writ. The debt is now over £1300 and they are coming on Wednesday to remove property which will also increase the debt. Is there anything I can do to stop this based on the fac
  15. I'm writing this on behalf of a friend and her young son who are being told by 'Places for People, a housing provider, that if they do not pay £400 per week until £1500 in arrears is paid off, they will be evicted and that this can be done without any further notice and within 14-days. Last Septemeber she started to fall behind with her rent, she is a single mother working as carer for those with mental health problems. The housing provider took her to copurt and the judge passed a suspended possession order under which she had to pay £10.00 per week off her arrears. She was doing this an
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