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  1. Hi All, I have an old secured loan with Welcome for £7000.00. Since Welcome went bust I've not paid anything (perhaps the odd token payment) and have dodged various DCA's. 2 weeks ago the current DCA holding the account wrote to me to advise that they will no longer rely on the security in my property and will take steps to remove the security from the land registry. This seems like a really odd thing to do but I am highly suspicious? Could they be up to something? Anyone else heard of this? Many thanks, Limelight Bournemouth BTW The account has also disappeared from my credit file (Noddle)
  2. Hi My OH brother has 29k of debt he owes the nice taxman, he pays him £200 a month out of his minimum wage pay (court ordered payments), he also owes some council tax, not sure ho much and they are also threatening to take him to court too. He wants to know if he can write these debts off by going bankrupt? he rents a house, has a £200 car and no assets so i dont see why he shouldnt Any advice? thanks
  3. A family member has been sent a letter from Intrum threatening that they will consider issuing a Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy proceedings. The alleged debt is one Intrum bought which is for over £10,000 and is about 10 years old.I also know the debt isn't statutory barred in the near future. A previous DCA was sent a CCA request about 6 months ago, this was not adhered to and they said they were looking into it. Do we now send a CCA request to Intrum and a SAR to the original debitor in readiness for any proceedings? many thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Hi all I am new the CAG i would just like to see if anyone could help or give me the best advice on bankruptcy on a personal agreement my partner and i are directors of a LTD company The LTD company had a debt with a supplier (not sure if i can post their name ) the debt was 11938.71 in March this year they sent us a statutory demand / winding up petition which we did not want to happen as thats our monthly income so if they wound the company up me and my partner would have no income to pay the debt off we agreed with their solicitors a payment plan of £500 per month ( under the understanding the winding up petition would still be in place but on hold if we fail to make our payments ) and they would look into it in 6 months time to see if we can pay more off the debt we paid them on time each month and stuck to our word then at the beginning of July the winding up petition went active again we called to see the reason why as we stuck to our word and never missed a payment their reply was they want their money sooner rather than later we have sold the LTD company on but because me and my partner signed a Personal Agreement they are coming after us personally (also the personal agreement does not have my correct D.O.B ) i had a gentleman come out to my house trying to serve me with a bankruptcy petition he has been twice and posted a letter saying he will arrive on such a day at such a time to serve me with the petition he came but i never answered to him he has been out in total of 4 times am not sure whats the best thing to do do i take the petition off him or not ? i am willing to set up a payment plan instead of going bankrupt just do not want the same to happen where i pay them a few months then they try to make me bankrupt again can anyone help please
  5. I have today received a CCJ claim from the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre, for a credit card that was held with HSBC a few years ago. The last statement I can find for the account is 2009, although the assignment to the DCA was later than that date. Having read through the forums for some advice (which is very handy and I'm very grateful for) I'm going to write to them tomorrow with a CPR31.14 requesting the agreement, default notice and the assignment. From people's past experiences, what are the chances of them providing this information? And do they have to provide the originals, or just legible copies of the originals? And am I correct in thinking the fee to enclose is £1? If they do provide the info as requested, and I have no other defence, I can't afford to pay them the amount they're requesting. I could offer to pay them a token amount every month or I could borrow a lump sum and make them an offer of a full and final settlement, although it would be much less than they're asking for. Either way would I still end up with a CCJ? Many thanks.
  6. It's a few years since I was in trouble with debts, and on a much more even keel these days. Or to put it another way, all my previous woes have long since dropped off the bottom of my credit history (ie 6 years). Recently in applying for financial products (mainly mortgages), I noticed they ask the expected questions about bankruptcy, credit defaults and even simply making special arrangements with a creditor. So far so obvious. What bothered me was they ask if you have "ever" had/done any of these. To which my answer would be "not in the past 6 years" if I were being truthful, and I believe is the extent of their entitlement to information. But I really don't want to get into that, so I've just lied and said no. What bothers me is of course that I'm then signing a legal document which contains a lie, and that if I were to refuse to answer the question, I wouldn't get the mortgage. I wonder if they are allowed to ask that question in the first place, or if you can still be penalised for refusing to answer it fully?
  7. My wife has about 40k in debts and is thinking about going bankrupt. The house is in my name only and we are worried about beneficial risk. The house was purchased before we got married and I paid the mortgage off 2 years after marriage with my own money. My wife has paid nothing to the upkeep of the house and improvements since marriage. My will leaves the property to my daughter Is there any risk to our house due to beneficial risk do you think?
  8. Hello. I apparently have £12k Council Tax arrears. I recently got a Sheriff Officer hand delivered letter demanding payment within 14 days. The arrears start from 2002 until 2018. I have 4 questions. 1)If I was not living in the property, (housing association) during the time of the invoices, but still on the voters roll (and tenancy agreement), do I still owe these arrears? (I can prove I was living at another address for several years, under a separate Council Authority). 2) If I made myself bankrupt, can I include all of this 'debt' under it? 3) How can I stop any further action, pending a dispute/starting bankruptcy? 4) How do I quickly start bankruptcy (I have no other debts, not concerned regarding my credit rating, don't own anything, I currently work - earning around £1200 per month). Any other positive advice would be useful. Thanks in advance :
  9. Hi, I am after some advice regarding bankruptcy and voluntary repossession. After losing a previous job, I am approx £8k a year down on my wages. I am currently in arrears on my credit card and loan repayments. Up to now my mortgage is up to date, but despite my best efforts to cut back on expenditure I still cannot make ends meet. I do not want my house anymore as there is work that needs doing to the property I have no way to finding the money or repaying it if I did. What I have decided to do is fie for bankruptcy and ask the mortgage company to voluntarily repossess the property. I have read everything which I hopefully need to know regarding the debt, shortfall and not signing any deed of acknowledgement. However, my plan regarding a place to live has fallen through and at the moment I am not in a position to have all the money needed for a deposit elsewhere. My question is once I file for bankruptcy and continue making the mortgage payment, can I hold off asking for a voluntary repossession for say 6 months. Obviously I will request a repossession before the end of my bankruptcy/discharge, but can I actually do this or would the OR not allow this. I have searched high and low but cannot find a definitive answer other than asking for a repossession when going bankrupt. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I've attempted to post this in the bankruptcy forum but the site won't allow it for some reason (possible bug?) Anyway, im looking for advice on how to move on with my current debt situatiuon I have 33k of current debt and 44k of historical debt, so 77k all in It's almost all on credit cards are from the following: WTC overpayment Housing benefit overpayment 02/Lowell Two overdrafts Im currently dealing with two court matters due to historical debts and when i look at all the accounts over the years i owe money on i feel im left with no option but to go bankrupt I own no property I don't drive so have no car I own nothing over the value of £800 (which i believe is the threshold) Im also on long term ESA and claiming housing benefit too so my income is next to nothing at present Looking forward to hearing some thoughts? Cheers
  11. I signed a franchise aggreement (unfortunately) and I would like to know if the : personal guarantee`s that was included is legal, if it was not witnessed, at the time of signing, and their is no provision for a witnesses signature, is there a set format for this, and could it be deemed invalid and/or, not binding? when is a deed not a deed? Your advice would be welcome. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I was recommended to post on this site and time is also not on my side! I appreciate any input and advice, thank you a) I went insolvent in September - since the date, I went to the HSBC branch with my wife to remove my name from the joint account and sign over responsibility to my wife as a sole account holder (including overdraft £900 and joint consolidation loan £326p/m on 18k). She did IE sheets and was telephoned across, approved, and we signed. The joint loan was part of my bankruptcy I understood it that my wife would take responsibility of that, hence going to branch and doing this. b) Since then, she was issued a final demand notice out of the blue, claiming default on arrears (there are no arrears, never have been) and 18 days to settle balance in full (£18k). No mention of any BR, just a final demand which is inaccurate in it's detail for the reasoning - and as it transpires, resolving it. c) 3 days of calls, and about 5 hours of speaking and on hold between departments because nobody seemed to know what was going on, we were told by the Financial Guidance Team to do nothing, let it ride out as they needed to charge off the account because of my bankruptcy - they'd even refund the latest payment which was automatically made after this demand letter. But doing this, of course would result in a default marker for my wife. and the recovery department would be in touch to collect the debt. Not knowing who to believe, I was passed to the 'insolvency team' who told us that my wife must get back in touch with the Financial Guidance Team, do a I/E and set up a repayment agreement BEFORE the 18 days. Needing clarity, and being frustrated at being told different things between departments (as well as being emotionally crushed, not to mention the psychological damage of listening to that HSBC hold music), we went to branch to have someone work with us to resolve. She made a call to the department on the final demand letter, who also said - get in touch with the Financial Guidance Team to do an I/E and set up a payment plan, if she does that then the default will not be passed to the CRAs. She put us in a room to make a call to the Financial Guidance Team, but then the whole fiasco started again... d) The Financial Guidance Team are adamant that they will not allow a payment plan. One guy we dealt with even went through a I/E with my wife but then came back after speaking to his manager, sorry, actually, that this isn't possible. I have spoken to the Manager who also insisted that it simply is not possible to set up a plan because of my bankruptcy, the account needs to be charged off. Period. I have argued that this goes against the terms of the loan in that she has not had the opportunity (actually denied!) to resolve this and she is being forced into default unfairly. The original contract has a clause about calling in the loan if bankruptcy happens to any party, but there is a line also that states that such action won't happen without notice and an opportunity to resolve, which is what I believe is being blatantly breached here. The manager raised a complaint for me - I have the reference number and intend to follow this up with my version not knowing what the complaint that he has raised references. Even after I spoke to the manager (who I suspected had either got this very wrong or has is own agenda), I asked to get put through again to the insolvency team again, who again stated the same - 'speak to the Financial Guidance Team' and get it sorted before the 18-days! Stalemate. My final call with the Financial Guidance Team yesterday, I spoke to a very nice woman who looked into everything and took it upon herself to speak between departments, not me, and get back to me. Her news: anyone who has told me that you could set up a payment plan is incorrect and has probably not understood that the final demand was generated because of my insolvency (even though the final demand says nothing of the sort - it even gives a reason it has been sent which is due to previous notice of arrears [not true]).. . the insolvency team I was repeatedly passed to was the 'wrong one' based in India, not in Birmingham... and apologies for the mix up but 100% we cannot set up a payment plan, the account needs to be charged off and your wife will have to speak to the recoveries people after. e) So what now!!? For our efforts, we are totally unable to resolve this through a payment plan, it's 18K or default. I have a complain reference number. They say that expect about 4 weeks for a reply to the complaint but maybe up to 8. I understand that I cannot do anything with the Financial Ombudsman until I have a reply (or 8 weeks). To recap - my issue is that my wife is being forced unfairly into default with every effort and the ability to repay with amounts of the original agreement. a black mark on her credit reference with a default. Plus, we have no idea even if there is no escape from this situation, what demands will be placed by the recovery department (i.e. currently the loan is 60 months at £326 p/m). But then, if my wife has a black mark anyway, what options are there for her to make a reduced offer or anything of that nature? We're in territory that we didn't expect and don't really understand. Perhaps naively, we expected the burden of the joint loan to simply fall on my wife, not being called in with a £18k demand. I'm also unsure what to do in the interim - if I'm raising a complaint, do we get any period of grace here - do we commit to whatever collections dept gets in touch after, or hold them off? Any help is very very very appreciated - our 18 days is up on 3rd Nov, and we've wasted a week speaking to them on the phone and getting absolutely nowhere! Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, So I've hit my limit in managing my debts and cannot continue anymore. I owe around £20k credit cards and one loan, where over the last 6 months I've gone over my credit limits due to increasing the interest rates I've spiraled out of control and feel lost. I have defaulted on one credit card already but am thinking of defaulting on the rest of them because i simply can't afford the monthly payments anymore. My question is, should i default on them all and then offer them / DCAs token payments or simply go bankrupt? I've got no assets and am renting a property at the moment. I'm 29 and feel that going bankrupt will allow me to save so much money by the time a bankruptcy would be over. Is there much of a difference to being able to obtain credit if i've defaulted on all cards as opposed to bankruptcy? I'm trying to look for the future to not have these debts hanging over me. Barclays: £4,500 Loan: £2,900 Halifax: £5,800 Virgin: £5,500 RBS: £2,800 Natwest: £2,100 Your advice would be really appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hi All, Firstly thank you for your time reading this, but Im not sure where to turn, or the advice I need. The situation is I am in debt, alot of debt. Its always been manageable but recently i have been ill and had to have time off work. This factored with the problem that I am self employed and it hasn't been a great year has grated on my purse strings, and I am now at breaking point. Currently I owe about 85K outstanding made up of the following:- 35k PCP car agreement. - Black Horse 10K Credit Card - Barclays 5K Credit Card - HSBC 5K Credit Card - MBNA 1K Credit Card - MBNA 4K HP - Hitachi 10K Loan - Hitachi 1.2K Credit Card - First Direct 1.5K PayPal Credit 12K Loan - ex partner (Don't know if this applicable) All these payments are up to date with non being late etc, I have struggled and sometimes not eaten to make sure that this is the case. Personal wise, im married (although we are/have separated) Its a rubbish situation, as we have have a family home (in my wifes name as being self employed and also with my level of debt i wouldn't have got a mortgage) although we arn't together im still having to stop there on the sofa as I have nowhere else to go and can't afford to live elsewhere. We are on good terms but obviously this is all putting a strain on what relationship we have left. I have never put anything into the house so to speak, all my money spare goes towards my 2 children. asset wise i don't really have anything, I have a car but thats on the PCP, a laptop my clothes and thats about it. I have no savings, as soon as money goes in, its taken out on these bills. I know ive been stupid, more then stupid but these debts have accumulated over the last 6 years and again, ive never missed a payment, but work has always been plentiful and ive always been able to pay and have some money left over, now things have changed. Im stuck and im panicking like mad. My main concern is going bankrupt, where would this leave my ex wife and kids, im not on the mortgage im still sofa surfing there and my address is still there. Although when we've spoke, she is in no uncertain terms that the house is hers and the debts are my fault and she would not release any money from the house to help me (i doubt there is any anyway as it was only brought in March and she's mortgaged up to the eyeballs herself) also that the house is not mine, would never be mine and i agree with this. I don't own any part of it and would never want anything from her. Im looking at IVAs and Bankruptcy, i think bankruptcy would be best if i knew hers and my children house was safe. Im not bothered about me, they can take anything of mine they want. being self employed its through my own Ltd company. My mum does my books once a week (i pay her as an employee) and after i take my wages and pay tax etc the company is breaking even. I am aware that i not be allowed to be a director of this company if i do go bankrupt, i don't know if i can pass this as well as my shares over to my mum, and let her pay me as an employee via this company. Again, i don't know if this is allowed. Thank you for reading and any advice would be greatful Kind Regards
  15. Hi, Received a call from unknown number just before Christmas asking me to ring a number to discuss a matter - I didn't. Today have received a letter from Redwood Collections whose number it turns out was the one I was requested to ring. Letter is below, and is all they have sent to me, but my request for assistance from CAG (legends!)is what should be my first step with dealing with them, who I have never heard of or dealt with, as yes I dispute the whole debt for myriad reasons, but I want to be seen to be doing the right thing by replying to them - without listing all the reasons for disputing it at this point. I am not ringing them it will be a letter but what should I actually say in it - preferably to kill it stone dead asap! thanks for assistance According to the public record you are registered at this address. As we are unaware of any dispute in this matter, it is our intention to instruct a process server to attend your address for the purpose of serving you with a Statutory Demand issued under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy). Should you consider you have valid grounds for non-payment, we invite you to contact us immediately to discuss the same within seven days from the date of this letter. Should you fail to contact us and subsequently raise a dispute following the service of a Statutory Demand, acopy of this letter will be produced to demonstrate to the court that every effort has been made to resolve this matter amicably. Please be aware that should you become bankrupt any assets that you may have will be at risk. This may include the sale of your house by the Trustee in bankruptcy to settle this matter where appropriate. Yours sincerely, Enforcement Department Our company has the sole control of your account. Payment must be sent to this office. DO NOT PAY A DOORSTEP COLLECTOR, without first gaining our authority.
  16. Hi guys I was made bankrupt in October 2008 and was subsequently discharged 12 months later. In February I received a court claim from a personal debt that I forgot to include in the BO. I filed all the defence forms and the Judge ordered that I provide proof of my bankruptcy so they could consider the claim being struck out. I filed a copy of my credit report (showing date of BO and ref number), a letter from HMRC that was stating due to my BR my UTR was closed etc, a letter showing the release of interest from the OR in my property. I was unable to provide any more proof as none were still in my possession due to the time since the order. I have since received a N24 SO for settlement. The opening lines state that the Judge has stayed until a later date pending receipt of further information concerning the BO... I have a couple of questions if that is OK 1) What other proof can I file and where would I get such old docs from? 2) My BO was stated in the LG 3) The claimant reckons they knew nothing about the BR but it is my understanding that point 2 could make that a mute point (?) 4) The debt has been proved to have been incurred over 4 years PRIOR to my BO Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks
  17. My pal was made Bankrupt early 2001 and discharged under the old rules. This dropped off her Credit File after six years and nothing is shown. However, yesterday she received a letter from McGinness Associates referring to her Bankruptcy and PPI: "We would like to make you aware, that after being discharged from your Bankruptcy, you are now entitled to claim for compensation for PPI". Personally, I take this as an Invasion of Privacy. Does this firm go through old copies of the London Gazette? Being so long ago my pal had more or less got over her bankruptcy and is very upset at being reminded about it. I'm ready to blast them but I want to know where we stand, can anyone offer up some advice; and for the record, no, she hasn't had PPI. Am I right about the London Gazette or have they trawled elsewhere? Joe
  18. I was having difficulty with my debts which are around £12K. I am on benefit, and so I foned up Debt Free Direct to see what they could do. I am very upset that all they could offer me was an IVA - 7 years paying £130 a month. Naturally I had to sign up because I was getting constant harassment of one of my creditors Halifax who kept foning me up every day demanding money I didn't have. I am now wondering if the IVA really was the right solution; they didnt offer me a Debt Relief Order which is what I would have prefered. Is there anything I can do besides letting the IVA fail (which I dontwant to do because Halifax will harass me again). Very distressed by the whole thing; Debt Free Direct knew I was on benefits; I really cant see myself paying £130 a month for 7 years, especially as I could loose my benefits at any time anyway, they failed to take this into account. Because of being on an IVA no company would give me advice as I have rung around several this morning; they said the IVA would have to fail before anyone could help me!! NOT happy can anyone please help
  19. So keeping a long story short I was declared bankrupt in April 2011 and discharged in October 2011. Part of the bankruptcy incorporated my Natwesticon bank account and loans. Moving forward I was contacted by Natwest in 2014 regarding the mis-sellingicon of PPI and eventually they awarded me money as a compensation settlement. As I had been declared bankrupt I contacted both Natwest and the Insolvency Service (Birmingham Office who dealt with my case) and was told that between the two of them they would sort the situation out and I guessed that the money would go towards those companies who had been owed money when I filed for bankruptcy. Jumping forward again I am having problems with my local council which led to me having to contact Natwest and that in turn has led to the revelation that I have an active account with the bank. I therefore went into my local branch today and after some investigation I was told that I do indeed have an account and that there is a little over £4600 in it, they also told me that the account was frozen, most likely due to being inactive since March 2014. They gave me a printout of the balance which shows that the account has been open since at least October 2008 which is obviously over two years before my bankruptcy took place. The best I can figure is that it is my old Natwest account and that the money in it is the compensation that I was given in 2014 for the PPI mis-selling, this ties in as the money was deposited into the account in March 2014. This of course is surprising to me as I was under the impression that the insolvency team would have contacted the bank and taken the money, I did after all let both parties know of the situation when the compensation was paid to me. So anyway the bank have advised me to contact the insolvency people and find out why they have not claimed the money, they have also made a note of the conversation I had with them today in order to back up my claim that I was not aware of this money and had not been keeping it secret from the insolvency people. I have tried to call the insolvency office today but just got through to a voicemail so I didnt leave a message as obviously al of the above is not the easiest to leave a message about. I will of course try calling them again in the morning but thought I would run this by you guys in the meantime for advise as to why this has happened and where do I stand? Now obviously it would be very nice to stumble across over £4000 that I didnt know I had but Im assuming that even now almost 5 years after being declared bankrupt that the money will be going to the insolvency office, im just at a loss as to why they never claimed it in the first place.
  20. Hi Have a long story so will try to shorten it to relevant information. I have debts of about £35k from a business I gave up in 2013. I was a sole trader so they are all personal debts. They are all unsecured loans. On and off I have visits from bailiffs and debt collectors. Some are reasonable, some are rude and abusive and claim to have powers they don't. I have not let any of them into my home, nor do I answer phone calls or letters. I have severe mental health problems and this is not helping. . I have had advice from cab which turned out to be wrong and spoke to Another on the phone who admitted they didn't know the answers. I am at my wits end and not good with forms at all. I receive high rate personal independence payment and esa. My questions are. Will there be a time limit on being chased for these debts? I have no spare money so am I best going bankrupt? Will my benefits be used towards the debt if Igo bankrupt? Thank you for any help you can give
  21. I've found myself in an odd situation which no-one seems to be able to give a straight answer on. I've googled endlessly and found no similar cases. I'm sure my situation can't be unique but maybe it is. I was made bankrupt in 1998 and as a result the forfeiture clause in my personal pension with Prudential (originally Scottish Amicable) kicked in. This just meant that they would hold my pension in trust while it carried on building as before. The only difference being that on redemption any lump sum would have to be paid to someone else. Now I want to take advantage of the new rules by taking small amounts as and when but the Pru are adamant I can only buy an annuity or have the whole amount paid out to someone else. They say they cannot transfer the pension to another provider and cannot pay it in installments, drawdown fashion. The problem with this is: The pot isn't big enough to make an annuity worthwhile. They say that payment of a lump sum will not qualify for any tax free element per the new rules. I have letters from both the OR and the TIB confirming they have no further interest in my pension and I am free to do as I please. The fund is worth about 80k. I am dealing with an independent financial advisor and he has been tearing his hair out from talking with the Pru. He feels the next step is to go to the ombudsman. I've dealt with ombudsman services before and know how long it can take. My question is basically are the Pru just being awkward or should it be possible to reinstate my pension and thus benefit from the recent changes in law, without having to lose half of the pot in tax? Will going to the ombudsman be likely to produce a result? I would be really grateful to hear from someone who knows about this subject.
  22. Have received a B10 notice and when I called the court a hearing is on the 8th sept, I would like to have the hearing adjourned and not sure how to go about it. Tomorrow I am going to send a SAR to them, That do not have a CJJ and have not issued a claim. I believe they have issued a Statutory Demand. Its on behalf of Capital One Credit Card. Its possible I was paying PPI and have paid excess charges on the account. The Debt is only 2-3 months away from being statute barred. Its for a total amount of £1.746 which £400 is costs. Should I send a request for an adjournment and until I have all the papers back from the SAR .
  23. I'd like to start this thread with a big, fat 'mea culpa' and declaring my limited company insolvent AND declaring personal bankruptcy are the only routes left to me & I'm at peace with that. I have confirmed this having spoken with my accountant, an insolvency practitioner the accountant recommended, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Business Debt Line. My question, however, is in which order do I execute these? Business first then personal? I've had conflicting advice from the IP and BDL. I only want to do this once (obviously) and do it right so am nervous of starting in case my decision leads to adverse recourse. Please all you smart, helpful people, please advise?
  24. Hi I am about to file for bankruptcy in Scotland for £20,000 in debt. I've buried my head in the sand for years and see this as the only way out, I only earn £800 per month and my husband gives me £800 for household bills. I am concerned regarding dealing with official receiver and then requesting bank statements . I have been gambling on average £40 per week for the last year and my husband has also made large transfers into my account for a loan he had taken out ( he had no bank card at the time so in effect he was using my account and my card). Will the official receiver scrutinise every transaction? Will the fact my husband has sent a lot of money to my account matter ? And could a bankruptcy order be made due to the gambling ? I was already up to my eyes in debt but the debt wasn't occurred due to gambling. Any winnings I did have were to pay for household goods , I don't have a lavish lifestyle and have no spare money to do anything. It's the thought of providing bank statements that terrifies me, I don't want the official receiver going crazy at me for wreckless spending . I suffer bad enough with anxiety and the thought of dealing with this part is making me ill. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  25. A London Borough Council has started bankruptcy proceedings against me for unpaid business rates dating back to 2006. They apparently took out a liability order back in 2006 against me, even though I wasn't liable for the whole period they say I was. The debt is close to £12K and since I cant overturn the liability order, I am thinking of paying the debt since I don't want to be declared bankrupt and lose my house. The councils solicitors now want a further £500 in court costs and another £2K in legal fees, which I protest. I would like to know if I am liable for the legal costs? And is it worth waiting for the hearing to protest against the costs at court while being willing to pay the £12K & the £500 court costs? I'm concerned that if it does go to court the legal fees will increase and the judge may still make me liable.
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