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  1. I am not saying they are not my debts, they are. However due to health issues I am not working and haven't since 2013. I have absolutely no chance of ever paying this off and can't face the rest of my life hiding from debt collectors and bailiffs. My mental health will not improve until I am not living on my nerves and hiding in my own home. Xxx
  2. Well their enforcement officers are an absolute disgrace. When all this was going on the enforcement officer was waiting outside my house early one morning and filmed me, with his sidekick taking photos with a camera that had the longest lens I had eve seen. I was only taking the dog for a walk!! Terrible harassment
  3. Thank you. It was a terrible situation as the debts are nothing to do with him. Sherforce really Are hard work and don't do their job properly hence all the mistakes
  4. Sorry forgotten all about this , seems a lifetime ago. Yes his car was returned, complete with damage caused by them. It took him 4 months to recover it as they made it as difficult as possible. After another 7 months he got the damage repaired at their cost.
  5. I don't know where to get my credit file from. As far as I know they all still exist
  6. Ok Thank you for your help
  7. Thank you for your reply. No I don't own any property or vehicles. And no I don't have the money to go bankrupt yet. Just stuck and no idea what to do
  8. Hi Have a long story so will try to shorten it to relevant information. I have debts of about £35k from a business I gave up in 2013. I was a sole trader so they are all personal debts. They are all unsecured loans. On and off I have visits from bailiffs and debt collectors. Some are reasonable, some are rude and abusive and claim to have powers they don't. I have not let any of them into my home, nor do I answer phone calls or letters. I have severe mental health problems and this is not helping. . I have had advice from cab which turn
  9. Hi everyone, There was no intent on my part to exclude the forum from this and I want to help anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. I find myself in a difficult situation as if I post everything openly before this matter is resolved it is my friend who loses out again. It is not really acceptable for me to jeopardise his case. I am sorry if anyone feels differently but I feel he has suffered enough already. When is appropriate and certainly when resolved I will make sure that it is fully posted to help others.
  10. I will update as is appropriate. I cannot threaten his case at this point. Just as an open forum is obviously very helpful it is also open to abuse by the unscrupulous
  11. Ok thank you WD. I will PM you from now on if that is not too much trouble for you. I am doing nothing wrong but don't think it is a good idea for it to be on an open forum. I do not want to jeopardise his case by doing that. To everyone else I thank you for your help to date and when is appropriate I will let everyone know the outcome. Susie x
  12. Ok. Thank you WD. Just such a nightmare to date. The debt is mine and I don't dispute that. I had to give up my business due to a combination of the recession and I'll health. That is not my friends fault and I have with his permission been driving the car since its purchase. Never realised that he was going to be caused so much trouble because of this. I obviously do not want him to suffer the consequences of a debt that is mine. But because of my financial position the "risk" is all his. The auction house told us it had been left outside for the 4 mon
  13. Thank you to everyone that has replied. Yes there are pre removal photo's and yes we have photographed obvious damage. Sherforce have not replied to e mail, unsurprisingly. Will be getting car checked all over at dealership as I presume that is best. Not really sure from replies the chances of resolving this. Just seems more than unfair that a third party can end up out of pocket through a debt that they are in no way responsible for Just to make clear that he has no intention of submitting any bogus claims. He just wants the car returned to condition it
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