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  1. Ps, im about to send an income/expenditure for to restons. do i also send one to cabot?
  2. It appears i do as im on ESA with no savings, thanks for that info
  3. Thanks Andy, i'll have to look into that but i can't even afford the £50 application fee
  4. The date is: 23rd May I cannot pay in full i'm sick of it and needed a break I plan to offer £1 per month as that is all i can afford Ps, for clarity my court date was 23rd may not the 18th
  5. Of course, i just wanted some advice on what happens next as i've heard nothing from the claimant since
  6. Stay Lifted Application to strike out defence is granted and defence struck out Judgement for the claiment for xxx amount defence do pay claimants costs
  7. Hi Andy I attended the hearing and i have also received a letter from the court called a "general form of judgment or order' I have not received any questionaire though
  8. Update on this and sadly the stay was lifted. can someone explain what happens next as it's been two weeks tomorrow and i've heard nothing from restons
  9. Thanks DX, i'll let you all know how it goes!
  10. I handed the court their copy in person ten days ago and have posted the claimants solicitor their copy this morning via special delivery so it will arrive for tomorrow. I've been out of the country up till a couple of days ago and didn't want it arriving early as advised. The court date is for Wednesday this week but i have one last question which may or may not sound stupid, do i need to attend in person or not?
  11. Thanks once more mate, i really appreciate all the assistance on here. i'll get this printed and handed into the court this week but one last question if i may, do i send a copy to the claimant or not?
  12. Ok Andy, thanks for the clarification on that. I'm still not 100% on this but to me it does read well so i'm hopeful this current version will suffice I look forward to you opinions Witness stat draft 4.pdf
  13. Thanks Andy, i get all of that, what i'm struggling with is what to align this paragraph with in my claimants WS "should be denied. I believe I have every opportunity in defending this claim successfully and it should be allowed to proceed to trial. The claimant is put to strict proof to respond as to why it presumes my defence has no reasonable grounds for defending given that all its exhibits are questionable or invalid with the current legislation" Is it simply a general acknowledgement or does it have to be aligned to a specific claim. I've read the WS a dozen times today already
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