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  1. Thanks for the replies, and for sorting out the admin dx. They will send the CCA tomorrow with the proof of postage and I will update on any future developments.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I have found some more information which should help. The last payment made was in March 2017. This is a credit card debt taken out with Lloyds Tsb in 2010 (might be one year earlier) A CCA request was sent to a DCA working on behalf of Lloyds back in the middle of 2017. They replied that they would send the documents once received, but none was ever sent. It was sold at the end of 2018.
  3. A family member has been sent a letter from Intrum threatening that they will consider issuing a Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy proceedings. The alleged debt is one Intrum bought which is for over £10,000 and is about 10 years old.I also know the debt isn't statutory barred in the near future. A previous DCA was sent a CCA request about 6 months ago, this was not adhered to and they said they were looking into it. Do we now send a CCA request to Intrum and a SAR to the original debitor in readiness for any proceedings? many thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Great Dx, thanks for the advice and will send that tomorrow. I will update on any future correspondence.
  5. Dx, the last payment was July 16 and the cca request was May 17. I haven't paid anything since asking for the cca.
  6. I have gone back over my paperwork and found out the last payment was 6/7/2016 for £40. The debt passed through a few DCA's but still owned by Lloyd's and i don't have statements for every year but might have received them. I had a statement in May 2018 before Lloyds sold the debt to Lowells in July 2018. I don't believe i have received any charges or interest after the default back in 2010. I have found the original default as linked in this thread by Dx (many thanks for the research Dx). I asked for a copy of the CCA in May 2017. This was sent to Robinson Way who were the DCA at the time. I had a reply with a Halifax letterhead and addressed from Lloyds banking group. It said that they are unable to provide documentation. I can post this up if needed. I was told by Robinson Way that the account was placed on hold until the cca was found. The debt then went to another dca before being sold. I have now sorted out the letter from Lowell as requested and have attached it to this post. Do i now send a new CCA to Lowell and fill in the form asking for other relevant information to help my case? thanks Lowell pap.pdf
  7. My apologies to anybody who has given advice so far. I wasn't aware the documents were round the wrong way. When i converted them from pdf to jpg to edit them in paint they were the right way up. They were also the right way up when i uploaded them to cag as i checked them, so i'm not sure what has gone wrong. I have to go to work now, but i will correct this when i wake up tomorrow. I will also correct the other requests from BankFodder. I have not sent a CCA request to Lowell yet (i will do tomorrow), i sent a CCA request to a DCA working on behalf of Lloyds who didn't send me the agreement. I believe the debt defaulted at least 10 years ago now and some payments were paid after that. I don't believe i have made any payments for about 6 years now. I will check these details tomorrow when i wake up and report back on this thread. I am sorry again for the poor attachments and thank you for still replying with helpful advice.
  8. Hi, I have received the attached letter from Lowell concerning a Lloyds credit card debt. Is this a genuine PAP letter or Lowell fishing for information. Also sent with this letter is a 3 page reply form with the usual boxes in a PAP letter. I don't believe the debt is SB, but i have asked previously for the Original agreement from a previous DCA which was not sent to me. Should i be filling in the PAP asking for all details of the debt? For more information the debt is for over £8000 and is about 18 years old. It was bought by Lowell within the last year. thanks in advance for any advice given. ricky
  9. thanks, i will post up my letter before sending it and let you know what i am sending them as evidence (ie bank statements)
  10. Here is the pduk response to the irl claim. Final_Response_Letter_000 (3 files merged).pdf
  11. Hi fkofilee, Apologies for the late reply. I was waiting for a chance to give a detailed reply of where i now am with this situation. I had a letter from BWlegal dated the 21/11/17 . It says that the file has been placed on hold whilst we query the matter with their client. They say that they will contact me within approximately 30 days. I then had a letter from PAYDAYUK dated 22/11/17 . This basically states that they are sorry i am dissatisfied with their service and they will get back to me within 8 weeks. This is a reply to the irl letter i sent them. A letter dated the 30/11/17 from Bwlegal is the same as the one i had on the 21/11/17. I had an email from PDUK on 5/12/17 with a final response from the irl claim. They rejected the claim and told me i have 6 months to complain to the financial ombudsman. I will enclose the letter in the next post. 19/12/17 there was a letter from bwlegal which was an annual statement which doesn't give any extra information other than saying the balance is £516 29/12/17 a letter from bwlegal states that they are still awaiting a response from their client and the file is still on hold. I have heard nothing since. I have received my bank statements from my previous bank with all the payday loan and gambling transactions on them which i can use to show the financial ombudsman. I guess the next thing i have to do is send the irl claim to them with evidence to backup my claim? I have checked my credit file and the debt shows up in defaulted accounts. It has a balance of £0 which was last updated in 8/1/17. It says the debt was assigned:- The lender has sold the debt to another member of our information-sharing scheme. The old account will have been closed and a new active account will show in the name of the lender who has bought the debt. But it doesn't show up anywhere else. I have been too relaxed on this matter over the last couple of months and know if i need to reply to the financial ob it has to be done within the next month or so. Do you think they maybe waiting for this time to elapse before they pursue the matter? Can they just restart the court claim at any point in time as they haven't replied to my pap requests at all? thanks for any advice ricky
  12. I can see that they have doubled up on many days to add interest twice on the same day, but are also missing days. Is there something else i'm missing?
  13. I have been going over my pap ready to return it as i have until the 28/11. I am going to fill in BOX D I dispute this debt because..... I have an "irresponsible lending claim with the original creditor PDUK which i am awaiting an answer from" . Should i be supplying proof of this claim, or wait for now ? I have been searching cag and haven't been able to find other examples of people filling in pap forms, so i am unsure of the following:- 1) Is the cca that prac have sent me credible or do i have any other dispute with prac/bwlegal? 2) Should i be providing any documents as i can see what i would send? 3) Are there any documents i should be requesting, as i believe this is being covered by my irl claim with the oc. ? Is there any more information i could ask prac/bwlegal for? On a separate note, when/if does this thread get moved to the financial legal issues? many thanks for any advice as on one hand i'm learning and receiving great advice but on the other, i'm getting nervous now that this will end up in court or mediation at best.
  14. I have received the following attached cca from PRAC. On page 2 where it says "signature of debtor" , next to it is just my surname in typed capital letters. Are there any obvious issues with this cca? I have sent my irl claim off to paydayuk and am awaiting a response. I need to send off my response to my claim letter from Bwlegal within the next couple of days. Here is the merged pdf file with the cca returned from Bw legal. They have been trying to contact me with a text and a phone call/voicemail. They would like to discuss the case. bwlegal cca.pdf
  15. I have rewritten the letter (attached) so it doesn't look so much of an existing template. I have also included what i would like from the outcome of this loan. ie. removed from my credit file and debt written off. I guess if they agree to this, it will mean that PRAC/BW legal would be in a weak position regarding the legality of the loan they are pursuing? thanks for any advice in advance. paydayuk-irl-letter-cag.doc
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