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Found 19 results

  1. Commission applies to High Court to appoint an Official Receiver to charity -Thrift Urban Housing Limited READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-applies-to-high-court-to-appoint-an-official-receiver-to-charity
  2. Hello, I've been over the HMRC guidance and related sites lots of times but still unsure. Apparently nowadays you can show 'exceptional and relevant' reasons for late Appeals (Mandatory Reconsiderations) - examples given are being in hospital or out of the country. The longer it goes on, the better the reason needs to be. What about when the person was around but they have chronic language/cultural barriers that led to a delay, combined with the fact that the HMRC Compliance Office phone was and is apparently set to permanently engaged (not sure if the notorious Concentrix).
  3. Hi I am about to file for bankruptcy in Scotland for £20,000 in debt. I've buried my head in the sand for years and see this as the only way out, I only earn £800 per month and my husband gives me £800 for household bills. I am concerned regarding dealing with official receiver and then requesting bank statements . I have been gambling on average £40 per week for the last year and my husband has also made large transfers into my account for a loan he had taken out ( he had no bank card at the time so in effect he was using my account and my card). Will the offici
  4. Per Chancellor Hammond: "We have over three million European migrants working in our economy and we have full employment. So clearly we need people to come and work in our economy to keep it functioning" in response to suggestion that “the impression on the European continent is that your government sees the future business model of the UK as being the tax haven of Europe”. http://uk.businessinsider.com/philip-hammond-suggests-britain-could-become-a-tax-haven-after-brexit-2017-1?r=US&IR=T
  5. One of the most common enquiries that we receive relates to the subject of Magistrate Court fines and whether or not the bailiff/enforcement agent is required to have in his possession a copy of the distress warrant/warrant of control. In almost all cases; the confusion arises from incorrect (and misleading) information on a small number of websites heavily connected to the Freeman on the Land or other such movements. These websites frequently ‘claim’ that companies enforcing magistrate court fines create ‘doctored or counterfeit’ warrants and debtors are encouraged by the websites to pa
  6. Hello forum, I have a question that has been asked many many times before. I purchased at item online and paid by credit card. It's been a couple of weeks and I still have not received the item. Now, I was of the understanding that goods remained the property of the seller until they had been received by the intended recipient, regardless of whether the seller was offering "free" delivery. However, I have searched trading standards and cannot find any references to this. Is this still the case? Basically, I want to quote something official is my correspondence. Thank you for
  7. Hi, I have been spoofed by a website called Official iPhone unlock, mobile phone oprators unlock your phone at the end of your contract for around £20.00. I thought this company was charging the same amount as they stated they could do the unlock quicker and the price was the same, however, the £19.99 plus VAT they took off me was for a "preorder", they said the cost of a full factory unlock from Orange, was £99.99 with a discount of £19.99! They refuse to refund me, so this is a well organised spoof
  8. Small business owners might not be surprised, but now Government-commissioned research has confirmed what many of them already suspected: a lack of bank lending is down to risk aversion and weak supply, not a lack of demand. A study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) found that Britain’s banks are reluctant to lend to small businesses and to pass on cuts in interest rates, rejecting banks’ argument that weak appetite for credit from small companies is the main reason for anaemic lending figures. Instead, NIESR found that banks’ excessive aversion to risk wa
  9. They have been caught in the act by a BBC sting. I think even those who have been spoofed in the past might be shocked at this. Your Money their Tricks
  10. and break the law This should help you get justice from Carcraft. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b036xvt7/Your_Money_Their_Tricks_Cars/
  11. Firstly, hello to you all, as this is my first time on this forum. Forgive me if this is long winded or hard to understand, but I will do my best. I found you after doing a search on Google for "J Mxxxxxx Bailiff", as I was trying to find out information on this bailiff who has been recently harrasing me and my wife. When I came accross this thread from a few years ago......./forum/showthread.php?184351-rossendales-had-crazy-charges I was married in October 2012, and after the wedding we decided to lay all our debt cards on the table, no questions asked, as we felt we should c
  12. Hi All, I have more news about the overpayment situation my son is facing. It is alleged, that an overpayment of Income Support from 05/09/2011 - 23/11/2012 of Income Support paid to my son of, Total amount overpaid: £8997.49 He received a letter a few weeks ago, notifying him of the overpayment and that it would be recovered @ £20.00 per week, from his JSA. They gave no further details, have proceeding with taking instalments from me. I had written to them on receipt of letter, requesting further info and asking if they could 'halt' any recovery until the overpayment is m
  13. More support for the advice that you should not ignore completely but that you should make it clear that you are up for a fight. Here are some heavily redacted extracts:- Full horrible story here:- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/law/article3698204.ece# Shocking. I had always thought that the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service has great integrity
  14. Hello, I'm sure you all get fed up of this question!! Other agreements I've had were clearly not enforceable due to absence of prescribed terms, but this one is 9 pages long - of which they have only sent pages 3 - 6. No signature from bank; just a stamp on page 3 saying its been received and a sqiggle underneath. Any thoughts on this one most greatfully received
  15. We are happy to announce that Bright House have approached The CAG expressing a wish to deal with our members complaints on the site.As with all reps registered here,we ask that members give them the chance to demonstrate a real intention to resolve complaints,and that posts are kept on topic and free from personal offensives. Bright House have a long way to go,to convince many of our members that some of their business practices are fair and acceptable,and some of the threads on the site give examples. To Bright House; We look forward to your constructive dealings,and our membe
  16. Hi All! I hope you can help. I, like so many others, took out a payday loan with Wonga. I couldn't pay it back in March, so I entered into a payment arrangement for 12 months for £57 a month. All this is fine and I am making my payments, but... by standing order. I surfed these forum posts when I started this with Wonga, and took advice on changing my debit card etc. I made it clear to Wonga that I would be paying by standing order, and they passed on details of the account I should pay each month. All sounds fine until I mention that every month without fail I get sent emails t
  17. Good Morning I have been working for a small consultancy of around 40 members of staff for a year now. I am thinking of putting in a letter of complaint to the Chairmen regarding my employment experience involving my job role. This naturally will have an impact on my line manager. The general brief gist of my issues are as follows: Job very different to as advised at interview. OTE target impossible to earn due to my line manager's lack of attention and focus. Lack of training, I have been here a year and spent 2 working days in total with my line manager. No chance for progression
  18. With Nadel out, Murray stands a great chance, but there are still quite a few 'hurdles' to cross.
  19. England to reach the Final of Euro 2012, with lots of luck.
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