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Found 18 results

  1. Commission applies to High Court to appoint an Official Receiver to charity -Thrift Urban Housing Limited READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-applies-to-high-court-to-appoint-an-official-receiver-to-charity
  2. Hello, I've been over the HMRC guidance and related sites lots of times but still unsure. Apparently nowadays you can show 'exceptional and relevant' reasons for late Appeals (Mandatory Reconsiderations) - examples given are being in hospital or out of the country. The longer it goes on, the better the reason needs to be. What about when the person was around but they have chronic language/cultural barriers that led to a delay, combined with the fact that the HMRC Compliance Office phone was and is apparently set to permanently engaged (not sure if the notorious Concentrix). The person did send a letter a little past the 30 days deadline but the Compliance Office decided it didn't have quite the exact required wording to trigger a Mandatory Reconsideration, so they simply ignored it. There's then been several further months of inaction until now. Alternatively, 'Official Error' review can be requested for a long time afterwards. But can anyone explain what counts in laymans terms? In this case it would be the Compliance Office phone number never answering (acknowledged as a 'recurring issue' by an HMRC official); the stated reason for the original query appears invalid (their own website specifically says child benefit cannot be considered in deciding main responsibility - at least if there's a dispute which there wasn't here); a decision to remove a child without specific evidence (only lack of reply to a confirmation question - this strategy has been criticised in tribunals before); not contacting the other responsible parent (logically one had to be responsible if the other wasn't according to them). Thanks in advance for anything.
  3. Hi I am about to file for bankruptcy in Scotland for £20,000 in debt. I've buried my head in the sand for years and see this as the only way out, I only earn £800 per month and my husband gives me £800 for household bills. I am concerned regarding dealing with official receiver and then requesting bank statements . I have been gambling on average £40 per week for the last year and my husband has also made large transfers into my account for a loan he had taken out ( he had no bank card at the time so in effect he was using my account and my card). Will the official receiver scrutinise every transaction? Will the fact my husband has sent a lot of money to my account matter ? And could a bankruptcy order be made due to the gambling ? I was already up to my eyes in debt but the debt wasn't occurred due to gambling. Any winnings I did have were to pay for household goods , I don't have a lavish lifestyle and have no spare money to do anything. It's the thought of providing bank statements that terrifies me, I don't want the official receiver going crazy at me for wreckless spending . I suffer bad enough with anxiety and the thought of dealing with this part is making me ill. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Per Chancellor Hammond: "We have over three million European migrants working in our economy and we have full employment. So clearly we need people to come and work in our economy to keep it functioning" in response to suggestion that “the impression on the European continent is that your government sees the future business model of the UK as being the tax haven of Europe”. http://uk.businessinsider.com/philip-hammond-suggests-britain-could-become-a-tax-haven-after-brexit-2017-1?r=US&IR=T
  5. One of the most common enquiries that we receive relates to the subject of Magistrate Court fines and whether or not the bailiff/enforcement agent is required to have in his possession a copy of the distress warrant/warrant of control. In almost all cases; the confusion arises from incorrect (and misleading) information on a small number of websites heavily connected to the Freeman on the Land or other such movements. These websites frequently ‘claim’ that companies enforcing magistrate court fines create ‘doctored or counterfeit’ warrants and debtors are encouraged by the websites to pay a fee to download a template letter which they are told to send to various Magistrates Courts around the country. In November a debtor wrote to HMCTS regarding this subject. He received a lengthly response from them which he posted on a forum in November. The following is taken from the HMCTS reply. For ease of reference, in post number two I have broken down their response into separate headings. In this post I have extracted from HMCTS's response the relevant case law: "It is not necessary to generate a distress warrant at the time of its issue; the relevant details can be produced (and provided to the debtor) subsequent to its issue (or indeed subsequent to its execution) but such relevant details should be recorded at the time of issue" "Pursuant to section 125A of the Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980 where a warrant (whether a warrant of arrest, commitment, detention or distress) is executed by a civilian enforcement officer, a written statement indicating the name of the officer, the authority by which he is employed and that he is authorised in the prescribed manner to execute warrants, must, on demand of the person arrested, committed or detained or against whom distress is levied, be shown to him as soon as practicable. Section 125B applies to approved enforcement agencies and makes similar provision". "Part 52 of the Criminal Procedure Rules 2010, rules 52.7 and 52.8, set out the procedure for the execution of magistrates’ court distress warrants. The distress warrant must identify the person to whom it is directed, the person against whom it was issued, the sum for which it was issued and the reason that sum is owed, the court or fines officer who issued it and the court office for the court or fines officer who issued it (rule 52.7(1)". "A person to whom a warrant is directed must record on it the date and time at which it is received (rule 52.7(2)). Pursuant to rule 52.8(2), the person executing the warrant must explain to the debtor the order or decision that the warrant was issued to enforce, the sum for which the warrant was issued and any extra sum payable in connection with the execution of the warrant. In addition, if he has the warrant with him, he must show it to the debtor or if the debtor asks, arrange for the debtor to see the warrant, if that person does not have it and show the debtor the written statement of that person’s authority required by section 125A or 125B of the 1980 Act"
  6. Hello forum, I have a question that has been asked many many times before. I purchased at item online and paid by credit card. It's been a couple of weeks and I still have not received the item. Now, I was of the understanding that goods remained the property of the seller until they had been received by the intended recipient, regardless of whether the seller was offering "free" delivery. However, I have searched trading standards and cannot find any references to this. Is this still the case? Basically, I want to quote something official is my correspondence. Thank you for your comments. Kind Regards, XXXXXXXXX
  7. Hi, I have been spoofed by a website called Official iPhone unlock, mobile phone oprators unlock your phone at the end of your contract for around £20.00. I thought this company was charging the same amount as they stated they could do the unlock quicker and the price was the same, however, the £19.99 plus VAT they took off me was for a "preorder", they said the cost of a full factory unlock from Orange, was £99.99 with a discount of £19.99! They refuse to refund me, so this is a well organised spoof
  8. They have been caught in the act by a BBC sting. I think even those who have been spoofed in the past might be shocked at this. Your Money their Tricks
  9. and break the law This should help you get justice from Carcraft. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b036xvt7/Your_Money_Their_Tricks_Cars/
  10. Firstly, hello to you all, as this is my first time on this forum. Forgive me if this is long winded or hard to understand, but I will do my best. I found you after doing a search on Google for "J Mxxxxxx Bailiff", as I was trying to find out information on this bailiff who has been recently harrasing me and my wife. When I came accross this thread from a few years ago......./forum/showthread.php?184351-rossendales-had-crazy-charges I was married in October 2012, and after the wedding we decided to lay all our debt cards on the table, no questions asked, as we felt we should clear everything we owed to provide a better future for our family. Between us both we had debts of around 7k, not a large figure, but in hard times, tough enough. One of these debts was for My wife and her previous partner from years back, joint council tax bill for a meager 95.43. This was originally much higher but my wife had paid most off as her previous was no where to be seen. Sadly my hours got dropped from 48 per week to 20 per week, but because some of the debts were for over payment of housing benefit, again one of my wife's debts, the council took that money out of what we were now entitled to to pay off the debt rather than go through debt management. Although it was clearing a debt, it meant we had to tighten our belts even further, causing more stress. As a result of my loss of earnings, we were no longer in a position to make any form of payment to the bailiff J Mxxxxxx who works for Rossendales. We explained to Rossendale's our situation and was advised to contact the council. There response was to apply for a DRO or use them for debt management as they did not charge admin fees. We were told they would contact Rossendale's to arrange a hold on the account until we knew what was happening. Sadly this never happened, which brings us to the core part of this thread. I received a knock at the door, but by the time I had arrived to answer it (10 seconds roughly), J Mxxxxxx from Rossendale's had already walked off back to his van. I looked down and he had posted a FINAL NOTICE letter through our door for the amount of £294.93. As this was not my own personal debt, I didn't even realise it was for a ridiculous amount, more than 100% the cost of the original debt. The very next day, he arrives again and knocks at the door. As I answered it and asked who he was, he just showed me a BAILIFF REMOVAL letter. I stepped outside to talk to him and shut the door behind me and he just started to walk off. I started to walk after him asking him why he was here when we were under the impression it was being placed on hold by order of the council he was collecting for, Wyre Borough Council (WBC). Abruptly he said "not interested, I'm coming back tomorrow to take your goods" and handed me the letter. I told him we own nothing he could take, we already sold everything to pay off what we could and all that was left was the furnishings as part of our tenancy agreement, and a car I use to drive an hour to work every day, so what exactly does he intend to take? He simply continued to walk off and said "I can take what I want and there is nothing you can do about it, I can even break in to your house and not be arrested". His rudeness got my back up and I'm ashamed to admit I lost control. I called him a bulls#!73r and a pzzzzk as he walked off and he retorted with equally offensive language whilst laughing and shouting kiss your car goodbye. Obviously my wife broke down in tears thinking the car would be taken, and she gave in and said just let him take the car, then its done with, paid and gone. My reply was a resounding "NO, why should we let that guy take our 1k car for a £300 debt, I'd rather sell it and pay him, and others off". I spoke to my dad who reluctantly gave me £300 to pay the debt and be done with, which I accepted, as I was worried, angry and didn't know what to do. I put the money in the bank and told my wife to pay the debt, if I spoke to him I would probably make things worse. The next morning, my wife called J Mxxxxxx and said she was able to pay the debt, his reply, good as its now £404.93. She replied er.......no its 294.93, to which he replied what ever, give me your card details. She gave him the details and he told her it would take 30 minutes to process. As she told me of this new supposed cost, I was rather suspicious and started to question all charges. It was at this point I started searching for information on J Mxxxxxx and found this website and others. I then started to panic thinking we were paying blindly for charges we have no idea about and could be false, JUST as my wife recieved a text saying "Card Declined sorry". I did not understand this as I had exactly £300 in the bank for him to take the funds, so the only reason I could think that it was declined was he had attempted to take a higher amount than agreed. This riled me up again and I moved the funds from the bank to stop him from taking a penny. I wanted this bailiff investigating. I contacted Rossendales who said they could not tell me the current balance of my account as that was at the discretion of J Mxxxxxx. All they could tell was there was a first visit charge of £24.50, a second visit charge of £18, a van attendance fee of £110 and a Levy fee of £47. I questioned this stating as he had not levied anything nor posted any paperwork stating a levy, surely these charges are illegal and fraudulent? To which she replied, "we have no control of our bailiffs charges and you need to speak to him about it directly". We tried to contact him to explain his charges but he refused to answer. We text him and he refused to reply. We contacted Rossendale's who contacted him but he wouldn't answer them either but would ask him to contact us asap. Whilst waiting for him to contact us, we contacted WBC to confirm if these charges were legal or not. I cannot describe the joy to hear he could only charge for first and second attendance, and we should only pay £137.94 NOT £294.93. She also added that he HAD in fact levied a vehicle, but only an hour previous, during the time we were at home trying to contact him directly, yet the reg he had given was not even our car, nor had any paperwork been posted or handed to us, so therefore the levy wasn't even legal. WBC asked us to leave it with them and they would get back to us. Today I had a phone call from WBC who informed me that I only had to pay the £137.94 to them directly and not to Rossendales and they were sorry for the trouble caused. Case closed......................or is it?? My question to the community is should I make an official complaint regarding Rossendales and J Mxxxxxx in particular? I'm not trying to score bonus points on what is in my eyes, a victory, but I do worry that this method of adding charges wrongfully, needs to be made aware to those who need to know. Im a strong character but even all of this has emotionally hurt me, and my wife more so, and god knows who else this is happening to every day. Thank you for your time reading my bla bla bla and I look forward to any constructive comments or advice.
  11. Hi All, I have more news about the overpayment situation my son is facing. It is alleged, that an overpayment of Income Support from 05/09/2011 - 23/11/2012 of Income Support paid to my son of, Total amount overpaid: £8997.49 He received a letter a few weeks ago, notifying him of the overpayment and that it would be recovered @ £20.00 per week, from his JSA. They gave no further details, have proceeding with taking instalments from me. I had written to them on receipt of letter, requesting further info and asking if they could 'halt' any recovery until the overpayment is made official. They have not responded, so my son telephoned DWP to make enquiries, he had phone on loudspeaker so I could hear conversation and note any relevant comments/advice received. This is a quote from that telephone conversation:- Reason? The overpayment occurred because on 05/09/2011 your circumstances changed and the office that paid your benefit was not told at the correct time that you no longer meet the conditions of entitlement as you were no longer in receipt of Disability Living Allowance. The overpayment must be repaid under Social Security Law. They decided not to apply a Civil Penalty for the overpayment, but must be repaid. (I took notes of the call and what was being said!) My son felt they had been aware of his being turned down for DLA -claiming again and that he was appealing the matter. His appeal against DLA decision had not been finalized until December 2012. (reduced rate only). So whilst he did not formally write to IS Dept to specifically notify them of this matter - they were aware of it; as had been referred to many times during telephone calls to them with various queries and requests for info. My son would have had no idea of the various 'components' applied to his payments (eg: premiums added); he would just assume Income Support as one payment, furthermore - don't the Disability Division within the DWP have a responsibility to disclose such matters to their colleagues in the Income Support Dept; given that such payments are made based on criteria known to these two departments? ie: should they not be penalized, for failing to communicate with one another? (or failure to disclose information to external departments, within the same establishment?). The 'disclosure' rules seem very one- sided, ie: customer expected to notify every tom dick and harry of any changes to their circumstances, yet depts. working under same umbrella, different offices - keep quiet about their individual practices??? they are to put this in writing to my son - but in the meantime; anyone who may be able to make sense of this disaster, would appreciate your 'disclosing' this information with me ! - lol many thanks Nadia
  12. More support for the advice that you should not ignore completely but that you should make it clear that you are up for a fight. Here are some heavily redacted extracts:- Full horrible story here:- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/law/article3698204.ece# Shocking. I had always thought that the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service has great integrity
  13. Hello, I'm sure you all get fed up of this question!! Other agreements I've had were clearly not enforceable due to absence of prescribed terms, but this one is 9 pages long - of which they have only sent pages 3 - 6. No signature from bank; just a stamp on page 3 saying its been received and a sqiggle underneath. Any thoughts on this one most greatfully received
  14. We are happy to announce that Bright House have approached The CAG expressing a wish to deal with our members complaints on the site.As with all reps registered here,we ask that members give them the chance to demonstrate a real intention to resolve complaints,and that posts are kept on topic and free from personal offensives. Bright House have a long way to go,to convince many of our members that some of their business practices are fair and acceptable,and some of the threads on the site give examples. To Bright House; We look forward to your constructive dealings,and our members seeing a benefit. Please observe the site posting rules.
  15. Hi All! I hope you can help. I, like so many others, took out a payday loan with Wonga. I couldn't pay it back in March, so I entered into a payment arrangement for 12 months for £57 a month. All this is fine and I am making my payments, but... by standing order. I surfed these forum posts when I started this with Wonga, and took advice on changing my debit card etc. I made it clear to Wonga that I would be paying by standing order, and they passed on details of the account I should pay each month. All sounds fine until I mention that every month without fail I get sent emails threatening to (firstly) take the entire amount from my debit card as I haven't paid etc. The usual Wonga stuff. You see, they can't get their heads around the fact that I pay by standing order. Or their computer system can't, perhaps? The emails get worse over a few days with more threats adding stress onto the situation etc. Makes me want to pull my hair out. How can they be so incompetent! Todays email... We’ve been unable to collect your overdue instalment payment, despite our attempts to do so from the debit card you provided, and by attempting to contact you. As explained previously, from 10pm this evening we’ll cancel your repayment plan and attempt to collect the full balance you owe - £445.22. This includes all the interest and fees you would have avoided if you’d kept to your arrangement. Interest will continue to accrue until the full balance is paid. We’ll also make further attempts to collect the money you owe from your debit card, either in one payment or in several amounts on a continuous basis until the amount you owe is repaid Seriously Wonga... Are you that daft? I made sure that my standing order goes out before the due date, so the money does reach them in time. They're just not communicating internally. So, yeah every month after about 7 to 10 days they send me another automated email to say... Thanks so much for your patience whilst we were checking your account. We are pleased to confirm that your payment was received just fine and your plan remains in good standing. We really do appreciate you keeping your word. Please remember the status of your arrangement can be viewed and payments can be made at any time by logging into the MyAccount section of the site at wonga. You can keep up to speed around the clock. To avoid any hiccups, please continue to ensure your debit card information is up to date. If you become aware of any potential problems, please contact our friendly collections team as soon as possible. Thanks again for your payment and for working with us. 6 months of this idiocy has pushed me on to want to complain, but who to? and what about? Harassment? I feel harassed. I feel sick with it all and actually very angry. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Good Morning I have been working for a small consultancy of around 40 members of staff for a year now. I am thinking of putting in a letter of complaint to the Chairmen regarding my employment experience involving my job role. This naturally will have an impact on my line manager. The general brief gist of my issues are as follows: Job very different to as advised at interview. OTE target impossible to earn due to my line manager's lack of attention and focus. Lack of training, I have been here a year and spent 2 working days in total with my line manager. No chance for progression as advised in interview. No set targets and unprofessionalism received again from line manager. There is more to it then that but I'm looking for advice really on how to structure and word this complaint. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  17. With Nadel out, Murray stands a great chance, but there are still quite a few 'hurdles' to cross.
  18. England to reach the Final of Euro 2012, with lots of luck.
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