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  1. I booked my Jaguar XF for servicing at KWIK FIT located at 136-142 New Kent Road, London SE1 6TU, due to a "service needed" fault light. On my way to the garage on Thursday 9th November, I receive a battery fault light and I had to call the RAC and when he arrived, the RAC technician checked my car and said it was an alternator fault, so I decided to take the car to KWIK FIT to fix both the Alternation and servicing. KWIK FIT called my phone after checking the car to inform me that i needed; 1. A new alternator 2. A new battery 3. Four new tyres 5. Whole set of brake pad an
  2. I recently had my car serviced, I purchase beforehand the BG244K Essential Fuel Additive, according to the service schedule this was not added (indicated by a 'x') So I rang the centre and they checked their stock levels and they said that it was added before the service took place and it was just a mistake on the service schedule paperwork It was only £19.99 but for peace of mind is there any way I can check this was actually added?
  3. Hi I took my car to kwik fit in winsford today for a simple oil and filter change I received call saying that a button which I now know to be a oil valve has been broken from the oil filter housing and that my oil light has come on. When I arrived I was handed the broken plastic valve and told I need to go to another garage for the repair as he couldn't fix it he also recommended that I have my car towed and not to drive it he also refunded me for the oil change and filter. I took my car today to kwik fit in totally perfect working order only to pick it up in an un driveable condition. I am no
  4. I took a real nice car that drove fantastic in for just an oil change and a new tyre. I just wanted a basic oil and oil filter change, so i paid £49.99 online for the oil filter and oil change. I also wanted a slow puncture sorted, so I took the car in and after being told I needed four tyres and the tracking was out, I said no way mate this car has only just had its MOT like 30 miles ago, so how can this be true? So he said: “well it needs one done as its got the inside popping out and he showed me and the tyre was good as new but it did have something in the tread so I agreed he cou
  5. After having my car "serviced" at kwik-fit (they didn't actually succeed in completing all of the task - I'm not convinced that they even changed the oil), the manager mentioned that I needed the wheel alignment fixing as it was a few degrees out. This confused me as: 1. Checking the alignment is not part of the interim service 2. I had recently had the alignment fixed by another garage and the car drove perfectly well since then. So I questioned the manager about his figures and his reply worried me. He simply said that "the readings do tend to exagerate things a bit". This is not what
  6. I usually take my car to kwik fit regurarly although people have a stigma that they are "rip offs" but iv generaly found that you get what you pay for and the works always been good so dont see the issue of going back. Up untill the other day I asked for a wheel allignment which was fine as the price stated £44.95. So the guy asked me to sit in the waiting room while he carried out the work and I could see the progress on the screen they provided. Everything was great, guys were helpful and polite untill it came to the price! I was greeted with a price of £104 for the wheel allignm
  7. Hi there I took my (hitherto good condition) car into Kwik-Fit for a major service (£160) on the 6th of May. It is an older car, 2002 Ford Focus with 100k miles, so not worth a massive amount of money. The service was carried out, and no issues were flagged up about the car's engine or performance (just some comments on the tires, a bit of rust on the exhaust, and one of the seatbelts), so I drove away quite happily. Upon picking up the car, it seemed a little juddery to drive, but I thought this would smoothen out as I thought it may be the engine getting used to the new oil or
  8. I looked around and it looks like Kwik Fit is very "kwik" to cancel unilaterally car policies. Obviously they must be making a good profit out of that, right? It happened to me too. I get paid weekly, and Direct Debits which are imposed as the only payment method by most insurers, are maybe good for monthly salaries, but matching a date of the month to a day of the week when I get paid weekly, is a total nightmare. So, after a text message telling me of the usual 7 day notice and asking to get in touch, I sent Kwik Fit an email via their website for customers, on Tuesday 16th of June
  9. I have given my car for a full service on 5-Mar-2015 at around 9 in the morning. There wasn't any specif problems I had,just given it for the annual maintenance service. They called me back in the evening at 16.52 to let me know that they have some major issue with my car, and they want me to drop by the centre to know more about it. When I went there, they said "while trying to remove the old spark plugs, one of it got broke and stuck inside the engine. We tried for more than 2 hours to take it out but couldn't. We tried our best, but sorry we couldn't take it out." I asked them, "I
  10. Hello I am after some advice, 8 weeks ago my car failed the mot, it failed on three reasons 1) nft tread depth 2) parking brake efficiency 3)brakes imbalanced across axle I took it to Kwik fit, they had problems removing brake drums, the brakes shoes were shot to pieces they replaced shoes and it passed the mot. It was making grinding noise and I went back to Kwik fit, they told me the brakes shoes were bedding in, I went back 3 times in all over a month, a few days ago the nsr wheel come off! The wheel bearing had failed, The garage that has repaired it found 1) the brake uni
  11. In November 2013 I took my 53 plate Renault Laguna 2.0 Privilege (petrol) in for service and MOT at my local Kwik Fit (KF) branch. I left with a bill of just shy of £1400 which included the fitting of a new catalytic converter and associated sensor and box totaling £451.80 inc VAT. I had cause to return the vehicle to them approximately a month later as engine noise had increased and my petrol consumption had gone up - I was now getting 25 MPG instead of the 31 MPG I was getting beforehand. The fitting of the exhaust was checked and I was assured that everything was in order – no expla
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52842[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]52843[/ATTACH] Have a major issue with the local Kwik Fit. Found that the exhaust had split at the tail. Took it into Kwik Fit and of course they came back with "it will all need replaced". I should have got it checked properly and got it significantly cheaper but I was due to take the kids camping within a couple of days so it kind of forced my hand. Kwik Fit is also literally round the corner from my work. get the car back and head home. I stay literally 10min walk from the Kwik Fit garage. It sits in my driv
  13. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the pri
  14. Honestly, why i dont listen to people about Kwik Fit i dont know. Decided to book an MOT a week + in advance as it was expiring on the 9th September, i see Kwik Fit are available on Sunday at 11am, pay for it and job done. Felt quite good about myself that i sorted it out and didnt run around like a headless chicken last minute. I get a phone call this morning at 10am, 30 minutes before i am suppossed to arrive for my MOT appointment telling me, he wont be able to do my MOT as he has no testers available but he can reschedule me for the next available date which is the 12th, 3 days after
  15. Took the car into Crawley Branch this afternoon, Front passenger tyre had a gouge in it and spare had a punture. On the website it stated the arrowspeed was £45.00 fitted I turned up without booking an appointment and asked them to check all my tyres, all within legal limit and he said they were fine, I HAD to point out the huge hole showing through to the metal. He then advised me I needed a new tyre and the spare fixed. (Awesome on his part as I had already told him that was what I wanted) I asked how much this would be and was informed £151. Pointing out that the new trye was
  16. Like others I have a dispute with Kwik-fit. Despite several emails I have received no reply. In my case it is not just the poor standard of service that I received on the day but the complete inadequacy of a response from customer services/management that causes me to warn others away from the company. It appears from general web searches that this is itself not uncommon. I am left with no option but to take legal action. I am loathe to do this as the amount involved is not as great as that for others who have posted here but feel I have no option. I suspect they probably think that my th
  17. I am having a terrible time with Kwik Fit. I had an issue with my car pulling a little to the left on motoryways. My usual garage was too busy to do my tracking and alignment and stupidly instead of waiting I popped into Kwik Fit on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. They told me my car was "seriously misaligned" and showed me a graph to show the before and after of resetting my tracking. The graph had text highlighted in green where the setup was good, and red where it was not, detailing several measurements of suspension and wheel settings. The only thing was, the after graph is covered in r
  18. This is a strong warning to others regarding Kwik Fit's dubious business practices/incompetence and very poor customer service. I went to my local branch (which I am considering naming) for an MOT. I was told that there was a parking brake imbalance and it would have to go back in for a brake check. While it was in, Kwik Fit phoned me and after 5 minutes of explaining how brakes work, I was told that in needed new discs and pads at a cost of £405. Fortunately for me, I declined the work and took it to a local independent garage who specialise in my make of car for a second
  19. I pinched the tyre on my car over the weekend and needed it replaced. It was a 'Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance' priced at £74.50 on the Kwik Fit website, including full fitting, valve, balance and disposal of old tyre. I was working all weekend, so my brother offered to take the tyre up to Kwik Fit and get it changed, he pays and I pay him. I've just seen the bill, they charged £111.50 for the tyre, balance, valve and disposal?!?!?! I've checked the code of the tyre on the invoice (GO205/55V16EFPER) and I'm sure it's the right one. How on earth can this be right?
  20. Several weeks ago we put our car into the Galashiels branch for an MOT, new exhaust and shock absorber. Phone call from the supervisor was to inform us that they had broken the windscreen from using the air pressure chisel on the old shock absorber (really?). After discussions between myself and the supervisor the windscreen was replaced by them and a few days later I collected the car. I telephoned the branch the next day as the hand brake and brake pedal were so tight it was ridiculous. (The handbrake had 1 click only). I was told to bring it in when I coul
  21. After taking my car to be MOT'd Friday 27/09/2013 in Maidstone, Kent. I was told the car had failed its MOT. I was aware the rear brakes would possibly need replacing, however I feel I was pressurized into having work done that was not necessary, mainly because they were aware I was away from home, and not familiar with the area. Firstly I was also told the rear brake efficiency on the hand brake was at 11% and this was due to the rear brakes and discs being worn, or possibly hand brake cable. They did a brake test and the rear brakes showed 11% on the test value, this was not s
  22. I recently went to get a new tyre fitted at quick fit in penicuik, Edinburgh as i noticed i had a small bulge on the tyre that was on. They replaced the tyre and off i drove. once i got back to my own area (Livingston) i spun out at a roundabout which resulted in me hitting a kerb, i wa sscared to move my car as i didnt know what damage had been caused so i contacted the police and they sent out a traffic car whom confirmed it would be ok for me to drive home. a few days later i noticed my steering didnt feel the same so i booked it into my local quick fit centre in livingston to have the
  23. Hi all! This is my first time ever creating a thread but I'm looking for some advice please! Basically, me and my partner booked our car in for a full service in our local Kwik Fit garage. We took the car there before 9am as requested and left it there. Around lunch time we had a phone call saying they had identified additional work that needed to be undertaken on the car - a replacement of 2 tyres and also the replacement of the exhaust box. In good faith my partner listened to the advice and agreed that the work could be carried out. We received a phone call a few hours later and d
  24. They have been caught in the act by a BBC sting. I think even those who have been spoofed in the past might be shocked at this. Your Money their Tricks
  25. I wonder if anyone can help and what my rights are. I took my car for new tyres and tracking doing at kwik fit (Zafira 2.0 DTI). When they inspected the vehicle, they came into the waiting area and told me that the track rod ends needed doing x4 (front inner and outer?), stabilizer links x2, and 2 arms (not quite sure) also needed doing. I asked for a price and they quoted me £508. I said if it needs doing then it should be replaced. TBH, I didn't know what any of these were (apart from tyres and tracking). I spoke to a friend and he said ask for the parts that supposedly needed doing a
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