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  1. I booked my Jaguar XF for servicing at KWIK FIT located at 136-142 New Kent Road, London SE1 6TU, due to a "service needed" fault light. On my way to the garage on Thursday 9th November, I receive a battery fault light and I had to call the RAC and when he arrived, the RAC technician checked my car and said it was an alternator fault, so I decided to take the car to KWIK FIT to fix both the Alternation and servicing. KWIK FIT called my phone after checking the car to inform me that i needed; 1. A new alternator 2. A new battery 3. Four new tyres 5. Whole set of brake pad and disc for the whole car 6. Servicing all this was now totally £1,700,00. I explained to them that The RAC technician tested my battery and confirmed to me and the KWIK FIT manager, that my battery was good and all I needed was just an alternator and servicing and only the rear brake pad because, when I done my MOT last, it stated that my rear brake is getting worn out and I should change, but in contrast, KWIK FIT was forcefully persuading me to carry out a repair not needed. They were also forcing me to buy four new tyres even though my tyres were not bad, saying that the tyres on my car is for BMW, so I have to buy KWIK FIT tyres. After all the forceful offers by Kwik Fit, I decided to get a New Alternation, new battery and servicing from KWIK FIT at an amount of £850.00 The result of all this was a disaster when I picked up my car on Monday 13th of November 2017. * KWIK FIT did not stamp my service book record that they claimed to have stamp after the work, so I had to go back to inform them and make them stamp it. * KWIK FIT left a car part cover from my car abandoned on the non driver front seat without replacing it back from where it was removed, and when I complained, the manager said it was not a problem, that it does not matter to leave a car part cover on my seat because "it will not stopping the car". * The service light KWIK FIT claimed to have reset after servicing my car was still illuminated on the instrument panel, as it was before I paid KWIK FIT to service my car. * KWIK FIT damaged the rubber pad liner on my driver side door, causing my driver door not to close properly anymore. * KWIK FIT offered me a battery I did not require, even though an RAC technician tested the battery and said to them it was okay. Just after two days of driving the car after collecting it from KWIK FIT, I discovered that there was a hot vapour water brewing continuously from the engine and when I opened the engine, there was brownish engine radiator water all over my engine bonnet surroundings and the hot vapour was dangerously coming out from the engine. I contacted the manager to explain to him but he was very unhelpful, arrogant and showed a non nonchalant attitude and was trying to make it act like nothing wrong had happened and when I asked for his area manager contact number or their customer service to complaint, he said I must drive down to his garage to get their numbers, if I wanted his customer service or area manager's contacts. I eventually searched online and contacted their head office and spoke to a person named sofia, who say she will get the area manager to ring me after 2 to 3 working days to discuss my predicament and disastrous service I have received from the staff at Kwik Fit New Kent Road. In summary; Kwik Fit New Kent Road, 1. KWIK FIT sold me a battery I did not need, even when RAC tested my old battery and said it was in a perfect state. 2. KWIK FIT collected money for servicing and it appeared it was not serviced as the service light is still showing, 3. Persuading me to buy tyres I did not need, even though I just recently changed my tyres and nothing is wrong with the tyres, 4. Damaged the rubber padding of my driver side door badly, 5. Damaged the car after claiming to have serviced it and it is now producing hot vapourised smoke like heated water coming from inside the bonnet and visible to every one and looks like a car that is about to catch fire. 6. Covered inside of my engine bonnet with brownish like water as a result of their reckless work. 7. Claimed to have stamped my service book when they did not and I had to discover it before they reluctantly stamped it. 8. Let a car part material on the front non driver seat of my car and said it was okay to leave it there because, it will not stop the car from moving, 9. The manager at Kwik Fit New Kent Road was denying me the opportunity to make a complaint about the appalling service I received, by not providing me their customer service number or area manager contact, thereby intentionally trying to silent me, 10. I and my family depend on this car and my children could have sustained injuries from sitting on the car part car left on the front seat by KWIK FIT, which could have resulted in fatal injury. I am immediately requesting that this complaints be investigated fully as soon as possible and that the rip off culture I have experienced at Kwik Fit New Kent Road London, must be stopped and that my car fixed immediately. I will be taking the matter to court by Monday 20th November 2017, if this matters is not resolved amicable and I will also be letting the world know via social media, the kind of bad and disappointing mechanical, customer and rip off experience, I went through at KWIK FIT New Kent Road London, with wanting to get away with £850.00 of my hard earn income, as well damaging my Jaguar XF.
  2. I recently had my car serviced, I purchase beforehand the BG244K Essential Fuel Additive, according to the service schedule this was not added (indicated by a 'x') So I rang the centre and they checked their stock levels and they said that it was added before the service took place and it was just a mistake on the service schedule paperwork It was only £19.99 but for peace of mind is there any way I can check this was actually added?
  3. Hi I took my car to kwik fit in winsford today for a simple oil and filter change I received call saying that a button which I now know to be a oil valve has been broken from the oil filter housing and that my oil light has come on. When I arrived I was handed the broken plastic valve and told I need to go to another garage for the repair as he couldn't fix it he also recommended that I have my car towed and not to drive it he also refunded me for the oil change and filter. I took my car today to kwik fit in totally perfect working order only to pick it up in an un driveable condition. I am now left with a broken car and probably a very hefty repair bill because they broke it.
  4. I took a real nice car that drove fantastic in for just an oil change and a new tyre. I just wanted a basic oil and oil filter change, so i paid £49.99 online for the oil filter and oil change. I also wanted a slow puncture sorted, so I took the car in and after being told I needed four tyres and the tracking was out, I said no way mate this car has only just had its MOT like 30 miles ago, so how can this be true? So he said: “well it needs one done as its got the inside popping out and he showed me and the tyre was good as new but it did have something in the tread so I agreed he could replace two tyres, so I took two new tyres at a cost of £140 for two new budget tyres and a number plate bulb that he said was a milky colour and another that worked sometimes but not all the time. I thought okay they know best, but I left with a car that could no longer drive straight (steering wheel no longer centre). The car is no longer driving straight, why and how could this happen on a tyre change? I wish I never took the car into kwik fit. I’m not sure my car is even legal now, the steering wheel is at a 10 o’clock position when i’m going straight!!! I’m gutted, I’ve given good money to them. I’m going to trading standards about this and will post as many reviews as I can regarding this (tracking cheat) that kwik fit seem to do, also the extra parts that kwik fit always seem to add. I’m not going to let this lie, I cannot afford this sort of cheat and it needs to be exposed. They have made my car horrible to drive and maybe even against the law to take on the road?
  5. After having my car "serviced" at kwik-fit (they didn't actually succeed in completing all of the task - I'm not convinced that they even changed the oil), the manager mentioned that I needed the wheel alignment fixing as it was a few degrees out. This confused me as: 1. Checking the alignment is not part of the interim service 2. I had recently had the alignment fixed by another garage and the car drove perfectly well since then. So I questioned the manager about his figures and his reply worried me. He simply said that "the readings do tend to exagerate things a bit". This is not what it states on the kwik-fit web-site about the state-of-the-art precision machinery that they use for alignment. So perhaps the exageration was coming from elsewhere? I was provided a feedback form and emailed this concern together with other things they did wrong - but still await a reply. Presumably Kwik-fit can make a fair bit of money from their £49 alignment check plus extra for each wheel they see fit to actually align. Just wondering whether others have been unexpectedly been told they need their alignment adjusted?
  6. I usually take my car to kwik fit regurarly although people have a stigma that they are "rip offs" but iv generaly found that you get what you pay for and the works always been good so dont see the issue of going back. Up untill the other day I asked for a wheel allignment which was fine as the price stated £44.95. So the guy asked me to sit in the waiting room while he carried out the work and I could see the progress on the screen they provided. Everything was great, guys were helpful and polite untill it came to the price! I was greeted with a price of £104 for the wheel allignment which was a joke, I was astonished. They never told me it would cost this much before it was done. I didmt anticipate how much it would cost so had only had £100 cash on me which I told the person serving me and he managed to brimg the price down to £99.95! Now if a price stated clearly at £44.95 then whacked upto £104 and then brough dowm to £99.95 this tells me theres something not right somewhere. I need my clutch replaced, waterpump and top mounts done next week but certainly wont be going to kwik fit unless rectified. I personaly think no work should ever be done without being given a full price, maybe I was nieve in thinking a price in the wall would be what I pay. I felt embaressed not having the full ammount there
  7. Hi there I took my (hitherto good condition) car into Kwik-Fit for a major service (£160) on the 6th of May. It is an older car, 2002 Ford Focus with 100k miles, so not worth a massive amount of money. The service was carried out, and no issues were flagged up about the car's engine or performance (just some comments on the tires, a bit of rust on the exhaust, and one of the seatbelts), so I drove away quite happily. Upon picking up the car, it seemed a little juddery to drive, but I thought this would smoothen out as I thought it may be the engine getting used to the new oil or sparkplugs. Since the service record specifically states that a test drive had been carried out, I assumed this had been observed by the staff and was therefore considered normal. Over the next few days the juddering got worse and then, come Monday the 11th of May, the car would barely drive (constant stalling, very little power when accelerating, constant juddering and lurching of the entire car). First thing on Tuesday the 12th I took the car back in to the branch to be looked at and to be repaired as obviously they had caused these problems during the service. They had to call in their Master Technician to look at it as they could not pin down the issue. After a few hours I phoned to check in and I was informed that the car was basically a pile of rubbish and was throwing out error codes left, right and centre, and had potentially serious engine problems. And, lo and behold, since picking it up after work the car is performing *even* worse, still juddering constantly, but now also revving constantly between 2000 and 4000 revs even when idle. The car was driving nicely before the service, and then completely failed after Kwik Fit staff had their hands on it. The car passed its MOT just a few weeks ago and the service report given to me on the day of the service gave it mechanically a clean bill of health. The report also specifically states that no diagnostic fault codes were found. That same day the terrible engine judder began and it all went downhill from there. Clearly something has gone very wrong during the service. I sent a written complaint by both email and through the form on their website on the 12th of May and have, up to now, heard absolutely *nothing* back from Kwik Fit (not even a confirmation that it's being looked into). I find this utterly ridiculous as I am completely without a vehicle as a result of whatever they've done to the car. I really don't want to phone them as I want to keep everything, at least at the first point of contact, in writing. I think it's only right that they repair my car to an acceptable, drivable condition considering the damage they have caused. I would also expect my service fee refunded however getting the car fixed and back on the road is more important. Just don't know what to do next!
  8. I looked around and it looks like Kwik Fit is very "kwik" to cancel unilaterally car policies. Obviously they must be making a good profit out of that, right? It happened to me too. I get paid weekly, and Direct Debits which are imposed as the only payment method by most insurers, are maybe good for monthly salaries, but matching a date of the month to a day of the week when I get paid weekly, is a total nightmare. So, after a text message telling me of the usual 7 day notice and asking to get in touch, I sent Kwik Fit an email via their website for customers, on Tuesday 16th of June that due to payment mismatch date, the instalment would be paid on the Friday of that same week, 19th of June. That's just 3 days away! I always get paid weekly on Friday. Kwik Fit did not bother to get in touch, but I did not expect them to get in touch because they never do. This kind of date mismatch happened on two previous occasions with Kwik Fit and it was not a problem. Anyway, on Friday 19th of June I called Kwik Fit, as promised in my email to them 3 days earlier, to pay the insurance instalment. The Customer Rep was not able to process the payment and had to investigate. I was put on hold. He then returned to the call to tell me that the policy had been cancelled. I called them again an hour later and was put through another Customer Rep and had a massive discussion about this. He did not reinstate the policy. A few days later I got a demand for £430! Now, the matter has already been passed on to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Basically, I really do not care about what the rules say! Whatever they say, it is clearly unfair to the Consumer and the rules are far too easy for the companies. It is clear they hammer the consumers left, right and centre! I actually suspect Kwik Fit did not respond to my email on purpose, then let the policy cancel in order to then claim an outstanding balance. Good strategy for Kwik Fit, maybe. But as far as I am concerned, I will not pay this. I understand that if I did not bother to contact them, then they would have a good reason to act like that. But I DID contact them and promised to settle the instalment on Friday, just 3 days away. And I fulfilled my promise to pay because I DID call them to pay the instalment on that Friday! I just find Kwik Fit utterly despicable to do this. I find those in charge of regulations also at fault for not changing rules which run against the consumers all the time. :mad2:
  9. I have given my car for a full service on 5-Mar-2015 at around 9 in the morning. There wasn't any specif problems I had,just given it for the annual maintenance service. They called me back in the evening at 16.52 to let me know that they have some major issue with my car, and they want me to drop by the centre to know more about it. When I went there, they said "while trying to remove the old spark plugs, one of it got broke and stuck inside the engine. We tried for more than 2 hours to take it out but couldn't. We tried our best, but sorry we couldn't take it out." I asked them, "I gave the car in morning in a proper working condition, now you have broken it and say sorry". They said, "No we didn't purposefully break it, while trying to remove it broke." I also asked them, "If you have tried for more than 2 hours, why you didn't bother to call me immediately, when you see a problem". For which they said, we dont want to panic you. Which doesn't sounds right me. And finally when I asked them how to fix it, they said it is difficult to fix. And they gave me two choices: 1) Scrap the car 2) Spend £1500 to fix it. When I asked them, "You broke my car which was in a proper working condition and expecting me to bare the cost of your mistake", they claim that "It's not our fault". It all sounds very rude for a customer like me, who just gave the car for annual service and in the evening expecting me to pay £1500 for the mistake they have done. I wouldn't expect such an irresponsible response from a reputed company like yours. The centre manager/staff very word as "you have to scrap your car", had put me at emotional trauma and stress, that made me tow the car and put it in my garage. This is very unfair service towards any loyal customer like me.
  10. Hello I am after some advice, 8 weeks ago my car failed the mot, it failed on three reasons 1) nft tread depth 2) parking brake efficiency 3)brakes imbalanced across axle I took it to Kwik fit, they had problems removing brake drums, the brakes shoes were shot to pieces they replaced shoes and it passed the mot. It was making grinding noise and I went back to Kwik fit, they told me the brakes shoes were bedding in, I went back 3 times in all over a month, a few days ago the nsr wheel come off! The wheel bearing had failed, The garage that has repaired it found 1) the brake union loose at wheel cylinder and was leaking. 2) nsr brake spring retainer incorrectly fitted 3) osr hub nut not staked 4) nsr brake adjuster lever arm missing 5) nsr wheel bearing outer race broken The manager had quoted one price but told me if I pay cash it would be £100 less, I paid cash, the only evidence I have that i took it to Kwik fit is receipt for tyres( which was billed separately), and a detailed brake test result. (They took it to another branch to test brakes) I am lucky to be alive I had been on the motorway 2 minutes earlier. Who is the person at Kwik fit to contact? What is my best course of action, have they been negligent? Thanks in advance for any advice (apart from advice on how much of an igit I was to take it there in the first place)
  11. In November 2013 I took my 53 plate Renault Laguna 2.0 Privilege (petrol) in for service and MOT at my local Kwik Fit (KF) branch. I left with a bill of just shy of £1400 which included the fitting of a new catalytic converter and associated sensor and box totaling £451.80 inc VAT. I had cause to return the vehicle to them approximately a month later as engine noise had increased and my petrol consumption had gone up - I was now getting 25 MPG instead of the 31 MPG I was getting beforehand. The fitting of the exhaust was checked and I was assured that everything was in order – no explanation could be given for the increase in fuel usage despite having paid £24 for a fuel additive which was supposed to make the car more fuel efficient. During the last twelve months I have noticed a marked deterioration in both performance and fuel efficiency in the vehicle when compared to the previous year. On 24th November 2014, at the recommendation of my brother-in-law, I took my Laguna to the garage he used (CSC) for an MoT and interim service. Rather surprisingly (or not) it failed on exhaust emissions. In discussions with the CSC manager, he told me that the car hadn't "just failed", it had failed miserably! He went on to state that he was very concerned with the emission figures which had led to the vehicle failing it’s MoT in 2013 at KF. I always take the previous year’s MoT certificate and paperwork with me when I go for an MoT in order to give the mechanics a chance to check over previous work from the previous year and to see that any advisory items had been complied with. The manager explained that in his opinion, twelve months ago, the car had failed it’s MoT due to the exhaust emissions but not because of a faulty catalytic converter, but due to a problem somewhere within the engine which needed to be investigated. He suspected that Kwik Fit had taken the easy option and change the exhaust system in an attempt to solve the problem rather than to investigate any underlying cause. Comparing the 2013 levels to the levels obtained when tested this year, they indicated that the underlying cause was still present and had not been cured by the fitting of the new exhaust, sensor and box in 2013. This raises the question as to how the figures on the pass certificate were obtained as in his opinion it was impossible for readings to go from so high, to so low, back to so high in just twelve months, particularly when the car had only done 5515 miles in the year. In case you're interested, I have copied the fail and pass readings onto an Excel spreadsheet and have attached it to this post. On my way home from the MoT testing station at CSC, I called in to Kwik Fit, about half a mile from where I live to speak to them to see if they could offer any explanation for the exhaust emissions problem and spoke to the manager. He told me that he would stand by the paperwork I had and when I suggested that I visit VOSA to see what they had to say, he told me that if I wanted to, I could. However, I believe that to be a final resort only if Kwik Fit fail to provide a satisfactory solution in that my car had a problem which they attempted to fix and failed. They sold me parts which I did not need and then, rather than further investigate a problem they were aware of, issued a MoT certificate and took my money. Furthermore, and I feel really dumb here, they told me in 2013 that my shock absorbers were leaking (but were making no noise when I went over speed bumps and the car drove really smoothly) and that my brakes looked corroded at the back. Their eventual bill came to just a couple of quid under £1400. I am now questioning whether ANY of this work needed doing. 24/11/2014 – 1310 hrs I telephoned Kwik Fit Head Office and asked to be put through to Customer Service / complaints department where I spoke to a very helpful lady. I outlined the problem I was having regarding the exhaust emissions (no point in blitzing them from the start, I figured) and she said that she would pass my details on to Andy Michael, Regional Manager who would contact me within the next three days. For whatever reason, I never received a call from Mr Michael or any other representative from Kwik Fit despite leaving both my landline and mobile telephone numbers 27/11/2014 At the suggestion of CSC, I returned to Kwik Fit to ask what could be done to rectify the ongoing problem and the manager there offered to replace the catalytic converter as it was still under warranty. I figured that if Kwik Fit fitted a new Cat to the car, at least we would see if it had the same remarkable effect as it did the previous year. I booked the car in (rather nervously) for first thing the next morning. 28/11/2014 The fitting of the catalytic converter was carried out and having put the car onto the emissions testing machine, I was told that with the new catalytic converter on the car, the emissions were just within acceptable parameters, but would definitely pass it’s MoT. They were unable/unwilling to provide me with a copy of the readings from the emissions test carried out that day as they only provided those details when they were actually Mot-ing a car. I was surprised that having taken the car in at 0830, I didn’t receive a phone call to say the car was ready until 1630hrs. Not very kwik eh? 01/12/2014 The car was returned to CSC for a retest and it duly failed the emissions test with readings almost as bad as the previous week. It was noted that the mileage driven between the Kwik Fit test and the CSC Testing station was 55. It was clear that the underlying problem was still present and at the request of CSC, I left the car with them until the following day so they could attempt to determine what the problem was, something which KF should have done a year previously. 02/12/2014 I collected the car from CSC and the manager explained that they had had a look over the car for obvious problems, but had reached the point where they were going to have to start charging me. He said that rather than just try and find the solution by trial and error, which would possibly end up with me having a big bill to pay, the car should be referred to the main Renault dealer in Birmingham where they have specialist diagnostic equipment. 04/12/2014 I dropped the car off at 0800 at Renault Birmingham this morning and spent a happy half an hour discussing emissions with a very interested mechanic with wide eyes!! So that's where I'm up to. I've had the same thing told me now by 5 mechanics concerning my MoT pass in 2013, lets see how many of you look at the figures and come to the same conclusion (I'm not accusing anyone of anything - yet!). My two concerns now are the bill I'm going to get from Renault and what do I do regarding Kwik Fit? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52842[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]52843[/ATTACH] Have a major issue with the local Kwik Fit. Found that the exhaust had split at the tail. Took it into Kwik Fit and of course they came back with "it will all need replaced". I should have got it checked properly and got it significantly cheaper but I was due to take the kids camping within a couple of days so it kind of forced my hand. Kwik Fit is also literally round the corner from my work. get the car back and head home. I stay literally 10min walk from the Kwik Fit garage. It sits in my drive way the following day. The next day I get a phone call at work from the missus saying there is oil coming from the car. She had taken the kids around the town for school gear and found it when she pulled into the driveway. I head home and right enough there is a good bit dripping down. I decide to take the car back to Kwik Fit as immediately I was thinking "hey they were the last ones in there". Start the engine and the oil literally starts flooding out. I am on my way to Kwik Fit and decide best to get a second opinion quickly to ensure I have some back up - head to Halfords. Its roughly the same distance. I get there and ask if they could go out and check for me and they were quite accommodating. The chap goes to start the engine to get it up on the ramp and again the oil starts flooding out. They cut the engine and he sticks his arm up and finds that the oil filter is really loose. I call Kwik Fit and they tell me they want to have a look before discussing further. I agree but they ask me to drive the car to their station. Now that I have time to think things through I refuse as I am not comfortable driving a car that could potentially cause accidents with oil on the road and more than likely kill the engine in the process. I tell them they will need to send someone up. Some hours later Halfords calls and tells me they eventually picked it up. I get a call from the Kwik FIt duty manager telling me that he has discussed it with his Area Manager and that they don't believe that they are culpable. I went down to discuss the issue with the Kwik Fit duty manager. He gets it up on the ramp and acknowledges that the oil filter is close to where their guys would have been working but that with all the training and checks etc that it would be unlikely their chaps who caused this issue. When its up on the ramp and he shows me where they were working and the proximity of the exhaust to the oil filter I burst out laughing "you have just proved that your people were working right next to this filter". To be honest I think he knew the score here but advised that I would need to discuss with his area manager as it was his call. I go home and call customer services as for me the area manager has already made his mind up so I want it escalated to the customer services manager. She tells me it "has" to go through the area manager. I get the area managers number and discuss the issue. He tells me that now "he will need to see it". Fair enough I said but I want this resolved ASAP as I am going on a camping holiday tomorrow. He hums n haws about the when/where and with some probing he suddenly admits that he is actually at the station I was at!!! I tell him to stay there and I will be down in 5min and he responds "I have a flight to catch" .. .. to which I reply "and yes we are all at an inconvenience today as I have had to take a half day off work and I am supposed to be driving this vehicle on a camping holiday tomorrow". I get down there and he starts coming out with all sorts of crap and excuses. He gets it up on the ramp and literally spends nearly an hour looking all over the engine bay. As you can imagine it is covered in oil. He comes back to me with some pics on his phone showing a bit of oil surrounding a wee seal at the top of the engine. He also shows me a picture of some oil residue on the engine. When I say residue I mean residue i.e. its not fresh oil. He barely looks at the engine filter area and all the oil everywhere around it but spends most time looking for "something .... anything". His stance from there was that the engine has a leak. I point out that what I observed on my drive way and what Halfords had to clean up on their forecourt was not a "leak" but a "flood". Halfords also confirmed that the oil filter was loose. I pointed out that given Kwik FIt had just done £500 of exhaust work right next to the oil filter and nobody else has been under there that 99.9999% of the population would rightly be pointing the finger firmly at Kwik Fit. Obviously this chap is in the .000001% category and still refuses to admit its their fault. During our discussion I find out that he said no to their culpability to the duty manager even though he had not seen the vehicle or discussed the issue with myself. Again I ask how the hell can he come to a conclusive stance without seeing the evidence and discussing the matter with myself first. He then of course denies that he is saying no. So I challenge him to either say Yes or No. He will now do neither as he clearly knows he is on the ropes but refusing to accept this is their issue ... .. I think they would have had I not mentioned my "driveway is ruined". They had said "we will flush it through and re-fill with OEM oil and make sure its safe to drive" so clearly at that point they were going to take the hit .. .. that is until I said the issue here is the drive way is destroyed. He "advises" me that I should get it steamcleaned and he will take another look. I am stunned and ask how he thinks that I should pay £500 for the pleasure of them ruining my driveway and somehow have to foot the bill for more delaying tactics. When he said it he even said "now I don't know where you can get it steam cleaned, I can get one of our guys to google it for you". At this point I ask for his bosses number. He tells me that I will need to call customer services. I tell him I want the customer services managers number of which of course he doesn't have. I then ask for his line managers number if it isn't the customer service manager to be told that his line manager doesn't deal with these issues. Like you I am thinking "is there any such thing as customer services at Kwik Fit because clearly I am not going to get this resolved with this guy and the infrastructure is clearly disjointed. So I am now back from my holiday. Not sure what to do. £500 down on an exhaust I probably didn't need A ruined driveway - its pink monoblock btw Half Day off work to deal with mopping up the oil and trying to clean it Kwik Fit refusing to accept responsibility Kwik Fit suggesting I get steam cleaned even though they know there isn't anywhere to get it done and at my cost before they will discuss further I am just flabbergasted at how they are treating me and they think its perfectly acceptable to take my money and then insult my intelligence on the matter. At one point one of their chaps said "I know m8 I would be the same in your position .. .. its not like your an 18 year old lassie". Now that really jumped out for me as clearly if I was an 18 YO girl they would be taking advantage of experience and sex obviously from the perspective of pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes. I am thinking of using social media as its a small city and given my work place is right next door to the Kwik Fit and have hundreds of colleagues who probably use them that I should throw off the gloves and really go at them on this. Any advice gratefully received on this. Apologies if anything is incoherent or confusing but its l8 and struggling to maintain my energy level with this now. P.S. It rained almost everyday for a week on the camping trip .... funny init !
  13. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the price seemed high, but was told that it was right. On the phone when I was advised they were unsafe I'm sure I was told the brakes were £240 to fix which would seem more reasonable. I had paid for the service in advance online so when I went to pick up the car I was only paying for the brakes. What can I do? I was scared the car was unsafe so felt I had to choice but to agree to the work and pay the bill. I now feel totally stupid and ripped off.
  14. Honestly, why i dont listen to people about Kwik Fit i dont know. Decided to book an MOT a week + in advance as it was expiring on the 9th September, i see Kwik Fit are available on Sunday at 11am, pay for it and job done. Felt quite good about myself that i sorted it out and didnt run around like a headless chicken last minute. I get a phone call this morning at 10am, 30 minutes before i am suppossed to arrive for my MOT appointment telling me, he wont be able to do my MOT as he has no testers available but he can reschedule me for the next available date which is the 12th, 3 days after my MOT expires. No sorry, no apologies. "oh well its not my problem, im not a manager, i have got the short straw of ringing everyone, ring the online booking people" Great service from the Watford branch of Kwick Fit on bushey mill lane! Thanks ever so much!:-x:-x
  15. Took the car into Crawley Branch this afternoon, Front passenger tyre had a gouge in it and spare had a punture. On the website it stated the arrowspeed was £45.00 fitted I turned up without booking an appointment and asked them to check all my tyres, all within legal limit and he said they were fine, I HAD to point out the huge hole showing through to the metal. He then advised me I needed a new tyre and the spare fixed. (Awesome on his part as I had already told him that was what I wanted) I asked how much this would be and was informed £151. Pointing out that the new trye was only £45, I enquired how fixing a puncture in the spare would cost £106, as I could have 3 new tyres for £135. The response was, I'm not in the trade and didn't know what I was doing. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE look elsewhere when you require new tryes.
  16. Like others I have a dispute with Kwik-fit. Despite several emails I have received no reply. In my case it is not just the poor standard of service that I received on the day but the complete inadequacy of a response from customer services/management that causes me to warn others away from the company. It appears from general web searches that this is itself not uncommon. I am left with no option but to take legal action. I am loathe to do this as the amount involved is not as great as that for others who have posted here but feel I have no option. I suspect they probably think that my threat of such action is a hollow one given the small amount and hassle involved. I would be most interested to hear from anyone else who has gone down this route. At what point do you think I should tell them that I am a solicitor!
  17. I am having a terrible time with Kwik Fit. I had an issue with my car pulling a little to the left on motoryways. My usual garage was too busy to do my tracking and alignment and stupidly instead of waiting I popped into Kwik Fit on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. They told me my car was "seriously misaligned" and showed me a graph to show the before and after of resetting my tracking. The graph had text highlighted in green where the setup was good, and red where it was not, detailing several measurements of suspension and wheel settings. The only thing was, the after graph is covered in red, and the guy told me that the two graphs had printed the wrong way around, so my car was now perfectly set up. Anyway, I drove home through traffic at 10mph and didn't notice and issue, but on my way to a client in Bracknell the next morning, the car was terrifying. I had set off in rush hour, during the recent storms, so again, I was crawling from Bristol until nearly at the M4 turnoff to Bath. The car was squirming when I braked, pulling constantly to the left, so much in fact that to change lanes all I needed to do was let go for a second. The car was not safe, the Bracknell Kwik Fit refused to assist, saying the car was fine after checking it but refusing to give me a computer readout of whatever they had found. I called head office, was fobbed off. I had to trailer the car home at great expense as it wasnt safe, and then pay a real mechanic to fix the car. They told me it was seriously dangerous in its state and that I was lucky to have not crashed. They also got another garage to give me a second opinion, they agreed. I have sent several emails to the idiots at Kwik Fit, called as well. They seem intent on ignoring me after acknowledging the complaint. Emails copied below. I am posting these both as a warning to others as well as a cry for help. I could have had a crash and hurt or killed other people, and in the opinion of the two independent garages the Kwik Fit technicians at Bristol and Bracknell were both incompetent, they may have fancy kit, but they dont know how to use it. Can anyone help? They even ignored a "Letter Before Action" making me think I am totally wasting my time complaining. All emails below have been anonymised... Email One, Sent 11:26AM 11/2/14 Hello I had the misfortune of using your Bristol Cheltenham road centre yesterday. Your guys allegedly found my tracking "seriously out" and said this was causing a pull to the left. I had not noticed this, the car was largely fine. When I took the car home, just around the corner and didn't notice anything untoward. However when I took the car in the motorway today it was terrifying and frankly dangerous. The car was pulling to the left badly, putting me and other road users in danger. You have made my car much much worse than it was before. I went into your Bracknell store where the centre manager didn't even know what basic steering components were. I explained I had a new drag link and trailing arms, he asked what they were. They had a look and claimed the car was safe despite admitting it was pulling. They refused to assist, refused to give me the customer service number and refused me any help. This was despite your own Hunter equipment showing red out of alignment readings on the front camber. I am shocked and disgusted at the lack of service, lack of care and unprofessional attitude of your staff. I now face arranging a trailer to get my vehicle home at great cost, and a repeat cost of taking my car to a real mechanic who actually knows their way around a car. I want to know what you intend to do about this. I am considering legal action against your firm for my costs, time and any damage caused to my car by your apparent negligence. Email Two, Recieved 13:28 14/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: customer services To: "> Sent: Friday, 14 February 2014, 13:28 Subject: RE: Complaint regarding Dear Mr your concern was registered on our systems following your contact to us by phone. We have engaged our Operations Managers with responsibility for the Bristol and Bracknell garages to look into the background of the visits and work done at our two centres and will contact you in response when we have an understanding of the situation, Thank you for sharing your concerns with us and allowing us the opportunity to investigate. Our reference is 979377 Kwik-Fit Customer Service Email Three, Sent 14:41 19/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: To: customer services Sent: Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 14:41 Subject: Letter Before Action - Complaint regarding Dear Sir/Madam It has now been 8 days since I raised a complaint with yourselves, despite a promise of action I have had no response from your firm. I find this unprofessional. I have had to spend time and money rectifying the damage caused by mistakes made by your technical staff and have evidence and independent testimony to verify this. You have until the close of business (5PM) on the 26th February to contact me by phone and arrange a solution to the issues caused and my out of pocket expenses directly caused by the work you did, to be backed up in email by the close of business on the 27th February (5PM). If contact and resolution are not forthcoming I will pursue legal action against your company and will seek to recover: 1. My costs 2. Compensation for my time and inconvenience 3. Significant compensation for the danger caused to me and my passengers from your faulty work. Sincerely, Email Four Sent 26/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: To: customer services ; Sent: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 15:33 Subject: Re: Letter Before Action - Complaint regarding Dear Sirs I write with reference to my claim against your company. Please can I have a response to the letter I sent you on the 19th February? Kind regards
  18. This is a strong warning to others regarding Kwik Fit's dubious business practices/incompetence and very poor customer service. I went to my local branch (which I am considering naming) for an MOT. I was told that there was a parking brake imbalance and it would have to go back in for a brake check. While it was in, Kwik Fit phoned me and after 5 minutes of explaining how brakes work, I was told that in needed new discs and pads at a cost of £405. Fortunately for me, I declined the work and took it to a local independent garage who specialise in my make of car for a second opinion. After inspecting it, they told me that: The brake discs were absolutely fine The pads had another 10,000 to 18,000 miles in them And that all it needed was a handbrake adjustment. This cost me just £30!!!!!! I also paid £48 for an MOT and it passed. By trying to charge me £405 for work not needed, it's either incompetence on the part of Kwik Fit or they are deliberately trying to charge for work (and parts) that are not needed. Personally I think it's the latter. Either way, I won't be using Kwik Fit again. I called head office to make a complaint. They took details and said that the branch ops manager would call me. 5 days later, I'm still waiting. I may pay him a visit and see what he says about it.
  19. I pinched the tyre on my car over the weekend and needed it replaced. It was a 'Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance' priced at £74.50 on the Kwik Fit website, including full fitting, valve, balance and disposal of old tyre. I was working all weekend, so my brother offered to take the tyre up to Kwik Fit and get it changed, he pays and I pay him. I've just seen the bill, they charged £111.50 for the tyre, balance, valve and disposal?!?!?! I've checked the code of the tyre on the invoice (GO205/55V16EFPER) and I'm sure it's the right one. How on earth can this be right?
  20. Several weeks ago we put our car into the Galashiels branch for an MOT, new exhaust and shock absorber. Phone call from the supervisor was to inform us that they had broken the windscreen from using the air pressure chisel on the old shock absorber (really?). After discussions between myself and the supervisor the windscreen was replaced by them and a few days later I collected the car. I telephoned the branch the next day as the hand brake and brake pedal were so tight it was ridiculous. (The handbrake had 1 click only). I was told to bring it in when I could and it would be checked. Unfortunately I was taken ill that afternoon and was off work for 3 weeks with Vertigo. As I couldn't drive the car home from work my colleagues husband-who is a garage mechanic of over 15 years experience -drove the car home to me and said the brakes were dreadful. He couldn't believe it had just passed an MOT with the brakes as they were. In his professional opinion the brakes had been adjusted either during the fitting of the exhaust or shock absorber or for the MOT and were far too tight and told me to take it back to them to sort it as it was their negligence/fault. I should also say the same branch had done a brakes examination and said they looked brand new a few weeks before the MOT. I telephoned to raise my concerns about the brakes and handbrake and asked if I could bring the car in that day. The supervisor said I had to book a brakes examination a couple of days hence -even after I explained previous call before my sickness. I was unable to keep that Friday appointment as I became sick again (vertigo so cant drive). On the Monday I was unable to drive the car out of my driveway as the back brake had locked so I phoned RAC and he freed the brake and told me that I would need new brake shoes. I got them fitted the same day at a different branch as I cant do without my car. I have had to pay for new brake shoes because they were overtighted/adjusted by the Galashiels branch to the tune of over £133 through either negligence or bad workmanship and caused me a great deal of inconvenience. I should certainly not be out of pocket for their shortcomings. I have completed the online customer care form but was told by a lady that answers when you phone that these forms are for feedback only, complaints sent on this are ignored-charming! Also tried to email using the address from someone else's post but it came back as unknown address..........
  21. After taking my car to be MOT'd Friday 27/09/2013 in Maidstone, Kent. I was told the car had failed its MOT. I was aware the rear brakes would possibly need replacing, however I feel I was pressurized into having work done that was not necessary, mainly because they were aware I was away from home, and not familiar with the area. Firstly I was also told the rear brake efficiency on the hand brake was at 11% and this was due to the rear brakes and discs being worn, or possibly hand brake cable. They did a brake test and the rear brakes showed 11% on the test value, this was not shown to me until after work was done. However on the service brakes passed at 67% I also failed on one front tyre, which needed repairing, however the other front tyre was showing signs of wear, neither of which I thought to ask to see, for this I feel naïve. The operative said they were not sure if the rear brakes needed replacing, it could be a hand brake cable, the test value was 11%, the pass needs to be 16% However the service brakes showed a test value of 67%, before the brakes and discs were replaced, and 61% after! After all brakes and discs were changed front and back the test value for the parking brakes showed 21%. I was also told my brake light switch was likely damaged, and there were no back stop lights. Although at this stage they were not overly worried. I work late into the evening and can see my rear lights working when reversing into a parking space. I said I was very surprised this was the case, but again I was not confident to challenge what they are saying, one enters into a relationship of 'Trust' and expects the work being done is genuinely required. Neil a mechanic chipped in when I said what needs doing for it to pass, and before they had inspected my brakes visually (only test at this stage which could mean it was the cable, it did not advise were they were showing low percentages) he said I can do the brakes this afternoon. We can definitely get it through its MOT today, although the switch might be a problem if that needs doing. When I returned home I checked how easy and how cheap is was to get a brake light switch and were it was located on the car. Half an hour later, Neil called confirming the rear pads and discs need doing, and advised I have two new front tyres which I agreed, he said unfortunately we have noted your front discs and pads are also badly worn, and the brake test result doesn't always show them up until we get the tyres off. All your brakes and discs will need replacing. He quoted £662.00 all in. Which I assumed with tyres, alignment, brakes, discs, and labour. I asked about the switch and said I would need a price for that, could he confirm it would pass the MOT, he said yes and did not seem overly concerned about the brake switch which was not the case earlier, until I reminded him on the phone. I checked the price from Alfa, and Unipart a brake light switch is 15.00, on my car they are fitted inside the car. I was not convinced this needed doing as my brake lights worked a few days before. I was even less convinced this work had actually been done when I asked Neil where the switch was, which he said under the car, it was difficult to access and hard to get in and went on to explain in detail how he had to get under the car and twist it in, it was very difficult. The brake light switch is not under the car on my model its inside the car sitting along brake pedal shaft, it is released when you depress the brake pedal and the lights come on. This concerns me that either work has been done that is not necessary or not done at all. I called back KWIK FIT Maidstone on returning home asking them to explain the bill in more detail. I also explained to Neil my brake light switch was not under the car as he had said, he quickly said oh no not on your model its not. It is very easily accessible, not as you described I explained, I am concerned this was not replaced, he remained silent and then explained I had 25% discount on brake parts. This prompted me to ask why I was also charged for brake fluid that was not in need of changing, there is no fluid burn test result on brake test diagnostics, this was not explained to me by Neil. When I spoke to him after I picked up the car he explained why they change it, however I asked if that was my decision to replace it if it wasn't necessary and I had no evidence it needed replacing, not documented on brake report. He said they would recommend it but ultimately my choice. In summary I think I have been overcharged for works that were not necessary, the front brakes see above test report and a switch I do not think was changed or needed, and brake fluid. I don't know what to do, I feel that I have been taken advantage of, I have dyspraxia and in situations like this where I am under stress, I cannot think or articulate things how I want to. I think ultimately I will have to put this down to experience, but would like some advise Tracy
  22. I recently went to get a new tyre fitted at quick fit in penicuik, Edinburgh as i noticed i had a small bulge on the tyre that was on. They replaced the tyre and off i drove. once i got back to my own area (Livingston) i spun out at a roundabout which resulted in me hitting a kerb, i wa sscared to move my car as i didnt know what damage had been caused so i contacted the police and they sent out a traffic car whom confirmed it would be ok for me to drive home. a few days later i noticed my steering didnt feel the same so i booked it into my local quick fit centre in livingston to have the alignment checked. They conformed my alignment was out a little and sorted it. when i drove away i noticed it still didnt feel the same so i took it back, upon inspection the person the the livingston branch realised that the tyre that had been replaced by the penicuik branch was the WRONG size of tyre! i asked them if this could have caused me to spin out at the roundabout and they confrimed it could have as also did the police when i re-contacted them. so anyways they changed the tyre free of charge to a lower budget tyre as they didnt have the same tyre the other kwik fit changed it to (no price difference refunded) and done the allignment again which i had to pay for again! iv hit a coupe of potholes since then and have took it back to have it realigned and again have paid for it, i realiased that under their guarantee they have a 30 day warranty which no one told me about and have made me pay every single time even when it has been within the 30 day period! so with the car still not feeling right i took it to a whole new centre in edinburgh at the saughton branch who REFUSED to do my allignment altogether! not because they were busy or because of any other reason, he just point blank refused! this happened today and also the person was very arrogant and unhelpful, even when i asked him why he refused to do the car he replied " my worker is just refusing to do it for you". seems to me that because it was a free service he was having to perform he didnt want to do it! over the years i have always used quick fit and never had a problem and not listened to anyone else and now i am drastically changing my mind! so in essence i have......... 1. lost control of my car due to the wrong tyre size being fitted 2. paid for an allignment to be done because of this 3. repaid for another alignment to be done when the correct tyre size was put on 4. paid for all subsequent alignments to be done when its been within my 30 day period 5. been refused to have my alignment done again although there is no reasonable explination! 6. got a cheaper tyre than the one i paid for and not had any money refunded so yea its cost me time and money in petrol and alignments that should not even be needing done for very SIMPLE services that i have required!
  23. Hi all! This is my first time ever creating a thread but I'm looking for some advice please! Basically, me and my partner booked our car in for a full service in our local Kwik Fit garage. We took the car there before 9am as requested and left it there. Around lunch time we had a phone call saying they had identified additional work that needed to be undertaken on the car - a replacement of 2 tyres and also the replacement of the exhaust box. In good faith my partner listened to the advice and agreed that the work could be carried out. We received a phone call a few hours later and dutifully went to collect the car as requested. We paid a whopping £377.10 in total for this, a huge struggle for us as I am being made redundant. But my partner works in a steel works in an industrial area without public transport and so relies heavily on his car to get to work. We understand the importance of this and so paid the £377 without complaint! Ever since we have had nothing but problems with the car. We have an engine warning light that keeps coming on and there is a strange noise coming from the back of the car and at one point I started the car and there was a loud clunking noise from the rear of the car. I was so concerned at this, that straight away I took leave from work and took the car into a local garage where I was at the time. They explained to us that in no way had a full service been undertaken on the car. All kinds of things that had been ticked on our Kwik Fit service sheet - such as the changing of air filters, the oil change, and the replacement of oil filter - had not been done. There was proof of this in the fact there were no marks where the oil filter had been changed and this is impossible to do without leaving evidence. Also the oil had not been changed and in fact the car was now overfull with oil - almost as if some one had just topped it up instead of changing it! The same with things such as checking and lubricating the bonnet catch. The catch was so stiff that it took the mechanic quite a while to be able to properly open and close the bonnet. So not only had they not checked and lubricated the catch, but this suggests that none of the "under the bonnet" work has been done either!! To top it all off they have not re-fitted the exhaust properly. So when undertaking their identified 'extra work needed' they had done such a bad job that my exhaust is now knocking and making clunking noises when I start the engine and we have an engine warning light on!! So we need our money back to pay another garage to undertake, not just the full service, but to fix the problems Kwik Fit caused with the exhaust and warning light! We are not driving the car because of the engine warning light and so now I am paying for trains back and forth to work and my partner is paying for trains and then taxis!! I originally called Kwik Fit about this over a week ago. They said the area manager needed to investigate as I want a refund. They quote three business days for him to contact us! IT HAS BEEN EIGHT DAYS!! We have heard nothing. I have made repeated phone calls and keep getting told that nothing can happen till the Area Manager contacts us. They have called him and left messages and also emailed him and still nothing. They tell me they cannot ask anyone else to look into this matter without him first responding! And yet I just keep waiting for a response! What can I do?? Do I really have to just sit here and keep racking up bigger public transport and taxi costs because I cannot afford to pay another garage to fix my car because kwik fit won't respond to me?! Does anyone know if there is a governing body or a regulatory body for the motor industry I can contact? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  24. They have been caught in the act by a BBC sting. I think even those who have been spoofed in the past might be shocked at this. Your Money their Tricks
  25. I wonder if anyone can help and what my rights are. I took my car for new tyres and tracking doing at kwik fit (Zafira 2.0 DTI). When they inspected the vehicle, they came into the waiting area and told me that the track rod ends needed doing x4 (front inner and outer?), stabilizer links x2, and 2 arms (not quite sure) also needed doing. I asked for a price and they quoted me £508. I said if it needs doing then it should be replaced. TBH, I didn't know what any of these were (apart from tyres and tracking). I spoke to a friend and he said ask for the parts that supposedly needed doing and let me have a look at them. When I showed him the parts that had been replaced, he said only 1 stabilizer link needed doing as their is nothing wrong with anything else that had been replaced. He advised me to get a professional opinion from Vauxhall just to confrim that they should not have been replaced the good parts. Vauxhall confirmed my worst fears and said that these parts should not have been replaced as they look only 12 months old. So they have charged me for work of over £300, that didn't need doing. What can I do about this please? I'll be ringing Kwik Fit head office in the morning and also letting them know that I will be contacting trading standards. Any advice would be helpful
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