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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone may be able to help me please. I bought a flight in Dec 16 from Citi Flights, flying from London to Thailand. I flew out on the outbound flight but the airline cancelled my flight home. They left me stranded in Thailand with no other option but to purchase a new ticket home. I have been battling with them ever since and they have said that Citi Flights had no authorisation to sell me the ticket in the first place and it was a fraudulent transaction. Citi Flights have said that the issue is with Turkish Airlines and not them and if they weren't allowed to sell me the ticket how could I have travelled on the outbound flight. I spoke to the CAB consumer helpline and I have issued a claim online for breach of contract and damages under common law against both parties (as I have no idea who is telling the truth). However I have just received a letter to say that Turkish Airlines intend to defend the claim. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience to offer me please? Lauren
  2. Hi, Random question, My union rep who has been representing me on and off for years has just told me he has never been on any training courses and has just picked it up as he has gone along. I thought that there was initial training which they should go on before they should represent a member. Anybody any experience with this? Cheers Dex
  3. Not sure if I have posted this in the right place? Apologies if not! I'm currently working through my credit file and found a default from 2012 for £200 from when I was a representative briefly. I have contacted AVON and said: In April 2012 I was briefly signed up as an Avon representative at my previous address XXXX. I placed a couple of orders but then my personal circumstance changed and I was not able to continue, and I moved house shortly afterwards. I had some outstanding products to return from a couple of customers who didn’t pay for their orders and these were outstanding when I resigned as a representative. I received a bill from yourselves for £200 for outstanding stock, and contacted customer services to arrange a collection. This was arranged and the products were left in the secure cupboard where previous deliveries had been left by your delivery driver. The products were subsequently collected and I then moved house. Four years later, I am applying for a mortgage I have just been going through my credit record, only to find there is an outstanding amount showing to Avon for £200 (which I can only assume is for the products mentioned above), which is showing as a defaulted mail order account. This is adversely affecting my credit record and I urgently need to get it resolved. As above, I have never owed any money to Avon it is extremely disappointing that something I took up to help out with a little extra money has been having such a detrimental effect on my credit rating. I have also never signed up as a mail order customer directly as implied by what is showing on my credit report. I think this would be a good warning to others on how becoming an Avon rep can be incredibly negative. Please could you look into this as a matter of urgency and remove the incorrect record from my credit reference report. They have responded to say: Please send a copy of the signed proof of return from our carrier for the goods you have returned to Avon. Upon receipt of the balance, we will instruct the Credit Reference Agencies to update their files to show your account as satisfied. I don't have those receipts any more, it was four years ago and I have moved twice since then. I have received nothing from AVON or any DCA so assuming it is still sitting with AVON. Is there anything I can ask them to do, surely they have to keep the records? Also I don't want to pay the balance as I don't owe them anything, and I don't want it shown as satisfied, I want it removed from my file as it shouldn't be there! Any advice on how to proceed?
  4. Hi there, I have a huge issue with this insurance, my motorcycle was stolen from the college car park and Hastings direct claim that my insurance does not cover going to college. I had this motorcycle for a few months, and when speaking to their representative Im sure they as you for the purpose of using your vehicle. I mainly used it to get to and from work, as I cannot afford another car (mrs has one). When I asked for explaination they said they will back to me, but never did. I must also say that I have never received my policy booklet, nothing, so I didnt have chance to verify it. At work my friends are saying that going to college isnt like work, its your pleasure, same like you going to watch football every week. I didnt even use this motorcycle to go to college on regular basis, because of a huge traffic in the morning. My other friend advised me to speak to my MP, a local newspaper, watch dogs, etc. and all them saying its disgusting what Hastings Direct did to me. If possible would anyone give me any tips what to do and do I have any chance fighting for my rights? I feel completely disappointed with my insurance, really thinking I was naive to believe in honesty of this insurer who I did not change for past 3/4 years!
  5. Hi there I am yet another person with problems with The Community Network TV. I had an appointment with a Sales Rep of the company who sold me a package which, it turns out, was mostly a complete fabrication. Here is what was offered: Two 42" screens in a GP practice, which were to be used to flash the name of the next patient to call them into their appointment. Full screen display of adverts, which would freeze when a patient's name popped up. I signed a contract on the basis of those promises, however, I became a bit suspicious about the company, when they did not get a reply from the sales rep for a week about an admin error on my paperwork. I popped along to the GP's practice to find that there were not two screens but one, which is 32" not 42", but to make matters worse, the screen was not being used to call patients into their appointment but to advertise the medical services the surgery offered. The receptionist confirmed that the screens will never be used for the purpose stated by the Sales Rep. The screen itself is in a dim corner of the waiting area with no one looking at it. I wrote to the Sales Manager with a full description of what their Sales Rep had offered and asked for a full refund of the 6 months paid on my credit card and the first month's direct debit, as the product had been mis-sold. My advertisement has not gone live. The Sales Manager basically stated that it's my word against the Sale Rep and that the contract I signed did not state exactly what service I would be getting!! I am staggered by their refusal to refund the money when they have not provided a service (he stated that they had done some work, as they had created the graphics, but I pointed out that I had created the advert, all his department did was make the image move on my request). My case has now been referred to the Sales Director, who has not got back to me. I have looked online and found that the Office of Fair Trading no longer exists and that I have to go the Citizens Advice Bureau. Does anyone have any tips from their dealings with this extremely dodgy operation? Cheers
  6. I do find that that the bailiff advice part of the site has been taken over a little by 'industry reps' who often support wrongful actions by EA's or HCEO's, without any helpful advice for Joe Public about what they can do. The replies often supports the actions of their colleagues in the industry. I think this is something that the CAG site team should keep an eye on. People come to CAG for fair balanced advice, which should hopefully enable them to resolve their problem. If CAG allows the site to be taken over by anonymous industry reps, it could damage the reputation of the site and people may be more tempted to use 'interesting' advice offered elsewhere online. I know others offer advice which is more independent, but thought this needed to be said.
  7. My daughters car was written off when she was hit by another car. The other driver's insurer has admitted liability, this is recorded on HD's system. Also recorded on my daughters file is" fault claim", She has been told by HD that this is normal and it will stay like this until the other insurer settles with HD. When my daughter tries for other insurance it will look like she has been at fault in an accident and insurance quotes will be a lot higher. Is there any way HD can remove the at fault marker so she can get accurate quotes. Thanks
  8. I've been recently charged with Fraud by false representation (1st offence), for returning a low value (under £50) clothing item to a store for a refund. A week after this, I was arrested because the shop claimed the item wasn't their stock and tags were placed by mistake. This was purchased from their online store if that matters. Now I have a Magistrates' Court hearing and will be pleading not guilty. I am scared for my life and how I will be able to argue my innocence but will demand a trial by jury, which will drag this process for much longer and make it very costly for myself. Any thoughts and suggestions please?
  9. Due to poor health, I had to take time of work, Jan and Feb, now from my wages I make sure I pay my Mortgage, Payment to the Debt arrangement scheme, and Council Tax Now I get weekly tax credits of £81, and around the 15 Feb, I received my bill from scottish Power of £298. Now from my tax credits, and working payments out on Excel, I have budgeted £30 per week to my account for Scottish Power, meaning by 5 May account should be paid in full On the 23 Feb, I emailed Scottish Power about my fiancial difficult, and included the payment plan for the account Now a few days later, I received a email, requesting me to phone them to discuss any payment plan I did this today, after receiving a third reminder this week, with " IF WE HAVE TO COME AND VISIT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED £37" Spoke to one of the Customer Service Advisors, explained my problem, have no suffiecent fund to make full payment as they requested, now she wasnt any help, infact all she was interested in doing , was to ask me if I was interested in a prepayment meter...quite honestly I dont want this Seems my problem is, Im a quarterly payment, and payment is due xxx date, and they cant change anything, as it is all down to the computer, I even asked before hanging up, if they would accept my offer of £30 per week for the next 6 weeks, but no I have even today, emailed Scottish Power for a second time, and expressed my concern, if I dont have the funds to pay of in full, but can at least budget £30 per week to my account, this should be good enough I have also pointed out, I find this very stress full, and because of heart problems, this going and coming dosnt help me, if we cant come to an arrangement, I gues I will have to stick it on to my remaining debts,and up the repayments
  10. In short.... On or about October 2012 I purchased furniture on 0% finance to be paid for in 24 equal installments of £28 over a 2 year period. The first payment went out in Nov 2012 and there was no missed payments or indeed any issues until Feb/Mar 2014. In January 2014 I purchased through Currys, a Fridge Freezer and a Tumble Dryer (again on credit) to be paid back in 10 equal installments of £50.10. Due to some error my initial payment for the Fridge etc did not go out and I received a letter stating that I had missed a payment. I duly phoned the company paid the outstanding amount and set up a DD. It seems at this point, an error was made and changes were effected which led to the previously arranged £28 payment to start redirecting to the wrong account. The £28 payments continued to go out of my account every month, so understandably I was blissfully unaware that there was an issue. It seems that instead of clearing the furniture account, this money was now going into the Fridge account. As a result the Fridge finance was cleared in 7 months (instead of 10) and the other account was accumulating arrears. The company did not at any stage contact me via email, letter, phone, text or indeed any way at all, to advise me that there was a problem on my account. If they had, it would have been plain to see that a) I had been making the payments and b) that these payments had been posted to the wrong account. If the company did this or applied due diligence to their own accounts management, this problem would have been easily identified and rectified. I did not in fact find out that there was a problem until I was refused two credid card applications that I had made on line. At first I thought it was because I was 'too good' if this makes sense..... because I am the kind of person to actually pay off my Cr. cards in full to avoid interest... when I was refused the second time however, I became concerned so I obtained a credit report (at my own expense) and was horrified to see that not only did the report show me as being delinquent for 6 months, but I was now judge 'very poor'.,.. this has and will make it impossible for me to obtain any credit..... my credit reputation is now ruined, and it has been due, in its entirety to a completely avoidable error of the consumer finance company. As soon as I found out about this I contacted the company, explained what had happened and asked them to correct the accounts... reverse any referral charges and correct my credit file... Their response was completely unhelpful and unsympathetic... despite my attempts to explain what had happened they insisted that I now contact the collection agency because the account has now been passed to them. I am furious... no phonecalls, letters, emails... their error and now I have to contact these undesireable people to fight my corner and perhaps have them hunt me down for money that I have already paid? Can you please advise if I have a case, and how I might proceed with the matter. I have also lodged a complaint with the FS Ombudsman, but I am so upset at how their personnel have treated this situation that I am now inclined to want to go further.
  11. hi guys, I need some help please. I recently returned from a family holiday to the Gambia, where on our first day we attended the TC Rep's Morning Reception Talk to give us an overview of the resort etc. We booked 2 excursions which totalled approximately £297 but they took £3100'ish which took me overdrawn and of course i've been hit with costs and several returned DD's which compounds my problem. The main problem was the fact I didn't have an overdraft facility, so firstly i've hit the bank for an explaination why they allowed £3k to be taken when a facility wasn't in place and secondly to TC to complain and recoup the money plus costs. As this happened on day 1, it didn't actually leave my account until day 8, in which time i'd spoken to several departments in my bank only to be landed with a foreign muppet who didn't have any concept of my situation. This has ruined our holiday as i've not been able to access any funds for the second half of the holiday until my wife rang her bank to ensure she could use her Debit Card abroad without the fraud dept stepping in etc. We had to eat at the hotel for a couple of evening meals whilst my wife sorted her bank out a nd the telephone calls on mobiles and landlines from the room are clearly being added to my complaint. The TC Rep kept telling me that the bank were going to return the funds etc but as yet it still hasn't been returned and i'm not building my hopes up that this will happen to be honest. Hopefully you guys can advise how best to complete my complaint to both the Bank and TC. Thanks in advance.
  12. How many union reps can a workplace have ? Is there a limit ?
  13. At work our main union has elected reps, that are voted for each year by the workforce There is a minority union that has around 5% of the workforce and they have a union rep that has elected themselves to represent the few people in his union (not elected or voted for by anyone , he just does it as he used to be a union rep) and another person that has elected themselves as there health and safety rep Now can these two turn up at staff side/management meetings and claim to reps of the "workforce" even though nobody has ever voted for them or elected them ??
  14. I don't seem to be able to get through to Virgin that I just want a response by email to my simple query about why I've been charged for two landline calls that were in my allowance (never use it all up these days). I have received no response to this - just keep getting someone phoning me up, from abroad so the signal keeps coming and going, echoing on the line so every word I say is repeated, I cannot understand them half the time because of the poor line quality and that their regional accents are hard to understand. demanding the whole password and security answers, and completely ignoring what I say to them, which is not good enough. I have asked them to stop calling me, but they keep doing it - I've had to turn my phone off to get some peace last night and I don't see why I should pay to call CS to tell them they've made an error and ask for the overcharge to be refunded. And I'd like it in writing - so I have proof that they are going to refund it. Is there a rep here who can sort this out and get the bill corrected?
  15. as above we've not heard from Gerry for more than a month now on cag wheres he gone? dx CAG siteteam. thread created to alert twitter account
  16. I hope this is the correct place for my query, however I couldn't find a specific Credit Card section so did a search on "Aqua" which led to existing posts here ... ************* I am amazed by the brainless incompetence of Aqua. I am unable to keep up my credit card payments, and in October notified Aqua accordingly and asked for the appropriate claim form in order to activate my PPI. In the absence of a response I have written repeating that notification and the request, but still have not had claim paperwork. In that time my account has missed two payments so is further in arrear now, which could have been avoided had I been able to claim when originally intended. I have also received chase letters, to all of which I have responded pointing out that I have been trying to take proper steps for weeks and been prevented from doing so by their apparent inefficiency. At different points in this time I have been written-to by Matthew Ball, Senior Collections Manager, by K Stafford, Head of Collections and Recoveries, and by Charlotte Gurnell, Senior Operations Manager, referencing my overdue account. I have written immediately to each pointing out that I have been endeavouring to be able to invoke my PPI to stabilise matters, and that I was still waiting for Aqua to make any move whatsoever. Each time I requested their personal intervention to move things along. The only response I have had is standard letter offering to make a repayment arrangement. Laughably, that letter also stated that I might not realise that I have PPI on the account so I might want to consider making a claim! Last evening I wrote letters following-up my personal letters to messrs Ball, Stafford and Gurnell, pointing out that in five weeks I still had not had the claim forms, nor even the courtesy of an acknowledgement of any past correspondence including my replies to them. I requested immediate action before their collection processes geared-up a level because nobody was taking steps to stabilise matters. These letters were posted first thing this morning by recorded delivery, something I have had to do for a while since being told that "we have no record of receiving them so the Post Office must be to blame not us" And now, a couple of hours later, I have received a letter advising that an Aqua "representative" is visiting on Monday! No doubt he/she is calling to obtain either payment of the arrear or to go through the motions of setting up a payment plan, entirely unaware of all of the above because nobody has ever done a single thing in response to my initial perfectly reasonable and proper steps when becoming unable to continue. I have very limited time to take steps now because of being right up against the weekend and the visit is booked for Monday ... But I am not at all confident that any step I might take would actually get further than yet another brick wall anyway! ... were I to follow-up today with contacting any of those senior people again to have them cancel the visit and get my PPI claim rolling at last, I have very little expectation that anything would actually be done or get down the chain of command to where it would be needed in time for Monday anyway. So firstly I want to know how I can have them cancel their visit?! It is actually no problem just to be out all day, however that isn't really sensible plus wouldn't achieve any progress where it matters and would presumably only result in repeated visits at varying hours until successful anyway. And of course I want to get my PPI going still! I need a claim form etc from Aqua but despite now a total of eight letters to four different people across five weeks, mostly by recorded delivery - only one of which has had any reply at all - they have not yet provided anything enabling things to move along. At a push I could actually get enough together to pay the outstanding arrear if that would cancel the visit and allow a few weeks til the next payment falls due for the PPI arrangements to hopefully get taken care of. However, firstly I'd rather not, and secondly I shouldn't have to anyway because if they had responded when I first asked, PPI would have kicked-in and the arrears wouldn't have arisen! But if it is the lesser of two evils I would be willing to do it. So please can anyone advise with regard to halting the visit on Monday with only the rest of this afternoon plus tomorrow to act? Also, does anyone know of a route in to someone in authority at Aqua who can actually be contacted and has the ability to get off their bum and call off the dogs and also get the claim form sent to me? A simple step I had assumed five weeks ago! Howard
  17. can anyone please advice us of our next steps regarding holiday to egypt in january, we have been to and fro ing with thomas cooke since we got back and dont feel the offer of compensation is enough, it has been looked at again and they say its adequate, a group of us went to egypt on 6th january, the brochure mentions kids club, caters for all nationalitys and pool side bars, we booked all inclusive and when arriving we found the hotel looked lovely, however the 2 familys from are group were kept awake by scratching noises through the night and after getting it checked out we learnt there was rats present, the rep moved 2 lots and didnt av anywhere to move the rest of the group too till the following week, following that we also heard the scratching and told the rep, the rep said we could downgrade next week to opposite side or he could switch to another room on the other row to which the rest of r group had also heard the scratching so we didnt see the point in moving and put up with it, we took photos of rat traps in theceilings and i found rat droppings under my bed, the rep moved another english couple into one of the rooms our group had been moved out of and when we spoke to them and told them they asked the rep who told them, they were just listening to rumours, obviuosly a rep that didnt believe us inspite of rats being caught, a list of problems were noted.. ie, no english kids club, they didnt cater for english the food was same night after night in different restauarants and we were treat disgusting, ice cream was only available at a smoking bar, so kids had to go to smking bar for ice cream, there was no ice cream available at pool side bars, in fact we were made to feel stupid and sent on wild goose chases if we asked for ice cream most of the time, it was a group with kids and teenagers and we were shouted at for noise, shouted at for kids spalshing with water guns and told this was a chill pool, we had kids and teenagers and never shouldve been put at a chill pool, the towel man was saving towels for germans and even put towels from the rooms on four beds because he didnt arrive on a morning intime for him to save the beds for the group of germans he was friends with, i told the rep who once again didnt believe it and when i showed him the towel man said he was saving them for next morning the rep had to believe it however we were given warnings for the slightest of things yet they treat us like dogs, there was 13 in the group and within 6 days of return we had recieved 800 in vouchers towards another holiday, we then took it further as this was a dream holiday and was ruined by the rats the way we was treat and 800 is less than 60 each which is by no means anywhere near compensating us for 2 weeks of hell.
  18. Hi is there a Virgin Media rep on these forums Regards Casper
  19. We are happy to announce that Bright House have approached The CAG expressing a wish to deal with our members complaints on the site.As with all reps registered here,we ask that members give them the chance to demonstrate a real intention to resolve complaints,and that posts are kept on topic and free from personal offensives. Bright House have a long way to go,to convince many of our members that some of their business practices are fair and acceptable,and some of the threads on the site give examples. To Bright House; We look forward to your constructive dealings,and our members seeing a benefit. Please observe the site posting rules.
  20. Hello Lee, Have tried to PM you but it says I need 30 posts or more. I need to find out my old Vodafone account number - which is nearly 6 years old. Is there any way I can find this out? All I remember is my old address that I used to sign up for the contract and obviously my D.O.B. I no longer have any form of paperwork etc. Many Thanks, Daniel Fleetwood.
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