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Found 7 results

  1. Commission applies to High Court to appoint an Official Receiver to charity -Thrift Urban Housing Limited READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-applies-to-high-court-to-appoint-an-official-receiver-to-charity
  2. Hi I am about to file for bankruptcy in Scotland for £20,000 in debt. I've buried my head in the sand for years and see this as the only way out, I only earn £800 per month and my husband gives me £800 for household bills. I am concerned regarding dealing with official receiver and then requesting bank statements . I have been gambling on average £40 per week for the last year and my husband has also made large transfers into my account for a loan he had taken out ( he had no bank card at the time so in effect he was using my account and my card). Will the official receiver scrutinise every transaction? Will the fact my husband has sent a lot of money to my account matter ? And could a bankruptcy order be made due to the gambling ? I was already up to my eyes in debt but the debt wasn't occurred due to gambling. Any winnings I did have were to pay for household goods , I don't have a lavish lifestyle and have no spare money to do anything. It's the thought of providing bank statements that terrifies me, I don't want the official receiver going crazy at me for wreckless spending . I suffer bad enough with anxiety and the thought of dealing with this part is making me ill. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Morning All, A few days ago i received a letter from a company claiming to be the LPA receivers of a property i am currently renting. They enclosed a deed of appointment from August last year and instructions not to pay my landlord but instead make rent payments to them directly as well as sending them a copy of my tenancy agreement. I've had no instruction from my landlord whatsoever. Any advice on how i can validate their claim or how to correspond with them in general, all seems very dubious to me. Thanks Mike
  4. Hi having just found the forum we are very grateful for any help or advice regarding our position. Having been with Allied Irish bank for the mortgage on our property they simply wouldn't allow us to go on an intrest only mortgage for any length of time and wanted capital and repayment this resulted in arrears. The property was rented out unofficially with the banks knowledge of course but they didn't have a buy to let product available so would not change the mortgage. Anyway the property is now in arrears and probably in around 200k of negative equity and we spoke on the phone with the bank who kindly suggested they appoint an lpa receiver!!!! he has since lost the tenants , changed the locks on the house and tried to sell the property leaving an outstanding balance of 200k without our consent . He is demanding that we remove all belongings from the property for insurance purposes if we don't comply he will remove them and place in storage for us. The kitchen is very expensive gagenau etc and when i emailed regarding removal of the appliances he demanded we seek legal advice as we weren't to touch anything bar furniture etc however we believe that we can take washing machine, dryer, wine fridge , steam oven regular size and dishwasher drawers (not built in) but must leave the appliances that have wooden kitchen matching doors (built in) hob , hot cold filter tap (cut into granite) and expensive light fittings?? having told him of our intention he wants a copy of our legal advice to pass onto his solicitor however i got the advice in conversation with a solicitor and citizens advice and have no copies to give him !! please any advice would be really helpful no matter how small!!
  5. Hi Firstly, really sorry as I have posted this elsewhere but I think I may have not posted in the right place. We are desperate for some help and could do with some advice urgently. There are a few points. We had a loan for approx. £150K with Lloyds. This was to buy a business and business premises. The business failed and Lloyds have now appointed an LPA to sell the premises (they did give us 3 months to sell/rent ourselves but we had no interest at all). We had a letter from the LPA on 9th August. It said nothing really, no introduction as to who they were or what their role was. All they wanted was the keys to the premises. We contacted them and told them to stop any action as we were seeking legal advice. We also wanted to make sure that our loan agreement actually stated that Lloyds could could appoint an LPA (we had intended getting a SAR for all the loan agreement documents). We have since had a letter saying that they were changing the locks and going in to drain the boiler etc and do a survey. This, if the letter is correct, will by now have been done. How can they do this ?? I have read other Caggers saying that you shouldn't communicate with LPA's but we just don't know what our rights and what we should or shouldn't do. It would seem now though it may be too late and that they have changed the locks - how can they do that! Another thing, more importantly is this, the property is a downstairs retail outlet and an upstairs self contained residential flat. Both premises have their own address. The loan security was a first charge on the business premises and a second charge on our home. On looking at the loan agreement documents we have noticed that the first charge is named as the flat address and the shop address isn't mentioned in the agreement at all. I have this morning been trying to get an appointment with a solicitor to see if this is something we could use to stop the LPA but I can't find anyone locally that deals with this sort of thing. We really don't know what to do. A colleague has said we should contact the bank immediately and tell them to put a stop on the LPA's actions as there are errors in the loan agreement, but is that the right thing to do ?? We are sick of feeling so helpless against these people who seem to just rail road over people like us. Any advice would really be appreciated.
  6. Hello I have just joined this website and would be very grateful of some assistance and advice please. I have 2 properties with mortgages with NRAM, they have notified me they are going to "help me" by appointing an LPA receiver. I have read previously on this site that it is possible to apply for a court order to prevent this using N244. Does anyone have any experience of this please? Any ideas on success rates. I have communicated constantly with NRAM and find there seems to be a change of strategy and they want the mortgages off their books at any cost to either party even though there is substantial equity in one of the properties. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Hi My LL's lender has had LPA R appointed. I believe I understand most of how this works but have 2 specific questions I can't find an answer for. Does the LPA R have the legal right to chase me for a small amount of rent arrears dating from before they took over? It's less than a month, so fairly insignificant in the bigger picture. I would argue the debt resides with the LL but I'm not sure if it transfers to the LPA R. I would argue I only pay the LPA R rent as from the date they took over pro rata. Thoughts? My deposit is with the DPS and is protected but has the original LA as the "other half". Not had any dealings with the LA since the 1st fixed 6 month AST ran out, been dealing with the LL direct, but we never bothered to transfer it. The LPA R now want me to assign them as the other half now - they say they need my permission. Sounds all a bit hooky to me. Advice? Thanks
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