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  1. Hi, This is my first post here and need some advice please - Had a letter given to me by mum yesterday which I opened to see it was from marstons and a notice of enforcement for HMCTS for £8,900.00. I was given a £11,600 fine last year for a VAT debt from the magistrates ( was to do with no giving security at the time) which was a £500 fine and £11,100 compensation. I have been paying this fine and was being paid every month, I believe the last couple or maybe just 1 (need to check) haven't gone out for some reason. Obviously debt has already gone down by £1700.00 since
  2. Recent High Court PIP Judgement Affecting those with Psychological Distress High Court. RF v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2017/3375.html The High Court Judge: - quashed the new regulations because they discriminate against those with disabilities in breach of Human Rights Act 1998 obligations. - declared that the Secretary of State did not have lawful power to make the regulations (i.e. they were ‘ultra vires’) and should have consulted before making them. Yes the Government is going to appeal this Judgement a
  3. Hello everyone at the CAG forum, this is my first post here. I'm hoping to get some advice with Marston / Collectica after a bailiff visit today. I wasn't home but they left a hand delivered Final Notice. Let me give some more information; I have a Further Steps Notice from London Collection and Compliance Centre dated 18th November, amount owed £580. I did not open and read this letter until yesterday. Around two weeks ago I received a Notice of Enforcement Distress Warrant from Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunals Service, it stated the debt was £580 but now £660
  4. Hi, I issued a Section 10 notice (Data Protection Act) on a non-credit related matter relating to the processing of inaccurate personal information held about me. The organisation a) failed to respond within the 21 days (upheld by the ICO) and b) when they did eventually respond, have refused to comply with my Section 10. Most grateful for any guidance on next steps - e.g. how I might go about enforcing compliance through the courts, procedurally. And is their failure to respond within the 21-day timeframe actionable, e.g. distress in light of Vidal-Hall v. Google? Many thanks.
  5. I just received this letter today stating: Marston High court enforcement officer & Certified bailiff CLient : HMCTS Cheshire Div 1 Amount Due : £706.67 we are in possession of a Magistrates court order as a consequences of non payment of this above fine. Your residence at the above address has been confirmed. As you have failed to deal with this outstanding fine or respond to letters delivered to this and previous address, we must inform you that unless the TOTAL sum due above is paid with in 7 days of this letter, our bailiffs will attend to levy dist
  6. Hi my first post so please excuse any mistakes. Yesterday I was woken up at 6.45am by two burly bailiffs from swift stood in my hallway, they had let themselves in via an unlocked door. The debt is for council tax I owe £184. I asked them to leave as I suffer poor mental health and got upset very quickly. They asked to see my medication but I was so flustered I couldn't find it. I told them I suffer badly with anxiety and paranoia and couldn't cope with them being there I quickly became anxious and stated behaving quite manically throwing DVDs at them etc. Probably sounds an over r
  7. Last month a work man from my Housing association repair agent hit my door hard to cause injury to my shoulder. He saw that I was disabled. I did not let him into my flat as I did complain about his previous conduct and was told that he will not return. He has left me with a nervous disposition and injury. I live in fear and hightened anxiety. My housing asociation has not bothered to write or call to apologise for what happened to me My damaged keys as a result has not being repaired Also, I cannot live peacefully in my home owing to very loud drilling noise by their builders. I
  8. One of the most common enquiries that we receive relates to the subject of Magistrate Court fines and whether or not the bailiff/enforcement agent is required to have in his possession a copy of the distress warrant/warrant of control. In almost all cases; the confusion arises from incorrect (and misleading) information on a small number of websites heavily connected to the Freeman on the Land or other such movements. These websites frequently ‘claim’ that companies enforcing magistrate court fines create ‘doctored or counterfeit’ warrants and debtors are encouraged by the websites to pa
  9. Hello , I've recently bought a new mattress which sleeping on it proved it to be faulty. This was not obvious at delivery or laying on it for 2 hrs. Only when laying om my side for 5 hrs did it become obvious. I sank to a unhealthy depth with no support under my waist. This is a medium. But even with a soft, there would have had to be more support. An Inspector from the Co. I bought it from came out and in his report said there is no fault , it is made that way. I've spoken to Which legal and told I should have my own inspection done by Furn. Om
  10. Hi all, My partner had a run in with a Basiliff from Marstons just over a month ago regarding an unpaid Court fine issued to her in 2011. She had moved away and unfortunately forgot about the fines existance until the Bailiff showed up, Bringing the original £120 fine up to £420. As My partner lives with me and the majority of the goods in the house belong to me our baby and older children, the Bailiff couldnt seize the goods and we are in no financial position to pay the bailiff in full, he said he was referring this back to court. From what I understand the Court can issue an arrest war
  11. I have just had a bailiff at my door with a distress warrant for a motoring offense in 2003 which i do not recall he told my husband that if we didn't pay 750 they can force entry to our house with the police i fell sick to my stomack please can anyone advise me with this thanks linda lou1
  12. Hi, I have been paying £10 a month Magistrates Fine since November 2012. I have paid £100. I received a further steps notice as I was late paying in September by a week. I am on JSA and expected it too be deducted from my fortnightly JSA. However I have received a Distress Warrant for £135 which includes a 50% increase in the original fine. I am on JSA and a single parent and cannot afford to pay this plus the threat of £215 for a visit as well. I have written to the fines officer explaining my situation and appealing their decision. The fine should of
  13. hi i have just received a letter in the post from collectica demanding i pay £354.10 by 14 days. It was for a unpaid train fine. I believe they are referring to an incident that happened one year ago where i was travelling into london without a ticket as i was running late and boarded the train without one. I didnt think this would be a problem because the station i was travelling is a main one with guys at the gates with ticket machines. Plus i had over £60 cash on me, so i could pay for the ticket there. A ticket inspector told me i couldnt do this and
  14. Yesterday I was sent a copy of a thread that appeared on another forum (one that "claims" that bailiffs cannot charge fees of £300 for enforcing a Distress Warrant). Sadly, yet another debtor had taken the dreadful "advice" on that site and promptly paid the amount of the fine only to the court and refused to pay the fees to the bailiff company. As predicted, the bailiff returned to his home yesterday at 6am with a LOCKSMITH. Police were called and they took the side of the bailiff company. The debtor tried to convince the police that the "advice" that he had received from that web
  15. Today I received a vist from a from a bailiff for council tax arrears of just less than £700. I had not received any paper work to attend court or that there was even a court case but it would appear that the debt has gone to a magistrates court. I did not allow the bailiff into my property and I asked to see a copy of any order from the court but all he would show me was a badge with his name on. The bailiff left me with a form titled "Distress Notice: Seizure of Goods & Inventory" on which he listed my car that was parked outside the house. Neither the bailiff or I signed this
  16. I have had a difficult relationship with my now Ex, particularly financially. I am on benefits (as a carer), he recently went self employed which has only made my income situation worse because he hasn't been earning a great deal, hasn't given me receipts that I need to continue all the benefits (which I should be able to) so I am very very short of money right now. I received a Distress Warrant from Collectiva dated 3rd June related to several fines (totalling just over £1,000 that he was supposed to be paying off. He hasn't obviously, it looks like he's hardly paid anything off. Th
  17. Hi I've noticed a number of people with default problems with Vodafone and hope that the Web Relations team, who seem very efficient, may be able to help me out with my (more recent than most) problem. Vodafone applied a default to my account on 28 April and I received a letter from a debt collection service on 3 May. I settled with them immediately for £23.38! This is for a dongle account, which I scarcely used. This scarce use caused me to accidentally cancel a direct debit in December 2012 and therefore miss subsequent payments. I missed the letters about t
  18. Hi there we are in a very odd situation and would require some advice. My brother is neither a citizen of UK nor he has ever lived here, he is of mature age and sometimes visit UK like once in 2 years for a month or sometimes 2 weeks in a year. He did a mistake without knowing UK motoring law took out dad's car in to the next street at night and got caught my police officer of driving without a third party insurance. He got a fine of £200. But instead of telling us or paying the fine online he gave 2 visits to the local police station, on saturday it was closed on Monday she was told by
  19. Hi there, I have had a letter from collectica stating that, they have been given the disstress by the magistrate court with reference to an unpaid fine I live in a block of flats which is relevant as u will find out later in the thread I rang collectica and they have told me if I do not pay £40 per week they will come and collect my belongings. I have told them I am on benefits and am I single widowed parent recieving widowed parent allowance and child tax credit and don't have a job which is hard as I have a son. i have paid 4 of the payments on time but simply t
  20. Hi, I was just looking for some advice please. In 2011 I rather foolishly was arrested for being drunk & disorderly At the time I was given to option of going to court or paying a fine of £120. I chose to pay the fine as it would have meant taking time off work for court. Since then I have moved address twice and had forgotten about the fine. Anyway this morning a bailiff turned up at my property demanding £420. I asked what this was for and he said £120 for the original fine, £85 bailiffs fee & attendance/removal costs £215. I said I do not have that amount curre
  21. Hi there, Just looking for some advice of where we may be able to go with this. A bailiff from Marston Group, Mr Harvey, called at my house on Saturday in regards to having the car untaxed on 3 occassions, 2 in 2011 and once 2010. He said he had a distress warrant. the list of what he showed had 5 incidents on there, 2 of which seemed to be duplicated as the same date was shown. They want £1500.0 from us. Now to be honest, when the incidents occured I was in a bit of a state and was hiding debt letters from my partner. I can't remember what came through and what I hid. I h
  22. In brief, late paying a magistrates fine. Contacted fines office got the brush off, " nothing we can do mate notice of distress issued you must deal with the bailiffs ( Philips ). Go to local court , same story you cannot go in front of a Magistrate to explain situation as Distress notice issued. Give the fines office a ring see what they can do ! So I am at the mercy of Philips, if I do not agree to their terms I am snookered. They could pluck any figure out of the air for me to pay back monthly. If I am not happy do I accept their terms
  23. Hi, We issued a warrant of distress against a tenant. The bailiffs did not remove any goods nor recover any of the debt, and now claim that we owe them the fees for two attendance & levy costs of £1100 + VAT. Are we liable to pay their fees? They are threatening to issue Court proceedings to recover their costs. Thank you.
  24. THIS HAS TO BE DEALT WITH AND I CALL ON EVERYONE READING THIS TO HELP BRING THESE PEOPLE TO JUSTICE AND MY GOD I WILL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER - ARGHHHH!!! Hello Everybody, I had an appeal application in place regarding an unfair trial I received for a conviction for "Failure to Provide Driver Details." relating toa £60 speeding fine ( I was NOT driving the vehicle at the time and I DID infact provide the drivers details. And in the trial the onus was put on me to prove my innocence rather than the CPS to prove my guilt ) However this is not relevant to the reason I am writing here
  25. Hi, Please help! Yesterday afternoon, I had a visit from a Mr. xxxxx from Marston Group. I was not in at the time and he put a letter through my door containing a final notice and a distress warrant issued by *** Magistrates Court. I had never heard of them and was unaware of any debt, so I googled them and found your website. Hence this message. I have since found out by ringing the court that it in relation to an offence for which I was ordered to pay £85 costs and had to now deal with Marstons directly. This morning, I attempted to phone Mr. xxxxx on the mobile num
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