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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I was hoping for an outside opinion of the situation I have got myself into- I've been a customer of Bright house since Early 2015 and have had multiple agreements since then. I currently have 7 agreements, all but two with over 50% paid off, a few only have a couple of weeks to a couple if months left. My weekly payments are £80 per week right now. Some of my items are essential items some non - essential. I have found myself in a bit of financial difficulty of late, behind with rent, c-tax, electric... all of which I have been able to come to an affordable pay
  2. I spoke to someone from scottish claim helpdesk today and was informed that due to FCO findings Bright House was infact to pay back certain monies to customers, guy thought company dealing with claims was called Raven finance, any ideas as i cant find any further details on this
  3. I have recently moved and my bank said BH rejected payment. I called first thing Monday morning to pay them and sort out address. Staff where just rude and said i had to pay £15 charge I cannot afford this and told them i want to pay what they didnt take sat. They are now asking for this weeks payment early too !!
  4. Hi I hope someone can help I need some advice I have items from bright house and at the time of taking them I was in a better finanicial position now I'm struggling and don't know what to do as 2 of the items I originally had I no longer have as I sold them to make ends meet now I just want to take the other item I have back how do I explain why I no longer have all the items and what would happen thanks
  5. ASA Adjudication on accidentinjuryclaim.so accidentinjuryclaim.so Date: 24 June 2015 Media: Text Message Sector: Financial Number of complaints: 2 Complaint Ref: A15-296651 Ad A text message from a personal injury claims company, http://www.accidentinjuryclaim.so, stated "Its [sic] been signed off, we have 2886.41 in your name for the accident you had, for us to put in your bank [sic] Now just fill out www.accidentinjuryclaim.so". Issue The complainant challenged whether the ad was misleading, because they had not been involved in any accident or made such a cl
  6. Hi everyone Firstly, a big thank you to the forum admins and moderators and all those who are offering such valuable time and advice to all of us in our times of need and often despair. Sincerely thank you. So my story.... I used to work for HBOS plc (Halifax) as an IT specialist. In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. So the debt sto
  7. Please help me, I think i'm being a little thick here what is OSC, and if so can i caim back any money from it as i have been with Bright House for ages?
  8. Hi, I am looking for some advise now that the banks seem to be refunding PPI. I took out a secured loan in 2005 with Nemo Personal Finance. It was done through a broker Bright Finance who no longer exist. I tried to reclaim the PPI on the loan as I believed that it was mis sold. Nemo said that they couldn't do anything as they never sold the PPI. I eventually went through the FCFS and got refunded what had been paid so far. However the PPI was not taken off my loan and I am still repaying the PPI. Is there anything that can be done to get th
  9. hi im a bright house customer and I've been with them over a year never missed a payment but now im 3 weeks behind as had money stopped but now sorted is there and thing I can do as I can only afford weekly payments and not arrears
  10. Protection provider Bright Grey has improved its critical illness cancer definition for its personal and business protection plans. The additional cover is for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, where a clear diagnosis has been made but it has not progressed to Binet stage A. Previously, Bright Grey would only cover chronic lymphocytic leukaemia if it had progressed to stage A. It has also extended its definition of skin cancer to cover basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma where they have invaded and spread to lymph nodes or metastasised to distant organs. This takes its skin can
  11. I have received a text from Orange stating that I am now part of Bright Stuff the messaging service which will bring me offers from different brands. Now I didn't ask for and don't want this service/spam so I looked at ways to cancel it. The text says that I can cancel by texting STOP to 100000. I am on PAYG so to text them would cost me the price of a text. Maybe the 100000 is a free text number but it will cost me to phone Orange to ask them. This seems like a nice little money earner for Orange, charge folks for cancelling something they didn't want/ask for in t
  12. I reeently signed up for a new electric range cooker after being a BH customer for 9 years. I paid up 2.5 weeks in front and was given a delivery date and told my old dual fuel range had to be removed before the installation of the new one could take place. On the due delivery date I sat and waited and waited until the knock finally came at 5.30pm. The guy came in and looked at where the range was to be placed. He then informed me that my gas pipe was not safe, it was not capped and probably leaking. I had been sat in front of it for over 24 hours smoking - some gas leak. They then to
  13. We are happy to announce that Bright House have approached The CAG expressing a wish to deal with our members complaints on the site.As with all reps registered here,we ask that members give them the chance to demonstrate a real intention to resolve complaints,and that posts are kept on topic and free from personal offensives. Bright House have a long way to go,to convince many of our members that some of their business practices are fair and acceptable,and some of the threads on the site give examples. To Bright House; We look forward to your constructive dealings,and our membe
  14. I recently made a claim under my ppi with bright grey and they sent for my medical records. On my application form at the time i stated that I had no known mental illness(which i believe is true) They state on my medical records I suffered from depression and had suicial ideation as my boyfriend died in a car crash and what I suffered was a loss not flipin depression as they are stating, even my doctor confirmed this to me that I went through a loss and was not treated as a mental illness. They are saying I should of told them on my application form about this, but I did not attend counsell
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