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  1. I reeently signed up for a new electric range cooker after being a BH customer for 9 years. I paid up 2.5 weeks in front and was given a delivery date and told my old dual fuel range had to be removed before the installation of the new one could take place. On the due delivery date I sat and waited and waited until the knock finally came at 5.30pm. The guy came in and looked at where the range was to be placed. He then informed me that my gas pipe was not safe, it was not capped and probably leaking. I had been sat in front of it for over 24 hours smoking - some gas leak. They then took the new range away and told me to contact store for a new delivery slot. The following morning I paid a corgi registered gas fitter to come and look at the pipe. He came asked me why I wanted it capping when it was perfectly safe - capped it as requested and charged me £50. I then rang my store and asked for a new delivery slot and was told I would have to wait a further 6 days before they could re-deliver. I explained I have two kids, one of which is disabled and diabetic and cannot live on junk food and microwave meals because of the sugar content, plus my fridge is full of fresh food. I was informed that the first available delivery slot was 6 days away but if it could be brought forward it would be but was probably not likely. I range customer services at head office - what a joke- he personally knew my store deputy manager and his attitude was one of tough luck. When I explained to him about the kids and the diabetes he told me I had no priority over other customers awaiting delivery. I asked him if he thought delivering a 50" tv to someone was more important than a child becoming ill from eating sugar loaded junk. He again stated I had no priority over other customers so basically yes they were more important. If I had the means to buy a range cooker from somewhere else I would do so. I have never ever missed a payment and I feel thoroughly let down. All Bright House want is your signature on a piece of paper, sales targets for their stores met and stuff customer relations.
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