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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, fairly uneducated with such matters so i need assistance from the great minds on here. I've had a secured loan with the NEMO LOAN SHARK since 2007, an agent came to our home and promised us heaven and the earth, foolishly we believed him and signed up. It was a variable interest loan, however to our surprise when we hit a barrier- (my wife broke her back so lost half the household income) we appealed to NEMO for assistance and despite the Bank of England reducing the interest rates they increased our premiums and stated they were not obliged to cut their rates. Any way over the course
  2. Hi I'm new to this so bear with me! We took a secured loan out in 2006 with Nemo Finance for £18,000 PPI was added to the tune of £4,000. I have contacted Nemo and they say its nothing to do with them because the PPI was arranged by the broker! The broker has gone out of business, we are still paying the PPI (and the loan) Nemo say I cant cancel the extra monthly payments for the PPI. We are both self employed so don't think we were even suitable for PPI anyway? Also, the first we knew about it was when we noticed it on the yearly statement.
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advise now that the banks seem to be refunding PPI. I took out a secured loan in 2005 with Nemo Personal Finance. It was done through a broker Bright Finance who no longer exist. I tried to reclaim the PPI on the loan as I believed that it was mis sold. Nemo said that they couldn't do anything as they never sold the PPI. I eventually went through the FCFS and got refunded what had been paid so far. However the PPI was not taken off my loan and I am still repaying the PPI. Is there anything that can be done to get th
  4. I brought a new Citroenn Nemo Van just over 3 years ago, it is fitted with the 1400 HDI engine which has recently ceased, causing catastrophic engine failure. The Nemo has only done 24,000 miles and has been fully serviced. It was called in on one of its three recalls, 18 months ago, for new big end conrod bearing shells. The work was carried out at an authorised Citroen dealer. This all happened 4 months ago, and as yet, neither the garage or Citroen UK have made any attempt to help, even though this is obviously a problem with this engine. I know I'm not the only person who has expe
  5. We have a secured loan with Nemo Finance which started in August 07, at the time I recall explaining to the staff member that I was covered for sickness at work but she made it clear that because of my credit rating (yes why give me a loan then), that it was better we took out PPI. Last summer my wife had a brief illness and was off work for 3 months so I submitted a claim, which wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done, which was agreed as valid a month later. It took them,being the underwriters, until the following January pay out and then direct to my account. Does anyone think I
  6. I am new to this site and am hoping someone may be able to help. In 2005 approx myself and my partner took out a secured loan with Nemo. In 2006 things happened and as a consequence we lost our home in 2007. GE Money were the mortgage lenders and they sold my house under market value for just enough to cover their own amount. this meant that there was nothing left for Nemo who were the second charge. At that time and for some time after I was unable to deal with anything and moved from one rented place to another. Nemo did eventually make contact a couple of years after by which
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and also relatively new to debt problems unlike my partner who has got a large debt problem. I am trying my best to help him, as he is tending to ignore it, and have searched for hours online and I am now asking for your help as the worry of it all is making me and my partner ill. I apologise in advance that it will be a long explanation as it has got quite complex over the years. Unbeknown to me, my partner took an unsecured loan out in 2010 with Nemo finance for what totalled up to 75,000 including a large amount for PPI (explained later), to pay of
  8. won back ppi via ocean finance £25000.00 which i was told had to be paid off balance of loan did that and reduced monthly payment also received £10000.00 compensation paid directly to me that was 2 years ago recently checked annual statement and found nemo had added the £10000.00 back on to balance they now say there will be a shortfall of payment and require an increase in monthly payments till end of loan it works out my win will cost me £30000.00 any advice anyone
  9. Hi all, In late 2006, my wife and I took out a loan from Nemo for c£23k with an up front PPI policy of around £6k thrown on top for good measure (I don't have exact figures to hand just now). We sold our property a year or so later and our solicitors paid off, from the proceeds, the loan, PPI and six months interest (you know, like they do), which astonishingly totalled about £29,500. A few things happened next: My wife had a breakdown after the close proximity death of both her parents My own mother died I presented a claim for my PPI in 2008 My claim was
  10. Ive got a secured loan with Nemo personal finance that my brother has been trying to help me with, theres about £7500 outstanding from a £20k loan. My borhter offered them £1500.00 in full/final settlement but they have not accepted, he explained i could not make the repayments and that i was considering bankruprcy but that he was trying to work out a fair repayment to all debtors to save me from going bankrupt. They have now sent a letter to me saying that If I do not pay up they will issue proceedings. What im wondering is if i can bargain with them to reduce the
  11. I toke a loan out with Nemo about 5 years ago with PPI. When the loan was taken out I was woking for a company so decided that PPI was a good idea. Last year I was made redundant and decided to go self employed, my question is is the PPI now worthless. I called Nemo last month to dicuss and was told that they would still payout if I was not earning, but everything I have read online tends to say not. Can someone please confirm if the PPI is worthless, if it is all I want is the PPI stopped and pay the loan only. How would I go about having the PPI removed
  12. Hello there I am after a little bit of advice, I was declared bankrupt in November 2009 and was discharged the year after, all my debts went into the insolvency, and I have moved on dramatically since then. I have been trying to clear my credit file and most of my defaults from 2006 are coming off my credit file within the next few months. But one is still going to be there until April 2015 and that is a Nemo secured loan I had with my wife, we lost our house back in 2008 and there was a shortfall on the secured loan, so as my wife couldn't afford to pay they went to court and had a CCJ agains
  13. Hello, im not sure if im posting this in the right place, so admins please move if needed I will start with the facts Mortage with GE money £75.000 owed secured load with nemo finance £17.500 owed council repaymet if sold with in 6 years £5000 owed current property value £82-85,000 both myself and partner declared bankruptcy on 29 march 2010 and it still stands we just had a repo hearing at county court by nemo, we are £4000 in arrears ( i know, i know ) . nemo went for possesion order and money order. the judge declined them on the grounds that we pay our stan
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