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  1. The Judges never really questioned the level of charges, they only concentrated on the terms of any contract and found that Perch etc had acted in good faith. I noted a feeling of confidence from the Solicitors runner (wasn't actually a qualified solicitor they used online) from the outset even though I felt my arguments where good.
  2. Just a note of caution, I had 3 claims against Perch which where heard remotely over the last 6 months and lost every one as the 2 judges all agreed with Perch in thatchy had complied with all aspects and the loan agreements where lawful. I used all the same arguments as you seem to be using and none of them made much difference. Just in case you may want to adjust your arguments.
  3. Depends on the Police force as to the grace period, wont do you any harm in writing to them as explained as what’s the worst than can happen.
  4. Whatever you do dont waste time on a ambulance chasing solicitor as you aren’t actually appealing the conviction just the way its being enforced. Get his company to do a letter confirming the reasons for it being late and send them asap to the contact on the ticket with an explanation. If he has had a course recently or is close to 12 point threshold then they wont offer the course. Good luck.
  5. I delivered for Tesco all through lockdown, and Sainsbury’s briefly a few weeks ago and we always had to make customers aware of dates as they flashed up on our delivery notes and never had any issues or things out of date. We did have some fresh stuff like bread that may have been on the day but it always was made clear that they could be rejected without any problems. What most people do with a stick things in the freezer and use them as and when.
  6. Yes that’s the policy for all which is why you can stipulate what you dont want, There are many people who are happy to freeze stuff when its on the date and then just use it when they need to.
  7. Find that strange if you had proof of delivery date and proof of the date on the item, did you tell the driver at the time ? And it is regulated under sale of goods act as far as I know, as well as distant selling regs for online orders. But there are more knowledgable people on here than me about that.
  8. Are you confusing sell by, with best before or use by, like I say I have never had experience of delivering fresh stuff like milk or meat with bad dates. If you are having issues then its a quick phone call to the store with details and they will refund or replace anything, have you tried that ?
  9. Yes you are right which is why it rarely happens, I cant recall anytime during my delivering 000’s of items that I ever found fresh meats for example over the sell by date. But as I keep saying as long as the customer, if they are worried about dates, puts a note on the order then there are rarely any problems. It’s not in the supermarkets interest to send out sub standard food and the customer can always just shop elsewhere.
  10. Use by dates are there for the customer, it doesn’t mean the food is unsafe and many items now have sell by dates rather than use by. It’s very very simple when doing online shopping to put a comment in when ordering stipulating that you want decent length dates. So no legislation needed as we already have sufficient and as has been stated many times just reject it if not happy and the driver always has to update reasons why which get picked up by the online teams.
  11. The picking device they use highlights dates and then it will update the invoice automatically and also prevent the pick completing if there are issues so the picker has to take alternative otherwise they cant move on. As regards drivers its been the same for months and they are allowed more time for deliveries by the system whilst some people check. I had some who cleaned and wipe all their shopping including sealed items whilst i waited. Never a problem and didn’t ever delay next delivery in my experience.
  12. It depends on stock and how good the picker is, like I have said they start at 3am and not all supermarkets have replenished stock by then so they will highlight it on the delivery note or email customers. In my experience 90% accept the food as they realise dates are always fluid and most food stays fresh well after the ones given. Must be very little in your larder then, most fresh bread products for example have 24hr or 2 day shelf life.
  13. Nothing wrong with buying over the internet, vast majority of customers get food with 2-3 days shelf life just same as in the shops, I still choose from the back of the shelves as that where the longest dates usually are. The issue is with supply, for example bread wont be baked in store in time for a delivery before lunchtime, or the fruit n veg be at its optimum time because it has to be unloaded, checked and then fulfilled usually around 3am in the morning with limited staff. Supermarkets on the whole are well prepared but there are some that to a certain extent got caught on the hop by competitors and as such as playing catch up with staffing levels, vehicles and infrastructure all of which costs money. Most large supermarkets will make on average £1 profit from each delivery so is more of a good will service rather than a money making expertise.
  14. Not in my experience having done the job since March for two large companies, it takes seconds to update an order and no need for daft questions
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