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  1. Yes, like the extra points, thank you. I will get the letter sent off tomorrow and publish their response.
  2. BF, can you have a read of this please and see if it needs anything else.
  3. Yes will do, if you dont mind I will post up the letter before I send it for you to check. Thanks again
  4. All I can find are the internal scratchpad notes, there arent any copies of letters sent to the companies but I suspect it was all done via email, I have done a quick pdf of the requests and highlighted in red when the visits took place to match up the the other list I have posted.agentsvisits 2.pdf
  5. Sorry not sure what you mean, I have scanned and posted all the letters,report and notes relating to the visits.
  6. I have done a scan of the notepad entries from their systems and also the reports from the Agents who they have paid to call and then charge back to us without consent. To be clear neither me nor my wife have ever spoken to any of them, even though they claim to have on at least on occasion and the report from last Oct is when they doorstepped my brother in law as he was leaving for the airport, having stayed at our overnight due to it being close to where he was flying from. They also seem to like speaking to neighbours, we don't know them that well but you can imagine how upset this has made us feel. Its like living in the Eastern Block during the 50's.agentvisits.pdf
  7. Yes I’ve read the “notepad” entry they use on my file, and they have also included copies of the report from the companies. The most recent one is like a Police report on how they saw a man they believed to be me leave in a taxi (in fact it was my brother in law who was staying with us night before he went on holiday). I’ll try and sanitise it and post it up for you to read. When you say ‘what’s missing’ am I looking for specifics ?
  8. Posted on another site as that was the only one I could find that refers to getting visit charges back but like a few on here doesn’t always tell us how it worked out so will give it a day or so. I am certain they just can’t force people to pay for these visits, and on admin the SAR it let really say why they wanted the visit apart from maybe harden their case against us as they seem to have been arranged after they had decided to consider enforcing the SPO. my intention is to go for these charges first as they come to £600 with the interest, I note that in 2008 they charged £90 but refunded £30 when we didn’t speak to them. They seem very keen to play pocket detective and as around neighbours as to wether we live at our house. any advice as usual would be welcome.
  9. Sorry both posting at same time, see my edited response at #5
  10. Yes I agree re splitting, the visit fees are around £300 so I may request a refund of those first. The other arrears fees are named differently - “Arrears fee”, “Arrears management fee” etc so I could also split them and ask for specific named ones back. When I read the detail in the SAR, there are notes about the visits and copies of the agents report. On 3 occasions the last being in January he states he visited but got no reply but did speak to neighbours who confirmed we lived at our address. The neighbours must wonder what is going on and explains the strange looks we keep getting. They have charged us £90 for the last visit. We however spoke to no one.
  11. Maybe the site itself has given up on me as well now !! lol
  12. Following on from the SAR topic, I have now got the info and would welcome advice please. So here is the quick version :- mortgage taken out in 2007 with Platform, who almost immediately sold it onto JP Morgan.This was one of the horrible sub-prime jobbies and almost straight away because my wife lost her job, we had issues. Over the next couple of years, lots of tears and tantrums during which time good old JP hit us with arrears charges and eventually a possession attempt which we had suspended when the arrears were cleared. In 2011 again work for my wife dried up so we struggled and fell into arrears again, 3 months max at anytime. I made over payments to stop the p/o being enforced but the arrears fees kept on coming, £30/40/50 pm along with failed agents fees for home visits which we felt wasn't necessary. 2013 to 2017 arrears reduced to one month depending on date, they wanted 15th but I got paid on 1st, so we again had fees added. mortgage transferred to JPM naughty step dept-Rooftop. There are also a few extra interest charges, and currently we are being charged £50pm, and they have now separated the charges into a separate account but still enjoy telling us every month that our arrears have increased, when in fact they havent but they like to add the fees to the arrears to make it look far worse than it is. Current arrears £1000 (less than 2 months and decreasing), but fees now total £4500. We have complained to the Ombudsman who sided with Rooftop and said that the charges where fair and in line with the agreed amounts. This includes various insurance charges and solicitor fees. So when I look at the statements going back to Jan 2007, the fees charged not including Insurance or solicitors which I have give up on come to £2187, with 8% added making it £3794. This is the figure I would like to get back if possible as its made up entirely of Arrears Management Fees. I'd rather you good people didn't dwell on why the mortgage arrears continue as we have done our best and still have many sleepless nights, but they are reducing by £100pm atm. I have written to JP previously about the charges but had the usual fob off, but feel I need to start the process again but only if we have a decent chance of getting something back.
  13. I intend to send Rooftop a request of refund of the fees, of course they will refuse so this will be followed by a LBA and most likely court. If anyone has any recent experience of similar then any advice would be gratefully received.
  14. Any advice on how to proceed with the possible refund of the fees please folks.
  15. Yes noted, I will have another look at the MCOL page with the details on. I did tick the box to acknowledge payment made and presumed it automatically means the case is settled in the prescribed time meaning no further action can be taken. Below are screenshots of the MCOL page, I have removed the part with my details on. Cant see how I move to Judgement from this page.
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