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  1. Over the last few weeks, months I keep reading articles here and there about this. Glances really not looked at things in depth. Fish dying,mutated things like that. Radioactivity has spread to the coast of America things like that. Some say this is or should be massive news.Maybe it is but I have missed it. Anyone want to say anything, have articles a view, looked at this problem much more than I have. An article. Fukushima: Japanese Government Guilty Of Destroying Pacific Ocean. When you read things but do not know that much about something like this, it plays on your mind.You
  2. What next I wonder. Do you think the Ocean should be left alone? At first I checked the date of these articles thinking it was just an April Fools article.This spread across the world. World’s first seabed gold, copper, silver mine to begin production in 2019 http://www.mining.com/worlds-first-seabed-mine-to-begin-production-in-2019/ The terrifying robots set to mine the seabed: Machines to search for gold and other precious metals on the ocean floor The deep-sea robots will mine mineral deposits in Papua New Guinea in 2019 Land-based mineral stores are becoming deple
  3. Had a long running PPI issue with a loan taken out with IGroup in 2004, eventually found out that GE Money was now responsible for Igroup stuff (thanks to this site) and sent them a request for refund. They are now saying that Ocean sold us the loan and they are responsible, but as Ocean Finance dissolved in 2004 they would not be able to pay out. Does this sound right ?
  4. Hello again, I had a loan taken on 2008 (paid full in 3 years) with OCEAN MONEY LIMITED, who was the lender BUT website doesn't exist any more and the address from the contract Pacific House, Relay Point, Wilnecote, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, B77 5PA checking ROYAL MAIL belongs TO ALDI SHOP. On company house putting Company registration number - account is still open and states address above but its ALDI SHOP THERE On my agreement i have that OCEAN MONEY is a member of the Ocean Finance & Mortgages Limited Group (IS OR WAS ON 2008) - now I don't have idea where
  5. Hi, I am currently trying to sort out the details of a PPI Claim involving Endeavour/Ocean/Ocwen for my nanna and grandad. They took out a loan with Endeavour Personal Finance Ltd. on 01/09/1997 for £6000 plus £720 PPI, total £6720, for 60 months, monthly payment £159.45. Ocean Finance were the brokers and they were told that in order for them to get the loan they would need to take out PPI. As they were in desperate need of the loan they had no choice but to take it out with the PPI. In January 1999 they took out a second loan with Ocwen Limited, Ocean Finance were the brok
  6. Hi all, I am hoping someone could answer a few questions. My husband & I took out a secured loan with igroup in April 2004 with Ocean Finance acting as the broker. The loan had PPI on it to the tune of £1800. My questions are: (1). The PPI only covered the first five years of a 14 year loan, which presumably means after this we had no cover but were still paying for PPI. Is that a case of mis-selling? (2). I read in the papers about unfair relationships & secret commissions . On the original paperwork which we have kept, it states that Ocean Finance did not
  7. Hi, I had a loan though Ocean , financed by Endeavour in/around 2002. I paid this off early in 2003. I don't have any paperwork and I don't have the account number. I have completed the form to send to Endeavour but I am wandering from reading all these threads if this is going to get me anywhere. Not sure how I can go about locating my account number or whether indeed Endeavour will reply and I should write to HFC or HSBC instead. Any advice before I start please would be much appreciated. Thanks JJ Hi, I had a loan though Ocean Finan
  8. Hi I'm new to this so bear with me! We took a secured loan out in 2006 with Nemo Finance for £18,000 PPI was added to the tune of £4,000. I have contacted Nemo and they say its nothing to do with them because the PPI was arranged by the broker! The broker has gone out of business, we are still paying the PPI (and the loan) Nemo say I cant cancel the extra monthly payments for the PPI. We are both self employed so don't think we were even suitable for PPI anyway? Also, the first we knew about it was when we noticed it on the yearly statement.
  9. Hi All I have recently had my claim for mis sold PPI referred back to Ocean Finance by the FOS (just some background, it is a secured loan over 180 months with front loaded PPI included, although out of the 5 year window now). Ocean have responded today stating: "We remain satisfied that the sale of your policy was conducted in accordance with the rules which were in place at the time. However, as we have also assessed the sale in light of the paper which the FSA has recently issued it is largely based upon the content of this paper that we are upholding your complaint. As a result
  10. Looking for advice on how too take this forward please. Booked (4) rooms for 4 nights over Xmas 2013 at the Ocean View, Booked through Harry Shaw, (although we made our own way down in own cars) We were 4 carers looking after 4 adults with learning difficulties. For the whole 4 days and nights, 3 of the rooms had no heating, and all 4 rooms no hot water, so no shower or bath, guests were having too virtually hand wash with water from kettles. Constant complaints too hotel were met with, nothing going too get done until 27th Dec (day of leaving) Every meal was completely r
  11. We have recently received a letter from Ocean Finance and Mortgages Ltd indicating that we chose to purchase payment protection insurance on a secured loan which was arranged by them. They say that we may have been mis-sold the policy and may be entitled to redress. They say that they have completed a review of sales that took place at a similar time to the sale of my policy and that the review highlighted several failings which affected sales that took place during that period. They helpfully list the common failings that they have identified as: The full cost of the policy wa
  12. Hi all wonder if anyone can help. I took out a secured loan several years back for £15k and have no paperwork other than an agreement number that is on an old bank statement. We paid off the loan when we remortgaged and moved house, is there a time limit as it is over ten years ago that I took the loan out... and if not presumably I will have to write to them for a copy of our loan agreement? Any help would be great x
  13. Hi all, can anyone advise on what to do next Some 4-5 years ago whilst in full-time employ, I applied for a loan approx 43k to start up a new business for my wife. On my first application with a bank I can’t now remember, I was approved until I sent back the application form and had declined PPI. I then went to Ocean Finance and got a loan from them, I think I may have known something about the PPI on the policy but did not know that it would be added to the loan in one lump sum, approx 12k and that it was only valid for 5 years. I was made redundant about 4 months
  14. My ex husband and I took out a loan in 2003 with Ocean Finance/ Endeavor Personal Finance, we paid a Single premuim PPI on this loan of £775. We recently wrote to EPF asking for the PPI back and received the following letter: We write further to your letter dated 20 August 2012, informing us of your complaint. We are aware your complaint is regarding the Payment Protection Insurance policy (PPJ) purchased at the time of completing your loan through EPF. You will recall that you approached a credit broker, Paul Newey trading under Ocean Finance & Mortgage Ltd, who acted as you
  15. My question might be a straight forward one but I need some advice. I took a loan from Ocean Finance in Jan 2002 for £20k which was for debt consolidation. I paid this off in May 2004 when I remortgaged my house but I can recall the settlement figure I got from them being massively over what I had calculted. Anyway I paid it off and got on with my life. Then 5 years later, I found the CAG forums and found out about PPI mis-selling so I wrote to Ocean with a SAR and I gets a bunch of stuff back which is all blacked out and hard to read but I apparently voluntarly bought some PPI wi
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