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  1. Hi DX Thats what I am trying to find out what constitutes miss selling I did not know I would be charged the amount I was or the fact it was an upfront payment for a policy that only lasted 5 years of a 15 year term loan, and that none of that policy would be refunded if the loan was settled early, 12k for two years PPI seems a bit on the excessive side
  2. Hi all, can anyone advise on what to do next Some 4-5 years ago whilst in full-time employ, I applied for a loan approx 43k to start up a new business for my wife. On my first application with a bank I can’t now remember, I was approved until I sent back the application form and had declined PPI. I then went to Ocean Finance and got a loan from them, I think I may have known something about the PPI on the policy but did not know that it would be added to the loan in one lump sum, approx 12k and that it was only valid for 5 years. I was made redundant about 4 months
  3. that was there but i was disputing the late payment charges and the fact they tried charging £900 for telephone calls
  4. it was signed by her I dont dispute that i owe them money its the amount
  5. PT 2573 thanks for responding they did produce the agreement with the court bundle but not within the time frame 12 + 30 etc…
  6. hi all I took alliance nice people (not) to court some time ago and won (no suprise) I have since sent them another SAR for the entire time my account was open dating back to 1992 all they keep sending me is the past six years, I have pointed out on 5 seperate occasions that this is not what i want but again the same comes. my original claim was for just over 4k when they settled they said the usual our charges are fair etc but promised in writing to refund any charges since the claim totaling approx £1,700 when they found out how much it wasnt fourth coming. I have since
  7. Hi all wonder if anyone can help, my wife had car finance with capital bank. the balloon was payable at approx £4k but made further payments and brought it down to just over £2k. in the mean time capital put the debt out to a collection agency and the costs starting jumping around. I sent them a CCA which they didn’t respond to until they took me to court last week. I explained to the judge that I sent them a CCA to which he asked me to clarify what that was? on doing so he asked me to explain why i hadn’t paid the outstanding amount, to which i replied that i wanted to see what cos
  8. sorry to but in can anyone tell me how to start a thread
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