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  1. Update. I called the Bailiffs and explained that the fine has beem paid in full. They advised me to call Torbey Council which I did. They told me I was late in paying the fine so the court action was taken which costs £7. I argued that I have never been notified of the outstanding charge of £7 and apparently I was sent a charge certificate but I have not received this. I now have to call the TEC for a Late Witness Statement to say that I never received the documents that they claim to have sent me. What a total total pain in the arse.
  2. This was on a main road, our parking ticket expired by about 10 mins, when we returned we had been given the fixed penalty notice by a traffic warden I presume? Total amount outstanding (total debt) is £7 plus the £75 compliance stage fee, then if the £7 was the Court Registration Fee as advised by BA, then there was NO DEBT. So I really don't know why I received this. Seems pretty harsh to be honest. What is the TEC? Also, if I was never notified of any further charges for paying late over and above the original £75, surely they can't hold me accountable for this £7 plus the £75 cos
  3. I have never received either a charge certificate or an Order for Recovery. Since I spoke to them to arrange paying in three £25 installments, I have not had any communication from them whatsoever. Until this. Having already paid off the fine in February, they have issued this warrant on March 19th ???? Why would they do that?
  4. Hello, In July I got a parking ticket in Torquay for £40 which was the usual, pay only £20 if paid within 14 days. We live in Glasgow and by the time we got home and unpacked and cleared out the car, we lost the ticket, probably chucked out with all the crisp packets etc. So, I eventually got a letter to say that I hadn't paid the fine and was now liable for a total of £75. So I arranged to pay £25 per month un to 15th Jan. I paid the first installment on 29th October and then I forgot about it until beginning of Feb, so I paid £50 to square it off. Today I have received a "Not
  5. Hi, Today I received a cheque from RBS for a Service Charge Refund relating to an account that I closed in 2008. This was a business account which was me trading as a business name so the cheque is made payable to "MY NAME T/A BUSINESS NAME" My question is - can I pay this cheque into my personal account which is with Santander? Hopefully as my name is on it it won't be a problem? Thanks Mick
  6. Just checked Noddle (hadn't heard of them before) and there is no mention there of the Mint card. I also checked on checkmyfile.co.uk and nothing. It hasn't been on there for years either. So, what does it mean when it isn't on my CRA file? Is that a sign that the debt has been written off, possibly at the time of the Account in Dispute letter?
  7. Solicitor advised not to take the chance going to court and advised me to offer them 50% to settle the account.
  8. Thanks Spamheed. That does help. Off to see a solicitor just now to see what his take is on the whole thing. I think I will end up in court and pray that the judge laughs them out the door for not having anything concrete to go on. Will let you know what he says. Thanks !!
  9. First of all, apologies as there is another thread in the Legal Issues forum relating to this. But I wanted to start a new thread specifically to get some feedback on this SAR response from Barclays on an old Egg card. Am currently going through the process of defending a county court claim from Marlin Europe on an old Egg card on the grounds that I placed the account in dispute in 2009 with another DCA (Capquest) who then dropped it. Long story short, I sent Barclays a Subject Access Request and received their reply the other day. This is what they sent. Can anyone advise if they ha
  10. Bumping this as i would appreciate some feedback before i speak to my solicitor today. Thanks.
  11. Hello folks, it's been a few weeks and I want to give you an update and ask for some feedback on where I go next. Please take some time to read this through and give me you honest opinion on how this is going to go from here. Remember the account has been in dispute since August 2009 and now Marlin Europe are taking me to court. I took my citation to see a Solicitor to help me lodge my defences. He spotted straight away that citation was raised by Barclays Bank PLC and the defence was that I have never had any contactual agreement with them. He suggested that I use
  12. Yeah, I changed my mind about that dx, I forgot that the thread title says Scottish Court so I amn't posting anywhere else. Thanks
  13. Hi again, I lodged my Intention To Defend on 29th which was the deadline day and paid my £87 court fee. Over the weekend I received an "Intimation Of Options Hearing" with various dates on a timetable, the first of which is 12/06/13 - Last day for lodging defences. After I went to court with the Intention To Defend form, I went with a copy to the other Solicitors office and handed it in with a letter (from the template posted by Ida above) stating that I had put the account in dispute on 31/08/2009 and asked for all the information as itemised in Ida's letter. I am today going
  14. Hi Ida, Thanks for your replies. On the writ, I don't have a form 04. The writ says : You (me) are hereby served with this copy writ and warrant, together with the following forms:- Form 03 (application for time to pay irection); and Form 07 (notice of intention to defend) It then goes on to outline the 3 options available to me, either pay in full to avoid a court order being made, apply for a time to pay direction which would then result in a decree (I think) and the final option, to defend the claim. I will need to adjust a few things in the template you have posted ab
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