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  1. Hi I put a claim to the Ombudsman for the return of fees for my Advantage Gold account after months of wrangling with the bank over its perceived mis-sale which the bank denied. However I received a letter from the Ombudsman who has advised that whilst they haven't looked at my case or paperwork yet the bank wants to make me an offer which constitutes of the return of my fees plus interest, less any benefit I received for the preferential loan and overdraft rates I received. Thats fine as it stands. However I want a lot more than that if redress is supposed to put me back in a position I would have been had I not paid those Service fees. If I do a running total on the account from the account start, the bank hypothetically owed me £85 in Service fees before they applied a lending charge of £25 to the account. If you remove that charge and add subsequent Service Fees, the next charge of £35 was again more than covered by what the bank is now prepared to return to me in Service Fees. When you continue in this vein all of my bank charges are wiped out and i believe should be returned to me with interest. In short we are talking about a reconstruction of the account. I hope this makes sense. Now I believe Lou Lou probably benefited from having a running total of Services charges which facilitated the return of her bank charges which her bank returned. However, this occurred without the intervention of the Ombudsman and my bank having previously kicked up a fuss will not want to pay me 20 x what they are offering. (Which would be the outcome) I believe the Ombudsman would be reluctant to do the same given that they have recommended that I take the offer as they believe it to be fair My questions are below: Has anybody benefited from this approach from an adjudication via the Ombudsman before when they got or sought redress? If this level of redress has been declined by the bank and or the Ombudsman, has it been tested in court and if so what were the outcomes? Other than Lou Lou on another site do we know of any other cases out there where the accounts were reconstructed and lending charges returned? The Ombudsman as not actually come up with an adjudication as yet and has asked that I wait for the bank to get back in contact with me. I am asking the above questions in anticipation of receiving contact from the bank and I just need to determine my next steps. Do we have any Advantage Gold/Ombudsman/redress specialists on this forum who can answer my questions? If so, please do! Thank you
  2. What next I wonder. Do you think the Ocean should be left alone? At first I checked the date of these articles thinking it was just an April Fools article.This spread across the world. World’s first seabed gold, copper, silver mine to begin production in 2019 http://www.mining.com/worlds-first-seabed-mine-to-begin-production-in-2019/ The terrifying robots set to mine the seabed: Machines to search for gold and other precious metals on the ocean floor The deep-sea robots will mine mineral deposits in Papua New Guinea in 2019 Land-based mineral stores are becoming depleted so the ocean will be mined The ocean floor contains minerals used to make useful devices and electronics Some of the minerals are used to make renewable energy tech like solar cells Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4269206/The-terrifying-robots-set-seabed.html#ixzz4dALc8hnJ Countries poised to roll out deep sea mining in new 'gold rush' https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/countries-poised-to-roll-out-deep-sea-mining-in-new-gold-rush/2500509.article
  3. I hope i can get some advise from you people in the know. I have recently gone part time in my job plus house husband (health issues) and my wife has gone back to full time work. My work pay for my gold card and i pay it back weekly out of my wages. The only way we can afford to do this change was sharing my gold card. (last 2 month) Today my wife got caught with my gold card and was read her rights. She said that she picked up the wrong smart card (even though she hasn't got one). They phoned to check and said they would check again at he office. They also took my smart card away. We are both really scared what is now going to happen! Any ideas what will happen to us and my smart card that still has 9 months left on it? I know we did a stupid thing but it was the only way we could afford to manage!
  4. My OH's elderly parents received a letter advising that their Gold account is being downgraded. When my OH discussed this with her mum, she was unaware that she had been paying a monthly fee etc so possibly a case of mis-selling. The letter also stated that they were downgrading account due to 80 year old age limit, yet they are 85 & 87 years old and therefore a bit late in advising. Now my OH's dad suffers from dementia and her mum is not very well and when mentioned about submitting a complaint she felt that she couldn't go through with it. Obviously my OH and I are disgusted with Lloyds and tried to assure her that all will be kept in writing. Can my OH submit a SAR on their behalf and deal with the complaint ? Any advice would be appreciated including relevant Lloyds SAR address. Thank-you
  5. hi all i took the above accountout about 15 years ago and was told i needed to take this account to get an overdraft how would i get a copy of all my statements thanks
  6. Hi all, Been sorting out a few defaults on my Experian credit report, and there is one that states: GOLD STAR FINANCE default date: xx/10/2011 I have not a clue who this is. Been to their website, never seen it before in my life. Does anyone have any idea who these are? I've also sent off a query to Experian, asking them who it is.
  7. Hi everyone, i have recently just purchased (16/11/2015) a 60 plate BMW 318d from a car supermarket. Unfortunately I was also sold auto protect gold warranty, i was sceptical at first and in hindsight after reading some of the horror stories regarding this company, it is something i shouldn't have purchased. Both the car and the warranty were purchased on finance, through 2 separate lenders. The dealership gave me the hard sale, and mentioned that virtually everything is covered, he also added that as the warranty was being purchased with the vehicle, that would in turn reduce the monthly cost of the car by around £30, i thought this was a bit odd. The cost of the cover worked out to be around £70P/M so this would in theory work out to an extra £40 per month (on top of the price of financing the car) to have the "Piece of mind of this fantastic cover" , and after forking out a lot on my previous motor, decided that this may be a worthwhile investment. I have received the paperwork from Santander for the credit amount that has been sent to APA/Auto protect, and in there it says i have the right to cancel this within 14 days no questions asked, perfect i thought, no problem. HOWEVER I have studied the paperwork from APA (Something i deeply regret not doing at the car shop). In these T&C's it states under Cancelation; "Should you cancel this agreement, there is no surrender value and no monies paid will be refunded":evil: Is that right?! Can they do that? Or have they just failed to mention that you are entitled to cancel with a refund within 14 days? I was under the impression that i could cancel this within 14 Days? AT NO POINT did he mention the cancellation rights? Can i use that to my advantage if he hides behind the "no monies... refunded" line... I'm just trying to seek all the advice i can before calling the car shop, as i can be more prepared. Details are; Car: cash price £8,995. With interest 20.7% over 60/M £232 Gold warranty over three years including interest!: £76.87 (£2,767 in total with interest, covering 9K! worth of repairs (yeah right!!) Also after reading the other stories from people, i realize the price of this warranty is far too much. But i was foolish and rushed through the paperwork part, being too eager to get my new motor. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi there guys, I hope someone can advise me on the below: I cancelled my Direct Debit in January 2015 after being with Gold’s Gym [Hanwell]for around 2 years, however I havent sent them written notice or whatever at first. – so after that I received letter from Gold’s Gym on 19th of January chasing me for unpaid January monthly membership that they were trying to take from my account on 15thJan as each month. Right away I called local Hanwell gym and went there as instructed on the same day January 19th 2015. I discussed the situation with present at the reception Golds Gym personnel we discussed the letter I received and cancellation steps. I confirmed my will of cancelling my memberships. I paid my outstanding monthly membership for January and additional fee by my debit card at the reception. Following this I was handed the Gold’s Gym cancellation form and singed it. I asked Gold's Gym stuff while signing the form if everything is correct on the form as the content of the form was unclear for me and seems like it can be interpreted in many ways. Paying attention to the phrase next to date put but Golds GYm personnel : "Please cancel my/our membership for 30 days from the next DD payment (1st or 15th ) ".........and here Golds GYm stuff put date of 15 Feb 2015. I understood my next DD scheduled for 15th Feb will no longer be applied? Sa I asked about the amount of days and does the date of 15th of February put on the form by your stuff means that this is the date from which my DD is cancelled. I was assured everything is now done and there is nothing else for me to pay or worry about. I was also assured the amount of days is also fine and I will not have to pay any further. I said I wont to close this case and not receive any further letters chasing me for money. I was again assured everything is fine now and no further letters are going to be sent. Additionally I wasnt told to unblock my DD because of FEB payment? Therefore I wasn’t questioning it further. I do have my cancellation forms and receipts with me. I had no further attempts to contact me after that day at the gym. My cancelled direct debit stayed cancelled as I wasn’t advised otherwise. I never received any further letters or calls from Golds Gym. Now after almost 8 months I received letter from CRS demanding £122. I contacted CRS explaining the situation and that i dont understand why am I being chased for FEB money when I cancelled my membership in Jan. I told them Gold Gym personnel did fill out the form incorrectly for me or they don’t understand Golds Gym Cancellation Policy themselves and are giving wrong information to the customers. Now CRS is telling me Gold gym told them that i.e I cancelled my DD not my membership and that I should pay for Feb as Feb is my month notice not January ect. But we pay for membership upfront not the other way around, why should I be paying for 15 Feb to 15 March as well? Can you advise please? Are they actually right? Many thanks for your help in advance!!!!
  9. Hi does anyone have a copy of terms and conditions for travel insurance advantage gold account for the year 2000 I am trying to put in claim to get back monies paid. I had a pre existing medical condition Cancer which the bank knew about. They are saying I can not claim as my insurance was valid. I know it was not. I never went on holiday so the policy was useless.
  10. I recently made a purchase ONLINE, live, gold bullion. I have used the regulated company & site many times before. pressing the CONFIRM button . it requires acceptance etc, that clearly states the order cannot be CANCELLED and payment is immediate by debit card. it is VERY clear that this contract is exempt Regulations 2013 regulation distance and off-premises because of LIVE fluctuating prices. PRICES ARE FIXED upon confirming, which I did, and is a in STOCK items. I receive the confirmation of ORDER , and acceptance of order also confirmation of receipt of payment ALL 3 By email. However the fluctuating OFFER price was a lot lot lower than usual .But the gold markets where very volatile (e.g. in 1min GOLD price fell 5% Lower, though I did not know this , till later,) but I made the decision to purchase. and I was very very happy. Please could you advise me if the well established bullion online regulated trading company, can now, cancel my order. and just refund my payment. Briefly citing it was an live OFFER price ' error ' due to technical /software glitch. and stated I am taking advantage of them. and if I continue the argument they will hand my case to their solicitors. please advise, many thanks graham young
  11. I lodged a complaint via telephone this morning to say that I downgraded from Advantage Gold at a review meeting in March 09 after I had recently been made redundant with my then relationship manager. It was established that I had no need for the account. I was advised that it had been open since 1999 and I thought the charge was in relation to my overdraft. For the duration of when I had the AG account I had a company car and company mobile which were covered by the companies insurance and would not have agreed to purchasing this product. To reinforce the fact I was in financial hardship the relationship manager arranged for a loan I had to be extended therefore reducing monthly payments. I gave all this information to the complaints team at 8.09am this morning and they came back at 3pm to say that they were not upholding my account due to the length of time I took to raise the complaint. I informed them that I did not realise at the time I could complain and in fact there should have been some duty of care at the meeting and advice to do this give my financial situation (hardship). Due to the media it struck a chord and I went through some paperwork to find I had had the AG account and that is why I was complaining. I asked the complaint handler what investigative work they had done to come to the decision but she would only talk about the timescale as the reason for rejection. I am aware that you can complain outside the 6 year timescale and feel that this is unfair as my account number is still the same and active and they have full records of the AG account which I downgraded from. I really believe that no investigation has taken place today and they are trying to fob me off with the timing issue. Can anyone give me any advice as I feel that I would like to complain about this to the CEO as no mitigating circumstances have been taken into account.
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone can advise me can I defend or challenge County Court Claim N1CPC issued by Restons Solicitors on behalf of Cabot Finance on 10th November 2014. The claim is for £10k overdraft on a gold current account that was originally held with Lloyds TSB. I am in this mess because I was made redundant from my Job, diagnosed with depression and unable to work for two years. At the time I opened my account in 1995 I had an overdraft facility of a few hundred pounds (£200). The facility was supposed to be reviewed every two/three months but never was. I was also obliged to take out CPP card protection. The Particulars of the claim are as follows: 1. The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Lloyds Bank – Current Account dated on or about Oct 12 1995 and 2. assigned to the claimant on Jun 17 2014 in the sum of £9918.09 Also what are my other options? Do I offer a payment plan and how can I do this without having a CCJ entered against me? Please help.
  13. Hi Does anyone know what Lloyds would have been charging for their packaged accounts back in 1987? I've gone back over my own records and can share the following just in case it is useful to anyone else. Classic account - package referred to either:- account fixed charge account service charge account charge around 1991 account charge was £8.00 per month around 2004 account charge £10.00 per month around 2008 account charge £12.00 per month around 2011 account charge £12.95 per month i assume that the account charges would have been the same for everyone with this type of package account, but am not sure if the month that the increase took place would be the same for everyone. if anyone does know about the classic package charge for the period 87-91, and willing to share the information that would be great.
  14. I have now eventually received SAR details from NatWest but they cannot obtain a copy of the original agreement or any statements between November 1998 to October 2001 (due to inactivity on the account) as closed in June 2008. Is this correct or should I be pushing for them to attempt location from their archives ? I do have most of the statements from April 1999 to October 2001, its just that I was hopefully trying to locate any that I did not have. Also when submitting complaint, shall I enclose any copies of statements that they do not have ? Do I also use the compound interest calculator and if so is the end date, last ppi payment or today ? Cheers
  15. Could anyone point me in the right direction to try and reclaim package fees. We were sold this account to obtain a preferential rate on a loan but have not used the benefits otherwise. We have had the account since about 2000 - can claims go back that far and should I write to NatWest asking for all fees and charges on this account since the account was openend? Many thanks
  16. My OH was just going through some old paperwork and came across an old closed BHS Gold Account Store Card from about 6 years ago. She has various statements but not all but there is a monthly amount for Account Premium Cover - Is this possibly PPI does anyone know ? If so, does anyone know the contactable address to send an SAR to thanks ?
  17. Hi guys Over the last 6 years I have paid for a Nat west gold account every month. When I took this account I was advised it would give so many benefits including phone insurance holiday cover also access to cheaper loans. I have never used any these. Accept for applying for a loan which I was turned doen. When I tried to cancel this fee I was told if I did I would have to repay my overdraft immediately. Is this correct or can I try and reclaim these fees/charges? As the last few weeks on social media there are companies claiming to do it for you. If I can how do I start the ball rolling? Any advice much appreciated as always Thanks in advance
  18. Hello I overheard a conversation in the bank a customer was having his royalties gold payments refunded by RBS due to incorrect selling Is this possible? Thanks
  19. Hello All, Bought a used car recently which had 3 months Warranty as above. Had starter motor prob in 2nd month, the garage which have been excellent for customer service replaced motor without quibble. The 3 months warranty is expiring shortly and I am considering taking out the above named RAC Warranty, Gold Parts and Labour Cover at £299 for 12 months cover. I have always had the opinion, rightly or wrongly and reading press reports etc, that these Warrantys are not usually worth the paper they are printed on. The dealer I bought the vehicle at, have been as stated above. I would appreciate any further info/advice from the CAG team and posters, as to have the car Warranty cover policies improved or are they still tied up with Legalities as to why they will not/cannot pay for repairs. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  20. Something a little bit different for the train experts this time - at least not a fare evasion, at any rate. I have an annual Gold Card season ticket that allows me to travel from a station about 80 miles from London into London terminals every day. It costs about four and half grand - and runs from spring 2014 to 2015. Changes in my personal circumstances mean I am unlikely to need this card soon. Though I can "cash it in", the rail company only count the first ten months of validity to work out a pro-rata refund. However, I am permitted apparently to change the "origin" station - where my train journey begins - for free, and the difference in fare is refunded on a 12 month pro rata basis. Still with me? I have established that changing the validity of my gold card for a station much closer to London saves me more money than if I was to ask for a simple refund. There's nothing in the National Rail conditions of carriage or train company's T&Cs that stop me from doing this, so far as I can tell. So my question is: am I overlooking something? Thanks for any insights!
  21. Hello, I'm new on this forum so welcome all users . I have some problems with Gold's Gym. Me and my wife was on 12 month contract with Gold's Gym and after finish of contract we cancel membership. I spoke with the gym, but they told me that they need to charge for extra one month for nothing of course just because I call to late in their opinion. I didn't want to pay as I don't even use gym from 6 months as we have a baby and just pay it to not have problem with cancel chargers, but want to cancel it immediately after. I cancel direct debit and forget about it, but now some bailiffs send me and my wife letters that from 2x£35 monthly pay they wont from me 2x£167! Company called Credit Resolutions Services (CRS) send me a letter that if I will not pay it or make dispute or they will register CCJ against me. My wife have same letter. Should I worried or ignore it? They also calling me and texting. I don't know what to do
  22. Hello all, Today I received a random text saying ' Banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged accounts' I had no idea what a packaged account was, so I looked it up on the web a lo and behold my Natwest Advantage Gold Account is one of them. I have read through part of this forum and I just wanted to clarify If I may be entitled to any form of refund of charges. Following are some facts: 1- I have had an advantage gold account since 1989 2- I was told that It would be easier to get an overdraft with this account. 3- For years I paid mobile insurance and I never realised it was covered in the package and when I did find out I read that the phone had to be registered with them 4- I have also taken out on numerous occasions travel/holiday insurance which again I had no idea was covered by the account. To be honest with you I since it has been so long ago since I've this account but I remember that my normal account was upgraded to Advantage Gold. I don't ever recall applying for one. Also way back then I don't believe mobile insurance was even included in the package and was introduced many years after when mobiles became prevalent amongst consumers. Am little worried that should I contact my bank they will give me the run-around and I would get disheartened and just give up. Any advice I could get would much appreciated.
  23. Barclays Bank has been fined £26m by UK regulators after one of its traders was discovered attempting to fix the price of gold. The trader, who has been sacked, exploited weaknesses in the system to profit at a customer's expense, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said. The incident occurred in June 2012, the day after the bank was fined a record £290m for attempting to rig Libor. Barclays said it "very much regrets the situation" that led to the fine. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-27536127
  24. Your team's invaluable advice and slicks letter has got me so far now I am stuck and forced to make a thread about my very unique situation. Here the key points: I had been paying monthly to Gold's after initial 12 month fixed period, I moved to USA temporarily last year in Jan 2013. I returned for 1 month to UK and called to cancel (big mistake) in August 2013. I was told my membership was cancelled. I cancelled my DD and a month later i get a £25 admin charge on top of usual bill, I called again (big mistake i know) to tell them I had already called to cancel a month ago so I was AGAIN told my membership was cancelled and i did not have to pay anything. I get back to the UK and this year I get a letter in April 2014 from CRS demanding payment of £400, that's 8 Months later. The letter says 'despite previous letters sent to you' but i have not received any, if i did i would have paid an extra month off last year. OFT Consumer advice said i should speak to Gold's not CRS as the contract was with Gold's. I wrote a letter via recorded delivery requesting a true copy of my contract within 7 days and explained to them the situation: that their advisors had told me on TWO occasions that my membership was cancelled and i was never notified about the cancellation process when they sold me the contract nor the TWO times i called to cancel. I mentioned that Harlands Group that handles the payments and CRS as well signed an OFT agreement with the following terms saying they in breach if : 2. Failing to contractually require its clients (i.e. Golds Gym) to notify prospective members in the sales process, whether ORALLY or in writing, key features of the membership including but not limited to length and cancellation rights. The scanned true copy of that doc is here(this may help others): w w w. oft . gov. uk / shared_oft /consumer-enforcement /Harlands-undertakings . pdf Now, Gold's Gym have written back ignoring everything. Simply stating "please refer to t&C 10a for more infomation' they have quoted the part that says they require 30 days written notice. They also say management contacted me but after no response they referred me to CRS and said any documents with reference to your membership please contact CRS. No copy of contract and no reply to my allegations. I am stuck now. Legally I should have a written notice because i signed. But since this new agreement with OFT isn't there some way I can sort this out ? Also they have not sent any previous letters, I am unemployed since returning from USA and they let the debt build up before telling me 8 months later. In addition I called Golds twice and they still didn't inform me of the process and lied. Golds gym have also told me my membership is not cancelled until I pay my account balance with CRS, then they require a written notice. I am ignoring that and doing it right now. Please help if you can.
  25. Dear CAG members Hopefully this is posted in the right area - apologies if not! I recently lost my pip case against the CO-OP for my old gold card - oh and I had to write to them as they didn't den contact me wrt the PPI on my gold card! reasons given below:- My complaint was around 1) At no point in the raising of the account did the Co_op salesman state that it was optional, 2) I was self employed - no safety net on payments 3) I did not fee it was adequately explained 4) It would not cover me at all Response from Co-Op (paraphrasing) No failings in the sale of the PPI when completing the appln form I ticked the box saying I wanted PPI and signed - as I signed it I was aware that PPI was optional, Based on the fact I was self-employed and if I became ill or sick it may have been financially difficult for me to maintain card payments. However, in the event of a successful claim the policy would have paid 5% of the monthly outstanding balance for unto 24 months and 18 months in the case of redundancy. You stated that your wife would have covered payments if you had been unable to work (not sure he understood what I meant here) . The policy document that was issued .... accurately describes the features, exclusions and limitations of the PPI policy. The Policy document would have confirmed that despite being self empaled you were still able to make a claim against the policy subject to meeting the criteria. So in essence the policy was appropriate for my circumstances!! What a disappointment!! Any ideas anyone? Kind Regards Alan
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