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  1. Hi all wonder if anyone can help. I took out a secured loan several years back for £15k and have no paperwork other than an agreement number that is on an old bank statement. We paid off the loan when we remortgaged and moved house, is there a time limit as it is over ten years ago that I took the loan out... and if not presumably I will have to write to them for a copy of our loan agreement? Any help would be great x
  2. sorry there were no witnesses and yes I do have legal cover with my ins policy but thought I couldnt approach them as presumably they act for me, pursuing a third party and wont help me if I am not happy with my insurance company's decision and interpretation of events....
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I am fully comprehensive. The other driver indicated that she wasn't going to bother claiming as the scratches on her car were minor and she thought she could polish them out. I cannot believe that my insurance co dont seem willing to fight my case and argue that she didnt check her mirror before moving to the center of the road to carry out her U turn and now I am left with a car that is possibly not viable to repair!!!
  4. Hi all, hope someone can offer any advice on an incident I was involved in yesterday. I was following a Zafira down a residential road on the dreaded school run, we both turned left into another road and the zafira pulled over to the left hand side of the road and slowly drove alongside the kerbside and I thought she was parking. She then proceeded to swing out into the road doing a complete u turn, using a junction on the right hand side of the road to help her complete her turn. Her position on the left hand side of the road was just passed the junction on the right so as to enable her to co
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