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  1. Thank You Silverfox, and Steampowered, I shall send off Lba and keep this thread updated. Thanks scouse.
  2. Many thanks for the replies. I phoned Harry Shaw on the 29th Dec, and asked about complaints procedure etc. They told me too email complaint and that it would be dealt with, i emailed a formal complaint, and have been given the run around since, too the point yesterday, that the customer service lady that deals with such things, is conveniently now off sick when callled... and according too them, there is no-one else on the planet (ok slight exaggeration on my part) that can deal with this issue.. All suggestions welcome, and i fully intend too follow this through, the lack of hel
  3. Looking for advice on how too take this forward please. Booked (4) rooms for 4 nights over Xmas 2013 at the Ocean View, Booked through Harry Shaw, (although we made our own way down in own cars) We were 4 carers looking after 4 adults with learning difficulties. For the whole 4 days and nights, 3 of the rooms had no heating, and all 4 rooms no hot water, so no shower or bath, guests were having too virtually hand wash with water from kettles. Constant complaints too hotel were met with, nothing going too get done until 27th Dec (day of leaving) Every meal was completely r
  4. Would i pay you....... now that would depend if you were female and well good looking... Point taken, shall type up LBA here for approval or comments if that's ok... Thanks Scouse.
  5. Copy of transcript from Pm (apologies for length of post, it reads from the bottom up. Good Afternoon, It would not matter if we would have contacted City-Link on the phone or email. When we sent you the claim form, you simply had to complete and submit the form back within the requested timescale. Regards, Alexandra Friday 22nd March 2013 at 13:44 . You
  6. Thanks for reply, It's in their t&c's about the 7 day claim limit. Was kind of hoping for who too complain too, on what grounds etc...?> Cheers scouse
  7. Morning.. Story so far.. Booked a collection from PM, City link collected and showed as delivered on tracking (no signature machine broke) Customer informs me "where's me package" Contact Pm, they send claim form and ask for loads of info from customer Customer finally gets back too me with info. Try too complete claim form an Pm say "Tough, took longer than the 7 days we allow" Fuming i contact city link, they perform search and agree that tracking machine shows as broke, they can't contact the driver as he got the hump with them about another issue and left
  8. I realize that, and they sometimes play the numbers game, but they had specific information, amount, date etc.... Cheers.
  9. Had a claim company phone me and inform me i had ppi on a loan with Blackhorse finance in 2007.. i did have the loan etc, not sure yet about ppi,.. Question is... how do they know or find out what loans i have had in the past etc... anyone know..?> cheers scouse
  10. Anyone have the address too send Black Horse Finance a "Sar" Letter....>? Thanks scouse.
  11. Thanks for that, not had any paperwork from Barclays yet, garage just say that the agreement "is live " on thier system, shall give them another call, i fancy a rant. Cheers S.
  12. Morning, Bought new car over a week ago, garage has now given me 2 dates too collect car, (week after finance passed), now refusing too hand over car, as Barclays (finance provide) have not made payment too them yet. My view being, been promised 2 collection dates, been passed for the finance by barclays, now being messed around by garage as they can't get their act together with barclays. Anyone know how best too play this, or what action i can take..?> Cheers S.
  13. No problem James, Wish you well, and i'm sure you will be fine as you appear too be in full control. Regards S.
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