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Found 12 results

  1. Hi i am really struggling and hope that someone here can assist me ! I originally took out a secured loan with Endeavour finance in 2007 for £20k and have been paying it back since it was then sold onto Moorgate/Sancopia with no written information provided to me , and from looking at the land registry sancopia registered a charge on the property in 2013, despite years of payments my balance is just increasing and not decreasing . i have previously made a SAR to moorgate and they have sent me a photocopy if my agreements with endeavour. My question is this how
  2. Hi all, New member here; can't believe it's taken me this long to deal with this! back in 2003 my wife and I took out a secured loan through Freedom Finance; the loan (and ASU cover) were provided by Endeavour Personal Finance and all payments were directly made to them. We settled the loan in full in January 2008 - despite having paid five years' worth of repayments, thanks to the PPI being added and crippling interest applied, the settlement amount was still more than the original loan value! It was only fairly recently that we discovered that ASU cover and P
  3. I wonder if anyone can advise me of a contact number or help regarding a loan taken out pre regulation via Central Trust CT capital with Endeavour personal finance who are now HSBC HSBC blame Central trust as the broker - Central trust say they were not regulated pre 2005 so told me to look at the underwriter who were Hamilton Insurance. I believe they are now Aviva Insurance. I have telephoned many Aviva numbers today - they all tell me that they have never heard of a PPI claim with them as the underwriters?? Am I going mad? I really have no idea who to
  4. Hi, I am currently trying to sort out the details of a PPI Claim involving Endeavour/Ocean/Ocwen for my nanna and grandad. They took out a loan with Endeavour Personal Finance Ltd. on 01/09/1997 for £6000 plus £720 PPI, total £6720, for 60 months, monthly payment £159.45. Ocean Finance were the brokers and they were told that in order for them to get the loan they would need to take out PPI. As they were in desperate need of the loan they had no choice but to take it out with the PPI. In January 1999 they took out a second loan with Ocwen Limited, Ocean Finance were the brok
  5. Hi, I had a loan though Ocean , financed by Endeavour in/around 2002. I paid this off early in 2003. I don't have any paperwork and I don't have the account number. I have completed the form to send to Endeavour but I am wandering from reading all these threads if this is going to get me anywhere. Not sure how I can go about locating my account number or whether indeed Endeavour will reply and I should write to HFC or HSBC instead. Any advice before I start please would be much appreciated. Thanks JJ Hi, I had a loan though Ocean Finan
  6. I have just been contacted by EPF which is Endeavor Personal Finance to say that my secured loan is being purchased by Sancopia Portfolios No 1 SARL (Sancopia) and this will be administered on their behalf by Moorgate Loan Servicing LTD They are saying this is legal to do this. I only have 9 payments left to clear this loan. Has anyone else experienced this transfer? Worried that they are going to try and flank me!
  7. I took out a secured loan in 2003 for £25k that had ppi attached. I had other policies etc. to cover my mortgage and 2nd charge in the event of redundance, death & critical illness etc. so do believe I will claim it back. I called Endeavour Personal Finance who told me that yes it did have ppi attached but I had gone via a broker called CT Finance. I called them and they said that since the loan was taken out prior to 2006 1. The insurance was brokered prior to the regulation of general insurance by the Financial Services Authority. 2. Central Capital Limited (the broker) w
  8. Hi, Hopefully someone can help me on this one. I also had a secured loan through Endeavour purchased through Ocean. However Endeavour are telling me that i purchased it through 'Paul Newey, trading under Ocean Finance & mortgage Ltd' Endeavor say: ' At no time was Paul Newey an agent of EPF Ltd nor was Paul Newey an appointed Representative of EPF ltd.' So endeavour are saying that because of this they have no liability in this matter for any actions 'allegedly taken or not taken by paul newey' I wrote to Mr Newey and basically he seems to have done some sort of
  9. Hi All Have a secured loan with endeavour personal finance and its got PPI. we dont ever remember taking it out on the loan and at the time were in a major financial crisis so know we would have been aiming to get the lowest repayment per month possible. Called endeavour yesterday to ask about it to be told they never sold it to us a broker did called central capital. I have never heard freom them and dont have any documentation from them either. They only way I seen we had PPI is because we have just had a PPI statement from Endeavour. So I have written to Central c
  10. I have secured loan with EPF and i have just lost my job. There are only about 5 more payments to make, but it is going to be a struggle to pay them.I know that i will have to talk to them about it. My problem is what would be the best way to approach it?
  11. Round 2 of PPI reclaim. This time it will not be so easy, having read threads on CAG, before posting this. However, I hope I can pick up on some of the issues others had difficulty with, and hopefully, give others who have had PPI policies with these companies a helping hand. Fortunately, I have a lot of information to go on, as a result of SAR requests related to past bank charge reclaims. Story so far: Central Trust PLC arranged a joint secured loan during December 2000. They arranged this loan with Endeavour Personal Finance Ltd, an HSBC company, based iat Beneficial H
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