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Found 19 results

  1. Hello I am deaf and me and my wife took a loan out of £16,000 secured loan through igroup Ltd via loans.co.uk. We believe we have been misold with PPI. I wish to make a PPI complaint so can you please point me to the right direction to who I should make a PPI complaint to? The loan was taken out sometime between 2001-2003, not too sure and we have lost the original agreement, unfortunately. Please help? Many thanks Angus
  2. Hi all, To make this as brief as possible, I had a second charge on my property with Nemo personal finance. In 2007 the property was repossessed due to a lot of bad luck and the original lender sold the property over £50,000 less than market value just to cover their own expenses (G E Money) which left nothing to pay off the second charge. I have been battling this loan on and off ever since and during this time Nemo took me to court and won because I never defended the claim and this was due to the fact \I knew nothing about it. I agreed a miminal payment to them which
  3. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, I took 2 secured loans out within a couple of months of each other in 2006/2007, the loans were with iGroup, via Easy Loans (which I understand is or was a broker) and both were for over £5k each. Both loans were settled within a few months, the PPI was added up front (if that makes sense), when I cleared the loans I paid all of the PPI too even though, as I understood it, the loans were for 5 years and the policies too.. I find it hard to believe that I needed to pay the PPI for 5 years x 2 even though the money from the actual loans w
  4. Hi I took out a secured loan in 2003 through a broker called freedom finance who are no longer trading , PPI was added to the loan . I missed a couple of payments when the acct was passed to GE money , but always made up the missed payments over 2 months by paying extra on the contractual payments . The charges from the arrears charges have accrued interest and now stand at £1700. The loan was passed to Elderbridge last year and I have continued to pay the CMI , and when I could made a extra payment to reduce the arrears. I managed to dig out the contract and was
  5. Just found an old loan agreement from GE money, with PPI through Igroup which is owned by them. phoned them up and they said they weren't liable as it was brokered by Alabaster (ocean finance) rang FOS who were unhelpful, FSCS told me its out of their time limits as it was taken out in 2003, and also alabaster was based in jersey, i read something similar online, and saw a few people have been duped, is this a lost cause?? theguardian.com/money/2010/jul/11/ocean-finance-refund let me know so i can save it or bin it.
  6. Hi, Hope I'm posting this in the correct area. I have the misfortune to have a mortgage with what is now called GeMoney formerly Igroup, taken out in 2000 (15 year term) when I was self employed and arranged through a so called independent broker Capital Credit, who actually appear to have direct connections with Igroup/GeMoney. Over the period of the mortgage I have experienced many difficulties in maintaining the repayments, although fortunately for the last 5/6 years have been keeping up with the payments including extra towards the arrears ( which will pay these of
  7. Hi, My husband and I took out a £6k loan, with £500 broker fee to Purple Loans. The loan was originally from iGroup, who became GE Money Home Lending. The Loan was taken out in Oct 2002 and was due to expire in October 2009. During the course of the loan, we did experience some financial difficulty (I wasn't working when we took the loan out) and fell into some arrears periodically. We always cleared the arrears. After buring our head in the sand about this loan never ceasing to end, In 2011 we entered into a verbal agreement, and suggestion by GE Money
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer some advice? I received a letter from a firm of solicitors stating that a small secured loan I took out in 1997 was possibly subject to a secret commission. They included a copy of the mortgage deed but nothing else. They wanted me to sign a contract for their fee of 35% of monies they claimed back + contribution towards legal costs from GE Money. I wrote to them stating that I thought 35% a bit much - they replied saying that they weren't even sure that there was a claim to be had, but their initial investigations would b
  9. Hi Guys - received a letter from Loans.co.uk saying that I had been possibly mis sold a ppi policy on my mortgage - originally through igroup and then gemoney. I completed the form returned it and have been told that it has been upheld and that they are calculating the settlement. I raked through some old documentation and fund the 5 year term policy which was paid in a single premium back in 2006- now I am still paying my mortgage still got 10 years to run- I can remember that it seemed my mortgage was a lot higher in the first couple of years but I cant remember any specific ppi repayment be
  10. Hi all, I am hoping someone could answer a few questions. My husband & I took out a secured loan with igroup in April 2004 with Ocean Finance acting as the broker. The loan had PPI on it to the tune of £1800. My questions are: (1). The PPI only covered the first five years of a 14 year loan, which presumably means after this we had no cover but were still paying for PPI. Is that a case of mis-selling? (2). I read in the papers about unfair relationships & secret commissions . On the original paperwork which we have kept, it states that Ocean Finance did not
  11. Hi Long story going on here, after moving house recently I started sorting old paperwork and came across a reclaim for ppi that my ex wife had been trying to solve. I admit to being a bit of a no brainer with any of this sort of thing. A letter dated 2012 stated that ge money was not responsible for ppi and as dial4aloan was defunct they basically said , no chance and it was their final response. So this started me digging around the internet to see what was out there, and I discovered this site. I called ge money who said about the final response letter etc an
  12. I took out a loan in 2001 from IGROUP loans. I spoke to them last week about reclaiming my PPI. I was (and still am) a Local Authority Officer at the time and would have received 6mths full pay and 6 months half pay if I became ill and could not work. I have just come across the papers for the loan. I made copious notes and there is no evidence of a discussion about what benefit my employer offered if I could not work. They have informed me that they cannot offer a refund because the PPI was sold by a broker - Headland Finance. What is the procedure if the PPI was so
  13. Found an old loan from igroup Loans Limited who I take it are GE Money same address ect. Going to send a SAR to see what the score was with this loan.
  14. Hi all I do hope I have posted this in the right place. I have endeavoured to do as much of my own research as possible so far on this subject (detailed below), and don't expect busy people to do the legwork for me, but pointers would be very much appreciated please. My parents have recently been contacted by a firm of solicitors regarding a loan they took out in the late 90s with Ocwen/Igroup, offering to pursue a claim on a no-win no-fee basis, for a 35% commission, for secret commissions paid by the lenders to a number of brokers. My parents are elderly now, and I would
  15. Hi, after some advice and investigation on the Which website, we discovered that there's been some issues around self-certified mortgages. We sent a letter to GE Money using the template letter - I'll attach this. We've now had a response that GE Money didn't sell the loan, The Personal Loan Express Limited did and they are no longer trading, so we should contact their administrators. They then go onto say that the issue is 'time barred' because the loan was taken out over six years ago. Then finally they say the complaint is closed and to refer to the Finance and Leasing
  16. Hello everyone, It's been a while but I Sincerly hope your all well? I’m pretty unsure as to what I can do (if anything?) or should be doing (if anything?) regarding the issue of PPI in relation to our mortgage and as a result, If anyone could possibly point myself and my wife in the right direction over this matter we would be greatful, as always. In 2001 we obtained a mortgage through a broker with a Lender called “Platform Home Loans” In 2004 we then re-mortgaged via a broker called “The Mortgage Group” who introduced us to a lender called “Igroup” The Credit agreement rea
  17. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me In 2003, we took 2 loans out, one through Dial4aloan, and one through Ocean Finance as brokers. Both loans ended up with igroup, who is now GE Money. It may be helpful for you to know that both loans were over 10 years, had an up front single payment PPI front loaded to the loan, and both were paid off after 15 months, with no refund given. Also, the PPI only covered my husband, when the loans were in both names, and no refund was given for early settlement I sent two PPI claim letters to the brokers, whom have both re-formed, and the original
  18. Hi I have a CCA from an old secured loan with igroup. On the CCA it says I have paid insurance. Can I claim this back? If I remember correctly this loan was paid off when we remortgaged about a year after this was taken out, can I still claim interest on this amount? What is strange is this form has been filled in by them, they have also ticked the box for single cover even though this CCA is for a joint loan in both our names and we have both signed it. I obviously saw it as we must have signed it and sent it back but I musn't have noticed at the time. Regards igroupcca.pdf
  19. Help neede in reclaiming ppi back from a loan off igroup, but loan taken out in 2003 for 5 years paid back in 2005, the loan we was told and forced upon us a secured loan on property only for £5000, and told by igroup and the broker that the ppi was conditional, and that had to be taken to get the loan this is down on black and white from broker and igrooup, im still mad about it but tryed to get out of it at time Loan was for 5000 ppi was £1200, the total loan £6200, interest rate 13% over 120 months loan plus ppi was a month £92.57, interest rate variable, i still have agreement stateme
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