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  1. Hi I took out a secured loan in 2003 through a broker called freedom finance who are no longer trading , PPI was added to the loan . I missed a couple of payments when the acct was passed to GE money , but always made up the missed payments over 2 months by paying extra on the contractual payments . The charges from the arrears charges have accrued interest and now stand at £1700. The loan was passed to Elderbridge last year and I have continued to pay the CMI , and when I could made a extra payment to reduce the arrears. I managed to dig out the contract and was surprised to see the loan payments end this May but when I rang Elderbridge i was informed the outstanding balance is £2723 this includes the principle balance of £982 the remaining is the historic charges and interest from GE Money but Elderbridge do not charge interest on historic charges. Is it worth me doing a SAR request and look at the reclaiming the mortgage charges ? I contacted the FOS about the PPI , but was advised as the broker and Igroup is no longer trading , PPI claim would not be successful . Any help with next steps would be appreciated .
  2. I did continue making payments on my loan , and have managed to pay the arrears off, but I have been left with the charges which are in a separate account accruing interest. I contacted Ge money to see if I could set up a standing to pay the charges but because the account number is the same they could not guarantee that the amount I pay would go to reduce the charges ? . They said I could ring up and make a payment over the phone and specify I want the money to go the charges account but if its the same account how can they guarantee my money will be dispursed correctly ? Ge money make everything difficult !
  3. Hi all I have had a payment arrangment with Ge Money to pay of Mortgage arrears the arrangment came to an end last month and I will go back to normal contratual monthly payment at variable rate . Yesterday i received 4 separate default notices from GE stating that I had incurred a legal fees of £677, £88, £15, £247= £1027 . I went to my local debt advice agency , and the adviser rang Ge as I wanted to clarify the total I owed and if I could make an arrangement to pay the charges off and ask if they would consider stopping the interest if I did this . They stated they would not stop the interest and the default charges and interest go into a separate sub account ? which by the way has the same loan reference as my mortage acct , they also came back with a total figure of £2088 they say I owe !! they said I can ring up and pay towards the fees and tell Ge adviser Im paying off the sub acct ...... but if I do this how can I can guarantee the money I pay is going to pay off the charges and interest and not my mortgage as its the same reference. If I had not queried these fees , I would have been none the wiser , they say they are going to send me out a statement of my acct . My adviser also quoted the recent Gmac case , but they didnt seem bothered . Im thinking of making an offical complaint to Ge money and I realise I will probably have to follow it up with FOS complaint . I am worried that they may take further action regarding the default charges. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. The same thing happened to me , I have second secured lending with Ge Money , but the soliciter said because of new case law the chances of winning are low so they dropped the case , I received legal aid .
  5. I received a letter from the halifax saying my statements would follow shortly. I have received most but not all, January 06-October 06 are missing. They have uptill the end of december to comply.
  6. Right then I will let them breathe easy for a little while longer
  7. Still havent heard anything, havent had one statement sent yet
  8. Oh ok I will leave them alone a while . Good luck to you to
  9. Hi all I have sent my S.A.R off to the trinity rd address, I know they have received it as they cashed the cheque on the 8th November . I havent received any statements yet , how long should I leave it before I contact them to ask where my statements are and is it better to go to my local branch, phone or email ? Thanx Zz
  10. Hi All Good luck Barry, im a newbie and I will posting my first letter to the Halifax just as soon as I get my new bank account sorted.
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