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  1. So if Loans .Co Uk have admitted to me that they believe my claim is upheld - It was never explained to me at all - in fact I didnt know that this was what it was until they contacted me- then how do the y calculate what I might be owed . Is it them that repay me.
  2. Hi Guys - received a letter from Loans.co.uk saying that I had been possibly mis sold a ppi policy on my mortgage - originally through igroup and then gemoney. I completed the form returned it and have been told that it has been upheld and that they are calculating the settlement. I raked through some old documentation and fund the 5 year term policy which was paid in a single premium back in 2006- now I am still paying my mortgage still got 10 years to run- I can remember that it seemed my mortgage was a lot higher in the first couple of years but I cant remember any specific ppi repayment be
  3. you're right we have never had so much as 1 item of correspondence from Salans or RCI from the moment the payment plan was set up in 2009 and I had to do that through Salans - I feel well and truly duped!!
  4. it was RCI Financial services as the claimant - but Salans was the address we had to make payment to and Salans who sent us the info re the court order- I guess we werent really switched on back then - too busy having a meltdown, we nearly lost our home too - tough times!!
  5. Not sure if anyone can give me any guidance on this one as it is going back a while. Back in 2009 my husband who was a subcontracter at the time was working away - he had bought a nissan xtrail on finance a couple of years before - as the recession hit his work dried up and consequently he fell behind with payments - It got to the point where we thought we cant keep the car and as the fianace company were not willing to offer any kind of assistance we wrote to them and asked to hand the car back - I have to admit at the time we were going through such an awful ti
  6. Thank you everyone who replied , It is really helpful, I will get on and do the SAR straight away. Thanks again, y'know he was offered the jon on 20 june 2014 and it took them until the end of August to come back and say they were recalling the job offer due to an unsatisfactory reference. We had been chasing them for weeks for a start date- I dont know whos worse them or the previous comapny!!
  7. Hi there not sure if I'm in the right placec, but My husband left his last place of employment of his own free will, he wasnt happy with the way he was being treated and had a couplke of arguments with his supervisor, however he wasnt sacked or anything so he recently went for another job- got it but had to give his last employer for a reference- a couple of weeks later we heard nothing so he rang and next thing we had a ltr saying the job offer was recalled due to an adverse reference, we have asked the new employers for a copy but they have said under the data protection act 7.1 they cant w
  8. Thank you so much Andy its ready to go, I've had a bit of a nightmare getting on the on line site - Its experiencing problems and has locked me out, however I managed to get through to them via phone and it turns ou i have till Monday 4.00 to get the defence put on, she's told me to leave it for a couple of hours and I'll still try and get it on today- You have been a life saver- I will ceratinly let you know how I get on, Many many thanks to you and everyone else too!!!
  9. Hi andy with regards to the above- I don't have a great deal ap paperwork from when I actually took the loan out I did get some info stating interest would be charged at .85% culmative at 29% over a 30 day period but as far as I am aware after checking through my documentation I borrowed originally 150. and then I thought i borrowed a further 50 within the first 30 days- I then informed them at the end of june that my circumstances had changed and i asked them to set up a repayment plan ad stop all interest and charges other than the loan amount and interest. I'm not sure where the 188 figur
  10. Hi there is there anyone out there who could help I've got to submit a defense re safeloans by 4.00 today I have been receiving help from yourselves but i haven't heard anything for a couple of days and at lunch time I'm just going to have to put forward what i think is best on the online serice re the claim. My thread is under"Payday loan company claims and litigation "with all of the details. Any help much appreciated
  11. Hi blu ray sorry for being thick but whats a pm and can i reach him direct- just got to get this defense filed before tomorrow 4pm and i have to go to work tomorrow
  12. Hello there I've been getting some advice from your goodselves on defending the court claim I've been issued with and I was asked for some info re the credit agreement and I replied this morning, however I don't know if I 've replied correctlty because I haven't heard anything. I've got to defend by 4 tomorrow so I was just worried no one had seen my updated reply.Don't mean to be hassling anyone after you have been so great up to now but getting a bit jumpy with my deadline loomingregardsladyneveragain
  13. Hi there- was just wondrin if anyone had seen my post today - just i've got to file the defence by 4.00 tomorrow- Sorry don't mean to be hassling anyone- especially after all the advice I've had up to now.
  14. Hi Andy- I found some information from when i took the original loan amount out- it sais"Interest is charged on a daily basis at 0.85% which cculmative at 29% over 30 days. This amounts to £29 per month per £100 borrowed. I took a loan out of 50.00 on the 16/05 and then I topped it up for another amount at the beginning of june- I thought it was a further 100 but I can't find any paper work e-mailed to me over this additonal amount but the claim form says i borrowed 188 in total - I told them I couldnt pay in June.I hope that this helpsThanks again for all your help
  15. Hi there I'm not sure what the credit agreement originally said or if i even have seen it - I can check on my documentation that I do have when I get home from wk tonite- if thats not too latecheers
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