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  1. Hi, I think this is new to CAG. I have a trading account with a forex broker. i noticed a few trades on my ledger that I hadn't authorised. On closer examination I discovered my son had been playing with my account. He has a demo account and likes to pretend to trade, but had used my live account a couple times on my iPad/iPhone. My first instinct was to write it off and blame myself for not being diligent enough. Then I came across a potential precedent. SPREADEX LTD V COCHRANE [2012] EWHC 1290 http://www.druces.com/spreadex-vs-cochrane-online-terms
  2. hi guys this is my first post. I appoligise if I accidently break rules. Background I been using a waste disposal broker for my sandwich bar. All was going well until I received an over loading invoice which had 2 dates that i had apparently over loaded. Charge amount 69.05 10/01/2018 overload by 25kg = £5.25+vat was using 660ltre bin allowance 42kg 31/01/2018 overloaded by 249kg = £52.29+vat was using 1100ltre bin allowance 70kg Total = £69.05 between these 2 dates I had actually received a larger bin so when the collection happened on the 10/01/2018 i was using a
  3. I posted a while ago that I had written to Paragon about PPI I had taken out in 1989 with my National Home Loans mortgage, to be fobbed off and told I should take it up with the financial broker. "We realise this may be a disappointment to you". The financial adviser happened to be a friend of a friend at the time, and I've found him on Facebook. He seems to be doing very well ("one of the UK’s best-known bankers" ) so I wouldn't feel bad if the PPI was to come out of his pocket, although I doubt that would be the case? Would any of you kind and knowledgeable folk have any advice a
  4. Hello everyone, I took out a vehicle insurance online via one of the van insurance comparison sites beginning of this month and paid the deposit of around £250 upfront with the first instalment of £130 coming out shortly after on the 10th of Feb. Now, I just got home and had a letter (dated 20/02) from the insurance company, or rather the broker as it turns out, telling me that the insurer (they don't mention the name of the insurance company) advised them that my policy must be cancelled within the next 7 days. "This is because of where your vehicle is kept overnight". The vehi
  5. I am new here so please be patient. I am trying to reclaim PPI, I wrongly thought it would be fairly simple as it was for a car loan with Welcome finance in July 2004. I have received a final response letter from Welcome stating that the PPI was sold by a broker, Pinnacle, who have now ceased trading. I was not aware of this at the time we took out the loan, and have signed nothing stating that the loan was by Pinnacle. It also states the insurance provider is Aviva. I have phoned the financial ombudsman, they cannot help due to Pinnacle no longer trading
  6. Warning to LIP’s and Homeowners: I am not surprised that this country has been taken for a merry go round ride that has lasted for 25 years. It has cost this nation its ‘financial status’ and classified into history as ‘Broken Britain’ by the very Politicians and the legal system put in place by them. The citizens of this country now held to ransom by the same ‘financial criminals ‘who threaten to take their business elsewhere, should suffer the same pain they have inflicted on the masses, be‘charged’ as those petty criminals are charged and hounded. The country fraudulently has been mi
  7. I have been working as a self-employed mortgage broker until I resigned in July 2015. I signed a service contract with the company and commission was to be paid at the end of each month on a 50% split basis i.e. I get 50% of the commission for all business I write. Business has been very slow and in August 2014, the company incorporated under an umbrella company who took on most of our compliance. The director told me that the commission split would change to 35% for the first £3,000 of business written and 65% thereafter. This was apparently done to reward hitting higher targets. This w
  8. I took out a loan in 2001 from IGROUP loans. I spoke to them last week about reclaiming my PPI. I was (and still am) a Local Authority Officer at the time and would have received 6mths full pay and 6 months half pay if I became ill and could not work. I have just come across the papers for the loan. I made copious notes and there is no evidence of a discussion about what benefit my employer offered if I could not work. They have informed me that they cannot offer a refund because the PPI was sold by a broker - Headland Finance. What is the procedure if the PPI was so
  9. Hi, this is my first time posting here. I have already posted on 'moneysaving expert'. This is what I posted - 'In 2013 I took out 3 insurance policies through a broker called Mortgagepro UK Ltd. I signed a client agreement that stated if I cancelled the policies within 4 years I would be liable for any lost commission clawed back by the insurance company. In January 2015 I found I could not afford the premiums and cancelled the policies. I had forgot about the client agreement & heard nothing from Mortgagepro UK Ltd. Last week I received a call from a di
  10. Property Fraud: Shawbrook Bank and Mortgage broker NRG ltd. I would like to contribute my experience to forewarn others of the type of property frauds that exist which snatches your property in an ‘organized way’ or rather what I would describe as ‘organized crime’ which could leave you unexpectedly damaged due to a planned repossession by the organizers. The property industry like any other will have plenty of corruption opportunities in it so the consumer needs a lot more protection than what we have today. It will take up a lot of space to describe my full perso
  11. As the title says. Just been to renew my pawn shop loan (gold chains) and for the first time in years at least 5 been a customer they have changed the contract and raised the interest on me. Never in 5 years has this happened, the contract is just renewed with the same terms as the original but this time they have increased the interest. I had no choice but to sign as otherwise I would have lost my gold in 2 days. Can they change the contract on me like this making me pay out more each month in interest. Interest on the original loan was set at £12.50 and now its gone
  12. Hi all. Looking for some advice please : After reading a little on the reclaiming of various fee's / charges I wanted to find out more about this matter. Looked into my mortgage paperwork and noticed that during the past few years the Broker has been paid over £3,000 and £4,000 for arrange a mortgage of £200,000 and that the rates are not high street rates eventhough my credit rating is very very good. Can you reclaim the fee's paid to Brokers and can you dispute the interest rate that the Mortgage Company is charging ? I am understanding that had a High street lender
  13. Hello, first post here and i'm hoping someone can advise me with a problem i'm trying to sort out for two friends of mine, a couple of brothers who run a small farm next door to me. they asked me to help sort out some paperwork for an insurance claim they had and it's turning into a nightmare. They've got insurance for their farm through a broker called moneynotion at derby, they have passed this on to another broker called Towergate insurance, who in turn provided insurance underwritten by royal sun Alliance. They've had to make a claim for a machine that caught fire accidentally w
  14. Can anyone tell me when trying to recover pay day loan broker's fee less £5, does one have to wait 6 months before making the claim to comply with the bit that says they have to refund if you haven't taken a loan suggested by them in that time??
  15. Regulator brands mortgage broker a "disgrace" to the financial services industry and hands out record fine. A Birmingham-based mortgage broker has been fined £1m and been banned from working in financial services after mis-selling controversial "sale and rent back" leases to vulnerable customers. The Financial Conduct Authority said Gurpreet Singh Chadda, who traded under the names Red2Black Homes and B&L Homes, had misled vulnerable customers who were already in severe financial difficulties about the nature of his sale and rent back arrangements. Under these deals – which have
  16. Had brokers fee taken from myloan, I don't even remember using them and certainly didn't get any referral or loan as a result of them I stupidly put in my card details thinking they were a lender. So their t & c state 14days to cancel, now it was almost 2 weeks before they took any money and I realised what I must/could have done. Pretty convenient waiting 2 weeks. I've missed my chance to contact them in writing, although I did email them in time, within the 14 days, although as you can imagine, no response from email, do I have any hope, can I show the FSO the email? Total cro
  17. As my case is subject to on-going proceedings, I can not go into specific detail as to why I am making this request. It is suffice to say, that it is being made to use against them. If you have made a complaint to Welcome for mis-sold PPI and they rejected your claim on the basis that the PPI or loan was sold to you by a broker, could you please send me a copy of the rejection letter as a matter of urgency? If you have a copy of the rejection letter, you can send it to my inbox here or post it to this thread in response. Please remove your personal details before uploading it to this
  18. Hi, I have recurring menatl health problems, and during an earlier episode, was co-erced into starting a haulage business, which enatiled obatining insurance for the lorries.The Broker obatined insurance and a loan for the balance of the insurance, i paid 25% of the annual premium as a deposit. Jan 2003 - I had to cancel within 2 months...then had a breakdown. Loan company took me to court for a sum ...didnt know why, and was unable to defend myself.They got a CCJ, and a charging order on my home, I was bereaved and had no one to help me. I recovered in about a year, to find t
  19. Hi all, Does anyone know who Broker Central Ltd are ? I have been fighting a very long battle with my PPi insurance and the latestest instalment is that Broker Central were the brokers. I have never heard of them and cannot find anything about them. Thanks:-x
  20. I currently use Sky Insurance as my broker to arrange my car insurance, and have just renewed my policy with them having been using them since Sept 2011. I renewed my policy on 20th Sept this year, with the 1st installment due on 5th Oct. Unfortunately I was 30p short on the direct debit, so it bounced, and was referred back to Sky. I cant remember who the actual policy is with, just that Sky are the broker and Creation supply the finance. Anyway, Sky rang me on Oct 10th to take payment over the phone, to this they had added an admin charge of £25, which I refused to pay until I'd had a brea
  21. Hi... so I don't know if this is the right area but I couldn't find the unsecured loan section. I paid (I know... stupid idea) Unsecuredloancompany.net a broker fee in Feb 2010, and going through all my records I've just remembered this. They didn't find me a lender however at that time I had a hundred and one things happening at once so I never even thought about claiming a refund. I know it's a long long time ago, but what are the chances of getting that refund, and does anyone know the best way about it? Thanks for any advice
  22. Apologies if this has been asked and answered previously ( i have searched). I had a loan from GE Money with PPI, i wrote the 1st letter claiming miss-selling and they have replied, that the broker is resopnsible. The broker is Karcus ltd who they state is in administration. GE state that i should contact the administrators or the financial services compensation schemes. Is thsi correct?
  23. So Myloans have taken a broker fee from my bank i did visit the site and did enter my details however on the final page it stated a £69.99 charge, i closed the webpage. Next morning they've already taken the money, had to wait until this cleared to arrange a chargeback, however this is where my issue lies Bank is stating that because i have seen the list of comparisons (however i did not finalize the application) that i have negotiated n(see definition below) with the company and therefore cannot apply for a chargeback. This stumped me, not sure whether this is
  24. No renewal notice, suddenly the policy docs came in. I had never been happy with them... details were incorrect. I have taken out a new policy and they have taken one instalment.. been going for 4 days. I really don't want anything to do with them. What can I do?
  25. Hi all. Just want a quick bit of advice regarding getting a first time buyer mortgage. Me and my missus have 10% deposit between us. We went via an independant broker who was whole-market. He found us a nice deal with Accord, but we did not pass the credit check stage. We've got printed reports from both Experian and Equifax for both of us which shows me as Excellant and my missus as good (the only negative thing on hers is that she took out a Next card 2 months ago to buy something from their online catalogue - not sure why this is negative but there you go). I guess Accord's benchmark w
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