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Found 4 results

  1. Of course the private parking industry is really just a type of extraordinary rendition. In the same way that legitimate governments which are not prepared to get involved in torture or other unsavoury practices against people who they suspect of having committed crimes, but instead have them whisked off to countries which are far less scrupulous, the big retail names such as Asda, Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco and the rest prefer not to get their hands dirty with the business of inflicting punishments on their ordinary everyday customers for minor infractions such as overstaying five minutes or 10 minutes in a car park for whatever reason so instead they get the private parking industry to do the work for them. The private parking companies are in the business of being hated. They're not bothered about their reputation. Their job is apparently to wage the proxy war on the ordinary customers of the big retail brands and at the same time to keep their big retail clients out of the picture so that the reputations and the goodwill of those big retail clients don't get dragged into the mud. If you have a look at this private parking forum, you will see that the name of the retailer who owns the car park is scarcely ever mentioned – pretty well never. Everything is focused on the private parking company and of course that means that there simply doing their job rather well. However, it has come to our notice that some of the retail names are starting to become a little troubled about possible damage to their reputation. If the victims of private parking companies were more prepared to focus on the retail brand behind the car parking facility as well as the private parking company which is operating on their behalf, it might help to force the big retail brands to face up to the damage they are doing to the lives and the economy of the people who are falling foul of Draconian parking measures. We understand that some of the retail brands are very receptive when their customers appealed to them directly to intervene in the levying of a parking fine by one of the parking management companies. Names which have cropped up in various conversations have included Lidl and also Morrisons. However, it is very likely that the others also do not want trouble and we feel that if you have become the victim of some parking fine which has been levied as a result of some insignificant infraction of some alleged contractual terms and conditions, that it would be worth your while writing to the supermarket or retailer concerned – at their trading address (meaning at the car park address) with a copy also to the head office complaining about what has happened and asking for them to intervene and to have a parking fine cancelled. We think that it is very important not to let the big retail brand clients benefit any more from the extraordinary rendition trick with their reputations are preserved even though at the end of the day, it is they who have decided to employ the private parking company. If you have received a parking ticket then you should write to the retailer both that they local branch as well as the head office
  2. Hi I am new to the site and out of mind with worry. I have been claiming as a single person when I have been living with someone for 9 years. The relationship has been rocky since day 1 and he had suggested we separate in several occasions. He's had affairs and told me he doesn't love me but we've stayed together in the same house as I'm on a low wage and can't afford to move out. The house is his all bills and mortgage in his name. The house is up for sale at present and when it sells I'm on my own with my son who is not my partners he is from a previous relationship. My reasons for doing this were that I thought we would separate sooner than this. I don't contribute to the bills he pays everything for which I am grateful. I only earn £900 a month so it's difficult to move out as I can't afford to rent. I have no family other than my 85 year old mum who lives 80 miles away. I feel I'm totally on my own. Had a letter stating they have information that someone else lives in the house. I have rung to stop my claim but they say I have to wait for the next letter asking me for information. I'm out of my mind with worry not eating not sleeping and seeing my doctor next week as I'm just not functioning. I've never done anything dishonest in my life and never even had a parking ticket. I genuinely believed we would separate before now and stupidly left my claim as single. With all the emotional turmoil I just pushed it to one side and honestly never gave it another thought. I admit I filled in the declarations wrongly but am willing to be totally honest and up front with them. I'm so worried I will go to prison. I'm all my son has and I can't bear the thought of him being left alone. No idea of the over payment yet but fear it will be extreme. Please any help and advice would be appreciated. I can provide further info if needed. Please don't judge me.
  3. Hi, I have recurring menatl health problems, and during an earlier episode, was co-erced into starting a haulage business, which enatiled obatining insurance for the lorries.The Broker obatined insurance and a loan for the balance of the insurance, i paid 25% of the annual premium as a deposit. Jan 2003 - I had to cancel within 2 months...then had a breakdown. Loan company took me to court for a sum ...didnt know why, and was unable to defend myself.They got a CCJ, and a charging order on my home, I was bereaved and had no one to help me. I recovered in about a year, to find the Broker dissapeared, so no redress there -I thought there was nothing I could do. Am in recovery for another breakdown, but this time got good treatment and can think straight , so have been writing to all concerned to try and understand what happened. Broker was sold to Swinton, but they didnt buy their liabilites. Insurers HIghway - sent me proof of refunds issued to the broker (before the swithc to swinton) Loan company say that the Brokers didnt issue the refund money to them , thats why they got the CCJ for £2.6K on me. this is now £4.5k with interest. Bit by bit over the last 2 years i have obtained info' to clarify what went on, and i see that a loan of £4K, was sent to the insurer on my account,( in addition to those i signed up to) but I never signed any agreement for it...interestingly the loan co. havent chased me for that. I have established that the agreements were created in a way that gave the company a financial benefit, but am out of time to challenge so here is my question. Can i use this new information in any way to leverage with the loan co to write of my debt. ..I have provided them with a statement of means, I doubt anyone will employ me after the latest breakdown (3 years) and i am 58, so pleanty of younger purchasing proffessionals out there! i know its statute barred, but as they continue to answer my letters, i feel there may be room to negotiate...but I have no lump sum to offer a lower sum to finish it off. I know I may have a chance of applying for a set aside due to my mental health issues,has any one here been succesful in this after so long? I dont know if i could cope with a court room, though, i have tried to get a litigants freind, but failed there. My partner works, but he dosent earn much so we wont be able to get legal aid. yes its convoluted, and taken me many years to understand what happened.. Any ideas would be welcomed!!! Suzannah
  4. I am in a loveless relationship, with 2 children 12 and 5. The 12 yr old is not my current partners child, which is causing a lot of the problems we encounter. I can not stay with him anymore, but I do not know what to do next. We are renting privatley in both our names, I work 7 and a half hours a week, partner full time employment, I have no savings or other capitol. Currently receiving child benefit 33 £ a week, child tax credit 45 £ a week and housing benefit 66£ every 2 weeks. I do not know how to find a new home. I can not stay here anymore and the children would be going with me. I will be grateful for any advice on this situation. kind regards J.x
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