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  1. ok people Heres the update. i was credited back full amount wooohooooooo As suspect they left it right up to the last minute and literally 2 days before the final 14 day deadline i gave them to respond to me or i apply to county court i recieved i phone call from one of the managers and at first he still tried to get me to contribute towards the cost of getting the item back to them. i replied with a straightfoward "NO" He also tried telling me that they have tested the previous item and it seems to be in working order so i replied by simply telling them by explaining the 4 engineer visits is proof the freezer wasnt working and unless they refund me full amountim still applying to court in two days then ended the phone call. I then recieved another call simply telling me i will be recieving a full refund and that i will be recieving a phone call from another company in regards to collection. All in all good result i just wished these companies didnt exploit people naivety and traded honestly if i hadnt gone further and sought advice i would of been stuck with a useless freezer. Anyway i wanna say thank you to all you guys your advice was fantastic. MODO
  2. quick update guys wrote them letter stating i will be filing a defence if they decided to take it further also stated what grounds im filing defence on. now they have "AS A GOOD WILL GESTURE:roll:" credited me back the charges. so good result. thank you for all the advice guys.
  3. yep done. thanks for your advice guys ill get this actioned. ill keep you updated on results.
  4. ok definetly for now ill just ask for a reply as you stated. then ill send 14day letter. that will give me time to prepare if i do need to take it to court. i am 100% willing to take this to court. only problem is during this time my business is down 1 freezer which causes a problem.
  5. thank you guys thats Fantastic just what i needed ive done up a email/letter ill copy and paste here. not to sure if its ok let me know if you think its to long winded or need adjusting.
  6. So should i just Stand my ground and what do you think chances are of this going to magistrates court as they keep threatening. baring in mind im still paying for there service so they are making money from me.
  7. The business is a Limited Company and the freezer is a "PRODIS GRN-C2F 2 Door Freezer" so its not manufactured by shop equip its a PRODIS. i Dont know if it makes a difference however i did purchase the item on my personal Credit Card Its a 2 door Freezer Prodis GRN-C2f its and under counter freezer looks like a chest freezer only doesnt have a lide it has to doors its keeps in a clear open space so theres no obstructioin to the vents.
  8. Ericsbrother - thank for the advice, actually the brooker seemed to be cheaper. Its biffa who actually lift the bins i will actually ask about the RFID.
  9. the T's and C's on the site only has a warrenty section which doesnt actually say anything on refunds or repair just says what they will be responsible for.
  10. hi guys appoligise for late response was working all morning still actually at work just on a break. yes it is business to business the supplier is shop-equip .com im going to go through the t's and c's now ill copy and paste the part about refunds.
  11. Hello Agaain In November 2017 I bought a commercial freezer online from a so called reputable comapny. The freezer was faulty and they made 4 enginer callouts to repair the freezer eventually giving up and sending me a replacment of the same make and model which suited me fine as long as i have a working freezer. Ever time the tempature goes up i loose stock and end up going through the whole hassle of calling the company up and complaining. I have proof of all the call outs and that the item was replaced. My problem is it has only been 5 days since the replacement and i already have had the enginer round becouse the moment the freezer arrived we noticed the temperature setting was faulty and now on the 5th day the actually freezer is not working properly as it has gone up to -7* this should be between -18 and -22 as the manual and description states. i am about to contact the company but this time demand a refund rather then repair or refund as i believer the make or model is faulty and we have tried those options before. im preparing a letter/email to send mentioning "consumer rights act 2015" i just wanted to clarify as this is a business to business transaction would it still be covered by the act. i been told it is covered but ive also been told otherwise. can anyone give me any advice on how i should go about this or any laws that would help me in this situation. just to mention, Any mention of a refund is absolutly refused going from previous conversation and they act as if i dont even have a choice in the matter.
  12. ploddertom - charged per lift which is a set amount. the allowance is low i did look at other coomercial waste collectors they where all roughly the same (unless i missed something) residential waste has more allowance which is ridiculious. Despite we still manage to stay with in the weight limit i tend to descard anything heavy myself. Saying we went over by 249kg clearly an error. proberbly just trying to squeeze some more money out of me. im wondering if this is a common tactic with these company as i would imagine alot of businesses woudnt bother about £55 and just pay. Why should i allow them into scaring me to pay a unjust charge. when i rasied the issue they would even answer any of my point just keep repeating we have the tracking data when i asked can you please send data they sent me a sceen shot off something like a map.??????? what the hell was that supposed to show me, LOL
  13. im thinking of just emailing them back one more time stating my arguement and basically letting them know im willing to pay for first charge but not the second as i feel its a mistake. does anyone have any advice on how i should word the email.???? i am also willing to still work with them but i dont think i want to pay any further invoices untill i get the one cancelled as i think they will just take any payment i make towards this overcharge.
  14. thank you for your responses guys here are the answers to super villians questions 1. Do you accept that you were overweight on the smaller bin? The smaller bin could of maybe gone over by 25 kg as its not i large weight and maybe that week there could have been extra weight i did notice it was full to the max which is way i order a larger bin. 2. What kind of rubbish to you typically put in these bins, and do you remember if there was anything unusually heavy thrown away on these occasions? It general sandwhich bar waste micture of food waste and supplier packaging etc 3. How often are your collections? Once a week 4. Where are your bins kept between collection dates i.e. are they secure? bins are keep behind my shop in a alleyway with a locked gate plus the bin itself is locked 5. How long (minutes/hours/days) between putting the bins out and the actual collection taking place? bins are put out daily colloction is once a week on a wednesaday 6. Do you know how your bins are weighed (presumably it is a weighing system incorporated into the bin lift on the bin lorry)? its a weighing system incorparated into lorry 7. What kind of businesses are around you and do you know what bins they use (same company?) and what kind of waste they're chucking? There are food businesses/ restaurants and a very large leasuire center the same company that collects my waste also collects theres on the same day Ploddertom-yes on the colletion when i had 660ltr bin i was only allowed 42kg and when i had the 1100ltr bin it was only 70kg
  15. hi guys this is my first post. I appoligise if I accidently break rules. Background I been using a waste disposal broker for my sandwich bar. All was going well until I received an over loading invoice which had 2 dates that i had apparently over loaded. Charge amount 69.05 10/01/2018 overload by 25kg = £5.25+vat was using 660ltre bin allowance 42kg 31/01/2018 overloaded by 249kg = £52.29+vat was using 1100ltre bin allowance 70kg Total = £69.05 between these 2 dates I had actually received a larger bin so when the collection happened on the 10/01/2018 i was using a 660 litre bin which had a 42kg allowance then on the 31/01/2018 I was using a larger bin which is a 1100litre bin which has an allowance of 70kg Grounds for dispute My dispute is if I only went over by 25kg on a 42kg allowance how have i gone over by a Wapping 249kg on a larger bin which has a 70kg allowance. Also that is a lot of weight to put in a 1100 litre bin please my own rubbish there’s clearly a mistake when i raised this issue with the broker all they kept telling me is they have tracking records from the bin collection. However that’s not what I’m disputing (if that not what they had on their records then they wouldn’t be charging me in the first place). I’m disputing the legitimacy of the charge IE did they register the correct bin when they did the lift, I know they collect multiple bins from the same location maybe they lifting another bin by mistake. How do I know they didn’t receive a back hander from someone to throw there bins away and decided to place it in mine Now they have basically refused to credit the charge although I have had one of their own member of staff admit the figures do look off. I feel there just trying to bully this amount out of me. As brokers the waste company they are contracting to collect the waste are the ones provide them with the collection/lift info. I feel they can’t be bothered to investigate with the waste company what’s gone wrong Actions taken I am still using them to collect my waste as I am contracted to them till April 2019 and pay my waste invoice but u haven’t paid the over charge. So I have received a letter stating 1. they now will add a charge of between £40 to £60 to the charge ( haven’t actually stated amount) 2. the next course of action is to commence county court proceeding to recover debt and will result in added interest and fees I know in my gut there just trying to bully me into just shutting up and paying. Can anyone advise what action I should take? Thank you
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