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  1. Such as brokers fees, if you had no money in account etc, I don't want to put money in that account now as worried money may be withdrawn from who knows. There's no money in the account right now but as I said I would like to use it again. Can the bank tell me this? I've read about brokers taking multiple amounts etc
  2. So your saying I can demand a chargeback, on what grounds, wont the bank just say, to either contact myloan or that I signed an agreement?
  3. I did try the bank and they said nothing they can do, the money has cleared now.
  4. Had brokers fee taken from myloan, I don't even remember using them and certainly didn't get any referral or loan as a result of them I stupidly put in my card details thinking they were a lender. So their t & c state 14days to cancel, now it was almost 2 weeks before they took any money and I realised what I must/could have done. Pretty convenient waiting 2 weeks. I've missed my chance to contact them in writing, although I did email them in time, within the 14 days, although as you can imagine, no response from email, do I have any hope, can I show the FSO the email? Total crooks.
  5. So I am in the same boat, just started a topic about it, I never received any loan, I don't even know what site it was but my bank tells me it's Enhance that took the money although the money is still being cleared. I will try bank Monday to see if they are helpful and I have just emailed the FSO. I never received any loan although I would guess they matched me with a lender, tbh I did it in the library and the computers are so slow and block so many sites that even though I must have entered my card details the redirection to a 'lender' would have been blocked, so I received no service from any broker. Hopefully I will get a refund.
  6. I don't even now what site it was that took my money, as I said they all lead back to Enhance or quintessential finance, so should I contact them, if I were to phone them I would probably end up racking up a phone bill similar to the £69. Do you think the bank will be helpful? Should I write a letter to Enhance, I have their address, chances are they will just reply with, 'you should have read t & c''s' if they even reply.
  7. So you think a chargeback is the way to go, are they not just going to say, 'you should have read the t & c, so nothing we can do'. And if that fails, should I try an find an email address for Enhance financial or phone them, what are my grounds for a refund?
  8. Any help here would be much appreciated! So, I deceided a couple of weeks ago to try for a payday loan and was surpsrised to be accpeted with the first(or so ) I tried for. I was a bit desperate, now roll forward a week and I tried for another while still currently having the first, this time I couldn't find anyone, I have some bad credit from the past. So stupidly, and out of a bit of desperation, I just googled 'payday loans' and was trying a lot of what I thought were all lenders, but it seems I must/MAY have signed up to a broker also, I thought I was being careful, which I was, and I certainly don't recall seeing anything talking about a processing fee, but I must have, so I find £69.99 taken from my account. I don't even now what website it was, I now have a TON of junk mail, and have searched through it but don't see anything about a fee being taken. My bank tells me it's from a compain called ENHANCE, which after a google is Enhance financial, also known as Quintessential Finance and maybe another name as their parent lender. They seem to have many 'front' company website names, like myloan.co.uk etc etc. So, is there such a thing as a cancellation period, do I have a leg to stand on, how do I get in contact with them, should I go direct to the parent finance companies(enahnce etc) or do I need to find out what website I 'MAY' have signed up for, although I certainly don't ever recall see anything saying I will be paying £69.99. Anything I can do here, ENHANCE financial is well documented on the Internet and also on this site, some people seem to have been successful in getting a refund -mius £5. Thanks for any help.
  9. So the rapid reclaim, would this take a while, in other words would you have a gap in your payments, i take it you would lose payments for the time you were abroad and then it would start again from the rapid reclaim.
  10. It's vaguely said that on their site, I was thinking of pawning a couple of items although no longer have the receipts anyone have any idea?
  11. On JSA, just finished a sanction but told i can't get crisis loan until after first payment after sanction, won't get money now till next Friday. Electricity will run out today. Do i have any option left, just to top up elec. Also can't get hardship unless your on a sanction. I can get food from food bank, but i will be living in dark at night, which will be a bit of a pain and i won't be able to cook anything.
  12. How long did you need to wait for the appeal decision, and i take it you put in a reconsideration first which was rejected so also how long did the reconsideration take?
  13. Thanks, i did think it may be the day after you need to apply, but i've waited 6 weeks, do you think there is no point at all applying tomorrow for a crisis loan?
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