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  1. I thought I had answered your questions , have I missed some? I absolutely appreciate that you are trying to help, I have taken a look at the absence policy but it pertains more to full time regular members of staff. His shifts were never the same each week or month. It states that he is to contact his manager on the first day of absence (which he did)and if longer than 7 days then he would need a sick note from the doctors he had contacted the doctor to arrange this but there was a backlog on registering patients. (he only graduated from Uni in May during the first lockdown). My concern is the affect this may have on any references. He graduated from University in May and this is the only job he has since then. I just feel that although I agree and understand that the main point is the fact that he didn't send the email, at no point was he allowed to state his case officially.
  2. Yes. we realise that there has been an error on his part but he had been in contact with them all before Christmas (about 6 emails) and he also had correspondence a few days before telling him that they were having to cancel his shift on the 27th but was still on the rota for 28th December. He didn't occur to him that they did not know as when we received his result he wrote to inform them (which didn't get sent).
  3. I'm sorry but this may be a long post but I really need some advice : My son has been working on a fixed term, claims based contract which usually finishes at the the beginning of January and then employees are asked back.. Unfortunately I was sent home from work to self isolate due to being in contact with a positive contact .I then started to feel unwell and sent for a test which unfortunately came back positive so my son had to also isolate. During this time he had kept his employers informed that he was having to self isolate and that I had received a positive and he had ordered a test and was being tested. (which actually came back positive) This is where it starts to go wrong ,although he had contacted work and gave the names of the colleagues who he had been in contact he sent an email (or so he thought) informing them that he was positive .It was not until he returned to work that he realised that the email was sitting in drafts. The app said that he had to isolate until 28th (he went to work on 28th) which he showed them when he got to work, however it does say that you have to isolate 10 days from the test or from when you start displaying symptoms so he had been isolating for 14/15 days. He was sent home as no one was aware of his test result and was told that the manager would contact him to arrange to speak to him but she was currently on holiday. He sent an email explaining all the time lines .He did not hear anything back until last week asking him what shifts he would be available for in the new year, all good we thought but then he received a letter yesterday stating "After a thorough investigation relating to your conduct upon receiving a positive COVID-19 test result, the decision has been made not to offer you further employment " He replied saying that he did not know that there had been an investigation and requested the copies of the investigation. The reply was " "as you are not currently in the employ of ---------------there is no legal requirement for me to provide evidence for this. However in light of your request for information, the following informed the final decision:" The absence of communication with a manager upon confirmation of a positive COVID-19 result The absence of communication with a manager to arrange your return to work following a positive COVID-19 test result The high level of risk to people and business associated with the two points above The approach to communication with colleagues and management upon your return to work We have a duty of care to protect our employees and members of the public, and as we continue operating within this pandemic we must be able to fully trust our team to follow correct procedures at all times. Can anyone help please ? Do they not have to provide evidence especially he was not given the opportunity to defend himself.
  4. ok thank you I will do that but do you think it might be too late as they are already taking the money out.
  5. Hi all, I have a couple of accounts on hold due to my financial circumstances but when looking at my credit file each month is showing up as a default. Is that correct ?
  6. I'm not 100% sure as it was my husband who was supposed to have dealt with it ., but I do believe that an IE was done for the Council Tax but I don't remember one for the HMRC
  7. The Council Tax debt is being taken by 2 attachment of earnings from my wages and the Tax Credits overpayment is going to be taken by reducing my payments. Either way it will be leaving me in absolute financial hardship.Am relying on family help to feed the children as it is.
  8. This is quite a long one so I will try and condense as much as possible. Alcoholic Husband left a year ago leaving behind myself and two teenage children. New partner from the start. He was on ESA when he left new partner working. He hasn't engaged in any of the divorce proceedings so had to get him served. It seems that he and his partner are working as relief pub managers so are moving around. He lies to the benefit office and to the CSA. I work three jobs but am on a very low income. Suddenly the last few weeks I am now being chased solely for joint debts (Council Tax arrears, Tax credit overpayments and Water arrears ) as they have no idea where he is. I accept that I am liable for half of the debt how is it that he can walk away leaving these debts and not provide even for his own children ? Is there anyway I can reduce the payments or have my half written off due to financial hardship? At present I have more outgoings than income and am just waiting for the next debt to arrive
  9. Hi I have recently filled in an income and expenditure with a monthly repayment offer on a council tax arrears. Today received a letter stating they are not accepting my offer and to recalculate my i&E. They state that music/dance lessons are not classed as essential (fair enough I can agree with that ) but they also state that childrens school uniform and childrens clothing are not classed as essential expenditure ! I'm sorry but I though clothing my children would be up there with one of the most essentials. Can anyone shed any light on this. Many thanks:|
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know who Broker Central Ltd are ? I have been fighting a very long battle with my PPi insurance and the latestest instalment is that Broker Central were the brokers. I have never heard of them and cannot find anything about them. Thanks:-x
  11. I am so frustrated and I don't know where to turn to now. Here is a condensed list of my situation. Took out a loan with Endeavour Personal 2003 with PPi .I know that I have been missold and complained to Endeavour who said I had to contact Central trust as they were the brokers. S0 I contacted Central Trust who said they were not liable as it was time barred. A few letters were then exchanged between us with me citing the rule that it wasn't time barred as I have 6 years from when I realised I had been missold etc . Central trust stuck to their guns so I went to the Fos. They contacted Epf ,HFC bank (because EPF is a subsidary) and Central trust but then came back to me saying they couldn't help as they couldn't find out who exactly sold me the original loan . Does anyone have any ideas how I can find ou. I have all the original paperwork but there is no mention of anyone else.
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