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  1. Thanks Andy. Rightly or wrongly, I don't trust security of these things. If it gets hacked then they know everything about me. Just the fear factor I suppose.
  2. Does the defence statement have o have wet ink signature or can we use electronic signature? Concerned by possibility of fraudulent use of wet ink signature. Thanks, Lilly
  3. I asked for documents... they did not reply and then I sent reminder... no reply. I want to submit defence that they have not supplied any docs to prove anything/dismiss/strikeout case. I wanted to ask you if this would go as defence statement or I need to fill a form etc. The claim is through CCBS Northampton.
  4. Thanks dx100uk. Do I need to fill any forms or just send standard defence statement? Thanks in advance
  5. There is no CCJ. I have written to them twice for any documentation they have and so far they have not responded. Still with CCBC Northampton. What next??? My stand is not much I can do if they don't supply any dicumentation to substantiate their claim.
  6. YEs acknowledgement was sent on time. Date on form is 25/01/2014. Haven't done CPR 31.14 request - just asked for statements, agreements and assignments.
  7. There is nothing on the credit file. I sent letter asking them to provide documentation that validates their claim and 3 weeks later there has been no response. What should I do next? Any thoughts!!
  8. Didn't get anywhere with 'noddle'. It wanted details of credit/debit card and I don't have any. Apparently it needs these details to identify me.
  9. I don't know... it is 14 digit number. But, I have never held account in my name with this bank.
  10. Thanks dx100uk. The wording on POC is: "The Claimant's claim for the sum of XXXX being the monies due from the defendant to the claimant under the current accounts agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 between the defendant and the 'bank name' under account reference XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and assigned to the Claimant on dd/mm/.yy notice of which has been given to defendant. The defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the term of agreement and defailt notice has been served an not complied with. The claim also includes statrutory interest of 8%...... .... from the date of assignment." I don't know anything about CRa file. Wouln't know where to get one from. Sorry for being thick.
  11. Received letter from BRW Legal demanding payment on a current account. I wrote back sayhing I have never had this account. They never replied instead sent claim through CCBC for full amount plus costs and interest. Form says Current account agreement regulated by the comsumer act 1974. I have acknowledged the receipt of the claim. What should I ask BW to provide or what can I.
  12. Thanks citizenB for your reply. CCA request was made to MBNA about 3 years ago - no response - A/C in dispute etc. MBNA's Default Notice dated 14th July 2009 for full payment by 31st July 2009. Earlier in 2012, I received letter from MBNA that they were selling the debt to Britania Recoveries (BR) and a letter from them that they had bought the debt. Wrote to BR to say A/C in dispute. Then after the normal templated responses ignoring my letters came the claim via N'ton Bulk Centre. I submitted defence to say 'not sufficient docs to me to file a proper defence' and sent CPR31.14. Nothing for a few months then this Tomlins Agreement for me to sign. Looks like the appn form is a Computer printout and my details and signature appear on a separate sheet A5 size photocopied with unrelated reference numbers. plus generic terms and 5 statements.
  13. Default notice came about 3 years ago. Since then everything has been silent. Then middle of last year MBNA wrote to say debt being sold to Britanica recoveries followed by letters from their DCAs. And then later last year claim through N'ton Bulk Centre. I submitted defense to say not enough evidence.. CCJ in error... set aside... sent CPR 31.14 request no reply for months and then these docs. I shall scan these in the morning.
  14. 2 weeks ago I had the response from their solicitor to my CPR request. I have just finished reading through it. This is what they have sent: one page that looks like a typed up application, another half a page so called agreement with just my signature (it does have a reference number but it does not relate to anything) generic T&C, Tomlin's order for amount plus legal fees and statements for last 5 months that I never received. This is that account that MBNA were in default of my CCA request and hence in dispute. It looks like they continued to add interest but never sent me any statements. I am cheesed of with this whole fiasco. MBNA were silent for nearly 3 years then this. Any thoughts or advice on this??
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