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  1. Like I said Barry, not looking for a refund or credit at this point, it's now a matter of principle due to the fact they have refused to acknowledge my complaint, It's just a case of "oops we were wrong, nothing we will do about it, unlucky for you" or at least that's the impression I'm getting. Initially I wanted the issue to be fixed on the site, and an apology at the least. It's now a complaint regarding them mishandling my complaint on 2 counts by closing them as a claim for refund then refusing to provide any information on why they have closed the complaints as such. i'd also like t
  2. So got this email from the relations team: "I am sorry to hear about the issues you have had with this Graphics card. Although the product title states it is the BF4 edition, there is nowhere on the product page that indicates this item will come with a product key for Battlefield 4. I'd imagine the references to such were removed after the promotion expired, but the product title was left as is as it is still the same card. I am afraid that, as such, we are unable to offer any further insight into this matter." Is this classed as Amazon admitting liability for false adve
  3. [email protected] was the email address used for the complaints and I chased it up through chat when it was closed down as a claim, so basically when i send a complaint they just close it down, and when I go on chat they stonewall me. Do you think sending a letter to HQ will get a better response?
  4. Hi citizenB, (sorry for the wall of text) Essentially I was sold a graphics card advertised as a "BF4 Edition"* yet it did not include BF4 (well rather it came with an expired promotion) and I raised this up as an issue as the expiry was March 2014 when the card was ordered on June 2015, I initially had an "A-Z" claim requested by an agent spoken to via chat which was rejected due to it being outwith the 14 days (fair enough). Now included in this claim was the fact that this was false advertisement and as it was automatically rejected no one had been made awa
  5. See Below for Details Can anyone tell me who is the regulatory body for amazon? Or who to contact that can handle a complaint on my behalf? Cheers!
  6. Security reasons so we're told, you might be hiding sensitive info in the pockets, we also had coat racks but they have since been removed. They have reintroduced the no keys policy. I don't mind leaving keys in a secure place but as stated its too easy to open the lockers with no cameras there at all so that's causing problems again, but its okay to have a locker key because... well.. logic. Edit: Grammer
  7. Pretty much as the title states, new policy in the handbook states we are no longer allowed keys, money, jackets (even worn) etc on the call floor and have been supplied with small lockers with repeating keys, no one is assigned a locker and its based on a trust system. The company is not accepting any liability for lost/damaged property and are sending people home AWOL if they don't take off their Jackets or putting Keys in the locker. Is this acceptable for the company to do this? It's a call centre Btw Cheers -EDIT- Right so apparently some guy got told to put his medicine in
  8. Thanks for the quick reply CitizenB, what about when i was on my payment plan, Surely they should not have been applying a default when the bills were paid?
  9. So finally found my account details in an old email account, called again as I did not want another default on my credit report and asked some questions regarding this amount outstanding. It seems as if the main problem here was that I made a verbal agreement with the DCA, which they did not fulfil so this has been passed back to Vodafone and they have been applying the default so agrred to make the final payment just to clear that matter up. However, the matter that I am now concerned about is the default’s attached to my credit report. I will need to get more info in writing but I hav
  10. So just checked my Noddle credit file and see that vodafone have been defaulting my account for the past 1.2yrs. Now i got myself into debt bother a while back and vodafone got left unpaid. So it went on for a few months where i cancelled (or let if terminate) and eventually i was contacted by a debt collection company (i forget the name). I eventually settled with them over the phone, to pay off the OSB without the charges (this was over a year ago) and since then ceased to get correspondence from them. Now i have since got my finances in order everything and last year staged a bit of a bonfi
  11. regarding any payday loan company?, how do i apply (do i need to have an existing payday loan)
  12. Basically, i had issues with my car (which i need for work) and had to get a new one, had a lot of bother with "contact issues" i'll post the email jargon, long read(TLDR also): sorry for that fact , help is appreciated (READ FROM BOTTOM UP): My most recent emai ((included in TLDRl (i was on holiday)), TLDR: "I tried to arrange other repayment, this was there response: Thank you for the email. Your cancellation request of continuous payment authority is not lawful as this is a financial agreement. Please note that a continuous-payment authority is not covered by any
  13. It's been sold to Web Loan Processing or Marshall Hoares, check out the letter send to another poster on this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?358018-speed-credit/page8
  14. Think the debt's have been sold to Web Loan Processing (AKA Toothfairy(they have they're own license number)) Maybe after all this they will start being more reasonable, doubt it tbh though
  15. Toothfairy apparently has two consumer license numbers, one under MCO, but another under MIM (i think) so while speedcredit and co are most likely going down, methinks toothfairy will be surviving this one, only 6 days now though:)
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