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Found 10 results

  1. I am new here so please be patient. I am trying to reclaim PPI, I wrongly thought it would be fairly simple as it was for a car loan with Welcome finance in July 2004. I have received a final response letter from Welcome stating that the PPI was sold by a broker, Pinnacle, who have now ceased trading. I was not aware of this at the time we took out the loan, and have signed nothing stating that the loan was by Pinnacle. It also states the insurance provider is Aviva. I have phoned the financial ombudsman, they cannot help due to Pinnacle no longer trading, I then phoned, as advised, the fscs, they say because it was taken out in 2004 they cannot help either. I am confused by the fact that I thought I had the loan with welcome finance, and had signed nothing and been told nothing about Pinnacle, only to now discover this with the paperwork sent with the final response. Do I have any grounds to go back to Welcome finance? Thanks for any help pulling my hair out as to where to turn next!
  2. Hi can anyone help We bought a kitchen, Company Living Design (Home Imp Ltd) who have ceased trading. This was done through Finance and we were told NO PPI No Finance and that was it. The loan was originally by First National who was taken over in 2003 by GE Money Lending, Insurance Policy Underwriter Cardiff Pinnacle. I wrote to GE Money only to get back what seems one of there standard letters saying they neither sold the PPI OR was they present, they cannot investigate. As they stated this was their final response. The PPI was in my husbands name only and he was stilling paying up to the age of 71, he received a letter stating he was no longer covered now he reached 65 and the the PPI ceased. Any help would be more than appreciated.
  3. I have issued a claim against cardif pinnacle over mis-sold PPI . they are defending the claim stating the claim is outside the 6 year time limits and that i would have benefitted from the protection. the 6 years expired in 2012 but i complained to the FOS before this date, it took them till may 2014 to get back to me with their decision. The FOS state that i would have known before that the PPI was of no use to me and therefore they have rejected my claim, thats the reason to issue the court claim. the policy was started jan 2003 and then cancelled by me in 2007 after i went abroad for a year. I sold my home and the mortgage was cleared as well. at the time of taking the policy i had work benefits that covered sickness and accidents for a period of 6 months full pay and a further 6 months half pay and then it would cease. i have checked the policy terms and there is no mention of existing benefits. the policy was sold to me over the phone at the time of taking out a loan. the loan was with intelligent finance who referred all their insurance policies to cardif pinnacle. can i use the fraud act as a defence. the FOS said i would have known about my existing benefits at the time of taking out the protection. I expected cardif pinnacle to make all this clear to me at the time the policy was sold. cardif pinnacle have now stated in their defence i applied for the cover online, i only had a laptop and internet service starting in 2008 a year after my son was born. they then stated that i filled in a application form which i know i did not. Are there any areas which you know of that will help me with my claim
  4. Hi there First post here! After speaking to an IFA about our financial position, I realised that we had PPI on two accounts with Northern Rock (through Pinnacle, and both were sold to us for our mortgage, one at first application and the second one when we topped up the mortgage for a house extension). When we applied for them we were told we must have them in place or the mortgage wouldn't be approved. Our IFA told us that wasn't allowed and that we had a claim for PPI. So I followed the process, and sent off the questionnaire to Pinnacle in early August and received a letter back saying that PPI claims had to be dealt with through NR as they were responsible for selling them to us and Pinnacle were only underwriting them. Pinnacle then sent the letter on to NR. In early September I received a letter from NR saying that they were looking into the claim. Then I received another letter in early Oct saying that they hadn't been able to look into the claim properly, and that they hoped I'd give them more time to look into it. I've now received another letter today, saying that they haven't been able to look into the claim properly yet and that they hope to be able to do it within four weeks, but if they can't, then they'll update me at that point. This is the only PPI we've ever had, and we only took it out because we were advised to by NR. I wouldn't usually take out any PPI as my husband and I both had jobs (at the time) which would have paid a generous redundancy and full sick pay for six months. My husband was made redundant in April and, according to our IFA, because he had a redundancy payout, we wouldn't have been able to claim the PPI. Now we are self employed, the terms of the PPI exclude us anyway. So needless to say I cancelled both policies straightaway. What should I do now? Leave the NR to investigate and come back to me within 4 weeks or take it elsewhere (presumably the FOS)? I'm in no hurry for the money to come back, just as long as it does come back! Many thanks
  5. Afternoon all, I was wondering if someone can offer a bit of advice. My partner has recently contacted all her direct debit companies to inform them of change of date for being payed. Whilst going through the list she discovered that she's been paying £14 - £18 a month for what we believe to be PPI since 1996. She did take out the policy, but the mortgage in question was settled in 2000! The company in question are sending through details of the policy but I wondered where she stands, as shes been paying for something that was settled 13yrs ago! Its her fault no doubt about that, but if anyone can offer any advice that would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  6. Having once had a Northern Rock mortgage around 8 or 9 years ago, i can't recall if I paid PPI or not. Anyway having followed the guides on this forum, I just called Cardiff Pinnacle and they assured me that no PPI was ever paid by me. Should I be content and close the door on this enquiry, or should I seek a more conclusive opinion. Thx
  7. Sent a PPI questionairre claim to Northern Rock which royal mail say was delivered on 4th March, still hadnt received a reply to even acknowledge they had recieved it, so my husband called them today and they said there was no PPI account number attached to the paperwork, dont know if they meant the paperwork we sent in or their own?! Anyway, he was given Pinnacle's number and they have provided him with the account number. We want to send a SAR but after reading NRAM website it keeps mentioning to go straight to Pinnacle, is this correct? Northern Rock sold us the policy, and made out we had to take it, with no option to use anyone else. Then when my husband was made redundant he was unable to use the policy and got into mortgage arrears!
  8. Is this worth a claim? I bought my first house in early 2001 through Northern Rock, PPI was through Cardiff Pinnacle, I sold this property in late 2001. The PPI Direct Debit remained in place even though I had no mortgage again until April 2002, I then sold this property in March 2005. During this time the same PPI insurance was in place and through my misjudgement not cancelled, I then purchased another house in March 2007 again with PPI through Northern Rock/Cardiff Pinnacle. I was then paying two PPI insurances but only had one mortgage. I realised this in 2009 and got a refund of £235 on the first policy. Now who do I go after Northern Rock or Cardiff Pinnacle, my only reason for the mis selling would be the duplication of the policies, and being pressurised into taken the second policy by Northern Rock.
  9. after nearly 2 years of reclaiming my PPI from GE Money, they referred me to Pinnacle. Guess what Pinnacle, claim it is with GE Money. GE Money say no and that is their final decision. To go ask the FLA. Obviously, I did not wait for that, I thought I would be smart and ask the FOS for help. at the same time, they asked Pinnacle, and 9 months later, they say, they need to wait on Pinnacle´s decisions. Because, the Insurance advisor is not in their jurisdiction. Any advise, gladly welcomed. Tired and fed up!
  10. Took out £3455 loan for timeshare in 1991 which included add on of £359 for payment protection, which only ran for 5 years. Understand that company changed to GE Money October 2005 and collected payments on this account, which we finally cleared in July2007. As we never claimed on the PPI and we were not informed of alternative cover at point of sale I wrote to GE Money claiming back the PPI who have now responded with a flat refusal and teling us to contact the sales people direct. They also say they have no connection with GE Capital Bank who were fined for mis-selling, and also state that they were not under the jurisdiction of the FSA at the time of sale. They say that if I have any complaints that I should contact the sellers and ultimately the Finance and Leasing Association as the agreement was prior to January 2005. Surely if GE Money were still collecting payments on the account and the PPI accounted for approx. 10% of the payments then they have an obligation to us to deal with the stuation???
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