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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I got a Cahoot cc back in 2001 and have been paying the minimum payments for a very long time. Recently I’ve been unemployed and I’m struggling to meet the payments. They are not interested in setting up a payment plan until I have missed payments. Is there any merit in sending a CCA? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi I was on IB before 2001 and recently transfered to ESA (con base) Im having problems with DWP not accepting Entitlement to Incapacity Benefit prior to 6 April 2001 they are deducting an element from my occupational pension I have written to them and 3 weeks later received a letter stating "you are being paid the correct amount taking into account the amount of occupational pension you receive" can anyone give me a link to an official document that sets out the above rule please. Thanks
  3. I paid them for a couple months via Monthly Standing Orders which i set up, this was after the Debt Management Company I used folded, I then stopped paying all of them recently ... I have just received a true copy of my original CCA from Halifax, back dating to 2001, so will now need to sort a repayment offer with them They are the only 1 from 5 to provide thus far, so tbh i still had a great result This is very true, i assumed info from a company like StepChange would be best i would get, not a mention or suggestion of doing CCA's came from the
  4. Some way down the road with this already having sent letters and schedule of charges etc. Got some money knocked off twice. Sent a Letter Before Action but have not been on top of things and not followed up at 14 days. Weeks have passed. Am now going to file for court in earnest after sending a revised Letter Before Action. I'm not really happy with the way I am calculating interest in my prior documents and want to get it right and proceed with vigour. THE PROBLEM: Historic charges were applied on particular dates and did or didn't attract interest for varying amounts of time d
  5. Hi all, I’m really hoping that one of you may be able to help me? I’m going to try and cut a very long story short so here we go with the salient points. Back in 2001 (yes, 2001!) my father who was over 60 applied for a TXU StayWarm account which I believe was government backed and enabled users electricity and gas for a flat fee of £53.20 per month. At this time he had an NPower (or their alias back then) account and notified them he would now be moving onto StayWarm and leaving NPower – I have a signed contract between him and StayWarm dated 2001. NPow
  6. I took out a loan in 2001 from IGROUP loans. I spoke to them last week about reclaiming my PPI. I was (and still am) a Local Authority Officer at the time and would have received 6mths full pay and 6 months half pay if I became ill and could not work. I have just come across the papers for the loan. I made copious notes and there is no evidence of a discussion about what benefit my employer offered if I could not work. They have informed me that they cannot offer a refund because the PPI was sold by a broker - Headland Finance. What is the procedure if the PPI was so
  7. This is a long shot but wonder if anyone could advise I had a £7,000 loan from lloyds with PPI .. if i remember rightly it was around 2000 . i fell in money problems - basically living off credit cards , fell behind with loan repayments and ended up around £1000 overdrawn which got bigger and bigger with the constant charges , and fees for letters to tell you , your were overdrawn after burying my head in the sand for ages i finally set up a debt management plan with CCCS to pay off the lloyds loan, overdraft , MBNA, egg and barclays. Lloyds refused to accept if for about 9 mont
  8. Hi guys, Long story short, wife has a debt from 2001, hasn't paid anything since 2004. Cabot recently took us to court we cca'd them, they dropped the case and we heard nothing. Until now, the case was dropped in December, they sent a CCA today that looks legit, it has her old signature on it, she's now married ofc. Do I now reply with the statute barred defence? Any advice would be good.
  9. Hi Herbie53, Did you manage to sort your PPI claim for the car you bought from Peugeot? Why I ask is that I also took out finance with Peugeot in 2001 and want to know where best to start with my claim! Thank you in advance, Jon
  10. I have an old student loan from 1993. In 2001 I fell into arrears and received a ccj. I have ben paying this off at a pound a month with their agreement. I have now had a letter saying that the debt has been sold and that interest and account charges are being applied. Can they do this? How do I fight it as they want @300 a year in interest and charges so the debt is spiralling out of control. There is no way I can pay it as i am on benefits. The original debt was less than a thousand.
  11. Hello, I just received my information back from the Royal Bank of Scotland today from a SAR I sent them end of June 2014. One of the requests I made was for my RBoS MasterCard Credit Cards. I received all of my credit card statements from 2004 but they only go as far back as October 2001. I had my credit card from the mid 1990's So I contacted the SAR Team at RBoS Cards Customer Services at Southend-On-Sea (0845 835 5470) I told them I only received my credit card statements but they only went as far back as October 2001. I was also told that they chang
  12. Hi all I am in the very early stages in trying to claim back PPI on the loan I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance back in 2001. I took out a £5,000 loan and was told I had to take the PPI out or I would be refused the loan. I repaid the loan in 2007 and I think I paid in the region of £21,000 all in! I didn't think about claiming PPI until quite recently as I thought once I had paid it off it was finished therefore no point. I have emailed Welcome Finance as I do not have the original paperwork or account number. They have emailed me back and
  13. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice as im getting more and more frustrated with this. I had a Lloyds TSB account, opened in 1998 that I had until december 2001 when I switched my account over to Abbey (through work, was a requirement to have an Abbey account weirdly). I had a phone call in november of 2001 advising that 2 companies could not be switched over due to the DPA, so i rang the 2 companies and gave them the new account details (one was o2 for a mobile contract, cant remember the second one). I then went into the local Lloyds TSB, and handed my car
  14. Hi, I'm new here so all help is appreciated. I had 5 loans with barclays between 2001 and 2003, I took out 1 loan and then refinanced 4 times. The cash prices not including PPI or interest were for; Loan 1. £1500.00 Loan 2. £2200.00 Loan 3. £6000.00 Loan 4. £6400.00 Loan 5. Unsure I made a complaint 3 weeks ago and have forwarded a SAR to barclays so I have all info incase I need to forward my complaint to the FOS. Does anyone have any images of a barclayloan agreement around 2001 and 2003? I did not ask for PPI and had no idea i had it until i contacted t
  15. Hello Some advice please would be appreciated with regards to Credit Agreements and PPI I have a copy of my Old Egg Card Agreement dated 28/01/2001 - Amazed I kept it but its the only CC I currently have which is now with Barclaycard The first page of the Credit Agreement has a section on PPI ---------------------------------------------------- Limit x Interest and Credit Charges x Repayments x Your Repayment Protection premium is payable to the insurer at 69 pence per £100 of your monthly sta
  16. Hi, I have found some old paperwork regarding another matter (under a different thread), that also includes all the paperwork for a LLoydsTSB bank loan that I took out sometime around 2001. Now on this paperwork at the bottom it states: Optional Loan protection YES ticked Premium advanced as part of loan YES ticked Now I was not working at the time loan was taken out & was in fact registered disabled. So there was no way I could have claimed anyways. Can I claim anything back at all & if so, how do I go about this. The Documents I hold are "Credit agreeme
  17. I thought I already had a thread for this but can't seem to find it, so doing this one, so as to give encouragement to those who are having problems or are unsure about claiming. In February 2012, I sent off my PPI claim to Barclays for a loan I had taken out in 2001. In April 2012, I received a generic standard rejection letter and phoned them to find out the specific reasons and was told that it was because they had no copy of the agreement. Luckily I still had the agreement and other supporting paperwork so sent them a copy of that, with a letter that I required them to re-ex
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