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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I signed up to a gym in august this year. I was pressured into signing & have been a few times. I have tried cancelling with letter from GP stating due to anxiety i wouldn't be able to attend anymore. I heard back from ashburn saying they would hold my membership & add unused months onto end but i would have to continue payments of £51 per month. It is now making me ill & my consultant has written a letter stating i will not be able to attend anymore due to lifelong illness (ulcerative collitis). I fear i am going to have issues cancelling so any advice
  2. Hi Will try and keep this as short as possible I work for a well know Pizza company, as a delivery driver, while im working for my employer i am covered through their business insurance. i have to provide my own personal insurance/mot to be able to work. I had an incident in October, whilst at work, I had reversed out of a parking bay, no more than a car length, looked in passenger mirror and noticed a car behind me, i waited for some sort of reaction from the driver, was none, i got out of my car, and i noticed damage to the front of the vehicle, b
  3. Hello to everyone I decided to join David lloyd club in Dudley last Friday 10th March . On the day when I was introduced I explained that I am working full time so I can attend gym from 7 pm also I am working some weekends. Main reason why I joined was my 11 years old daughter could use a gym facilities with me . Next day when my contract start we arrived at the club just before 7pm swiped our cards to get to a lady in reception . I was going to book a gym induction (health and safety policy) I was told that my Hanna is not allowed to use it because she didn't tu
  4. Hi All I received a letter from bt saying that i could cancel or move my landline and broadband from bt early as they are putting the price up in March by 6%. the letter said that if i wanted to do this i was to call and notify them before i started the move, when i called them i was told by the person from bt that it only affected my landline and not my broadband and that if i moved my broad band i would receive an early termination fee of 18 months for the broadband. as this letter says that both my broadband and landline will be affected and can move for free can i hold them to the let
  5. Hi I recently joined my local David Lloyd gym on August 22nd. Last Friday (September 23rd), I had a letter through saying they were increasing my fees (!) up to £101 (from £95). Obviously I rang up to speak to the membership team about this to be told that "they was nothing they could do". Slightly frustrating as they'd have known about this fee increase when I joined in August! I said to the lady on the phone that budget was an issue and this pushed it above my budget, and that I'd appreciate it if they would honour an immediate cancellation, due to the circumstances. On the phone s
  6. Hello Everyone I've noticed there is plenty of threads in regards to memberships with X4L but every single one of them seems to have some unique twist on it after a long time of receiving letters from CRS and now spratt edicott I decided to share my problem. On the March 13th 2015 I started 12 month contract with X4L which I wanted to cancel before the contract ended as the membership started to hit my budget after a while. Unfortunately the process to achieve this was rather difficult with my only option to give proof of redundancy according to the first email I
  7. Hi, I have a little issue, and would like some help. I have a 24 month contract with vodafone (£44/month), unfortunately I am going to have to leave my job and the country in the next 3 month. I won't be able to pay the £500 they are asking for in one go and would like to set up a payment plan with them to re-pay what I owe. I have called them today and they told me, my only options was to pay all in one go or pay £300 and then £10 a month for a plan. I will no longer be in the country and have no interest to get another contract with them. Is there anything I can do ? Do they leg
  8. Had brokers fee taken from myloan, I don't even remember using them and certainly didn't get any referral or loan as a result of them I stupidly put in my card details thinking they were a lender. So their t & c state 14days to cancel, now it was almost 2 weeks before they took any money and I realised what I must/could have done. Pretty convenient waiting 2 weeks. I've missed my chance to contact them in writing, although I did email them in time, within the 14 days, although as you can imagine, no response from email, do I have any hope, can I show the FSO the email? Total cro
  9. followed advice on here and sent them letter re recent court case and judges submission etc, this is their reply. They are saying i still must pay £700! What is my next step? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi there. My contract with fitness first was signed on ( 20.03.10 ). And I would like to cancel it. Reason why I want to do it? First of all, I'm working in DFS... I'm lifting 100kg beds every day (All day long) and it's so obvious that I don't want to go to the gym after work. I do work 6 days a week ( Mon - Sat ) and on Sundays usually having a day off but I don't want to go to the gym on Sundays too as I lifted heavy stuff already 6 days. Also, when I joined Fitness First, I lived not too far away from it, but now I have to travel by bus to the station, then 15min walk to
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