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  1. Hi all, I would like some advice for a secured loan that was taken out by my ex-husband before coincidentally divorcing me a few months later. The loan was taken out in October 2007 and now over 10 years later i have been paying and the balance has only reduced by £200! I am extremely struggling with this and need to get this debt resolved as soon as possible can anyone please offer me some advice and guidance i have attached the enclosed paperwork. Information: My ex-husband never made a payment on the loan and was never on the mortgage or house documents, the house is
  2. Hi Peeps can anyone confirm if they actually buy the debts or just attempt collecting ? For credit cards on following :- Lloyd’s HBOS I should’ve asked before sending CCA’s yesterday - schoolboy error ( still learning ) Thanks
  3. Please can some one help, we had a paragon loan in 2003 for 60k, we repaid it early 2004, but were charged 11k ppi. Paragon have told us as they were not regulated then they will not be giving us anything back, please can someone advise?
  4. Hi, Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. Back in December 2004 (Paragon have quoted Feb incorrect below copy of their letter) my wife and I took out a £20k loan, and this loan had the mandatory PPI of £7k on the paperwork. With news of the Plevin judgement I approached Paragon and they have said the are unable to uphold my complaint and if unsatisfied to approach the Ombudsman. Is there anything I can do? can I even ask for the commission rate of the PPI? any help much appreciated Many thanks, Dusty Our investiqation ln the ca
  5. I posted a while ago that I had written to Paragon about PPI I had taken out in 1989 with my National Home Loans mortgage, to be fobbed off and told I should take it up with the financial broker. "We realise this may be a disappointment to you". The financial adviser happened to be a friend of a friend at the time, and I've found him on Facebook. He seems to be doing very well ("one of the UK’s best-known bankers" ) so I wouldn't feel bad if the PPI was to come out of his pocket, although I doubt that would be the case? Would any of you kind and knowledgeable folk have any advice a
  6. I won't go into details, but 10 years ago i was in financial straits and ended up with a ccj for a personal loan. i offered, and the court accepted a payment of £10.00 per month. as i began to get straight i voluntarily increased this to £20.00. hoping to clear it quicker. the loan company( universal credit) was then taken over by paragon finance who continued to accept the £20.00. I have received a letter from them saying it had been passed on to another company. the letter they sent me showed a balance owing of nearly £6,000. as the original cc
  7. Good evening. Summary I have recently paid off a secured loan with Paragon Finance and this contained PPI; the loan was brokered by Click Financial Limited. After reading many threads I opted to complete a claim back using the forms provided on this site, this I did in January. Paragon have replied recently to say they do not wish to handle the claim as it is before 14Jan05. They have also indicated the business who handled my application, one Click Financial Limited, is no longer trading. I have been advised to direct my enquiry to the CAB, after two sessions of
  8. Hi all I'm after some urgent help please. My ex partner and I took out a secured loan with Paragon a few years ago to cover some debts we had. Then we split up and I took over the loan so that I could keep the house. Everything was going fine, even when I lost my job in 2011 as I walked straight into another one so could keep up the monthly repayments. Then in Feb 2012 I lost my job and couldn't make the payments, so I was making token payments each month of £10 or £20 depending on savings against the monthly due of £156. I applied for help from DWP with my
  9. Hi all hope you can help. I took out a paragon finance secured loan in 2006 for 63k I still owe around 43k after 10years of paying £737 pound per month. I am now struggling to pay BUT have not yet missed a payment throughout the term of the loan. Can anyone please give me some advise as this loan is killing me and putting a holt on my life. The loan was originally taken out with myself and my ex wife. She left in 2007 and has never paid a penny towards the loan. I want to stop paying the loan as I have paid circa 88k over the last 10 yea
  10. Paragon_CCA.pdfHi, Was wondering if anyone could take a look at the attached CCA to see if it is legal, I've had this loan for three years now and it's crippling me... Paragon_CCA.pdf Any help greatly appreciated. Best. Eoghan Paragon_TsandCs.pdf
  11. Last year we had a successful claim for the PPI on this account, the story is in my thread at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?324408-PPI-Paragon-and-eLoan(Twopart-Ltd)-***-SUCCESS-*** OK, quick explanation. In early 2006 we took out a consolidation loan, paying back several old debts and having a small sum to ourselves to have some urgent work done in the bathroom, everything in there was broken! The company who brokered the deal went bust, hence claiming the PPI via FSCS last year. Paragon have been a pain in the rear as they started repossession proceedin
  12. I have a loan with this company and don't receive payments. Ive made payments for 15 years at least how do I get a statement. Can someone help
  13. We have a Paragon secured loan and were told we couldnt have it without PPI. I wrote to them about it and was told I would have to contact my PPI company direct. This was news to me because I thought all my dealings were done direct with Paragon and I certainly did not employ my own company. I have no idea what to do now. Can anyone help please. It was a very large loan and the PPI adds up to about ten grand not to mention any interest on it as it was all front loaded. I dread the interest rates going up.
  14. Hi, I am having to repost this as I cannot seem to find my last post on this To cut a long story short I have had a debt with Paragon (Universal Credit) which started approximately 18 year ago. It was for £5000 over 84 months. The debt is now over £17,000 which is something I could never pay back. I am still paying this off today as I lost my job back then & also divorced (this was a joint debt). I have recently decided to get this debt sorted once and for all due to them calling me saying my payment are late even thought its been on the same date for over 6 years and the
  15. phew, started at about 10.00pm and finally got here to post after reading through all the threads. I took out a secured loan with Paragon that was signed off by a Paragon underwriter on 17/01/05 and was to consolidate credit debt that my wife and I had stacked up across a few years and due to a variety of reasons. The principle loan was £35k gbp and the ppi was £8.7k gbp and being of the front loaded type where the policy was valid for the first five years. I had initially made enquiries via a search engine the previous year, round about October 2004. I responded to a marke
  16. I have a Gaget Insurance Policy for the iPhone in our household - this policy was offered by when taking out my household insurance, I asked at time what did it cover, having two older teens wanted to make sure they were included. Situation - just over a week ago my daughter discovered during the day that her phone was missing, she travels on London transport train and underground, she did the "find my phone" but no response. It is not known whether she was pickpocketed (it was in her side jacket pocket with slanted openings) or whether it was lost, if being the la
  17. Hi I had an unsecured loan with Paragon that I got into repayment problems with - it eventually ran from 1999 to 2009. I recently sent them a SAR in order to see exactly what I had paid and see whether I could reclaim any of it. I sent them two seperate claim spreadsheets. The first was a claim for PPI payments I had made. They have sent me a final response saying that as the PPI was taken out pre-2005, the industry was not regulated so there is no claim to be made. They have also said that as my loan was submitted to them by a broker (Personal Loan Centre Limited), t
  18. Spent a long time getting this to the FOS complaint stage. Wrote to Paragon till I got their fob off letter then wrote to their broker till I got their fob off letter. Payments still being made to Paragon. However, now its with the FOS I have left it 6 months from the final fob off letter to getting it with the FOS and they want to know why there was a delay. I was intimidated by having to deal with 2 companies who have, after a long time, each said go away. I have also had alot of distraction from my mum who had a 3rd cancer scare which, after 2 large surgical procedures over the
  19. Brief outline: I did an SAR on Paragon in January and have gone through it again today. I have noticed several amounts added for 'Admin Charge' ?, 'Cost's '? , Arrear Letter Fee, etc. I have added these up and although only around £120, i did a calculation on the interest at their rate (28.9%)at the time ( 1995) and the total comes to around £3k. Any advice on how to put a claim in for these charges and interest? thanks in advance DGS
  20. Hello all, wondered if i could get some advice please? My parents took out an endowment mortgage with National Home Loans (now Paragon) back in 1985, they changed mortgage company some years later. They dont have any documents any more but i said to mum it might be worth seeing if there is any claim she could make on mortgage exit fees. They struggling financially at the time and she cant remember what fees etc they paid. I wrote on her behalf, no account number or anything just gave her name, address and year of mortgage and asked for exit fees refund. I thought it was a bit of a
  21. Hi, I have a secured loan with paragon and a mortgage with Nram totalling £161K. I owe Northern Rock £118K and I owe paragon £43K. I am struggling to pay them both every month. I am basically paying two mortgages and I can't cope anymore. I have already paid Paragon £38K over the last 7 years and still have a balance of £43K so £35K of that is interest alone. Our monthly income has dropped and we have accumulated arrears in gas, Electric, Council tax and water as well as other debts. We can't keep up repayments for much longer so I have had the house valued
  22. I recently via a SAR received a full statement of an account held with Universal Credit/Paragon Finance starting in 1993; the statements clearly show PPI payments every month from 1993 -2003. I put in a claim for the PPI being mis-sold on the grounds that I haad employer sickness cover, the true cost of the insurance was not explained, I was never asked if I had alternative insurance or that is was available elsewhere. The reply, which they state clearly is their final response, says "The sale of general insurance (including PPI) was not regulated by the FSA untill
  23. Original Loan with Universal credit now paragon in 1990 CCJ was just under £5000 but with costs just bumped it over the £5000 and it states on the CCJ that contractual interest if over the £5000. Does the £5000 rule apply as the judgment states i should pay them £4900. I have been paying a small amount for 11 years as per the CCJ and never missed a payment, they have started hassling me again with letters showing a higher balance by about £5000 more than i owe and are requesting for me to ring them, i responded by sending a CCA and an SAR thanks to reading this fo
  24. Hi CAG, After too many years of letting this rumble on, I have finally resolved to sort out my account with Paragon. I took out a loan initially in 1993 for £5k, and a further £4k in 1996, which was made into one loan with a balance of £8500 in 1996. I had some trouble with repayments off and on between 1997 and 1999, and in 1999 entered into a Debt managemnt agreement (I can't recall the name of the company I used however), and maintained the agreed payments until 2003. On receiving a letter from Paragon in 2003, I was shocked to see that in spite of being 80% of the way through the
  25. Hi Thanks for taking a look. Back in 1994 I took out a loan with my then partner for £5000 over 84 months with Universal Credit. A few years later I was made unemployed and also got divorced and as a result fell behind with the loan. From what I can remember both myself and my X made separate agreements to pay this back at a reduced amount. I also remember that interest would be frozen. Years passed then all of a sudden I get a letter and to my shock the debt is now over £17,000 I have always been making reduced payments on this account and I have wri
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