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  1. Consultant and his Secretary said that some companies try this but when informed this is necessary not cosmetic then they may change their mind or part payment.
  2. My son contacted and informed the insurance company at every stage so far, if I am reading this correctly if he has the treatment at another clinic not listed then they will pay 60% of the cost plus the consultants fees? WHICH HOSPITALS ARE ELIGIBLE UNDER YOUR PLAN? • If you have one of our hospital list options, you should only go to a hospital on your chosen list, as you’re only covered in full for treatment at those hospitals. If you go to a hospital that’s not on your list, then you’ll have to pay 40% of the costs of your treatment (excluding your consultants' f
  3. Not sure if this is the correct forum but was always helpful with finance information - so apologies if not! My adult son has a employment benefit of private healthcare, he has been diagnosed with an eye condition called Keratoconus that will lead to loss of sight, his vision had deteriorated rapidly and this cannot be corrected with glasses, we spoke to our GP and also thoroughly researched the condition and consultants who specialise in this, my son contacted the healthcare provider and fortunately the Professor who specialises is available through our local private hospital
  4. My dad received this letter and invoice this week, can anyone advise of a fixed fee solicitor or a template of a letter to send, I have passed the info given previously onto my dad but he is always needs to hear it from someone other than me and is stressing over the invoice. Thank you ALB RTA.pdf
  5. RTA have just told him on the phone that Clause 14 states he has to pay.
  6. Thank you for your replies, I have informed my Dad.
  7. PDF version of letter and contract attached Letter 1.pdf Contract 1.pdf
  8. No payment since 2014 - only just received a further contract exactly the same to sign and return.
  9. Not sure if anyone can advise my dad has a small retail service business and was contacted by an agent to sell the business in 2014, he signed the attached contract in 2014, he only ever had one person interested via them but did not proceed with an offer. He has not signed anything since then, however he recently received a call from the agent asking if he was interested in selling his business, to which he replied I thought it was with you already, they then told him he is still in contract with them and quoted clause 12 - 14 and he needs to pay £950 plus VAT get
  10. OH received a PCN for 46:Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway) He is a black cab driver and needed the toilet, this was a little back street toilet not a main road and was less than 60 seconds, came out and warden was tapping into his machine, OH drove off, no ticket was put on vehicle. Is this PCN enforceable?
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