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  1. The FOS say they don't get involved with IVAs although they said unofficially to wait until the appeal is done. Aperture keep saying that the IVA states they can still collect PPI payments but I cannot find where it says that they can do this once it has been done. if its a matter of it being classed as a financial windfall then what's stopping them collect any other non PPI windfall . see reply from Aperture Unfortunately your understanding is not correct, your case went through a Mass Variation Meeting (MVM) on 14th August, 2013. The purpose of the MVM was to allow us to gain consent from your creditors to allow us to close your case while the PPI continues in the background, therefore the closure of your case does not supersede the MVM. For your convenience I have attached a copy of your Closure Report which you will see specifically states that your supervisor will continue with the PPI investigations post closure. ( IT DOES NOT MENTION PPI)
  2. thanks for the reply Ford The BCard account wasn't part of the IVA so does this matter?
  3. I received a letter from Barclaycard advising that my claim for PPI was upheld and they offered me £1257. After querying the interest amount and advising the FOS they then offered another £865. They wrote to me saying they had sent payment to Barclaycard as their records show I was in an IVA which they were advised had finished in July 2015. Grant Thornton ( now Aperture) have said that a variation in my IVA means they can collect the PPI money. I know there is a court case relating to this to be heard on appeal this week but any advice would help.
  4. My IVA was settled early in July 2015 I have the 'certificate' saying so. ( a surprise from Grant Thornton ) It was started on 4th Feb 2010 so I am expecting it to be removed from my file after the 6 year anniversary. Do I need to do anything to make sure this happens? Also the same goes for all of the accounts that formed the IVA that currently show settled or satisfied. I am hoping for a clean file for the start of March 2017.
  5. Update: New mortgage with The Vernon completed. Credit file still shows IVA but they will deal with people in these circumstances as long as the IVA has been paid off for 12 months. Worth knowing. Got a good rate at 1.25% on an 80% LTV.
  6. Sorry if for jumping into this thread but with it being Barclaycard related I thought it I would look for some help. I received a letter advising that my claim has been upheld and an offer has been made. I cannot get around what the figures are and how they are calculated as they say they don't have any paperwork or statements. any help would be appreciated. letter attached with the figures on it.
  7. I sent 2 identical items vie Interparcel.com who used UPS to deliver them. I inputted the dimensions and weight in the website and chose UPS who were the lowest price. 3 days later i sent another of the same parcel to another location. a week later, i received an email from Interparcel saying the dimensions were incorrect for the 2 item s and they want to charge me additional fees. I asked for a copy of what they said they were and they sent me 2 lots of dimensions. I questioned this and all i got was that it was upto me to prove the dimension with photographic evidence by way of a tape measure against the item!!! I have yet to hear anything with regars to the 3 rd item i sent which as i said,was the same. apart from being pathetic, does anyone have any ideas how to sort this out as i dont want them to start using the usual bully boy letters and add fees to it.
  8. certificate received and all clear and debt free.... Thanks for those that replied to my post's. just one more question;- My 6 years is not up until Feb 2017 so im assuming that is when it will not show on my credit file. In the meantime, my current mortgage deal runs out next Aug 2016, will it help that i am out of the IVA and does anyone know or recommend any advisers that may help.
  9. Not sure where to put this post but here goes: I purchased a watch whilst in mid air flight with Thomson Airlines in Feb 2015 and the watch is waterproof up to 10 mts... Well after swimming in the pool on the said holiday, I noticed the watch has gone misty inside. I was advised on my return flight last week to post it to there office in Luton. Am I expected to foot the bill on the cost of postage which would be recorded and include insurance above £50. This is the only way to confirm that it gets there in one piece. thanks to those that can help DGS.
  10. Update--- Early settlement offer accepted. I have asked the following questions: Will my credit file be updated by all creditors as settled and no further contact from creditors? Any other questions i should ask?
  11. Thats will be questions once i get the decision that my offer has beed accepted. I will keep you posted. ThanksDGS
  12. Update:- I have discussed the option with GT and they said my offer will probably be accepted as it is close to what they would be getting anyway if the IVA was completed. Should be hearing any day now so i will update. Any advice on what i should put in any letters that i send with the payment?
  13. Sorry for not replying sooner: The list of creditors on my last annual statement dated 27th Marh 2014 shows the following: 1.Barclay's Bank- 2 accounts 2.Cabot Finance Ltd 3.Egg Banking 4.Halifax 5.HSBC 6.Lloyds TSB 7.Max Recovery - 6 accounts ( i assuming these were sold on by the original creditors which were mainly credit cards. 8.MiINT 9.PCI Holdco S.a.r.l ( No idea? but a card or loan i think) 10.TTI Next fee Type Approved Paid to date Nominee fees £1250.00 £1250.00 Supervisors fees £3053.82 £1212.08 Disbursement fees £329.00 £164.00 hope this helps thanks Nominee Fees
  14. Are there any template letters for claiming back the account fees?
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