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  1. Thanks, The interest would be more than the pension contributions but bits less hassle than going to court. Ill decide this week..much appreciated
  2. The pension contributions wasnt listed on the initial grievance. This coudnt be calculated until the greivance was won and the arrears were calculated and an offer of payment was recieved. This was ammended and the offer increased to what i was expecting but i feel interest should be awarded as this would have been in my account over the years. i would assume that i could raise another grievance for the pension contributons but im guessing you think court would be the only option for any interest awarded? Thanks for the reply.
  3. Yes. I did my own calculation and requested a re-check as there initial offer was incorrect. Its is to do with % performance pay rises in addition to the company wide pay rises so it has been a 10 year knock on effect of being incorrect a long time ago.
  4. After a grievance hearing, I have been awarded a back payment of around £22k from my employer which was due to them not carrying out annual reviews and being denied the opportunity. Where do I stand on claiming any missed pension contributions and also any statutory interest payment? The company say they do not pay interest on the arrears?
  5. Can anyone help me with the completion of the N349 Form? Most of it is self explanatory but I just want to double check. The bits that show the ******** are the parts I need to complete: am I correct in these part are the following :- given on ***10 August *** 20**19 [by the **County Court of Manchester***** in claim no. **01ABC123*******] and the costs of this application). Also, I escalated this to an attachment of earnings which has been given but suspended so he has to pay it directly unless he defaults. He is to pay £40 per month from a debt of £1700+ so I know this wont happen. I do know he has funds in the bank so this is why I want to do the third part debt order. Should I keep it to the County Court of Manchester (where the AOE was awarded or the County Court OnLine where the CCJ was done? The [claimant] [defendant] (‘the judgment creditor’) applies for an order that the third party pay to the judgment creditor the debt which the third party owes to the [defendant] [claimant] (‘the judgment debtor’) (or so much of it as is necessary to discharge the amount owing under the judgment or order given on ************ 20**** [by the ******* in claim no. **********] and the costs of this application).
  6. Ok thanks. Not sure if that would be any more beneficial as he literally has no possession of value so if he defaults on any plan, I would be in the same boat... I do know he has avoided paying rent on purpose to save for another place to live so maybe a Third party debt order before he goes may help get something back as well as the AOE.
  7. Sorry , my mistake in the language / terminology. The possession order attached shows the money amount. so its how I go about getting this from him ( £1800 of it is already included in the CCJ which led to the AOE) much appreciate the time
  8. Ok but am I correct in thinking that the eviction warrant would not be enforceable for the debt? ie he will be evicted but they have no power to collect the debt? he has no possessions of value so it will to be another AOE but wont this require a CCJ first?
  9. just to add to the above. I have just logged in to PCOL and the eviction warrant will be served on the 14th January 2020,
  10. Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you mean or if I made myself clear. The CCJ was awarded back in August and no payments were made so I applied for the AOE which was completed although suspended this week. The possession hearing was done in October by which time the rent arrears had increased and therefore the judge awarded the full rent arrears and court fees on the warrant even though half of it was already under the CCJ at the time. So as it stands, I want to either add the remaining or full amount to the AOE or go for another CCJ or 3rd party order. if I can indeed add it to the existing AOE then fine but how do I go about it with regards to forms etc. sorry if I sound confusing
  11. ok, can you help me in how to do that? which forms etc?
  12. Going forward in relation to the increased debt: The total debt owed is £3300 and this includes the AOE which is £1880. Can anyone help on the best way to try and get the rest of the debt? The possession hearing awarded the total debt and court fees so do I have to go the put another money claim on-line for the difference?
  13. Ok thanks. do you have any templates for the letter. I can add my own reasons on top of it?
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