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Found 23 results

  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got a statement from Idem, and in exactly the same marked envelope (same return address, same statement format) my husband had one from Moorcroft. Does anyone know if this is the same company??? It's really cheesing me off that Moorcroft ignore all the emails. Also, they're sneaky so-and-so's: they are based hundreds of miles away from us, and yet they call the landline using a local number that they must buy to use, to look like they're someone local calling us - idiots! It doesn't take long for me to recognise the number and ignore it. But, they're making me so mad!!! I think I'm wasting my time re-sending the same emails but at least it proves the point that they're ignoring us, dispite contacting them on a daily basis!
  2. Hi ..Just been reading this thread...and it's almost a mirror image to my nightmare. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?370805-Lombard-Direct-Arden-Credit-Management-Query-PPI-reclaim-now&p=4062117#post4062117 The same players as well ..LOMBARD ...THEN IDEM ..THEN ARDEN CREDIT.... .Who are really turning up the gas on me constantly reviewing my payments to them every few months and constantly pressurizing me . I had the original loan with Lombard taken out september 2000. for £13,300 & PPI upfront payment of £2431.87 .plus total charge for credit £4081.33 total amount to be paid = £19813.20. Via 60 x monthly payments of £330.22 @ 9.90% APR. In 2001 November. I had a nervous breakdown and used the PPI to pay the load for a year. After which time the cover expired. As I have been disabled with mental health issues these past eleven or so years I have just been paying reduced payments to the various people Lombard seem to flog my debt too. They (Arden Credit ) are always asking me for more money (which I have been doing but have now reached my maximum of £120 per month) as I am on DLA . They know I have mental health issues, but when I tell them I cannot afford any increase to my monthly payments they send out a income & expenditure form . (even though I e mailed them one two weeks ago.after seeking help from the National debt helpline). What annoys me is I never ever fail to respond to them in any letters, but when I e mail my responses they say they have no record of the e mails until I challenge them ...then they say ..oh yes here it is. ..its making my health worse and I need to know if there is anything I can do to get the people off my back .. ..how much power do these people actually have ..given that this debt was taken out in 2001 , And I have never ever missed a (reduced ) payment to whoever was handling the loan. And do I have any thing to go on with regard to this PPI Payment which I originally paid out for...... Thanks Eddy
  3. Hi there all. I have a question regarding my account. I had a Virgin Money Account which I was paying off interest only for, for a significant time and one i had PPI on. I was paying minimum payment for some time which meant interest and charges only on it. My business failed earlier this year and I am only now coming out the other side with a salary again. The account has been sold to IDEM and noodle gives the following information. Idem Capital Securities £ 4,471 22/09/2014 Default Name nnnnn Address nnnnnnn Date of birth nnnnnnn Account type Credit Card Account number ******6888 0 Account start date 09/05/2008 Opening balance £ 4,471 Regular payment £ £ 1 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 28/02/2014 Default balance £ 4,471 I am now being contacted by Westcot about it daily and in letters. I would like some advice please. 1 - It seems I can still approach Virgin/MBNA about PPI and charges on this card as I believe i have a claim that may be valid. Do I contact westcot and advise them that I will be contacting them or not? 2 - What should be my next plan? I have no issue paying this debt off but i see all this stuff about CCA requests and SAR requests etc a nd I am not sure what I should do, I can ring them up and offer £200 a month not an issue. 3 - Do they have any legal right for me to disclose my financial details to them as in income and outgoings - i can see from other threads that IDEM seem to think that they are in their rights to ask lots however I don't know what westcot will want from me. Thanks in advance!
  4. This is what I received back from cca the dca, I hope ive included what I should img003[22].pdf
  5. Hi guys, It's been a while but things are starting to affect my day to day living once again... Here is the background. October 2007 I purchased a laptop from PC World under HFC agreement. July 2013 HFC transferred an account to HSBC Bank plc. In October 2013 this account then got sold to IDEM Servicing. During this time I was in a fee charging DMP paying various debts off, but I killed them off to attempt my own free repayment arrangement, but due to various reasons, I struggled and put it to one side. On 6th January 2014 IDEM served me with a default notice, with a written intention to terminate my loan agreement. I sent a CCA request on the 10th January enclosing £1 and included the revoke access for sending someone to my home address etc. With no response... Sure enough on the 22nd Jan, a "Notice to Terminate" letter came through demanding full payment of balance. I should have kept chasing for CCA but certain issues at home meant it took a back step and i got distracted. .. unusually hearing nothing from IDEM, until just recently. 1st October 2014, a letter comes through the door from "resolvecall" referencing the Idem account with me. But claiming they were contacted by "Arden credit management" to make contact with me to arrange contact with them (Arden.) I have never had any correspondence from Arden Credit Management. This is an Idem account. the letter from resolvecall stated if i did not contact Arden, one of their reps would make a personal visit within 28 days from the date of the letter (1st Oct). Today is the 8th of October and this evening at roughly 5:30pm, a rep arrived at my door... my Dad answered, the guy asked for me, my Dad advised I was unavailable. (I was upstairs in the bathroom at the time but I could hear him talking.) -- this is where I need your help too guys -- I heard the guy, after being told i was unavailable at the time, tell my Dad that he has been instructed by HSBC to make contact with ME so he could then put me in touch with someone over the phone that he held in his hand, to discuss an account I hold with them. Before I could get downstairs, the guy then started to ask if I held any debts at all.. . my dad at this point simply shrug his shoulders, I went downstairs and kindly asked him to leave the property. His response "Do you not want me to put you in touch with anyone then?" I repeated myself. He then said "ok" and closed his ring binder and left. I got his name.. but I have to admit , I am a little shaken up, my heart was doing that fight or flight pounding in my chest. Where do I go from here guys?? Who the hell do I send letters to now? I am still only in a position to offer £1 for any debt that I owe, there is no special treatment here. But did the doorstep guy from Resolve call breach any rules by talking to my dad and asking him questions? I really hope, after all that typing, you find time to offer your advise... Regards David
  6. Hello Everyone, First post and first time on a debt forum. So Hi! A bit of brief information about my problem... *MBNA Credit card taken out early 2005 *Mid 2007 I was in a financial mess and an arrangement was made with MBNA for payments of £13 per month until the balance was paid or circumstances changed. *Jump to January 2013 and I check my credit report to find MBNA has apparently changed to Idem. I check my bank statements and my regular MBNA payments have automatically changed to Idem (Nov and Dec 2012) *I called MBNA who stated the account was closed and IDEM now own it. MBNA refused to give my any other details as I no longer have an account with them. *I called Idem to confirm what was going on and they stated I should have received a letter outlining the account change (which I never received). I requested that letter a few times and it never arrived. I received a statements and lot's of demanding letters, but that's it. *I sent a CCA request (and the £1 fee) 10th January 2013 and it was signed for on the 11th. *I got no response other than generic demand letters so the account defaulted their end on January 24th. *I cancelled my DD for the 27th January as the account was legally in dispute. *I was slow and I sent the follow up letter 7th march 2013 which was signed for on the 8th. *Still had no response from the 2nd letter. But I believe they have until this Friday (22nd) to respond before I can take further action. To confirm, the initial letter template and follow up were found on here. I can't post the links as yet. Now my issue is that Idem have updated my credit report with two late payments, one in January which was updated on the 27th, three days after they defaulted on my CCA request and another on the 24th February. Both dates were when the account was legally in dispute if my research has served me correct. I was under the impression they couldn't do this and in fact they have to remove my account from my record until they provide me with a CCA. Can anyone confirm this? What do I do from here? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Have read a few threads on this company as I have now had the misfortune of having to deal with them! I have (or had) a secured loan with Black Horse Finance, they have now sold it on to Idem Servicing so it looks like after reading about them I will start getting hassles I guess The first dealings with them are a negative (tell solicitor one thing then tell me something different). Fingers crossed they don't get too annoying!
  8. Hello I have two Student Loans dating from 1995 and 1996 that I took out whilst at Aberdeen University. For many years I deferred them with the SLC with no problems until 2011. In 2011 whilst self-employed they refused my deferral due to the chap that I was sub-contracting for not writing the letter regarding my income on headed notepaper. I probably had some communications from them which I ignored as this was during a spell of depression and ignoring my debts. Back to present time, and this week I have received a letter from a company called Thesis Servicing (only has the 1995 account number on the paperwork) advising me of there intention to register defaults for over £3800. (this must be both loans combined.) There is also a letter that appears to be a default notice. I am still on quite a low income, what shall I do? I was hoping that after 20 years the sums may be written off. I really don't want a CCJ, is it best to see if they will accept a low monthly payment? Many thanks in advance for any advice given.
  9. Hi all, Trying to sort something out for my sister who has got into some bother with Idem. She originally had a debt with Aqua and despite sorting out a payment agreement with them after racking up some arrears, Aqua defaulted the debt when they were taken over by New Day Credit. At this point, repayments stopped being taken for several months despite my sister's attempts to sort things out with the new company. New Day subsequently sold on the debt to Idem Servicing who have been chasing my sister via Moorcroft to collect the outstanding amount. My sister is adamant she has received no notice of assignation or any other correspondence from Idem, and has only received correspondence from Moorcroft. She checked her credit report a few months ago to see the default issued by New Day was removed, but that a new default had been registered by Idem. She claims not to have received a default notice from Idem and the dates don't tally between that default and the one issued previously by Progressive. She believes the default placed by Idem is incorrect and has been placed in breach of the CCA regulations as procedures haven't been followed. She sent a CCA request to Moorcroft, asking for a copy of the CCA, as well as the notice of assignment , original default notice and a statement along with a cheque for £1. The cheque has been cashed. Moorcroft wrote back saying they had passed the request to Idem, but yesterday she got a letter saying that she should contact Idem directly for the information. The account has been placed on hold for 30 days to allow her time to request the info from Idem. I don't see why she should contact Idem. Surely if Moorcroft are the ones acting as agents then they should supply the requested documents from the creditor (Idem)? The original CCA request was made in August, and nothing has been forthcoming so in my view the debt is unenforceable now until such times as the requested paperwork is supplied. To be clear, she's not disputing the debt and says she owes the money and is happy to pay back; she is disputing the placement of a default that she says has been unlawfully placed on her credit file. All help and advice is appreciated.
  10. Hello, I have an unsecured loan (Lombard) from 1997 due to major debts around that time arranged £10/month token payment. I borrowed £5k and have repaid £2500 so far. I offrered £3000 in 2007 when I sold my house and had a small balance to clear and they refused - they say the total of the loan with interest was £7500. I now have Arden contact me and on the income and expenditure form have asked for property value/mortgage outstanding etc. Does anybody know why they ask, my loan was unsecured? thx
  11. Hi I am looking for some advice before i start i know will have broken every rule going in dealing with my debts. I have had 4 debts since approx 2007 which i have been paying by arrangements ccj etc originally totalled over £20k, i have come into a lump sump of money to pay off these debts and worked out with some negotiation that i coud clear my debt now totalling 13k. With 3 creditors i have managed to clear them over the phone at about 50% which i was happy with. I have 1 debt left which is just over £800 an old mbna credit card which has been sold on to idem when it was sold i didnt really pay any attention as my monthly payments were the same as before and life just carried on. Now i am in a position to offer a settlement of £450 to settle but idem will not settle for less than the full balance owed. What can i do as i want to be clear of them ? they also want a full income expenditure which i dont mind as i can rig that in my favour i am guessing that by just accepting the payments i have accepted that i acknowledge the debt to them. Any Advice gratefully received also please keep it as simple as i dont understand lots of Jargon.
  12. Hi not sure if this in the right forum. Thanks in advance for any help or advice people can give. I have a 9 year old Combi boiler which for the last 5-6 years has been serviced annually by one of the large utility companies under one of their boiler care schemes. Prior to this the boiler was maintained annually by their main competitor. I have just had to call them out due to the boiler failing to work and dropping into the protection cut out mode when heating or hot water was operated. On inspecting the boiler it was found there were multiple minor leaks from pipe work around the combustion chamber and possible minor leaks from the primary heat exchanger within the combustion chamber. The gas rail attached to the burner is corroded (but not perforated yet) and the bottom of the combustion chamber is extensively rusted to the extent it falls apart when touched. The company have condemned the boiler and disconnected it. The boiler was serviced 12 months ago and they were out to fit a new diverter valve to the boiler about 4 months ago. I cant see how the corrosion could have become so extensive in just 12 months given the steel is galvanised and I have had sheets of mild steel sat outside my house for the last 3 years that have only suffered surface corrosion. I am therefore somewhat concerned at the level of care they have been applying to our boiler service and repair. I have raised this as a concern whilst enquiring about booking a quote for a replacement boiler. The response was simply “We did not fit the boiler so how can you be sure the leaks and corrosion are down to a lack of adequate servicing on our part and not an issue from how the boiler was installed.” I reminded the lady that they had been maintaining the boiler for the last 5-6 years and they only repaired it 4 months ago. At this point she refused to discuss this aspect further and advised me to write to them. Do people think I have any grounds to argue that the company should offer a contribution towards a new boiler or a partial refund of the annual fees (£300 a year) I have been paying them for 5-6 years to keep the boiler working. Alternatively do I need to accept the boiler is dead and pay to have it replaced and hope the new one lasts much longer. All advise gratefully received.
  13. Hi All Please bare with me here. I had a car finance in 2007 and in around 2009 I gave the car up because I was made redundant which I thought was the best thing to do. As I had paid less than half the loan back they sold the car and I was left with an outstanding debt of around £1500. I still believe to this day that I have was well and truly stung because the price they sold the car at. Fast forward to June 2014 and I receive a letter from Idem servicing saying that they are taking the debt on and that my normal payment plan will continue. Reading some of the other threads I have seen this company pop up but it seems to be only dealing with MBNA and Loans that are secured on properties. I have tried to contact Idem by email like it stated in the letter but to this day have had no response from them. I have drafted a letter together for a CCA request but in the past I know that this doesn't always help because of the case between someone and HSBC with the judge stating that a copy is enough evidence to prove. Im slightly worried that they have not contacted me further by phone or email to try and arrange further payment. Also I have a mark from black horse on my credit report which will be in the 6th year in July 2015. Will idem put another mark on my file or because its the same debt will it still disappear after July 2015. Any help would be appreciated at this moment in time Tom
  14. Hi All, Well just helping a close family member, 2 years ago my Dad was declared bankrupt and the Halifax joint account was over drawn by £1k. Therefore my mum who is 75 had been paying £5.00 month and the debt has never reduced and is now £1,500.15. Due to illness my dad has had to finish work following some under lining heath problems and now started his treatment. So they have no income apart from state pension, they have had to claim benefits to pay rent etc, but can not pay the debt. We have written to ask for the debt to written off as a 75 lady no job no income and partner with no job also 70 can repay. Yep they refused and state she has to repay in full. What can we do to help, the statement Idem sent shows fees charges etc, or should we wait for the court action by not paying, they have no assets or funds Can anyone help at all
  15. Hi, I have idem servicing hassling me for money. They keep ringing me and I told them they were breaking the law and they were to write to me. So - they write to me telling me to ring them!!!! I have no idea which account they are on about as they have not given me any details! I have emailed them and told them I refuse to do anything for them until they outline exactly which account it is and what the problem is. If they persist - is it the FoS I complain to?
  16. Hi there, I wondered if anyone can help please? I stupily took out, in total a £58k loan from Picture and then got into difficulty. Picture then froze the interest when I got into arrears. I was single, living alone and panicking about my finincial situation and this option was put to me via a broker (who's now bust) I have £6,500 of arrears from 2006 but kept paying the same original agreement amount of £660pm. Other things suffered as a result but I just had to keep a roof over my head! I didn't keep a track of it but just paid every month. I've now taken my head out of the sand and am trying to find figure out how to get my self back up straight. I got a statement from Idem after I requested it and have just found out a) I had a £9000 PPI policy added to the loan when I first took it out and b) when Idem took over, they lumped £26k of interest from the previously frozen interest!! Twenty Six Thousand Pound! How much??!! Help!! I'd got the balance on my loan down to £37,000 before Idem took over (based on their statement) and added the £26k. In total I know owe them £63,000 after 6 years of paying £660 per month (excluding the peirod of the arrears). My first thought is to contact a mortgage solicitor to see if the whole thing has been missold, do something somehow to get the £26k interest taken off and then (or all at the same time) contact a company for a PPI reclaim. Has anyone had any experience in proving a mortgage was mis-sold, getting the interest back, reclaiming the PPI or any other advice in how to deal with these people? I just don't know where to turn!
  17. Hi. new here but i recieved a letter this morning from MBNA stating that my outstanding debt with them had now been sold to idem servicing. along with this letter was another letter from idem servicing detailing new account numbers to pay them ,needless to say i have not done this i called them and i was told that i was going to have to fill out and expenditure form so that they could then work out an amount for me to pay them back. when i asked why i had to do this i was simply told, this is how we do things. i then asked ' so are you saying you work out what i need to live and then take everything else?' hesitant responses and avoiding the question was all i got i have been paying mbna back for a while now and they have been very helpful so i am unsure as to why this has now happened .idem have also said that my original payment agreement with mbna will not be honoured. now i was happy paying off my debt etc b ut i am getting a suspician that i am now going to find myself in a whole world of trouble with idem, nothing seems to add up and i now find myself quite stressed and concerned that i am now in a worse off situation. any help and advice would be very gratefully recieved
  18. Hi, Please can you help and advise. I tried the CAB but they were not much help! My father in law died last September. My wife (his daughter) is trying to sort out the estate. Probate has been granted. The estate is small. His only thing of value was his old mobile home which will be worth about £40K when all the payments are made. It seems from paperwork that at some time my father in law had a MBNA credit card and had problems paying it. The debt then seems to have been sold to IDEM Servicing and they had three accounts regarding the debt. One about £5K, one about £2.5K and one about £700. My wife contacted IDEM to settle the accounts who then, without informing us sold or passed the debts on to Philips and Cohen. Philips and Cohen sent us bills for two accounts which she has paid. She called IDEM about the third account, (£5K), to be told that everything has been passed to Philips and Cohen. Philips and Cohen were called and state they have no details of any other account. Back to IDEM who refuse to confirm if there is an outstanding account as they now want a copy of the death certificate! We have now sent letters to both IDEM and Philips & Cohen, with copies of the death certificate and grant of probate. We have told them we require to be told within 21 days of any outstanding depts. Or we will assume there are none and settle the estate. The question is: If we do not hear within 21 days will either company be able to make a claim against my wife when the estate is settled? (She is not a beneficiary of the estate). Obviously we do not want to end up out of pocket ourselves but are fed up with being messed about when all we want to do is pay off his debts. We will also now be placing death notices in a local paper and the London Gazzete. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mottsy
  19. Hi, I was in business with a friend and it was set up at a Ltd Company. We took out a 3yr lease on a retail shop in personal names. However our working relationship broke down I could not longer work with her. I agreed to sign my shares and profits in the business over to her upon her agreeing to take on all liability including the lease. However it has been over a year since I left and my name is still on the lease. My ex business partner has not been paying the rent on the shop since Decemeber 2012 and the Landlord is now chasing me for money. I want to know if I have a case against my ex partner to get back the money the landlord is trying to recover from me? I have it in writing that she was prepared to take on all liabilities including the rent? Your advice please. I have come to an arrangement with the landlord to pay back the sum on a monthly basis but why should I be out of pocket when it was not my fault.
  20. usual story, MBNA debt sold to these clowns, who assumed that our agreement with MBNA to pay £24 a month meant that they would get the same, not a cat in hells chance, came into some money offered a F&F but they wanted an I&E (fat Chance), we offered £10 a month, they still insist that they cant accept any offer without an I&E, we set up a standing order anyway and have been paying that, They have now come back and Threatened to pass this on to a debt collector (arden) This is like a red rag to a bull raised an official complaint about the fool who has been "Dealing" with us. they also threatened to default the account, but I am 99% sure that MBNA have already done that which I have informed these fools of. Now I am not at a total loss as how to deal with these idiots but, quite frankly they are really getting on my nerves. so any advice / thoughts would be nice to receive. another thing I have now cancelled the standing order so they can take a running jump, until someone with a bit more common sense that the fool I have had the misfortune to deal with is replaced. rant over
  21. Hi All, I am currently trying to negotiate a repayment plan with PRA Servicing Ltd (they are dealing with it on behalf of portfolio recovery associates ) and they have not replied to the letter I sent them. Does anyone know of any email addresses for them, I wanna chase up their lack of a response but IMO they are not worth the price of postage so want to email them instead. Any help from you guys and girls would be much appreciated
  22. Hi all My Parents a few years ago took out a contract with SSE to service and maintain their gas products ie fire, boiler, hob etc in their home. They made monthly payments to this company and never had a problem. Then in September ish time in 2011 they contacted Dad about doing their yearly service. Mum was seriously ill in hospital at the time (in fact she passed away in November 2011 having never come home again), so Dad explained to them on the phone that it was currently a difficult time to arrange a time for them to come in as he was spending all his time at Mum's beside and could they call back again in a few weeks to arrange a time/see how things stood. They never called back. Then in 2012 they carried on taking £19.60 a month out of Dad's bank account, but never contacted him about arranging to come in and service any equipment. So in October he cancelled the DD. The company had always contacted them in the past to arrange a time/appointment and up until Mum was ill Dad had always had them come in and do the work. They've now started to send Dad the normal threatening pay us or we're sending people round, you'll end up with bad credit rating letters. I don't really see why Dad should pay them for a service he wasn't receiving. OK he said no when they tried to make the 1st appointment but did ask if they could call back in a few weeks. There is an answerphone etc but they never attempted to reach him nor in 2012. Does he have a case for refusing to pay or should he just pay up? Like he said if he sends a letter explaining why he cancelled with a cheque they'll just take the money and bin the letter. So I'm asking the experts if there's anything he can send them about why he shouldn't pay before he pays up? He's happy to pay if he has to but has said that if he can get the £20 wiped, he'd give it to CLIC as Mum died from Leukaemia. thanks Mary
  23. Other half recieved letter today stating that her mbna debt (religiously paid for the past 3 years) has now been sold to these and that she needs do nothing as her payments will continue - oops sorry idem servicing (Paragon) dont think so. On the letters from both of these people not a hint of the balance outstanding, so me thinks the payments will stop and a SAR is off to MBNA asp for the pre 2007 agreement and all statements. Happy days
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