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  1. Hi thanks for your response i just want to clarity all the fees for phone calls and the interest on these is not allowed? is there any other fees that are included too i will tally these up and then should i write to them to dispute these (is there some template i could follow). Also the interest rate calculation i am not sure whether its the same as 2007 how can i check this? No PPI on this loan from what i can see. Thanks
  2. Hi I am not sure if there was any charge before it was changed to moorgate this loan has changed so many companies's its hard to keep track, how would i find this out and if there has been what does that mean?
  3. Apologies, i do not understand what does that mean" the loan cant be fair not compliant". what steps can I take next? your advice is much appreciated
  4. Hi, thanks for your response. so does your name appear on the loan agreement? have you even seen it? Yes my name is on it as well as my ex-husband i have attached a copy of the agreement received via a SAR request. Now whe fraud is used to create binding terms it isnt automatically a dead duck so you may be liable but ahve you checked with the land regisrty to see if it is a charge on your property? yes it is on the land registry however the home is owned solely by me but this loan is on both our names Also why havew you left it 10 years before questioning it, that means you have accepted it is your problem when it may well not have been at the time. By no means have i left it 10 years i found out about the loan when my ex-husband left and i was taken to court for re-possesion of my home since then i have been told i have no choice but to pay the £233.00 payment else my home will be reposessed. However the balance never drops ive been paying for years, in fear of losing the house. Bur its so difficult to manage these payments and all the balance has reduced by is £200 in 10 years!
  5. Hi Apologies for that i have now ommited all the personal information and re-attached the document. Any assistance would be appreciated DOC 3.pdf
  6. Hi all, I would like some advice for a secured loan that was taken out by my ex-husband before coincidentally divorcing me a few months later. The loan was taken out in October 2007 and now over 10 years later i have been paying and the balance has only reduced by £200! I am extremely struggling with this and need to get this debt resolved as soon as possible can anyone please offer me some advice and guidance i have attached the enclosed paperwork. Information: My ex-husband never made a payment on the loan and was never on the mortgage or house documents, the house is in my sole name bought before marriage, i have told paragon to find him for payments however they are not interested and keep threatening to reposess should i not pay them £233 per month. Doc3.pdf
  7. Hi please find the documents as requested on one pdf document. Thanks sar return .pdf
  8. Hi there... after practically a year of going back and forth and numerous complaints i have been sent some limited documents from HSBC which have been sent to my sister who is a joint person on the loan, could you please advise for further assistance will i need to updload all these documents? or given the time frame should i start a new post. Thanks
  9. No the documents I uploaded was all I ever received from my previous subject access request to Moorgate. No logs were sent only what I uploaded here.
  10. oh sorry! thanks for hiding that! I will send of an SAR today to HSBC and see what they come back with , not sure if its going to be any different to what I already have but will see.And update on here when its arrived Thanks again
  11. Hi I have attempted to follow upload instructions and hope this is correctly done so? When searching through docs I see that my sister requested a SAR a while back, all the attached documents are what we have received from Moorgate when she did the SAR, the loan agreement is one we have kept from endeavour years ago. This is all the information that was sent in that SAR. as for your other loans I have requested documents and am utilising a debt management plan till I can tackle each debt. Your help is greatly appreciated Loan Agreement And Statements Private Info Deleted.compressed.pdf
  12. Hi thanks for your fast response. once I get a SAR request sent then what will that enable me to check? I have copies of the loan agreement and some statements from 2007- 2015 which were sent to me last year ,would that be sufficient or do I need to do a SAR request. yes when I refer to loans these are other unsecured debts I have sorry for any confusion
  13. Hi sorry for going AWOL i have had a very tough time with my ill mum and hospital stays etc , i have found an old copy of the loan papers and in response to the following And did you take out PPI on this? NO Who are you paying? Its all got even more confusing as recently idem servicing have started contacting me and they have reduced the debt to 16,516.05 when previously it was never decreasing. They have also sent me a statement on request and it shows loan payments and charges etc since 2007-2017 my balance in 2015 was 16,157.69 and is just increasing i cant get my head around whats happening. now the loan has been passed onto idem servicing who are writing to me to advising me to pay them via payplan who they have partnered with. Have you been receiving statements of account aver year?? no i have not received all statements i made a request and received some old ones Did you acknowledge the claim? Did you defend it? there has been no claim Have you moved since you took out the loan? yes i have moved over 9 years ago what can anyone advise me to do in these circumstances where im being passed from one loan compnay to another and my debts not decreasing despite me paying! i would really appreciate some help as all of my benefits are going on paying these loans
  14. Hi i am really struggling and hope that someone here can assist me ! I originally took out a secured loan with Endeavour finance in 2007 for £20k and have been paying it back since it was then sold onto Moorgate/Sancopia with no written information provided to me , and from looking at the land registry sancopia registered a charge on the property in 2013, despite years of payments my balance is just increasing and not decreasing . i have previously made a SAR to moorgate and they have sent me a photocopy if my agreements with endeavour. My question is this how can i deal with this debt i am no longer working as i am a carer for my mum who has dementia this debt is taking over my life and its never reducing! should i ask for a copy of my original agreement or can anyone help me deal with debt in a better way? any help would be appreciated
  15. Hi slick132, thanks for the Much appreciated advise , the account shows a balance of £7538.32 my credit file shows the same debt as being satisfied in nov 2010 and in another section on the same credit report defaulting in dec 2014. i stopped making the normal payments back in 2008. and the present cra report shows no existence of the debt. i have requested an SAR from barclays and will be seeing if they can provide an original agreement for this debt.
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