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  1. Hi all I had a mortgage with Amber Homeloans for approx. 8 years until 2017 and due to my own poor financial mismanagement, I incurred many fees for arrears, etc. Whilst I accept fault, given the time that has passed, is it still viable to pursue Amber for any excessive fees charged which were greater than the administrative cost to them? I am about to request statements from them in order that I can collate a list of charges, but perhaps it's not worth my while? Thanks.
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/408616-trying-to-reclaim-ppi-but-paragon-says-no/?tab=comments#comment-4978454 same boat mate, paragon say no and not regulated Paragon informed me that the PPI was done by warranty Holdings Ltd, guess what, now dissolved
  3. I have just sent a letter requesting details of my charges to Peter Townsend, Manager, Barclays Data Protection, Radbroke Hall, Knutsford, Cheshire,WA16 9EU. He replied promptly saying that copy statements are underway and my cheque for £10 has been returned. However, he has asked me to explain what I mean by manual intervention. Elsewhere in the forum it has been pointed out that this is an indication that there is no manual intervention on the account. He has also advised me that "under the DPA you are entitled to a copy of the material held across the Bank that qualifies for disclosure as your "personal data" - this is known as a data subject access request." This will cost £10 Should I ask for this information as well?
  4. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally complete on the sale, and once all his other debts are cleared there's not going to be much left. We have managed to get Engage to refund £320 in fees. We're trying to establish when GE sold it on. Engage say most of the fees were GE money. There are £3554.30 in fees, plus £2703.72 in arrears. I do have comprehensive list of the fees/arrears dating back to 2006, but its hard to see who charged what, and when it was transferred. I'm so angry with companies like these who mis sell to elderly people who clearly can't afford the repayments, and my Dad was v clever hiding the full extent of the debt from us. My questions are: 1 - Can I do anything as an Executor as the whole thing is so unfair? 2 - Why the mortgage for such a large amount was sold to a 70Yr old - as the house can't have been worth anywhere near that in 2004 - I think it must have been mis sold (He only had a state pension) 3 - How can I trace who sold the mortgage? Can I report them to the FCA?[/left] 4 - Can I claim back fees retrospectively from GE Money (I've read the 2010 ruling on here) or doesn't it apply if the mortgage holder is no longer alive? With many thanks and best wishes, Caroline
  5. Hi All From recent activity and instilled confidence boost - going through all my SAR's and have literally hundreds ££ of charges to be reclaimed. SO - Initially Thinking of reclaiming unfair charges for a Lloyds CURRENT a/c running through Sep 2001 till 2007. The current account is now closed and has been sold to DCA. Just wanted to confirm ( as not many recent threads on this subject ) is the best route to take ( as over six years old claim ) is : - 1 ) Court Action ( MCOL Claim ) ? including Pre-Action protocol. Just read from from an old post c.2013 from Slick132 - Getting charges back on a bank current a/c is not likely unless :- 1. There is Financial Difficulty (or hardship) involved, and there is lending (eg an overdraft) in which case you could use The Lending Code to reclaim charges from March 2011 onwards. Is this still the case ? Many Thanks
  6. I took out a 10year secured loan from Ge money ten years ago this was transferred to prestige finance in November 2015 . The loan is at an end but I still owe 3800 . There are charges and interest on charges on this account approx 2000 without any interest etc . Can I claim these back I believe if I could it would clear the balance left . Also I've got to still pay this and cannot pay the whole amount . Do I offer to pay the same amount as I have been 600 per month ? Will they charge me more interest ? Also if I can claim who do I claim off Ge or prestige ?
  7. Back in 2005/6 Ocean Finance arranged a large mortgage of about £400k for me. In late 2007 I was lucky to sell my house & payback Capstone/SPML. Just before they repossed it. I still have all the paperwork. Am I right in thinking I can reclaim all the charges payed to Capstone SPML. which amounted to a lot including court costs etc , & about £25k early repayment fees, also are they known to have included PPI in with my monthly payments, & if so can i also reclaim that. Any help & advice you can give me would be gratefully received. Thanks
  8. Hi all , Been reading the forums for a while now , just about to try and reclaim better halfs catalogue and store cards charges. I believe the route to go is SAR each catalogue and store card. It seems over the years she has had two old Littlewood accounts and one current one and a current Very account , she phoned shop direct earlier this week to verify account numbers and to check address for correspondence they gave her a Chelmsford address which seems to contradict other addresses I have found whilst browsing these forums those being the innovation centre park lane netherton bootle l30 1sl and Shop Direct Limited 1st Floor Skyways House Speke Road Speke Liverpool L70 1AB. Also we will be sending SAR's to Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit , the address we have been told is Newday ltd PO Box 700 Leeds LS99 2BD. She also has an old Next account which is closed , they have provided us with a letter stating the account number and that there was never any PPI on the account this was received after a phone call requesting the account number. which are the correct addresses to go with and also do we need to individually SAR each account and store card or one SAR to shop direct and one to Newday and one to Next ? Is there any specific requests needed for each SAR and over the last twenty years we have only lived at two addresses so do we include both addresses in each SAR. Some of the account/cards are pre 2007 and some post 2007. Thanks for your time , Andy.
  9. Hi There, I am new to this site and need some advice please. I have recently submitted a PPI claim to Natwest in respect of PPI. I sent them a copy bank statement (dated 1998) depicting 'Credit Card Repayment Protector' being deducted at GBP30.67 per month on a balance of GBP4151 per month. I rang them and they have stated that this is CPP and not PPI. I know that this is not the case and have told them that. Any advice at all please and thanks? I have been informed that a rough calculation is that the PPI would have cost 77p for ever GBP100 outstanding on my credit card balance each month. Therefore the monthly payment of £30.67 on a balance of circa £4151 seems to suggest I was indeed paying the above insurance premium. Whereas NatWest CCP Credit Card Plus cost £36.99 a year
  10. Hi All if any one can help , i am looking to claim credit card charges ,late payment and over limit fee . SAR done to capital one and received every thing account was opened in 2005 january . charges in total is £200 interest rate was 34.9% i have done the spread at the interest rate of 34.9% so total amount is coming nearly £9000. should i charge 34.9% or lower ? I have been to court few times on hearing with lowell and won (its was mobile phone contracts) this claim is for my survival and i am willing to go to hearing (if its comes to that point ) but first time taking someone to court if any one can guide me with my claim . My reason for same interest as on card is that go for higher amount and then settle for bit lower reasonable amount any chance of success at that rate? thanks in advance
  11. hi all, I used halifax website to submit my ppi complaint. they correctly discovered my old loan and credit card 2004/6 and sent me a 7 page questionaire to complete and gave me six weeks to do so... I just had a text msg to say three weeks later they are still waiting questions: can they really give me timescales to complete their form? do i really need to complete their form... can i send them a completed fos form which requires much less information? shouldnt i send them one sar for full statement for each acciunt? any help would be gratefully received zubo
  12. Hi all, I am writing a SAR letter to Barclaycard as the first step towards reclaiming over limit and late payment charges. I've spent a couple of weeks reading various threads here that have been very helpful. I am trying to find the best address to send my SAR but am confused by conflicting information, some of which may or may not be out of date. London? Northampton? Knutsford? If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful - I don't want to stumble at the first hurdle! Thanks, John.
  13. I was going though some paper work and found some statements going back 2010-2015 with astronomical charges levied on my current accounts by Lloyds. I remember sending a letter in 2013 but forgot all about it. Again I sent a letter last year asking for these, but I was told it is too late. But I am just wondering whether to send them a fresh claim stating that although I started the claim in 2013 never got a chance to pursue it due to house moves and other issues. Do I still have a chance to claim or is there a time limit? Thanks CB
  14. I had a personal loan from 1999 which had PPI on it. I didn't request PPI but the box on the CCA had a pre-printed tick in it. On challenging the PPI, Paragon claim the loan wasn't dependent on PPI and that they weren't regulated at the time so I have no claim against them. The FOS haven't been much help. I've read a thread by user justice4me from 2012 where they managed to successfully make a PPI claim in much the same situation. Does anyone have any information regarding what is needed to successfully make a PPI claim against Paragon? Cheers, OMWO
  15. Howdy, I got myself into a real mess with payday loans, going back to divorce/unemployment in 2009. At its worst, between May 2012 and January 2015 I had nearly 140 loans with over a dozen lenders, in an endless bucket brigade of borrowing from one to repay another. I walked away from the whole toxic lot in January 2015 and am now redressing the situation. From May 2012 to October 2013 I borrowed 10 times from Payday Express - deferring, refinancing, reborrowing etc. 10/8/17 - Sent formal complaint requiring refund of interest (£968.97) + 8% interest (£331.21) + removal of adverse data. 11/8/17 - Payday Express acknowledge receipt of complaint outlining response timescale (within 4 weeks, not later than 8 weeks) 6/9/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 4 weeks - their investigation is not complete 5/10/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 8 weeks - their investigation is not complete. They don't say when it might be complete (at a guess, never) but inform me of my right to refer the complaint to the FOS. So, next? Prelim followed by LBA? Straight to LBA (previous formal complaint as Prelim)?
  16. I had my home repossessed in 2009 due to a change in circumstances. The mortgage was with HSBC who marked the debt as 'settled' on my credit file in 2011 although I owed them money. This was removed from my credit file at the start of last year since it had been 6 years since the settlement date. I am certain that I had PPI on this mortgage. If I try to reclaim this PPI will it awaken the debt? I have seen the rule of 6 years for standard credit card and loans but wondered what would apply to the mortgage?
  17. Hi Again I come to get great information and help. I was with PayPlan Plus for about 5 years, paying £22+ per month for payment protection. My questions are ... 1 ... Can I claim Payment Protection from a Debt Management Company even though it was a free plan 2 ... Can you advise of the address of payplan as i have since emigrated and no longer have anything from them 3 ... If successful They are not allowed to pass this on as a split to the creditors are they Many thanks for your help again. Very much appreciated especially as I no longer reside in the UK. Grumpy Old Me ... lol
  18. Here is my best attempt at summarising my dealings with Peachy: Date Borrowed Repaid Interest/charges 20/12/13 0200.00 02/01/14 0227.00 0027.00 03/01/14 0500.00 03/02/14 0645.00 0145.00 0500.00 03/03/14 0630.00 0130.00 04/03/14 0500.00 30/04/14 0677.00 0177.00 01/05/14 0250.00 29/05/14 0075.00(rollover) 0075.00 27/06/14 0327.50 0077.50 27/06/14 0500.00 25/07/14 0193.74 0141.00 29/08/14 0156.48 0089.05 26/09/14 0157.76 0060.82 31/10/14 0177.07 0056.69 27/11/14 0044.88(rollover) 0044.88 23/12/14 0047.25 (rollover) 0047.25 30/01/15 Final payment due: £162.51 principal + £61.75 interest + £5.00 fees = £229.26 Repayment failed Total borrowed: 2450.00 Principle repaid: 2287.49 Interest + fees repaid: 1071.19 TOTAL REPAID: 3358.68 Principle outstanding: 0162.51 Amount claimed: 0996.09 Interest @ 8% (08/06/16): 0158.98 Total claim: 1155.07 Not surprisingly I have a late payment marker on my credit file, and have received twice-weekly text/email threats of a default marker for the last 18 months (together with "borrow more money!" emails every couple of days). SAR was sent on 5/5/16 with £10 postal order, deadline is 16/6/16. I have received no communication from Peachy other than threats/marketing, until yesterday, an email stating "We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully collected your loan payment" of - you guessed it - £10. They've used the SAR fee on my outstanding balance. Looking for guidance on how to proceed. I think I have enough information without the SAR to go ahead and complain/claim, but I'd also like to make a complaint regarding their handling of DPA requests - can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all, As I have posted in similar threads I got myself into a real mess with payday loansicon, going back to divorceicon/unemployment in 2009. At its worst, between May 2012 and January 2015 I had nearly 140 loans with over a dozen lenders, in an endless bucket brigade of borrowing from one to repay another. I walked away from the whole toxic lot in January 2015 and am now redressing the situation. Without going into the entire borrowing history, one of the many lenders was 247 Moneybox, from whom I ended up receiving a default for £483 in May 2015. I submitted a formal complaint just under a fortnight ago requesting repayment of interest and charges (£742.26) plus interest (£182.54) plus removal of adverse data. Response received today: "Please take this email as acknowledgement of your complaint. We will now investigate the issues you have raised within the timescales as set out in our complaints procedure below. A little concerned by the calculations you have attached - you seem to have some balances which are not payments or interest on your account. Concerned you may be adding transactions on from another lender. I also note you make no reference to your current outstanding balance of £687.00, towards which you have made no repayments to date. We are aware that there are many forums and templated letters available on the internet to exploit any previous credit commitments under the wholly subjective banner of affordability. To compare our actions with the reported behaviour of other lenders is inappropriate. We are confident that the required assessments were carried out prior to the advance of all loans. We are able to substantiate fully the information on which lending decisions were based. Our relationship was based on responsible lending in addition to responsible borrowing. We provided you with all the facts about our product and the charges and costs involved. We treated you as a rational individual able to make a credible decision as to whether to borrow or not. For our part of the relationship we acted on the information available to us at the time and the prevailing regulations and guidance at the time. We are happy as a gesture of goodwill to resolve today by writing off your current outstanding balance of £687.00. We can also remove all negative information from your credit file." I'm trying to obtain a mortgage at the moment so I'm more inclined to accept the offer and have the data removed asap than to dig my heels in and fight for more money.
  20. HI I am getting a lot of grief from mercantile credit. I got some money back from a PPI using an agent and agreed to pay them an amount. I did not receive the invoice i got threatening letters from Mercantile saying they had taken on the debt and were taking me to court and coming round my house ( from Liverpool) I panicked and wrote to them saying i will pay the original invoice but not the charges added as i had not received the invoice. They would not accept my dispute i paid £110 and agreed a repayment over the phone of £100 a month for the next 3 months. I was supposed to pay 30th September but didn't now they are threatening me again. Who are mercantile ? What can they do? Thanks
  21. Good Evening all, I was after some advice on if you think I could reclaim the late payment charges / over limit charges on an old credit card ? To cut a long story short I had a Halifax credit card running from 2002 - 2010 that I got into difficulty with, eventually running up an outstanding balance of £11,800 After many sleepless nights, countless number of letters back and forth, many requests for the singed original CCA, many threatening letters and a lot of advice from the CAG I eventually managed to get the debt written off, well not written off as such, Halifax made a gesture of goodwill payment of the full outstanding balance Yes that's right £11,800 paid by them as a "gesture of goodwill" This was all back in 2010 and I left it at that Anyway with all the PPI stuff going around I though I would check to see if the policy ever had PPI (via SAR) which it did not, but there are quite a lot of over limit charges and late payment charges so I have filled in the compound interest calculator and it amounts to over £6,500 Do you think it would be cheeky to request these charges back ?
  22. Having successfully reclaimed PPI for son-in-law from both a loan and credit card from these chancers now I would like to reclaim the packaged account fees they fleeced from him over the years. Have all the information for claim from a SAR - appears to have have one for years with the fees increasing over the years - no letters or information in the SAR relating to benefits/selling process - was just told and accepted he need one - was very naive financially and has paid lots in fees over the years - all under control now with help from CAG. I would like to know which spreadsheet to use. In addition any links to threads or information relating to reclaiming would be greatly appreciated - have looked at the FOS case studies which are somewhere on the site. Thanks in advance, Intend.
  23. Hello J Firstly thankyou for all of this information on this forum, I have had a look around but I think I need to start a thread in order to get some help. I am sorry for the length of the post and I hope someone makes it to the end of it as I know you would be using their own freetime to respond! J Much appreciation and thank in advance for this I wrote to Lending stream to claim irresponsible lending and I am hoping that someone could contribute their expertise to help formulate a reply to them. Id rather make one last attempt to settle with them before going to the ombudsman. All of my comments are ion red and LS are in black. We are writing in reference to your recent correspondence. Please note that you borrowed 17 loans (Ref. No: xxxx) from Lending Stream, out of which 14 loans were closed successfully and 3 loans (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx and xxxx) are outstanding. However, the ownership of the accounts (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx and xxxx) has now been transferred to the third party debt collection agency Mackenzie Hall (can be contacted on 01563 556533). Hence, we would request you to get in touch with them for further proceedings. I thought you had to claim against the original creditor? How should I respond to this? This makes up a large part of my claim as they added around £1000 in charges and interest onto £500 that was defaulted and sold it on We would like to share our findings, in regards to the loan accounts closed with us. Affordability Check: We confirm that an affordability analysis is conducted for all customers (existing or new) and on each loan application. Our advanced analytics and underwriting processes review the information provided by the customer, all public information and details held by Credit Reference Agencies before making a decision. Your Experian score was ranging upto xxxx; which factored into our proprietary underwriting and deemed acceptable I don’t think so, my credit rating was proper trash back then, I have spent about 3 years trying to repair it and have had tens of thousands of pounds worth of defaults and a CCJ drop off of my file since then (+6 years old now) and its still far short from what they are claiming! At the time of applications, you were full-time employed Yes correct Your monthly income at the time of applications was ranging upto £ xxxx No idea what I declared but from their comment “ranging upto” I doubt this amount was consistent We could observe a sufficient disposable income, which denoted that repayments towards the loans can be made without any financial difficulties I was in serious trouble and borrowing from one to pay another, my finances were a mess! Rollover: We would also like you to note that a “Rollover” is an option provided by some lenders where a customer is allowed to delay paying back a loan on the payment of additional fees. Currently, Lending Stream does not offer this option. Hence, we confirm that the FCA regulation on “Rollover” Loans is not applicable to us. Credit file/Data Validation: When a customer requests for a credit report from a Credit Reference Agency, he may acquire specific information including names of different lenders and their respective reporting. However, when a financial institution does a credit search on a customer’s credit report, they are not privy to that exact information. Hence, our decision to lend money does in part rely on the information received from Experian (credit scores). Financial Difficulties: Our constant message to customers whose circumstances change, or who experience hardship, is to speak to us and we will work something out together. Upon reviewing your accounts, we found that the required assistance was offered, when, we were informed about the change in your circumstances. This is a lie by them, when repeatedly borrowing and borrowing just became unsustainable I contacted them and I repeatedly asked them to set up a repayment plan, freeze interest and to stop phoning me for payment. They refused to accept less than £90 per month which I did not have and were calling me in excess of 8 times a day and even phoned my work phone which I was furious and extremely embarrassed about at the time. I have told them I want compensation for their behaviour during this period but I might tell them that I would be willing to forgo this should they be willing to settle in full on the rest of my claim without having to go to the ombudsman. Resolution: In lieu of the overall situation, we confirm that the affordability checks were performed while approving your loans. With the above being said, we would like to inform you that there were some procedural errors while approving your loans (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx). Hence, we offer to refund the interest and charges paid towards the loans (Amounting £394.50). I don’t know what processes they are admitting not following but this was the first 5 loans I had with them. The amount of interest I am claiming form them is £825 from the 14 loans that I repaid so I am guessing this is just an attempt to reduce by 50%. There are also the 3 loans that they have asked me to contact the company they sold onto. I have asked them to refund the £500 loan + £1000 interest that defaulted that they have sold on so that I may settle with the company they sold it to. I might respond that I would be willing to accept just the £825 + £1000 = £1825 interest if they are willing to resolve without the ombudsman Should you accept the offer, please confirm so that we can initiate the refund towards the bank account details that we have registered in our records (account number ending with " xxxx "). I switched bank accounts years ago to make a fresh start away where no companies have my details J Alternatively, you can help us with the copy of your bank statement (in which you wish for the funds to be credited) reflecting your name, bank account number, sort code and bank's name in a non-editable format. Errr No chance! For further queries, please email us at xxx or call us on 0203 365 0138 (Monday to Friday between 7 am to 10 pm). Call charges apply. A final observation I have made from their reply is that I have told them I want 8% statutory interest and they have not mentioned this within their letter at all Thankyou again for your help with this x
  24. An ex employer (well known supermarket)wants to reclaim £87 which it claims it over paid me. A little back ground information .. . I left after receiving a large bill from the tax office of just under £1700 as my employer had not been deducting the money from my wages, something I should have noticed I hold my hands up the that. When I joined them I was placed on emergency tax correctly then the code changed I thought it had been sorted. What they failed to do was take my pension into consideration when the code was set. They were made fully aware that I had retired from the fire service and was receiving a pension. After receiving the tax bill 2015/16 which i obviously had to pay, I still face another for 2016/17. ..my position with the supermarket had become unworkable so i left. I feel very agreived over the tax bills and now the supermarket are chasing me for £87 they claim they over played me in my final salary, via their solicitor! Should I pay or let them take me to court?
  25. I've been on a DMP now for over 7 years and am looking into what I should be doing now. There are 6 accounts remaining on the DMP, 2 of which have been reassigned and are wtih Debt Colletion Agencies, the other 4 are with the original creditors. Default Notices were served on all these accounts and my credit file is no longer affected by them. I've had a look through some of the threads on here and it seems that I should be issuing CCA requests to the DCAs at least to see if the debts are enforceable. Just wondering what the position is regarding accounts still with the original creditors. I have a few concerns about doing this though as the DMP is running smoothly and I am planning on applying for a mortgage soon so am worried that by issuing CCA requests, the creditors may be triggered in to starting court action. just wondering if it is worth doing it now or waiting until I have a mortgage. Any advice would be appreciated.
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