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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I know I had taken out loans when younger to buy car /bike but was long ago 1989 to 1994 No longer find any paper work I had made note occasional in my diary those years when needed and put them on to outlook on computer Some of the events 02/05/1990 Mercantile £4K , 5yrs protected £127.84 Premium £17.10 16/02/1992 £9,500 7/1/1992 £2500 , 4yrs £133month I even have the dates that contacted bank about my direct debits dates when i took the loan paperwork into Manchester My notes state I even had letter from their solicitor when had few issues but made no note who they were I eventually paid all loans off several years later I found out that Mercantile was taken over by Barclays So I filed for complaint on 11 July 2018 this year with my old address, dob , and the 3 dates referring to the loans I have received letter 3 days later after calling them by phone with 4 ppi references to use instead of complaint reference. Cannot find any loan under my name , address , dob Sorry with finding your account we cannot investigate so my complaint is closed. Called them today and explained my outlook notes , they have asked for that list to be sent. Stated that they only keep records 6yrs , so am curious how do I make claim and prove when i have all these dates if internal records are just 6yrs. Am I correct to assume that successful claims seems to be actual statement or loan account details Even call credit group checks don't have my old original address Do I give up ? What else can I try , I feel sending my list in wont help if they cant even find my name and address Help and info appreciated
  2. HI I am getting a lot of grief from mercantile credit. I got some money back from a PPI using an agent and agreed to pay them an amount. I did not receive the invoice i got threatening letters from Mercantile saying they had taken on the debt and were taking me to court and coming round my house ( from Liverpool) I panicked and wrote to them saying i will pay the original invoice but not the charges added as i had not received the invoice. They would not accept my dispute i paid £110 and agreed a repayment over the phone of £100 a month for the next 3 months. I was supposed to pay 30th September but didn't now they are threatening me again. Who are mercantile ? What can they do? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys While this is old news, I haven't seen anything which suggests we might have been aware of this; Seems MMF Owns more than themselves
  4. Need some advice please regarding a payday loan that i took out with Quickquid in 2009 & couldn't repay. I contested the charges & placed the account in dispute. QQ went quiet & to be honest i forgot about them, until last year when i started receiving texts from Mercantile. Had letters & further texts & emails saying they had taken over the debt & how i was due a home visit. Never did show up. Last night i received an email saying that Motormile are now dealing with the debt & today have received a pre default notice & a home visit which is being booked . I ignored Mercantile due to placing a dispute with QQ who never answered my letter over the charges. Have now received my 1st text from MMF saying they are now collecting the debt due to Mercantile & i have to contact them urgently. Tried signing up to noddle to get a free report to see if QQ have a default, but for some reason they can't verify who i am despite being at the same address 21 yrs. Do i ignore MMF like i've done the others or do i engage in writing.
  5. hi i took out a loan with quid24 for 100, with a repayment of £110 , unfortunatly wasnt able to pay it on time, and within 6 days of missed due date £190 of charges had been added, they claim the charges are for letters they have sent but i have only ever recieved emails which they claim to be the letters. anyway here it a converstion log i have had with them so far. please let me know what you think , i have tried throwing a few legal quotes here and there (although i have probably got them wrong lol ) i have paid them £110.38 thet still persistant that i owe them £189.62 and dont seem to be budging no matter what i do or say, only thing they have done is offered to clear the remaining for £89.62 ( - £100 of the debt) but i still think this is unfair. i have contacted the financial ombudsman who advised me they can charge whatever they want if thats what i signed in the contract, but they have told me they have written to quid24 telling them i have lodged a compaint and they have 8 weeks to sort it... anyways enough of me going on, heres the contact between me and quid24 so far. [email protected] |2011-10-24 20:13:05 I would like to cancel mu agreement with yourselves under the terms and conditions i have 14 days to cancel my agreement with yourselves so i would like to excercise this right, please accept this as my written confirmation as cancelment of my agreement . please contact me asap by phone on 07413610113 in regards to the matter and for full payment of the original amount borrowed , the transfer fee , and 14 days interest at 8%apr . I would like to thank you in advance for your help in regards to this matter. Regards, anthony smith [email protected]@quid24.com |2011-10-25 13:28:04 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. Please see Cancellation Rights in our Credit Agreement: You will have a right to cancel this Agreement for 14 days, beginning with the day after this Agreement is signed by us ("the Cancellation Period"). If you do not exercise your right to cancel within the Cancellation Period, you will not be able to cancel this agreement. You may exercise this right to cancel by giving notice in writing by sending a letter to us at Quid24 Limited, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom or by e-mail to [email protected] As the Credit Agreement was signed on 07/10/2011 at 01:21, the Cancellation Period ended on 21st October. You sent us the notification on 24th October, so you are no longer able to cancel this Agreement under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds available and let us know when can we collect the repayment of £300. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-10-25 16:11:19 Give me an account number and sortcode to pay onto i do not have a debit card to payvwith, also i.borrowed on the 10/10/11 not 07/10/[email protected] |2011-10-25 16:29:21 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. The Credit Agreement was signed when you registered with us on the 7th October. And the Cancellation Period is for 14 days, beginning with the day after the Credit Agreement was signed by us. So the Cancellation Period was 14 days starting from 8th October. We can offer an alternative payment method only once. Please make us a bank transfer to cover your debt using the following details: Account name: Quid24 Limited; Account number: 23497062; Sort code: 20-30-89; Amount: £300; Ref: Smith 1804 Please do not forget to add the reference. Please note that if we have not received the payment by the time we have agreed, additional charges will be added. When you have made the payment, please notify us and send us a copy of the payment. Please let us know as soon as you have received a new card to update your details. Thank you. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-10-25 17:25:39 I have made a payment of 110.38 the paymeny breakdown is as follows: £100 original loan £5.50 transfer fee ( altough all uk banks transfer instantly for free) £4.50 original interest fee £0.38 good will gesture 1months interest on £100 @ 8% apr as for my debit card number you will not need this as as far as i am concered my debt to yourselves has been paid However if you still believe i owe any outstanding balance i advise you to pursue the matter via court, as the rest of the balance you claim to be owed is clearly laid out on the online statement as charges for reminder letters that you have not sent, and if you had i would expect them to be printed in gold on 24c gold leaf paper as £70 for a standard piece of paper printed in black toner ink certainly would not be a justifiable cost which would then bring us to the unfair terms and conditions act of 1997. I thank you for your help in this matter anthony smith. [email protected] |2011-10-26 11:08:21 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. We have received your payment of £110.38, as your loan had increased up to £300, so £189.62 is currently outstanding. Please Make us another transfer of £189.62 as soon as possible, as otherwise your debt will be soon handed over to our debt collection partner and further debt collection fees will apply. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-10-26 15:21:16 Get the message you aint getting another penny stop playing stupid . [email protected] |2011-10-26 15:41:53 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. Please note that your loan has increased up to £300. The outstanding balance currently is £189.62, as you have only repaid £110.38 to us. Please make us another transfer of £189.62 as soon as possible, as otherwise your debt will be soon handed over to our debt collection partner and further debt collection fees will apply. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-10-27 18:01:47 May i remind you that under the unfair terms and conditions act 1997 that your terms and conditions for charging £190 for letters you have not sent is deemed an unfair charge and would also be deemed an unfair condition in a court of law. however if you wish to continue this matter and pass the accused debt to a debt collecter then i would also like to remove your right to ring me on any contact number and further contact is to be via email and post only , this right also moves with the debt so you are to inform any 3rd party you pass the matter on to that they also no longer have any right to contact me other than the methods stated. if anyone contacts me by any method other that post and email in regards to this matter they will be liable for damages in court under the communications act 2003. I would like to thank you for your yet more unhelpfulness, and hope not to hear from you in regards to this matter [email protected] |2011-10-31 12:45:02 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. You have agreed all the charges as these are stated in our credit agreement that you have read, agreed and electronically signed. Please note that these letters were sent via email. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-11-04 14:43:11 its nice to see how it took you 4 days to reply, anyway i have just been in contact with with the financial ombudsman who are going to write to yourselves in regards to the matter. firstly letters were not sent emails were, there is a difference, a letter you print and post and email you type and click a send button. and secondly the dates the emails were sent do not match the dates they should have as stated in the terms and conditions. terms and conditions states LETTERS (not emails) would be sent after the account becomes 1, 2, 4, and 7 days over due EMAILS (not letters) were sent on 1st reminder 17th oct - the DUE DATE (not 1 day after) 2nd reminder 18th oct - 1 day over (not 2 like stated) 3rd reminder 20th oct - 3 days over (not 4 like stated) 4th reminder 23rd oct - 6 days over ( not 7 like stated) also it has been noted to the financial ombudsman that when i contacted you in regards to a repayment plan you refused to help until the 24th oct conveniently after you had finished charging the account with unfair and unjustified charges. [email protected] |2011-11-04 15:10:22 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. Please note that it did not take 4 office opening days to reply to you as our office opening hours are Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm. You sent us the email on Thursday evening after the office was closed and we replied to you on Monday morning. So we replied to you on the second day. We have checked and the emails were sent out on the following dates: 1st reminder - 18th October, 2nd reminder - 19th October, 3rd reminder - 21st October and 4th reminder - 24th October. Please note that these were sent out straight after midnight when the charge was added. Reminder letters are sent out via email, not via post as emails will reach you straight away. We can only offer repayment plans to clients whose loan has gone seriously overdue and who are seriously in debt. Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-11-04 15:42:12 do you not think £300 for a £100 is not seriously overdue enough ? and why would you not think i was in serious debt, if i wasnt in debt i would of been able to obtain and overdraft from my bank or a cheaper method of borrowing? anyway heres my solution , i can offer £10 a month on starting thursday the 10th, and can offer this every 4 weeks, providing you stop adding interest and charges, however if you find this unacceptable and still want to challenge it, then i will have no option but to let the matter continue , and once 8 weeks has passed without any resolution from yourselves, the matter will be pursued with the financial ombudsman. [email protected] |2011-11-04 16:10:21 Dear Anthony, Thank you for the email. We are willing to freeze the loan and set up a repayment plan for up to 12 months. As currently the outstanding balance is £300 and if this would be divided into 12 equal payments then every month you would have to repay £25. Alternatively as a gesture of goodwill we can make you a settlement offer to repay £200 in one go before 23rd November 2011 (so we would waive more then half of the charges). Please let us know which of the above two offers suits you the best and let us know of the exact date(s) when we can collect the payment(s). Kind regards, Quid24 Support http://[email protected] |2011-11-04 16:18:18 Dear Anthony, Please ignore the above email. As you have already repaid £110.38, the outstanding balance is £189.62 not £300. Please accept our apologies for the mistake. We are willing to freeze the loan and set up a repayment plan for up to 12 months. As currently the outstanding balance is £189.62 and if this would be divided into 12 payments then you would have to make 11x £16 and 1x £13.62 payments. Alternatively as a gesture of goodwill we can make you a settlement offer to repay £89.62 in one go before 23rd November 2011 (so we would waive more then half of the charges). Kind regards, Quid24 Support www.quid24.com as you can see i have not responded to them as i have come back to my senses and have decided i shouldnt have to pay them anything , and i retract my last email to them that i offered £10 a month , until i fully understant where i stand ! any help wil be much appreciated.
  6. Okay; i needed some support in this, as my partner and i live together and he's just lost his job so we're going onto benefits. So i got a QQ loan in late 2008 (about beginning of nov) and then i lost me job. For four years i got no physical or electronic letters saying that i had defaulted and it was sold to Gothia, and yet Gothia were chasing me for this money. I ignored them. On 24/10/12 i got an email telling me it would be sold to Mercantile Recovery Solutions. I recieved an email on 5/11/12 from MRS, saying "We write to notify you that the above mentioned account has been assigned by Mercantile Recovery Solutions Ltd. to Mercantile Recovery Solutions Limited." and another one yesterday (aka 28th) telling me "Please accept this email as formal notice that your account held with Mercantile Recovery Solutions Limited, reference number , has now been passed for collection to Motormile Finance UK Limited."; Ltd. is the same as limited yes ? and where is the ref number ? does not count ..... bah I then got an email today from MMF saying"We act on behalf of Mercantile Recovery Solutions and have been instructed that your pay day loan has not been repaid to them. Shortly, this situation will affect your credit rating and we need to resolve it immediately to prevent this from happening Our instructions are to collect the outstanding amount from you and we would ask you to contact this office without delay to arrange repayment terms: Tel: 01138 876876 We will shorly be arranging for your account to be passed to our Home Visit Department, but would invite you to contact our office within the next 5 days to discuss this matter. We understand that situations sometimes occur that are outside anyone's control and we can assure you that we are ready to discuss any problems you may have and help find a solution. Please quote your reference of M1133291." I was up till 2am this morning looking up about MMF so i thought i'd post it here for some more advice and maybe another complaint to OFT, if needs be. Oh and hi you guys, nice to meet ye ! -John
  7. Anyone else had dealings with these lot? I've just had a debt taken over by them, which I acknowledge is mine, and I've emailed twice and sent a recorded delivery letter which they are not acknowledged. I've just come home to another letter saying I've ignored their efforts to get in contact and they are sending a door stop collector now In my letters I sent an offer of payment but they are obviously just going to ignore me. I am certainly not going to ring them - but don't know what to do next.
  8. Hi i went into my spam folder by mistake today and found this email sent today by mercantile recovery solutions. 1. i have never heard of this bunch 2. the pdl refused my payment plan in december 2011 and i have heard nothing since 3. im concerned about the point about them having my bank account and sort code can they take money from my account??? 4. are they gonna take me to court??? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Reference: xxxxxxxxx Client Reference: xxxxxxx Client: Mercantile Recovery Solutions Original Creditor: xxxxxxxxx Balance Outstanding: £(amount was here) FORMAL NOTICE OF LITIGATION AS REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT (2006) Dear (my name), We have previously written to you to inform you that we, Mercantile Recovery Solutions Ltd., have purchased the above debt and as such are now the legal owners and beneficiaries of the sum outstanding. Despite attempting to contact you using all means available to us, including all the information provided in your credit application we have, to date, been unable to reach an amicable solution of repayment with you. We must now make it clear that we are in the process of instructing our solicitors to issue a claim against you in your local court. We are fully confident that such claim will be successful as we are unaware of any legitimate legal reason for non-payment of the debt and again we should make our intentions clear that upon successful award of the claim we will look to enforce the debt by way of an earnings arrestment. As part of your application process you provided your bank account number, sort code, pay date and employer details – all of this information will be utilised to seek immediate repayment of the sum outstanding. Please be aware that your employer will be notified of this order if necessary. Whilst we do not wish to burden you with further costs, (all legally recoverable fees will be added to your outstanding balance) your lack of cooperation thus far leaves us with no viable alternative. Should you wish to avoid this course of action we would recommend you contact our pre-litigation collections department on 01563 546 371 before noon the 25th September 2012. Failure to respond to this notice will only lead to immediate court action being undertaken. Yours sincerely, Ray Smith Ray Smith Collections Department
  9. hi all, am new here and came across this site whilst trying to look up Mercantile solutions im hoping for a bit of info ... to cut a long story short i moved into my property as a tenant 2 1/2 years ago and the previous residents had many letters for various debts which under the instruction of my estate agent i opened all mail to these tenants and gave all info to them who then must have sorted it all out (it took about a year) but we were finally letter free! Today i opened a letter to myself (with a slight misspelling of my surname) it was from above agency saying i owed £907.20 to the creditor QuickQuid i have not even heard of this company and have no loans in my name nor even a credit card so am amazed they have decided that i owe this money i origionally thought that the debt was probably one attached to the address and since i have been added to the electorial roll with the slight misspelling of my surname that they have just looked up the address and found that i live here and attached the debt to me! I rang the company who were so rude to me it made my blood boil.... i at first didnt want to hand over my real details in case they just attached the debt to the correct name spelling of my surname but i had to give my real name and dob and the woman said the dob didnt match the person they were looking for and asked my previous address and email address which all didnt match what she had so she advised me that they had the wrong person and would sort it out for me. Im none the wiser as to if they have cleared it from my name or if they will continue to try and chase me for a debt i have no ties to? is this even legal? Any info or advise would be great as i am not sure what to do next Thanks for your time guys sorry if the post was a bit hashed i am still fuming! Christina
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum so please forgive the naive question. I've had a letter out of the blue from MRS, called Final Notice Prior to Action (in red ink) citing a debt to Motormile Finance (just seen the many threads on this one), with HFC as the original creditor. They claim the debt dates back to 2000. The only thing I can think of is that it could have been an interest payment after I forgot the settlement date for an BNPL interest free deal, I thought I'd paid it after an argument back then, but have no records. I've hear nothing about it for years. Should I respond? I found one of the templates on here - the "general debt letter if you know nothing of the debt", sorry can't post URLs yet, which I considered using. Should I respond, or ignore? Grateful for your advice and experience
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