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  1. Thank you for the advice and Information. I have requested a copy of my contract again. This time I have put a deadline on it. Lets see what happens.
  2. No it doesn't say.. Will ... lots of... COULD and MAY ect. No it's a different solicitor company who like to give deadlines which I expect it pretty standard!
  3. I asked for copies of pay slips, holiday entitlement, time taken and a copy of my contract. I received all but the contract. I do not have a copy myself. So could request it again. They are demanding I pay within 7 days or make arrangements for repayment within the 7 days.
  4. An ex employer (well known supermarket)wants to reclaim £87 which it claims it over paid me. A little back ground information .. . I left after receiving a large bill from the tax office of just under £1700 as my employer had not been deducting the money from my wages, something I should have noticed I hold my hands up the that. When I joined them I was placed on emergency tax correctly then the code changed I thought it had been sorted. What they failed to do was take my pension into consideration when the code was set. They were made fully aware that I had retired from the fire service and was receiving a pension. After receiving the tax bill 2015/16 which i obviously had to pay, I still face another for 2016/17. ..my position with the supermarket had become unworkable so i left. I feel very agreived over the tax bills and now the supermarket are chasing me for £87 they claim they over played me in my final salary, via their solicitor! Should I pay or let them take me to court?
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