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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, i have had a loan with cash on go ltd peachy loans in August 2012, i didnt pay it back and they defaulted it on 07/11/2012 , this was showing on my credit file up until about a month ago when it just suddenly stopped showing on there. It has now reappeared in November but they have set the default date to one in 2016, when i have proof it was defaulted on 07/11/2012. Why would they do that? I have emailed the CRAs to tell them is there anything else i should be doing? Should i contact Peachy direct. I'm not 100 percent sure if it is it stat barred as i ma
  2. Hi all Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have submitted a complaint for irresponsible lending for the above. They are requesting bank statements and wage slips from the time the loan was issued (almost 14 months and still open now). I feel fairly uncomfortable providing these. Would I be within my rights to decline and ask them to look into the internal affordability tests that they carried out? I'm not sure how to proceed as I've not encountered this with any other complaints. Thank you
  3. Hello so i filed an IRL claim to peachy which then went to the ombudsman, i cited my gambling addiction at the time but it seems the adjudicator is siding with all the PDL companies saying they did sufficient checks. it says that they checked my credit file and it shows i was struggling to make payments towards loans i had defaulted 4/5 years ago and that Peachy wouldnt of taken this into account??? any advice on this?
  4. i raised a complaint to peachy for IRL (due to my gambling addiction at the time) they left no credit footprint at the time of applying on the 19th April (however they did on the 9th April when i didnt apply there) i admit i lied about my expenditure to fuel my habit not sure how to respond to them here.
  5. All, Continuing on with my IR claims, I had a reply from Peachy who admitted they never carried out credit checks as there was no requirement! The question I have is because its so old and has dropped from my file and is statute barred, is it worth continuing? I still get the odd threatening email from MMF. Here is their 'full and final reply' Dear, We are writing to you in response to your complaint we received on 21/01/2018. We have investigated your complaint competently, diligently and impartially. We have assessed the subject matter of the comp
  6. Here is my best attempt at summarising my dealings with Peachy: Date Borrowed Repaid Interest/charges 20/12/13 0200.00 02/01/14 0227.00 0027.00 03/01/14 0500.00 03/02/14 0645.00 0145.00 0500.00 03/03/14 0630.00 0130.00 04/03/14 0500.00 30/04/14 0677.00 0177.00 01/05/14 0250.00 29/05/14 0075.00(rollover) 0075.00 27/06/14 0327.50 0077.50 27/06/14 0500.00 25/07/14 0193.74 0141.00 29/08/14 0156.48 0089.05 26/09/14 0157.76 0060.82 31/10/14 0177.07 0056.69 27/11/14 0044.88
  7. Hi I have been getting offers of a "reduced" figure for just over 100pounds. I was in a repayment arrangement with peachy, and payed off over half the loan, but couldn't keep these payments up so offered them £1 a month (and sent it). They said that 1£ pcm wasnt a reasonable amount to pay it off, but it's all I can afford (well can't really) so kept sending it anyways. They warn that the DCA may add fees and whatever. I'm sure if it went to court the order would be £1pm. My question is should I keep sending the £1 to peachy or try and deal with this DCA? What happens down t
  8. I have been struggling to get out of the payday loan hellhole for a while now but with the help of a friend am down to 3 loans. Money in Advance - £219.50 outstanding - arrangement in place Peachy - £134.80 outstanding Mr Lender - £450 loan plus interest outstanding I emailed Peachy and explained circumstances, they replied the only option was to rollover. Contacted bank and cancelled CPA by phone and letter. Today had email adding charges and stating these will rise daily. Sent email advising them that I had contacted them yesterday and they would not entertain sorting out a
  9. Hi, So I've thankfully managed to pay off most of my Payday Loans. Had a bit of an issue this month with a flood at home so all of my income went to sorting that out and I'm now awaiting insurance money (Should be latest next week). I cancelled CPA from remaining lenders also. The last lenders I owe to are 24/7 & Peachy. 24/7 were kind enough to freeze interest etc. Until next Friday at which time I will pay off the remainder. PEACHY on the other hand flatly refused to freeze anything, Offered a rollover and said that the loan of 500 which with 150 interest and cha
  10. In today's Mail On Sunday. One of Britain’s longest established payday lenders has admitted that it was ‘slightly incorrect’ in calculating its interest rates, meaning that it advertised rates that were only a third of the true figure. The annual percentage rate of 433.71 per cent advertised by Peachy Loans on its website since early this year has now been increased to 1,256 per cent after a whistleblower alerted The Mail on Sunday and the Financial Conduct Authority. The APR was misstated despite the charges for the loans being virtually identical to rivals such as Wonga, Mr Lende
  11. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can advise...sit ya self down get a coffee as this long winded !!! My son 22, had not long returned from Afghan where he was serving in the Army, and was involved in a serious bike accident 18 months ago and has resulted in him being physically and mentally injured to the point that he is being medically discharged from the Army. Part of his mental injury has resulted in memory loss, deep depression (to the point of attempted suicide). Some how he has managed to rack up debt with all of the above companies. He was living with his girlfriend but has s
  12. Hi I'm not sure if I am posting in the wrong area so I'm very sorry if I have! I applied for a payday loan last night with Peachy loans. I was declined (I'm actually glad of this now) but as the page was loading it advised if I was declined it would send my info to another loan company. It didn't give me the option to stop that happening. it redirected me to Mr Lender website but I didn't want a loan from them so just closed the page. Within 10 minutes I had 3 emails and 2/3 texts from Mr Lender saying please come back and sign a credit agre
  13. Hi all, I am certain this has been discussed but having a tough time dealing with MMF/Peachy. Actually its Peachy who are causing the fuss and the headache. I got a loan from Peachy in 2012 which has since been transferred to MMF. I have seen the notice of assignment etc. I agreed a plan with MMF which I paid two months payment on however I ceased payment because another DCA had chased me for this debt which caused confusion. I cleared things up with MMF however they have a default against me on my Credit file. They have insisted that they have done everything right and Peach
  14. In April this year I contacted Peachy to find out what my outstanding debt was of which I have had written communication to say that my outstanding balance is £24. Today I have had 10 emails and 10 texts from them saying my money owed is £700!!! I don't know where this figure has come from. Surely if I have written communication from their collections department they have to go by what they have confirmed with me. They also told me on the phone that the outstanding balance was £24 (phone records?). When I emailed them today to resend the communication about it only being £24
  15. I took out a payday loan with peachy and i am unable to pay it back ...so i emailed them to inform them of my situation , but the want a £50 down payment before they will set up a repayment plan....i dont have £50 to spare at the minute so i dont know what to do ...i have coppied and pasted the emails below Peachy Collections ([email protected]) Add to contacts
  16. Good Evening can anybody help. I have taken out a payday loan and have a repayment plan setup. However this month i was unable to make a payment due to another payday loan company that i thought i had setup a repayment plan which i hadn't took all my funds therefore making me unable to make the required payment. I have since spoken to the National Debt Line and they helped me create a financial statement with my income and expenditure and told me to forward it to my Lenders and make pro rata payments. Every lender apart from Peachy has helped but i don't know what to do as they won't help at a
  17. I have sent an email to Peachy proposing a repayment plan of my £500 loan with monthly repayments of £75. They have responded with "Please be advised that by law, we are not obligated to consider arranging a repayment plan without any evidence of inability to pay in full. As responsible lenders, we do not approve avoiding repayment for any other reason and this is why we require proof of the situation before we revise the existing Credit Agreement. Therefore, please be so kind to provide us with the exact reason of your inability to cover the loan in full. If you are now
  18. Hi i am new to this forum i am hoping someone can advise me i recently took a payday loan with the above company i had every intention to pay the loan back but due to unforeseen circumstances i was unable to i emailed them asking if i could set up a payment plan for a couple of months until i had enough money to clear the remaining amount they emailed me back saying they would only agree to a payment plan if i paid £50 up front but as i was not in a position to pay that amount they have refused a payment plan i have now received a letter from t
  19. Basically, i had issues with my car (which i need for work) and had to get a new one, had a lot of bother with "contact issues" i'll post the email jargon, long read(TLDR also): sorry for that fact , help is appreciated (READ FROM BOTTOM UP): My most recent emai ((included in TLDRl (i was on holiday)), TLDR: "I tried to arrange other repayment, this was there response: Thank you for the email. Your cancellation request of continuous payment authority is not lawful as this is a financial agreement. Please note that a continuous-payment authority is not covered by any
  20. ................... Problem resolved
  21. Hi, Dont go there but took a peachy loan. Need to repay £117. Emailed before payment date -5th June - knowing that I can't repay and asking for repayment plan and this was response. Said £20 per month was comfortable and attached an I & E form. Thank you for the email. Please note that if you are not able to make the payment on your repayment date, extra charges and interest will be added. As we value you as a customer and want to help you to avoid overdue charges we would like to offer you the opportunity to EXTEND your loan. You may extend your loan up to
  22. Good Morning all, I am new to this site. I am a recovering gambling addicts and i owe a lot o debt to pay day loans company, the one i want to discuss in particular is Peachy . My loan pay date was on the 31st January, I contacted them them 3 days before the payment was due explaining my position to them, please see below correspondence between me and Peachy, some of the information included in the email was from a template found from this website, so thank you very much for that. Here is the 1st email sent to Peachy explaining my situation. Dear Sir / Madam, Ple
  23. hi i have been currently repaying back my payday loans one by one but i am struggling to pay off the loan i have with peachy loans i owe 200 and i am wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them coming to a repayment plan with them? any help much appreciated thanks
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