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  1. 10 emails from my DMP's clients and counting.
  2. I have already made the complaint to my DMP. depending on their response / resolution I think will determine if i contact the ICO / DP Commissioner. Do let me know if you think I should send the other even if I have not received a response from the DMP. I will also be posting on their review page, what has happened. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Really concerned. I wont say who I have the DMP with but they are one of the most popular and talked about DMP's that carry a small charge. Anyway. Some stupid advisor or whoever was on their email system, decided to send a group email. the DMP sent the group email saying thank you for being customers etc etc. the stupid thing is, they copied in the entire contact list. So the DMP, sent an email to all their customers but did not blind copy, they have openly shared all of our email addresses with one another. I have since received emails from countless people on DMP's with this same company, from their personal email address as they have seen my email address from the DMP company. They all now know I am on a debt management plan, we normally all use first and last names on emails so it says my full name, address and states that I am on a DMP. What can be done here? what should be done here? This is obviously a breach of the data protection act but who is to blame? who should people complain to? Thanks.
  4. I also cannot find any copies of the photos they should have taken - no option to view these online.
  5. Can someone have a look and tell me if they filled the ticket out correctly? https://www.dropbox.com/s/dj0rx85ilul0l9b/MyTicket.pdf I read somewhere it should display info about appealing after the 28 days but cant seem to see anything referring to after 28 days. I may be wrong anyway - everything OK with this ticket? Thanks p.s - I was in a residential bay, I didnt see any signs. I have since been down and the sign was turned to face the residential properties - probably kids but hey, I couldnt see them! - I do understand they are there though!
  6. Still having problems with Lending Stream... I contacted them 2 weeks before payment was due to explain I cannot afford the repayments. I sent them I&E and explained the problem they will not set up a payment plan with me until I pay fees upfront on one of the loan agreements.. they have told me this 2-3 times and have since started ignoring my emails. They will not freeze interest until a plan is set up which can only be done by paying fees.. the current amount I owe to LS is about £500.... with another months interest that they will add because they wont set the plan up yet will force the amount over £700-800.... They are now, for the passed 5 days, ignoring all of my emails and anything I send to them... probably to give it more chance of the loan lasting another month and more interest being added. Is there anything I can do to stop this???
  7. So... trying to set up plans for my GF. Wonga have replied and are cooperating, so are quickwuid. I am now trying to deal with Lending Stream who will just not play ball. 2 live loans with LS... One has been going on for 2-3 months and the other 2-3 weeks. After making the same offer to all creditors, I got this reply from Lending stream We are sorry to let you know that we would not be able to setup the payment plan on your accounts until we receive the first payment towards the account 1792016 for an amount of £XXX.XX so we would request you to make at least the first payment so that we can discuss further with the repayment options. Our policy states that the first payment towards the loan has to be made in full as initially agreed. We are sorry to inform you that we would not be able to freeze the interest/charges. We are willing to help you in clearing your outstanding balance and can provide you with an extension for up to 10 days or we can setup the partial payment arrangement on your loan wherein you can make 50% of the payment this month which would be £XX.XX and £XX.XX respectively and the remaining amount can made along with your next month's scheduled payment. Please be informed that the outstanding balance of your accounts is £XXX.XX and £XXX.XX respectively and these amounts are valid till 25th November, 2013. So I replied, explained that it is not possible for me to pay more than what I offered, explained that I am making my best offer and that i want them to be fair with me, explained it is the same amount that the other creditors are signing up to, explained why my circumstances have changed and what went wrong.... Can I do anything more? Can they refuse to help as they have and offer something that would create further debt? they would make this month easier but then next month would be an extra 50% of what the original agreement was... "can provide you with an extension for up to 10 days or we can setup the partial payment arrangement on your loan wherein you can make 50% of the payment this month which would be £XX.XX and £XX.XX respectively and the remaining amount can made along with your next month's scheduled payment. " I got another reply.... this reply is exactly the same as the first... I have responded explaining again, that I (THIS PERSON) have no other option and that if they try to take more or request more, I would be in financial hardship/poverty. I have asked if they are actually refusing my offer of payment for £80 a month. (This would clear the debt in 5 or so months) Yet to await another reply... Can I do anything further ?? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for coming back to me. Total debt including everything stands at £11,000.... debt going for a DMP would be £2000(unsecured) Have not tried for professional advice from step change or anywhere like that as I do believe a DMP is my best bet. I dont owe enough for anything more serious than a DMP but I owe too much for the creditors to negotiate a reasonable price with me (I have tried, set some up but just couldn't afford them) Thx again. Leaving office now, will check back later... thx
  9. Hi.. So I have a few payday loan debts totaling more than what I can pay back. I foolishly, so to speak, have been robbing peter to pay paul... Peter being a lender and paul being another lender... I want to set up a DMP but one of the loans I have taken out I have not yet made any payments towards. Is it possible that this will be declined or not accepted due to this reason? would the creditor have reason to not enter into a payment plan? would the DMP company not try if I havent made a payment? Thanks for any help + advice.
  10. ................... Problem resolved
  11. All sorted now, thanks for the help. Quickquid refuse to give me IP details or even in what country the account was logged in from - guess why? CONFIDENTIAL!! LOL!!!!
  12. I didnt even know this was possible with Halifax? Wouldnt most debtors do this when trying to get banking details from their creditors to save them using a debit card?
  13. I am in the midst of writing a formal complaint Quickquid are refusing to give me any confirmation on bank details and said they will not accept a transfer, only payments where they can withdraw from my account. No-one has my account details. I even believe Quickquid did this themselves, I received password resets sent to my email, not opened, not clicked, password not reset - Why would someone do that if they dont have access to the email account? I just cant believe how awkward they are being even considering I have told them they are not debiting or crediting my account ever again.... so they respond "Sorry, its the only way"
  14. So where to start? Had a few loans from QQ in the past without any problems. After paying off my last loan of about £100, Quickquid decided to commit fraud and pretend that I applied for an 8 month long loan (On my payday) for £850 which would cost me over £2000. (No, noone knew my 10 digit password with 3 capitals, 4 numbers and 3 lower case characters and no I have not been keylogged or anything of the sort.... Only quickquid have access to my accounts, all my PDL accounts use the same password and have had no problems with others... I have since changed them) Luckily, I saw the emails coming through, contract information, loan confirmation, payment.... So I called my bank and locked my account immediately. My bank advised me to do a direct deposit into the creditors account to give them their money back after speaking to them. So I called quickquid and explained, the first lady on the phone said that I would be liable for this. I obviously went crazy, told them a few home truths, got passed from call operator, to supervisor, to a manager and also the fraud dpt. So, Quickquid obviously want their money back and I obviously want to get this crap out of my account and put it back in theirs. Quickquid have said they will not allow me to transfer the money, do a standing order or postal order or anything of the sort. The only way they will let me pay it back is me unlocking my account and card and letting them process a payment as normal. After what has happened, I do not trust them with my bank details or my card details I have had their staff telling me I am liable, that I would still owe interest etc etc.... I have their bank details - CashEuroNetUK Sort Code: 20 19 90 Account number: 03759830 But QQ said they will not accept payment through this, only from my card.. What can I do ? Do I legally have to give them my bank and card details again after their mistake/intentional fraud against my account ? Could anyone help me with ideas of how to word this to them with their small brains grasping what I am trying to say? - Where do I stand? Many thanks in advance!
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