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  1. Hi all Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have submitted a complaint for irresponsible lending for the above. They are requesting bank statements and wage slips from the time the loan was issued (almost 14 months and still open now). I feel fairly uncomfortable providing these. Would I be within my rights to decline and ask them to look into the internal affordability tests that they carried out? I'm not sure how to proceed as I've not encountered this with any other complaints. Thank you
  2. I've just searched my inbox and can't find any trace of it unfortunately. Never mind - was just a thought that I had but if that's the normal process then that's fine. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi all I'm after a bit of advice if possible. I recently entered into a self managed DMP. I borrowed £1000 in June and made the first three payments with no issues. I have since set up an agreement to pay £7. Am I right in thinking that the interest was front loaded? My balance is somewhere in the region of £1900 to repay. Would it be fair to ask them to only calculate interest to the day I asked them to stop interest and charges? Or am I completely wrong about this? Thank you for you time.
  4. PDUK taken to the ombudsman! Fingers crossed for a better result than MRL!
  5. UPDATE: Had an email from the adjudicator saying my complaint is now in a queue to be looked at by the ombudsman. Also (stragely at the same time) received an email from PaydayUK stating that they basically haven't had chance to look at my complaint and suggesting that I now cotntact the Ombudsman. Should I give them more time or simply escalate?
  6. Thanks very much for this and I appreciate you taking the time to help me. I was in exactly that position, I wanted to maintain my credit file and therefore was stuck in a cycle of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. This went on for almost 18 moths before I sought excellent advice from this forum and tried to remedy my initial mistake of taking that first ever loan. I'm still paying back some loans now and my credit file is shot. I've currently got a complaint in ith PaydayUK as well and the eight weeks is up today. They did however refund me £33 interest from a previous loan but I believe
  7. Hi, yes I have asked that this be escalated and the adjudicator has placed pressure on Mr L to allow me to receive the info that it originally declined. Should hear something back today hopefully.
  8. Does anyone have any advice as to whether proceed in taking this further or whether it's not worth it? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for your responses. Should I bother responding or just take it as a defeat? I do understand some of his reasoning but I don't agree that they should have let me reloan.
  10. I have an account with Check My file. I had a default registered on there from a credit card, although this was from 2011. There is no mention in the findings of the rollovers or anything. I sent a copy of my CRA to the ombudsman. Think I might just have to accept defeat with this one. Although my credit score may have been good at the time, this was because I was maintaining my loans by borrowing from other companies etc.
  11. Funny you should ask, I've just had the following email: Thanks for your patience whilst I’ve been in touch with Mr Lender. Unfortunately, there’s only certain evidence its allowed for me to send over to you. The only documents its willing for me to send to you is a copy of your final response letter and copies of the credit agreements for the loans. I’m aware that you would’ve already seen this information, but please let me know if you’d like me to send over copies. I also asked if it could send copies of the following documents which I considered when reaching my opinion on yo
  12. I have requested the information and evidence so will see if I can pick anything apart when (if) he sends it to me. I'm not getting my hopes up, seems like the decision is already made.
  13. 21/3/14: borrowed £133 (approved for £150 but faster payment charge). 15/4/14: £52.50 roll over. 8/5/14: £40.36 - rollover 8/5/14: £150 paid in full. 21/5/14: borrowed £400 - received £383 17/6/14: £120 rollover Payment plan: 18/7: £32.50 25/7: £32.50 7/8: £32.50 15/8: £32.50 21/8: £32.50 28/8: £32.50 12/9: £30 17/9: £10 18/9: £30 25/9: £30 2/10: £35 10/10: £30 17/10: £29.17 27/10: £30 27/10: £20 30/10: £11 Thanks very much
  14. This is my draft response to the ajudicator, hope it sounds ok.
  15. Thank you for your response and for taking the time to look at my complaint. However I do not feel satisfied with the outcome for the following reasons: · I do not feel that the information that I provided actively reflected the nature of my financial position at the time. I do not feel that it is possible to provide an accurate picture of affordability without looking at information such as bank statements. This information was not requested. · Had my credit file been explored fully, it would have been noted that between both of my current bank accounts
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