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  1. Probably because nothing comes of these "debts" because they can't do anything about it so people forget that they posted 4 years ago and don't come to update saying nothing happened...
  2. I'm in load of debt (too much for a DRO) and "owe" paypal more than you. The way I see it is you never made any agreement with them to borrow money, they aren't a credit company, and in fact in your case someone else fraudulently (if true) did it. I really care not what they threaten as I can't see them having a leg to stand on whatsoever.
  3. They have my address. They sent me a cheque here (and my SAR records if I recall correctly) Cabot have also written to me here (which I have ignored fully) I have just logged into online banking because there are unused accounts and my address is correct on there.
  4. They offered to settle for £2k at some point (when the debt was c. £5.2k). Since then they reduced the balance owed by £1500 and sent me a cheque for 400-800£ (I don't remember the amount) as a refund of some charges. They then recently sold the debt off. They have my current address as do Cabot. I don't recall when they received this address but I've been here over 3 years now. I did SAR them at some point for the statements. To be fair the amount "owed" is probably not made up by fees now. I was just wondering if their payment to reduce the balance/my communicatio
  5. I received a notice of assignment and also it now shows on my credit report as being in wetcloth's name @Old Cogger
  6. One of the Loans has been sold to Lantern. They issued their notice of assignment by email. Is this legitimate if/when it goes to court? Or does it have to be in physical written form? I have ignored this debt buyer and plan to unless I receive a PAP. Also they have sold it with the whole 3 year's interest due. Back last year Bamboo said they would start an irresponsible lending complaint for me (I have this in writing, by email) but when I chased they said I hadn't started one (and I didn't) Should I do one still as I understand if they agree with it they will remove the amoun
  7. After no contact regarding trying to chase this debt, Halifax have sold this debt to Westcot. It shows as defaulting/closed in 2015 so I am hoping to run the clock down until it is statute barred. Part of me has a feeling that it A couple of years ago Halifax contacted me (without me asking) and said they had been reviewing accounts and had treated me unfairly at the time so were making a refund of x amount of fees. An amount (i don't recall exactly what, 800£ or so) was paid to me via cheque and the rest was reduced off the owed amount by them. I was wondering does t
  8. Brilliant thanks that's what I needed to hear. I'm gonna go back to burying head in sand/ignore everything but "pre-action protocol letter" you mention which is I guess what comes before a ccj. Many thanks. I enjoy ignoring them. Just wondered if I should have done anything else. Thanks @London1971!
  9. Ok so I have had enough of a break from not dealing with any of this. I spoke to Stepchange and their advice was to send creditors my I&E plus list of other creditors and ask for a payment suspension for 12 months. I can't see why I should tell them who else I owe money to? My total debt is around 30k it looks like. My income at the moment is £400 and outgoings more than that so it's not great! I have nudged bamboo again about the irresponsible lending complaint as that one genuinely was. The rest I don't know if I can claim any irresponsible len
  10. With all due respect they will. You know my paypal situation from my main thread. It's the same essentially. I have simply removed my tainted paypal account and linked my new (third) account to it now. My Ebay account I've had for donkey's years so loads of feedback etc.
  11. The same good as paying any service provider; you get to keep using them. It's just totally separate from his paypal 15k gambling balance. Sure he doesn't have to pay them, but he does owe them and if he wants to use the same ebay account then I imagine he would have to
  12. Ebay doesn't own Paypal anymore. They are separate entities. Just pay your ebay fees with a debit card.
  13. If they're being difficult then maybe cancel and return whole order and start again? For what it's worth I have bought lots from eBuyer, would recommend them in a heartbeat and have had refunds processed without any grief.
  14. Yes get on the ignore train. That's what I'm doing with two £5k debts (yes they let me do it with another account after I already owed them £5k from same story as you). We made no credit agreement with them regarding this. Hopefully the gambling credit card rules in April will include this (I'm not sure they will but there was some mention of paypal for gambling) One of mine is also with Westcot (the other hasn't reached them yet). I wonder how many Paypal £5k debts they are chasing
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