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  1. I'm not 100% sure but according to the credit report the last payment status was April 2016 so i don't think they defaulted it until then. I am going to do a SAR with them I think. I just checked again and date of default wasn't until may 2016 Some other dates; My initial OP was wrong; I lost my job Jan 2013. I had reduced my overdraft from 3k to 1k in September 2012. In Jan 2013 I increased it many times consecutively to 5000 and that's when the troubles started with the job then gambling, overdraft etc
  2. Apparently I owe WDA some money. I don't recall the loan, but it was from a time (2012 or 2013) that I had lots of pay day loans. I have paid off or resolved all of them apart from these prats who out of the blue around 6 months ago started calling me. Likely it was £100-£300 (lol) When I answer I refuse to give them any personal details "go through data protection" and say I don't know who they are. If I owe them money then send me a letter. But they don't. I mean they don't have my current address but where I lived at the time my friend lives there still so I can get any letters addressed to me there as far as I know. I was told early on to check my credit file if I don't recognise the debt but I don't see anything on there. I have told them I will report them to the FCA if they continue to call but I haven't done this. Should I? Thanks for any advice!
  3. I totally didn't contact them at all. I was getting phone calls from Moorcroft but they went silent eventually. I moved and haven't heard about this until the other day when I got a letter from Credit Security Limited. I ignored that but it made me think about it again. I received a new letter saying "Our client has indicated that they are prepared to accept a discount if you are able to make a lump sum payment. This offer is subject to an affordabilitity check......" They want me to pay just over £2k They said If I took advantage of that offer they will update my credit record as Partially Satisfied" and a "nil" balance outstanding. I am in a slightly better position than I was 2 years ago but it's still not perfect. I was thinking if they would take 500-1000 I would manage to get that paid, but I receall reading that I should have it marked as "fully satisfied". Should I deal with CSL or halifax directly? Should I ask for a breakdown in charges over the specified period? Any thoughts please? Thanks!
  4. Well I've had my first letter from them (at my new address; that was fast!) Gonna ignore them, but until when? What should I be writing to Halifax please?
  5. Well I like those last 2 posts. So I shall ignore moorcroft for now. What is the gist of the letter I should send halifax, if I send them anything? As far as I know the account hasn't even been defaulted if that makes any difference? Noddle shows it as late payment/payment behind. Thanks!
  6. Well they've passed/sold it on to Moorcroft. I don't really want to deal them but if they will take £10 a month or something I will. I could also stick my head in the sand. They don't have my new address soon but it would be easily enough to find with a credit check I would suppose.
  7. They already have my phone number, unfortunately. Fortunately they only ring once every month or so With Halifax since 2005 or so? Overdraft coincided with the start of Uni in 2008
  8. I think they offered a "reduced" settlement amount which was maybe 100 instead of 110 and I obviously said no. So tiny in relation to anything. I'll let them keep their default
  9. I will compose the letter and send it them. Should I let them have my current address? I am not paying anything to them now, no. No point until any charges are frozen/reversed in my opinion. Should I get them to close the account or just freeze it Only been getting the standard " your account is overdrawn by 100/200/300" (over my limit) According to Noddle I am AA (behind agreed repayments by 1-2 months) only Feb 2016, July-Aug 2015 and Sep 2014. Mainly due to money going in at points and this covering the fees. This has now stopped. Thanks for your help!
  10. I just looked at my noddle credit report and this is still showing as with Cash on Go and in default. Anything I should/can do about it? I haven't heard from gothica since this thread 2.5 years ago :o
  11. At the beginning of 2013 I was in the midst of payday-loan hell, mainly due to gambling. I have resolved all but one of those (who I am paying £2 a month to) I lost my job in Jan 2011. At some point Halifax allowed me to increase my overdraft from £3000 which I had from student account up to £5000. I spoke to them at the time (or a couple of months later) about the fees (£100 a month) and they agreed to pause for 6 months due to no job. They then paused them again for another 6 months. I had not gained employment in this time. After this period they would not freeze the fees which were £3/day. I was still using the account and had some money coming in at points and they got their fees. Sometimes I went over for a month or two so they charged more (£5/day for a maximuim of 100/month). At some point last summer I spoke to them and they said they would hold the fees on the basis I would begin to repay the overdraft. I could not agree to £50/month and at the time I didn't want them to close the account and pass it to DCA because some people still had these details. I made sure I stopped using this account. The fees appeared to freeze for 2 months and I called to lower the overdraft to £4900. This was my way to begin to repay it. As soon as I did this they started adding fees again. There were also some months they haven't added them (though they have this year) probably due to some error. They have called me on and off and sometimes I answer and the conversation has been cutoff or whatever. I have lately buried my head in the hand somewhat. All I want is for them to freeze the fees as I have requested many times and I will lower it as and when I can (I am working some at the moment, but still receiving housing benefit as it is not regular work) and then not start adding the fees again when I do reduce it. I would also like the most recent fees removed, if possible What is my best play? It was somewhat irresponsible lending but I'm not trying to get out of it (though I wouldn't mind and could easily have done a DRO before and had it cleared!) They currently don't have my correct address as I have moved and not told them, though I can get post at the old address still. Should I update them? My balance is currently -5189 Thanks for any advice!
  12. I wrote to them and this was the important part of their reply: "Thanks for your query. We are pleased to confirm that you have not been affected by the affordability issues. What do I need to do next? If you are making payments on a Wonga loan, please continue to make your repayments as normal." It's nice that they are pleased by this. I took the loan after I lost my job (though I didn't tell wonga that!) Anyway I wonder if I should bother arguing or just continue giving them £1 per month which I have been for 18 months
  13. sorry please could you expand on this point please? Thanks very much
  14. I would go this route but I have to sign on on Friday when I will working. I could make an excuse and miss this appointment?
  15. Thanks. I'll ask them about a rapid reclaim (the JSA is easy enough done that a couple of times; 20 mins on the computer and an extra visit to the job centre). Hopefully the council has something similar. The moeny (and the experience plus the possibility of future work is definitely worth the extra paperwork tho
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