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  1. I wasn’t aware of one. I’ve had no papform or anything from the courts. what should I do?
  2. Can anyone help to explain what this is. Robinson way/hoist have chased sporadically over the years. the loan defaulted on 27/03/2013. But i've never had a pap or claim form from them hoistpdf.pdf
  3. Yeh I thought so. Assumed it was a scare tactic. Just intrigued how they might have got my place of work as I’ve only been working there for about 5 months, sssumed it would probs be linkedin
  4. hi all united kash text me from time to time and email and I just ignore it. they are chasing an old pixie loans debt which to be honest has got a good chance of being stat barred if I was to delve a bit deeper. they texted me the below today. And seem to have to got hold of my employer from somewhere (linked in) is the only way I can think of unless it’s genuine. Is it just a normal ignored United Kash- MY NAME we've confirmed your employment status at MY WORK to apply to County Court for judgement of attachment of earnings/warrant of control. Payment plans are available call 01473372210 to arrange or stop this action. Please note this is in relation to your past due Pixie account ref .....
  5. i dont think i can offer much defence. other than not knowing where this mystical £600 balance has come from. when the loan taken was £300. the total amount repayable with interest should have been £499.87. Should i try to pay a reduced fee to them do we think. or should i just wait it out to see if they go to court and then pay it then?
  6. So i filled in the CAG pap form and sent it back and they sent back everything in post 19
  7. ah ok so have they suddenly decided it is financially viable to litigate if they've sent me a pap. Anyway my question is should i be doing anything at the moment?
  8. I also notice i've had emails offering 50 percent settlement. i thought they only did this when its uneforcable
  9. What would a potential lender see with the attached?
  10. i sent one but never got anything back from fidelity works. dont know if they even exist anymore. do i just wait to see if they put court forms through or what?
  11. all i have had from PRA is a statement of account recently. i believe they leave me voicemails occasionally but i've got them blocked. if quick quid decide it was irresponsible i guess they could end up buying the debt back and then i have to pay it. is it worth not doing anything for the time being or shall i get the irl complaint in>?
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