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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, This time last year my gran passed away. We have discovered this week after finally clearing out everything in the premises (extreme hoarder) that she was a customer of that lovely company we know as Provident. From the mountains of paper work I've looked through, I have found 23 legible statements first one with a date of March 2008 and last one December 2014 - The oldest of the paperwork (extremely water-damaged) have the provident logo's and date Nov 1999. We have counted every one of these and there's 121 (inc the 23 legible) - which works out at roughly 3-4 loans per year from '99! (statements seem to be 6mths each) From the 23 I can read the total value paid back £32k - they average approx £800 each one & have an APR 245% (or around that mark). (Agreements dated before 2013 £20k was paid back) and each time one was taken out there was a repayment within 14days. My Gran, left no will - and my mom acted as executioner(?) though nothing official (except for Hospital letters stating her as N.O.K). She was in receipt of disability / benefits/ pension for years - I'm 40 and I remember going to the post office with her to cash her giro when I was alot younger.. She never held a bank account - did'nt believe in them. the only time she had an account of some sort was when the DWP started to pay into a post office account. I'm aware that Provident are one of the many being investigated for IRL & I've seen other threads where people have refunded PPI on behalf of a deceased relative. My question are - and might seem stupid considering the length of time I've been on here (and successes I've had) 1) Where do I start - do I send a GDPR / SAR request to Provident - (is there any specific wording/template for a deceased relative). 2) Provident will probably only hold 6yrs of info, but what about the year's prior to 2013 where I have statements? 3) Is there a specific IRL template (for a deceased relative) 4) We only have a the death cert. no other paperwork - will this suffice or are we unable to go after them for IRL? It has come as a great shock to see these, and to know that she'd had multiple loans running at the same time with benefit as only source of income. What made it worse is she said she was putting money away for her funeral and family - but my mother had to take out a loan (with a reputable bank) to pay for all the funeral costs & money owed to DWP in over payments. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. some may be familiar that i filed an IRL claim with payday loan companies due to my gambling addiction, is this worth pursuing with the ombudsman further after their response? even though mr Lender have agreed to waive all interest and fees it looks as though the ombudsman is saying that they didnt have to do thorough checks as it was my first loan with them
  3. I filed a formal complaint with H and T yesterday, I was approved for a loan despite having 22 defaults on my credit file, all for high cost borrowing... I remember applying for the loan and an agent calling me back telling me to change my outgoings as they were too much. Claim filed yesterday.........received this reply today, Hello, Thank you for your email. I am unfortunately only able to find Pledge loans in your name. Regards and that was it basically
  4. i raised a complaint to peachy for IRL (due to my gambling addiction at the time) they left no credit footprint at the time of applying on the 19th April (however they did on the 9th April when i didnt apply there) i admit i lied about my expenditure to fuel my habit not sure how to respond to them here.
  5. Hello i filed an IRL complaint to these due to the fact when they offered me the loan at the time my credit file littered with defaults and accounts in arrears they responded with the below, i never asked for a reduce payment plan. whats the best thing to respond with? i find it strange they are asking proof of income and everything now when they never asked for it when i first took out the loan. when i first took out the loan they never once asked for bank statements wage slips. Dear We acknowledge receipt of your recent communication the contents of which have been noted. In order that we may consider a reduced repayment plan please provide us with the following: ** Proof of your current income (a wage slip if you are employed or evidence of benefits) ** Details of your expenditure to include any balances owed to creditors and any repayments currently being made to them ** Your offer of repayment NB this must be a pro rata offer taking into consideration all your credit commitments ** The date you intend to make your first repayment We require the above information to be received at this office within 7 days from date of this email. If you would like to phone us to discuss your account please call 0113 887 3434 and one of our agents will be able to help you. We are open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Cash4UNow Cash4unow.co.uk is a trading name of Novaloans Ltd, Company Number 07639288, Registered Office 7 Limewood Way, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 1AB. Novaloans Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 672320. Authorisations can be checked on the Financial Services Register at http://www.fca.org.uk/ or by contacting the Financial Conduct Authority on 0800 111 6768. Regards Cash4UNow cash4unow.co.uk
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