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  1. is it worth it? they do say the ombudsman probablies will make the same decision? its bizarre they say Peachy should have had some concern about lending me the money...well isnt that enough of a concern? the credit card default was feb 2018 and it was then passed to a debt collection agency...they say thats not enough of an alarm to a PDL to not lend!!! they say they can see i defaulted on pdl 4/5 years ago but supposedly Peachy would of taken these into account...well they clearly didnt!!
  2. Hello so i filed an IRL claim to peachy which then went to the ombudsman, i cited my gambling addiction at the time but it seems the adjudicator is siding with all the PDL companies saying they did sufficient checks. it says that they checked my credit file and it shows i was struggling to make payments towards loans i had defaulted 4/5 years ago and that Peachy wouldnt of taken this into account??? any advice on this?
  3. some may be familiar that i filed an IRL claim with payday loan companies due to my gambling addiction, is this worth pursuing with the ombudsman further after their response? even though mr Lender have agreed to waive all interest and fees it looks as though the ombudsman is saying that they didnt have to do thorough checks as it was my first loan with them
  4. UPDATE the ombudsman have seemingly said i have no case bearing in mind all the defaults on my file at the time of applying. should i leave this now?
  5. Yeah thats what im going to do leave it with the FOS they have a copy of that letter, if it wasnt processed to their acceptable standards how did i get it in the first place, lets see.
  6. Hello some may remember my posts before where i have made IRL complaint with several companies as i recover from my gambling addiction, can someone give advice on how to respond to Oakam now? i have attached their response thank you i have referred this to ombudsman but now they are saying " The letter we have sent to you on 6 July 2018 did offer a resolution to your complaint. For clarity, your complaint was upheld. At this time, you have not yet paid back the principle sum you have received so we cannot offer you a refund. However, the interest due on the loan has been waived so the account can be closed after the £150 you have received has been repaid. As you have paid £11.98 towards the sum, you do have just £138.02 left to pay. This balance is frozen. We note that this resolution is in line with the guidelines set by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Did you receive our letter dated 6 July 2018 or do you have further comments regarding its content? "
  7. why do these companies always come back offering the Goodwill gesture of reduced balance if they are adamant they have done nothing wrong!
  8. god i keep forgetting about the personal info, thank you.
  9. i raised a complaint to peachy for IRL (due to my gambling addiction at the time) they left no credit footprint at the time of applying on the 19th April (however they did on the 9th April when i didnt apply there) i admit i lied about my expenditure to fuel my habit not sure how to respond to them here.
  10. yeah i lodged a complaint with fos at weekend so will leave it there, is it worth even replying to the lender or just leave it?
  11. see now im concerned that when they dont know its with FOS if i dont respond they could just forget about the agreement they have proposed and put all the interest back on.....then what if the FOS rejects this and ive got a bigger bill to pay at the end of it!
  12. update, Mr Lender still not accepting responsibility, see below their response. i said they should have taken my defaults into account and that i couldnt service these accounts which is why they still in default since 2013! i have reported this to the FOS, any thoughts on the below? Dear Mr Campbell, Thank you for your email and sorry to learn that you have been dissatisfied with our response to your complaint. We can confirm all credit scores are different depending on the credit reference agency that you are using; the scores shown on your credit file were confirmed with Call Credit. We do not lend to those customers who are experiencing financial hardship and would be unable to repay the loan.The credit checks and affordability checks performed upon each application indicated you were a credit worthy customer and deemed the loans affordable. Please note, neither the OFT or the FCA have ever stipulated that lenders have a mandatory duty to request bank statements or payslips. However, in some cases where application information can't be verified, we may get in touch to request supporting documentation and we can confirm that upon application for your loan your salary was verified through with your payslip. Responsible lending needs to be matched by an element of responsible borrowing. We should be able to trust that the information provided by a customer is a true and accurate reflection of their situation at any given time and this enables us to assess their personal circumstances better. As a consumer it is your responsibility to provide correct information to assist us to determine the affordability of your loan application. Borrowers are encouraged to always undertake their own assessment of affordability concurrent with that undertaken by the creditor. Furthermore, part 5 of your contract titled ‘Payment and Continuous Payment Authority’ also states ‘Subject to the requirements of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, we will be entitled to demand that you repay the whole of the balance due under this agreement if any of the following events occur’ Part 5.2 states ‘any information you have given us was incorrect in a material respect.’ As previously advised, you have had just one loan with Mr Lender and we have offered to reduce your outstanding balance from £275.20 to the original capital amount borrowed of £200.00. As you have already paid Mr Lender £30.40 towards your loan, we will reduce your capital to the remaining amount of £169.60. We have also offered, that this new balance can be repaid via an affordable repayment plan. Further to this as explained, we are able to remove any adverse information from your credit file. Upon acceptance of our offer, it will mean that you have not paid any interest towards your only loan with Mr Lender. There is no further offer available that we can give to you. The Financial Ombudsman Service will not ask a business to repay or wipe any of the original capital. As a lender, the maximum we can offer to resolve your complaint is to remove any interest and charges applied to the account. This is what we have offered, therefore meaning you will only repay the remaining capital amount in which you borrowed. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Brooke Complaints Department
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