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Found 21 results

  1. Hello so i filed an IRL claim to peachy which then went to the ombudsman, i cited my gambling addiction at the time but it seems the adjudicator is siding with all the PDL companies saying they did sufficient checks. it says that they checked my credit file and it shows i was struggling to make payments towards loans i had defaulted 4/5 years ago and that Peachy wouldnt of taken this into account??? any advice on this?
  2. After having issues with gambling and payday loans, my credit score was ruined and my partner agreed to help me with a guarantor loan to consolidate some of the debt, a terrible idea as we've found out. At the time I had over £10,000 of HTSTC loans outstanding and said I would consolidate some of these with the loan. UK Credit lent £7,500 to me, with repayments of £281. I paid around £6,000 off the HTSTC loans with the money, the rest I owed to my partner. Straight away I struggled, took out more debt to help with payments and then in April 2017 stopped due to lack of finances.
  3. Made a complaint to FOS about paypal. Just got a reply. Seems like the adjudicator's provisional conclusions. He's found paypal had done no wrong. Here's what it says on the bottom of his email: Notice the change in font size, when it says "But If you don't agree with what I’ve said, please let me know why by 6 February 2017. I’ll look at any new information you give me and let you know what I think." I had to really strain my eyes to read this. Surely this is a nudge tactic by the FOS to close-off complaints.
  4. Complaint was about Bank of Ceylon (BOC) United Kingdom (UK) branch. After months of waiting in the assessment queue, my complaint finally ended up on an adjudicator's desk. Adjudicator from what it seems to me went through the file so quickly he missed vital details I'd given on the form and via email. For example, I told the FOS I had further evidence to produce and also to contact me by email, as I was abroad. He ignored both these. He concluded that he had enough to issue a decision. He then attempted to call me on the mobile (even though I said - contact me by email on
  5. I have a current packaged bank account complaint and can confirm the FOS's poor practises. Important info in my case was drip fed to the FOS from the bank without my disclosure. The FOS caseworker would ring me sometimes 5 days later than agreed. The caseworker would then ambush me on the phone about information I knew nothing about, hardly good advocacy at any level. The They could not even read a bank statement correctly which led to sleepless nights because the FOS caseworker attributed a 11k withdrawal to the wrong company making me believe fraud had occurred, that is unt
  6. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  7. First and foremost, I forgive those who perhaps thought that the thread title might turn out to be misleading before then clicking on the thread. An analogy would be the sensationalist headline I saw today that 'Messi had gotten jail time'. I knew full well, before clicking on the story, that he wouldn't be serving even one day in prison. However, I assure those of you who are doubtful that after you read on, then you will see that it really is the case that a Paypal account can NEVER be closed, which an FOS adjudicator heartily agrees with. This happens to be one of the very few outstanding i
  8. Hi All, I have around 6 complaints with the FOS. 2 of which have already been looked at by an Adjudicator who rejected them both. When she did she told me that an Ombudsman will probably side with her? Is this right? I have complained to her Manager as I really felt that she was biased from the start. I have asked for an Ombudsman to look at them but now after what she said I am wandering if its worth it. Luckily my other 4 complaints are now being investigated by another adjudicator as I requested. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I am in the process of a complaint regarding my late Father's estate. His medical insurer have withheld information relating to who provided his healthcare since 2009. Medical records are available to me under the Access to Health Record Act and I have requested this from a number of institutions which formed part of a litigation process surrounding invalid/ potentially fraudulent Wills. The health insurer stated that it would be a breach of the DPA to provide this information and invited me to gain appropriate legal status. At great expense, I did. They still refused to provide me with t
  10. I am encountering a similar situation with CMS Telford / Brum but I am unsure of full account number details but do have a different eight digit reference from CMS letter). Can I still make a CCA Request for this other account that I did not agree to ? And by sending this will this mean I accepting liability of debt ?
  11. If a credit card account is in arrears and PPI claim is up-held by bank, do they offset all of refund against arrears ? Will this also include the net 8% statutory amount or will that be mine ? I have tried looking on FOS website for some clarification for this circumstance but I cannot find anything ? Thank-you
  12. I've had my adjudicator response to 3 historic loans dating back to 95,96 and 98. they haven't found in my favour. In the absence of any paperwork, they're reached their decisions based on other similar cases from the same bank. what would generally be the grounds for an appeal, where there's no paperwork whatsoever?
  13. Just had a completely ridiculous experience with the FOS. Rather than rewrite it all here it is part of my thread in the Debt Subforum http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?376861-1st-and-second-mortgage-negative-equity-on-property-what-happens-next (The FOS comes into it towards the end, if you don't want to read the entire story )
  14. http://www.popla.org.uk/ParkingEyeLimited-v-Beavis.htm ParkingEye wanted and got, cases stayed at POPLA until the Beavis case was heard at the Court of Appeal. They 'won' the at the Court of Appeal. An appeal has now been filed at the Supreme Court. I believe that PE have ' bitten themselves on the b*m'.... Could every appeal to POPLA potentially be stayed?
  15. Complaint regarding Barclays after i lost my job and had to make reduced payments. Barclays defaulted one of my credit card accounts after 7 months of arrears. They defaulted the other after 10 months. I complained that the second default date was completely inaccurate and asked for it to be changed to one similar to my other account. The adjudicator upheld my complaint but Barclays would not accept his decision and complained. The adjudicator then changed his mind saying he had not taken into account Barclays internal procedures which resulted in the delay. I showed that the
  16. Is it possible that a former officer of the old Log Book Loans organisation is now an adjudicator at the financial ombudsman services? I have mentioned him in my application to the FOS in relation to my stolen car. What should this mean for me or anyone else that is seeking justice from this company which has now gone into administration? Fortunately the FOS are accepting applications from before a certain date.
  17. I was making a delivery on a single yellow line. i received the pcn. I wrote back to redbridge council explaining this and they refused saying i have to appeal to the adjudicator. I did this sending them my contract of employment and letter from my employers saying i was making a delivery that day. I did not attend and the adjudicator rejected my case, saying the letter from my employer does not state i was actually making a delivery to the road concerned and the company office and where the pcn took place is a long way away. To me it seems like clutching at straws, so i got my boss to writ
  18. Apologies if this has been posted already but I noticed this statement and linked adjudication on POPLA http://www.popla.org.uk/statement_28-01-14.htm It seems that the adjudicator has been slightly annoyed by the decision of the PPC involved (redacted but almost certainly Parking Eye) and the BPA to use the transcript in a private section of the BPA website to (according to some suggestions) provide instruction to other PPCs in order to combat the 'no genuine pre-estimate of loss' argument. The Adjudicator is concerned that in doing so the impartiality of POPLA may be compromised so
  19. Hi all first time poster.. My credit card account dates back to 2002 I have been paying a monthly PPI premium any time this credit card was in debt. After reading a lot of success stories of people reclaiming their PPI I phoned Halifax and started a complaint 30 days ago. They told me to fill out the FOS questionnaire which I sent back leading to my claim being declined. In the FOS questionnaire I wrote I felt pressured into taking the policy and they didn't explain the terms and conditions clearly to me. The official letter response said I applied for PPI over the
  20. i have submitted 2 claims for ppi sold AT THE SAME TIME by Clydesdale bank one for a loan and one for a credit card. the loan ppi was repaid because they agreed I wasnt given the correct advice and i didnt need the insurance because i am adequatley covered by employment ( i am in the nhs). The other has been rejected because I was given adequate advice and it was sutable for my needs!!!!! I have put a complaint into the fos but I am being fobbed off by the adjudicator with confliciting advice, sibjective comments and pure naff replies. She even quotes " she would find it difficult to bel
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